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Question of the week

August 29th - September 5th

sex lives, we all have them in some way. How would you rate yours, 1 - 10.

Augest 16th to 24th

It's really amazing how much porn is out there, and how far people are willing to take it. Adult content has changed over the years. A 8-10 minute studio shot has know become a 30 minute scene or more with a lot more going on.

1. Did the internet make you watch more porn

2. Has porn inspired your sex life

3. This is more for the guys, but do you need harder porn to get off?

4. If your partner watches porn, do they try to bring that porn aspect to the bedroom.

August 6th - August 13th

We all have pet peeves, little things that annoy us and sometimes with correct them or let them slide. I'm sure it applies to the bedroom as well.

1. Is there a pet peeve that a present or former lover did that annoyed you or wouldn't let you do-with in reason

2. Is there something your current or former lover does that annoy you.

3. Just random things that annoy you during sex.

4. If those pet peeves of your partner is a turn on, do you let them pass on a special occasion?

July 26th to August 2nd:

Your suffering xhamster and you run into an old picture of your partner, maybe a home movie that they made well before you knew each other.

A.Would you watch the movie and why, would you be curious or would be out of being shocked and awed. Or would you stop the clip.

B. Would you be mad at your ex? Do you think the pictures or videos would take a toll on your relationship.

C. This is more for guys but still can apply to women. Would you date a porn star or a former porn star?

July 13th - July 19th

Cheater cheater pumpkin eater! In a recent study about half of married couples have cheated. It's about the same with non-married couples.

1. Have you ever cheated, was it worth it?

2. Did someone cheat on you and did you stay or get back together?

3. Is there a situation, like a fantasy of coming true that you would cheat on your partner to have happen?

4. What feeling is worse, being cheated on or having guilt of cheating?

5. Is there a tier level of cheating?

July 5th - July 12th

Does sex really sell?

I don't think I'm going to get a lot of responses with this one, but has sex really influenced something you have bought? I'm not just talking about traditional sex clad ads, like beer or Victoria's secret. Take a car, some guys buy cars in order to impress women? Even something as non sexual on the surface as a cell phone might have influenced your purchase due to sex. Such as the camera having a better phone.

1. Have you ever bought an item/product because you think it's going to get you more sex-more for the guys but women feel free to answer.

2.Have you ever bought a product directly for the bedroom to spice things up?

3. Has an ad on tv or the movies made you want to buy a product due to the sex appeal? Even match.com ran an ad saying people with smart phones have 5 times more sex.

Think about it before you answer, might surprise you.

June 28th - Jully 5th

Indecent proposal: We all seen her heard the movie or the concept. In the end, what would you do.

1. A rich billionaire offers a million dollars to sleep with your spouse/partner. Would you go along with your partner having sex with the person?

2. To save your job would you sleep with your boss? Or let your partner sleep with your boss? Knowing ahead you will be out of work for at least 3 years.

3. Would you sleep with your boss for a 10% raise each year?

June 20th - June 27th

It's safe to say that everyone here likes porn at least on some level. Before the free sites such as xhamster (which is the best) anything free came with a risk of a virus and generally was a small clip. I think most people at some point have joined a porn site, because a dvd is about the same amount of money.

1. Have you ever joined a pay porn site?

2. If you have, what is your pay porn favorite site?

3. Is there a niche in porn you like?

June 14th to 21st

Is Honesty the best policy?

I would be hard press to say that no one has told some type of lie during sex. I think everyone has told some time of fib to protect their partner.

I think women lie about how many men we been with, and past penis seizes we experienced.

Men do the same, but probably up the number of their "conquests".

There are more examples, such as doing or not doing something before, cheating, masturbation habits, and of course watching porn.

1. Have you ever told a white-lie to protect someone's feeling.

2. Lied about your sexual past or present? Including cheating, masturbation, porn viewing, sexual history, or whatever you else you can think of, etc

3. If you didn't tell the truth about something, did you ever come clean later in the relationship.

4. Have you ever not told the truth for sex?

june 3rd to june 10th

The art for dressing for sex is sort of lost, I'm not blaming guys for this. I think the popularity of the thong and g-string and now the C-string (which isn't popular, or piratical) has in our own right made us, women feel sexy. I could be wrong, but I don't think many of us dress for sex anymore, you tell me.

1. If you are a guy, does your girlfriend/wife/sex partner dress for sex as much as you want? Or is it something you don't really care about?

2. My few fellow women followers, how often do you find yourself dressing up for sex?

Questions from the Boudoir

1. Do you prefer lights on or lights off when you have sex?

2. Define foreplay in your own words, like what it consist of?

3. What is a big turn on for in the bedroom

4. What is the biggest turn off for you in the bedroom

5. Besides the bed in the room, is there any place in your bedroom you enjoy having the sex on/in/over/under?

may 26th - june 2


I actually did a little research on the subject. The demographic is 19-42, which is good news. I came across a "study" that suggests that once a person does it, that the second or third time becomes no big deal.

The two studies or articles I read stated that about 19% of people will send sexy messages or erotic to nude photos of themselves before even meeting, under the umbrella of sexting.

Again I averaged the numbers, about 25% of people who do sexting will start with texts and pictures right after they had sex.

I understand a new relationship can be fun and exciting, or even a sexy message or a picture can be used to spice up a relationship, but is it ever really a good idea?

Even if you trust the person 100%, it doesn't mean that someone may pick up their phone to check it out and stumble across the pictures. Plus you have to factor in the possibility of someone loosing their cell phone.

1. Have you ever "sexted"

2. If you have, do you expect the person to keep or delete the picture?

3. If you take part in this, what time frame do you think it is okay to take sexual or erotic pictures of yourself?

May 18th - 25th

We all have seen those wacky zany movies where two people switch bodies till the find an item or learn a lesson. Every four years they make a movie about this. They rarely switch male to female.

If you had the chance to switch to the different sexes' body for a week would you? If so what sexual act would you do first?

May 105h - 17th

Porn parodies are rarely good. Some TV shows are getting rather steamy, other's are making rather adult and sexy comments.

1. What Tv show would you like to all off a sudden to turn into a porn?

2. What real movie do you which actually had pornographic scenes in?

3. Going back to parodies, what TV/Movie plot would do well as a porn?

may 3rd may - 10th

The octco-mom is going to do a masturbation video since she is broke, which let's face it this will lead up to porn. I think who ever offered the money is just doing this so she is comfortable on camera before she does the real thing, or so she can be talked into it.

She is pretty, but bat shit crazy.

The question is to all the porn viewers out there, mind you I get that you will watch it, so will I just because I'm curious.

Do you think it's wrong if a woman makes adult movies with dependents who are close to watching it?

Before you answer, thing if your parents made adult movies, and a having to go through school with that. I'm very liberal, but curious what people thing.

April 29th- May 5th

Easy question. Some people are really into having sex outside the bedroom.

1. Where is the strangest place you had sex?

2. Where is the worst place you had sex?

April 20th - April 27th:

Hotel sex. When you are going to a hotel for a night or a few days I think people automatically get horny. It's like time to be bad, very bad.

Have you ever felt uneasy while checking into a hotel, knowing the clerks will know what you will be doing?

Do you find yourself more or less turned on while in a hotel?

Have you ever gone to a hotel just for a boink fest?

April 13th to April 20th

Call girls, hookers, ladies of the night, street walkers, Roxanne's, whores, pro's, or prostitutes-whatever you want to call them in their level in the hierarchy prostitution.

Do you think prostitution should be legal? Do you think anything positive can actually come out of it? What do you think are the negatives are as well-don't include STD's.

April 4th- April 11th

Sex, everyone does it but yet we try to remain secretive about it. If you ever lived in a dorm, or had a roommate, or perhaps still stayed at home, chances are you have been caught doing something sexual.

What would is the worst sex act to be caught in?:

Normal sex- specify What positions would be the worst

Oral sex-specify getting or giving

Anal sex-Mind it's generally done while on all fours so that would be hard to actually tell.

Masturbation- Guys watching porn/women using a vibrator

March 23- march 30th

Facials...They don't bother me personally unless the guy is truly utterly trying to degrade me. I know guy's like to see their "handy" work after they spew out their semen, wither it's on your boobs, stomach, or even our hot pocket.

I personally think another woman came up with the idea, because she didn't like to swallow. Like it's a second place pride.

I'm sure there is a little bit of pride when a guy blasts a load on your face, and I know guy's in their back of their mind our thinking "slut" when you are going down on them, though most won't admit it.

Personally I think it's a good trick to have in your bag to mix things up, get the guys motor running.

So here is the question:

1. When you give a girl a facial are you trying to degrade her?

2. If you don't do it purely for degrading reasons, what turns you on about it?

3. For the very few other women who will actually answer this, do you mind if your boyfriend/husband does this once in a while?

March 18-25

I see a lot of comments when a guy who is hung is really giving it to a woman. Guys post "I would like to see my wife/girlfriend try that out". This is a three part question.

part 1: Do you guy's actually really wanted to see your girlfriend/wife with another guy? Or are you just curious about how she would handle it?

Part 2: In all honesty if you are a guy do you want to know the biggest guy she has been with. Wouldn't you rather hear her say your penis is the nicest?

Part 3: For my gals, If your boyfriend or husband wanted to watch you with another guy, would you? Of course this means you want to.

March 9-March 16:

Finally people are answering!

Okay so my bikini bod is pretty much back, the weather is nice (actually it's been a mild winter) and spring is in the air. It's probably time for me to date again. 1 in 5 or 1 in 4 relationships now start online, depending on who you listen to. The question is: Have you ever joined a dating site and done things on the first date besides kissing? I ask this because generally you talk to the person for a few weeks and you get a sense of who they are. Plus probably everyone is horny on the sites...even if they say they are looking for Mr. Mrs. right.

March 9-March 16:
Since my question doesn't apply to a lot of people here is another one, more of an assignment. What type of body do you like. Small petite with perky boobs, Average sized girls with everything is proportion, or women with big boobs and a lot of junk in the trunk, or a mixture like petite with big boobs. Find a body you like and paste the link.

march 1-march 8th: I'm pretty sure I know how guys are going to answer. If you found the girl of your dreams and she turns out to be bisexual (which may be why she is the girl of your dreams) would you feel if she is cheating on you if she slept with other women? More so if she didn't want to do it in front of you?

Mind you that more times than none, the other girl has a boyfriend so she doesn't want to be watched by another guy for that fact.

March 4-11th:

I clicked on a video of this very pretty woman, probably early 20's, giving her boyfriend a blowjob. Chances are she thought this would be a fun thing to do, and that her and her boyfriend would be together forever and ever. So my question is do you ever feel bad for girls who do something on camera and not mean it to go on public?

Feb 26- march 4:

As I'm getting back into shape for bikini season, I often think why do I have to keep my boobs under wrap at the beach when the 350 pound fat guy with bigger ones that me can take off his shirt.

Is it really that offensive for a woman to go topples at a beach?

Women: If you are a woman, would have go topples if it was allowed.

Men: Would you care if your wife or your girlfriend took her top off at the beach if other women were doing it as well?

feb 21-28"

Since I'm actually getting a lot of feed back about condom usage, I have to ask this: When you use a condom is your primary concern for STD's or pregnancy?

feb 17-24:

In CA they are passing this law to make the porn industry use condoms. Does the use of a condom take away from the porn? Do you care if they use a condom or not?

feb 16-23:

Simple question, since I haven't gotten enough responses for my other question of the week yet... I have noticed the adult movies haven't been as good in the last 5 weeks or so. Am I the only one who thinks this?

feb 5-12

Pretty much every celebrity sex video has been a bust. Most are lack luster and the average person is more intense. At least that is my feeling. If you could wish or want to see any famous persons sex tape who would it be?

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