A story of my sumbission

So, it had been a few months since my first experience and boy had I gone for it.
I never did get to meet the first guy again, shame really but I had become a bit more 'active'. I started to take pictures of myself in some of the clothes I had picked up, bought a wig, some more makeup and the attention was flattering and a big turn on. I was even meeting guys for quick sucks and fucks.

There was this one guy in particular, a local guy who just loved my look. He would flirt with me whenever he could, talk dirty to me and basically seduce me.
He was a 'very' well hung guy with a nice body. When I say well hung I'm talking 9inch and thick.
He would taunt me with pictures of his hard cock, boy did he know how to turn me on.

On one particular day I had decided I was going spend the whole day dressed up, online and being naughty.
So I woke up and ran a bath. After putting some music on (rock music), I slipped in and lathered up then started to shave my body. The feeling of turning my skin into something silky smooth was such a turn on. I would run my hands down my body, cupping my bum and onwards to my toes.... "Super Smooth" I would say.

Once I was done, I dried up, moisturised and set about choosing what I would wear. Opening my 'Fun Draw' I picked out my pink bra and panty set, black fishnets, jean short-shorts, a little black camisole with some lace and finishing with elbow high black gloves.
Slipping on the panties I tucked my clitty as best as I could into them and put on the bra. I don't like to pad my bras as I quite like the 'small boob' look; it makes me feel even smaller and petite.
I pulled on the fishnets, loving the feeling of the gripping material against my smooth thigh and finished up by putting on the short-shorts and the camisole. These short-shorts are extremely short to the point where you can see the lace on my panties :)

I looked at myself in the mirror and smiled.... "Makeup!" I said with glee.
After a few minutes It was done. Black mascara and eyeliner, a bit of dark blue eye-shadow, red lips and a bit of blush.
Finishing the whole look off with my black wig.
"Damn!" I thought to myself.... "I would fuck me" :)

I took a couple of pictures for my own collection and chose the best to send to the guy who been flirting with me. I just wanted to tease him a bit.
I poured myself a glass of red wine and sat down on the sofa with my laptop. Logging onto my usual sites I started to browse.

Within minutes I have messages pouring in. As I’m filtering through the messages to find the ones I want to reply to, my phone beeps.
My heart skips!
I look to see who it is…. It’s him; “Oh wow! You look so sexy baby! Is that how you look now?”
“Yes, I got bored 2day” I reply
“Aww baby, you want Daddy to come over and keep you company?”
I stop for a second….. “Daddy”, I feel myself blush a bit and go shy… I quite liked that.
“It depends. How long can you stay? I don’t often get the chance to do this.” Checking to make sure I’m not going waste my time
He replies, “I’m free all afternoon. I can come and treat Daddy’s little gurl like the slut she wants to be.”
My heard races, thoughts run through my mind as my clitty gets a little hard. My phone beeps again, this time it’s a picture.
His cock is erect and hard. “So big”, “so big”, “so big”, I keep thinking. The message reads, “Daddy’s cock wants your body!”
I txt back, “Mmmmm, It’s so big! Just seeing it makes me want to suck it”.
“You can suck it and everything else your sissy little body wants. Daddy will make you scream!”

I think back to all the times we had chatted before. All the things I said I wanted to do, all the things he said he would do to me…. The submission I felt when he spoke, the powerless feeling I get when he tells me “I’m going to gag on his big cock!”, my clitty is hard and making me a bit sticky…..

…..I txt him my address.

I pour more wine, light up another joint and think about what’s about to happen. I close my eyes and my mind wanders, I’m picturing all the things I want to happen, the way I want to be treated, getting excited at the prospect of meeting someone who could do these things to me.
Suddenly the buzzer goes!
I jump up, a wave of nerves flow down my body, I almost freeze. I walk to the front door, lifting the receiver I ask in my gurliest voice “Hello?”
“Heya baby, it’s me.” He replies.
I press the buzzer and say “Come on up.”
I run the living room and swig a big gulp of wine “That will help” I giggle.
The front door knocks and I walk over to it.

As I open the door, I’m immediately surprised at how much taller than me he really is. He really does dwarf me. I instantly feel submissive and, shying away a little, I invite him in.
He smiles and walks past me as I close the door. As I turn to face him, he’s looking at me and says “Wow, Daddy’s little gurl looks very nice.”
He steps closer and puts his hands on my waist giving me a little squeeze. I let out a little whimper, then looking at him I lead him to the living room.

We sit on the sofa and chat for a little, smoking the joint I rolled and sipping on wine.
His hands are stroking my thighs and I move closer to him. I place my hand on the inside of his leg, looking down I’m reminded of how petite I am compared to him, my little hand on his big leg, the bulge in his pants getting bigger.
He comments on my look, saying how convincing I look, how sexy I am.
I stand up in front of him to model a bit. I lift my arms up and put the back of my hands against my cheeks. Curving the small of my back I push out my bum and in my gurliest voice say “Does Daddy like it?”
Leaning forward he grabs my ass and squeezes. “Mmmmm, Daddy likes it very much”
I groan gently as he massages my bum, his hands wander up my body and down my legs sending ripples of pleasure though me. I start to melt, his grip is gentle but firm, a reminder of his strength and of how futile my struggles could be.
He stands up behind me and wraps his hands around my body. He pushes his bulging cock into my bum as he kisses me on the shoulders and neck. I can feel his lips moving up my neck as I turn away. He squeezes me tighter, I can’t move as his lips near mine, I try to resist but he overpowers me, his right hand forcing my head upwards as he pushes his lips against mine.
He kisses me long and deep, my muffled moans and half-pleas muted beneath the action of his tongue violating my mouth.
He pulls away and looks at me smiling, “Good gurl.”

I stand there shivering as he steps back. I turn to face him as he undoes his belt and throws it on the floor. He begins to undo the buttons on his jeans. I drop to my knees before him and take over the task of undoing the buttons. I pull his jeans down to reveal a huge bulge in his pants. I lean forward and kiss it, leaving a red lipstick mark.
He pushes me back a bit and pulls out his cock. My eyes light up as I witness this huge cock burst out into my face. It’s long, thick and smooth with big balls. The little bead of precum sits on its tip, I lick my lips and I open wide as I slip it into my warm wet mouth.
He lets out a moan as I begin to suck his cock, its slight softness making it easy to slip between my lips as each movement takes it a bit deeper into my mouth.
Soon I can feel it touch the back of my throat, I keep that movement up for a few seconds more before his hand comes down to the back of my head. Each time I feel his cock at the back of my throat he would pull on my head a bit, I start to rock back and forth.
He holds my head with his other hand as my hands move to his hips and stomach. My head stays still as I pivot on my waist, mouth fixed open, and his cock is just sliding in and out of my hole. The saliva starts to build up and drips out the corner of my mouth.
Each thrust takes it deeper, each time I get closer to gagging.
He looks down at me and smiles, “Mmmm Daddy’s little girl is a good little cock sucker.”
I can only reply with a moan.
“Mmmmm, let’s see how good a cocksucker you can be.”

He pulls my head into his cock, forcing it right to the back of my throat. I gag a little as he thrusts slowly. Each thrust making me gag a little less, my clitty is rock hard as I pull back.
I look up as I catch my breath and while I stare right at him I begin to slide his cock down my throat. I control my gag reflex as I slip all 9inches of cock in until my lips are against his pubes. He holds my head there for a few seconds. I can smell his musk; it gets up my nose and drives me wild.
He pulls out and holds his cock a few inches from my face. “That’s a good little gurl” He says, “You can get all of daddy’s big cock in mouth.”
I lick my lips as I nod at him.
He smiles and says,“Yeah, you’re a good little cocksucker.” As he pushes his cock back into my mouth.
I gleefully try to deeptroat him again, his cock filling my mouth and throat. He grips my head a bit tighter and starts to thrust.
He’s holding me there as he fucks my face. The taste of precum fills my mouth as I feel his cock getting harder, too hard to get down my throat.

He pulls out. A big drip of saliva arcs from my lips to his cock.
He turns and sits on the sofa, closer he stops me in front of him. He slowly undoes the buttons on my jean short-shorts and pulls them down. My clit is poking out the top of my panties.
“Mmm, nice cock” He says, “Shame you won’t be needing it” as he spins me round and pulls down my panties.
Spreading my ass with his hands he f***es his stubbly face between my cheeks and begins to eat my little pussy.
I let out a moan of pleasure. His movements are magical, sending wave of pleasure down my body; I push out my bum as I raise my hands above my head. He grips my ass tightly.
“Oh Daddy…” I whisper.
He spins around on the sofa and lies flat, then guiding me to the sofa; I straddle him with my pussy to his face. Taking his cock into my mouth I begin to suck as he eats my tight shaved pussy.
It feels so good! My body is tingling with each movement of his tongue and fingers, my mind races with each thrust of his cock into my wet mouth.

He spanks me and I whimper. I try to pull my ass away, but he pulls me back and spanks me again. This time I let of a moan. “Mmmmm yeah, your pussy is so nice baby! Nice and tight! Mmmm, Daddy wants to fuck that little pussy!”
He pushes me forward and I climb off him. As I’m standing he grabs me close and holds me tightly as he kisses me powerfully. This time I don’t resist, just go limp in his arms. Each pulse of his kiss reducing me to more of a sissy, I feel weak, I feel…. Broken.
He stops and orders me to kneel on the back of the sofa.
I do as I’m told and kneel on the back of the sofa, my pussy presented to him. I hear him groaning in approval.
I feel his head press against my pussy. I take in a breath of air as he pushes against my tight hole. As I exhale I feel his cock push hard into me, I gasp and grip the sofa, trying to relax. He pushes harder still, I try to move away, but he grips me tight. I feel his cock pushing into me; I can feel my ass stretching wider and wider.
“It hurts.” I mumble,
“Shhh, It won’t hurt for long baby”
He pulls back and pushes in again, this time I feel his head pop into my tight hole. The pain shoots up my body as I yelp in pain. “Owwww! It hurts, it hurts!” I scream.
Trying to back away again, he holds me firm and pushes deeper. “It’s ok baby! Just relax”
With each movement he gets a bit deeper, and with each thrust the pain subsiding.
My moans of pain started to become groans of pleasure.
“That’s right baby, enjoy my big cock in your pussy”
My body starts to relax. The pain had caused me to cry and make my mascara run; I must have looked like a total slut.
It was only now I realised something.
Something I had forgotten about while he was seducing me and turning me into his little bitch.
He was fucking me bearback.

I almost froze, not sure what to do.
Then his thrusts became longer, harder and deeper.
Each thrust taking his big hard cock deeper into my pussy. I had never had anything this big in me before…. I was loving every moment of it.
My pussy had accepted its new gift. Loosening up with each thrust, he was getting deeper. My moans of pleasure became constant; the feeling of being fucked by this big cock was driving me wild.
Then he stopped for a moment and I heard shuffling of feet.
His hands gripped me tightly round the hips and he slammed his cock into me, deeper and harder than ever before. It made me scream and I continued to scream, at first in pain then, gradually, in pleasure.
He started to talk dirty to me. Calling me names like ‘little slut’, ‘cocksucking whore’, ‘Daddy’s little gurl’. Saying how amazing my little pussy is. How hot my little body was. How he was going to ‘breed’ me.
I was losing my mind.
I was screaming “Fuck Me Daddy!” as be spanked my ass. It hurt, he spanked me hard, but I did not care. That was what my Daddy wanted to do with me, so that is what I let him do. He made me red raw.

He pushed his cock all the way in and leaned over me; pulling me upright with his right arm. He held my face as he kissed me hard. I kissed him hard back, just giving in to him.
He turned me around and lay me on my back, pushing my legs above my head he slipped his cock back into me and started to pound me again.
Using his hands and weight he pushed my thighs into my stomach, turning my ass into the air. He was so deep I could feel my entire pussy being filled up with every thrust.
He pounds me harder, using his weight to get as deep as possible. My groans are loud.
He’s looking down at me, smiling, grunting. “Who’s pussy is this?” He asks.
“Daddy’s pussy!” I reply.
“WHO’S PUSSY IS THIS!” He yells.
“It’s your pussy Daddy! It’s your pussy!”

He keeps fucking me like this for a few minutes. Making me answer degrading questions and say slutty things.
I’m lost in waves of pleasure and submissiveness. He was doing to me exactly what I fantasized to him about in our chats.
He knew I didn’t like to kiss men, but he made me. He knew I always wanted to try to deepthroat a big cock, he fucked my face.
Now, I’m on my back, knees under my chin, being fucked very hard and deep by a 9inch cock that’s gaping my ass and will probably fill my pussy with hot cum.
I smile to myself, close my eyes and just keep groaning.

He stops and pulls out of me. He orders me to kneel on the floor with my body leaning on the cushion of the sofa.
I do as I’m told.
Mounting me from behind he starts to fuck me.
I love it when he grips my waist and hips. He squeezes my cheeks apart then slides one hand up my back stroking me, making me moan with stimulation.
His hand slide back down and gips my hips tightly. His thrusts become long and deep, each thrust going balls deep into me, my ass rippling with each pounding as his balls slap against me.
He speeds up, slapping my already res raw ass, making me clentch.
“Awww yes baby!” he mutters and he spanks me again, harder still. I yelp in pain that is quickly replaced by pleasure.
His thrusts become faster still, his relentless pounding creating a torrent of moans and groans from me. My head is spinning as he starts to say things to me. I can’t understand it all, my groans are drowning out his voice, but I hear one thing…..
“You’re getting Daddy’s seed bitch! Daddy is going to fill that pussy up!”
He’s now pounding my pussy harder than I have ever been fucked, I can hardly get my breath, and my body is just vibrating from his onslaught.
I thought, “I want his seed, I want him to cum in me, I want to be a bitch”.
“You will get Daddy’s seed!” he said, “I am going to breed that pussy, making you my bitch!”
I hadn’t thought it.

His started to tense up, I could feel his cock growing harder in me. He was going to cum. The swelling of his cock made it feel so much bigger! I screamed as his thrusts became short and hard.
He roared as he thrust into me, I felt he was going to split me in two.
He exploded into me, I could feel him pulsing. He held me tight and deep pumping his huge load into me, spreading his seed to the deepest parts of my pussy.

He stayed there for a few moments then pulled out. I could feel the rush of air past my gaping hole. I tried to move but he held me still.
“Just stay there for a bit” he said.
“Yes Daddy.” I replied.
A moment or two passes then he says to me. “Push”.
I know what he wanted, so I did as I was commanded.
A few light pushes later “Oh, yes baby. There it is. Mmmmm Daddy’s seed dripping out of your little gurl pussy”
I could feel it drip down my thigh. It was a lot he told me, “If you were a real girl, you would be pregnant now”
I giggled as I turned over, my cock soft and limp but I’m ever so horny.
Without command I lean over and take his cock into my mouth. I can taste his cum and my pussy on it. He puts his hand on my head and whispers…..

…..”Good Gurl”

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7 months ago
did you continue to see him hun?
7 months ago
mmmmm I luv'd the cum push out of your boi pussy hun
7 months ago
Yes, Its a true story :)
9 months ago
Oh WOW !
So fucking HOT, you lucky girl :D
10 months ago
Wish it had been me with you xx
10 months ago
luvly story. is it true?
11 months ago
GREAT story! Lucky gurl!
11 months ago
Wonderful tale