My First Time

It must have been 4 years ago.
I was alone and curious, and had been for a while now. I had plenty of girlfriends and knew I was not gay. I just never had feelings for guys, only women. But sex..... sex is sex I thought.
Looking at pictures, watching videos, toying with myself while dressing up in panties and other girly things, had kept me amused up until now. But my desires had grown too strong.

I had frequented a few chat sites, getting into kinky conversations with guys, loving the way they all hit on me and tried to seduce me. It drove me wild and gave me more confidence all the while making me more curious.
One guy in particular had been chatting to me regularly. I had told him my desires, my fetish of dressing up and that I wanted to have 'that' experience.
He was kind and polite, telling me I should only do it if I felt sure and that I should find someone I could trust..... I knew where he was going with this and I wanted it too.

One night, when I knew I wouldn't be disturbed, I made the decision to go for it. I caught him online, got chatting and asked him to come over. We exchanged details and he told me he would be here in 30mins.
I had some time to prepare. So I went into my bedroom and opened my 'Fun Drawer'. I pulled on a pair of fishnet stockings, put on my black frilly knickers, added a bra then pulled over a tight fitting top. I smiled as I looked at my slim petite frame in the mirror. I was turning myself on.
Feeling so horny I decided to put on some red lipstick. As I tried to apply it to my lips my hand was shaking from excitement. I could feel my cock twitching in my panties. I concentrated and after 2 attempts got it right. just as I was finishing up, the door knocked. That's when my heart jumped!
Up until that moment I had been too excited to think about what I was actually about to do. The excitement turned to nerves. My stomach turned. I was shaking again but this time there was a bit of fear. "I couldn't turn back now, could I?"
"NO! I've come this far and I'm sure as hell gonna go the rest of the way".
So I shook myself off, and looked at myself in the mirror. I looked sexy, I felt sexy, I was horny. I smiled to myself. "Lets have fun".

I opened the door with a smile and he instantly smiled back.I was surprised, he was much cuter in person and I liked that he was taller than me, as it made me feel smaller and more fem.
"You look great." he said.
I smiled, "Thanks," I whispered, "Come in."
I closed the door and led him to the living room, my heart racing.
We sat on the sofa and started to talk.
"I didn't expect you to look like this" he said.
"Well, I may have got a bit carried away" I replied in my most girly voice, "Do you like it?" I asked as I sat up on my knees on the sofa, pushing my bum out to make a sexy S shape with my body.
His hand reached up and cupped my bum, "Mmmm" he said as he gave it a light squeeze, "Very nice".
He continued to stroke my bum, moving his hands up to my waist and down the inside of my thighs. I knelt there, enjoying a man stroking my body, nerves melting away as excitement returned, my moaning and whimpers of delight becoming more often and louder.
He took off his shirt to reveal a smooth toned body, my clit twitched and he took my hand and put it on his body. I stroked his chest and ran my hand down his abs, lingering for a moment just below his belly button.
My eyes had fixed on the bulge in his jeans. I had never seen another mans cock before, and here I am so close to that moment. I licked my lips, not even realizing I done it.... But he did.
He reached down and unbuttoned his jeans, my eyes still fixed on whats underneath, he pulled them down with his underwear to reveal a nice, shaved, semi hard, cut, cock. It must have been 7 inches, and there was a little bit of precum on the tip.
He said nothing as I looked at it for a few seconds, before my hand reached out and gently grabbed it. I held it in my hand, stroking it up and down for a bit, he leaned back and groaned "That's good."
Hearing him groan like that made a rush of hot bl**d shoot round my body, I leaned forward and slowly slid his cock into my mouth.
"Ahhhh..." he let out.
I slowly moved my head up and down, feeling his hardening cock slide between my lips. I could not contain my delight as I let out a long moan of pleasure.
"I'm sucking a cock," I thought to myself, "and I like it......He Likes it too" as he groaned.
I pulled his cock out of my mouth, as I repositioned to the floor between his legs, my eyes never leaving his cock.
I knelt before him and slid his now hard cock back into my mouth, sucking it deeper into my mouth. His hand reached down and rested on my head, making moan with glee as he gently grabbed my hair and guided my movements.
"You sure you ain't done this before?" he asked.
Lifting my head just enough so his cock is an inch from my warm wet mouth, I replied "No, why? Is it good?"
Smiling as he pushed my head back down, sliding his cock back into my mouth, "Your a natural".

I knelt there for a good few minutes enjoying the experience of pleasuring a man with my mouth. My hard clitty making my panties all sticky, feeling my little pussy twitching, his groans and my moans, I was so turned on, i was so horny!
"Mmmm, you like my cock baby?" He asked.
I replied with a moan.
"You want me to fuck you with it?" He asked.
I looked up. As I pulled his cock from my mouth I smiled and turned around, leaning over the coffee table I turned my bum up at him.
He slid off the sofa and reached for his jeans. Pulling out a condom and some lube, he stroked my bum, gave me a little slap and pulled down my panties.
I couldn't help but move my bum around, I could hear him putting on the condom, my heart racing I could hear it in my chest.
I felt a finger slide over my pussy, the lube made it smooth and silky. He gently played with my pussy, making circles with his finger before sliding it in. I tensed up before relaxing as his other hand stroked my bum, hips and waist.
He passed me a pillow from the sofa and I put it under my chest as I lay on the table.
He gripped my hip with one hand as he guided his hard cock to my waiting pussy. I felt the head pressing against me, I took in a deep breath as he pushed. I could feel it pushing into me and as I let the air out of my chest his cock slipped into my warm, wet pussy.
I gasped, as both his hands gripped my hips.
He waited a few seconds for me to relax, then started to push in deeper.
I closed my eyes and relaxed, allowing my mind to focus fully on the sensations I'm feeling. "Oh my, that feels good...." I mutter.
He starts to go a bit faster, going deeper.
I moan.
His grip tightens on my hips, his thrusts get deeper and harder.
My groans get louder.
He grunts and groans as he pounds my virgin pussy.
My hands grip the edge of the coffee table, my moans becoming words... "Fuck me" I say.
He fucks me harder, I can feel his balls slapping against mine, my ass cheeks bouncing, the shock waves of each thrust vibrating up my body.
My pussy is on fire, my cock is getting harder, I'm groaning like a little slut. Here I am, on my knees, being fucked really well by a guy, electricity is racing through my head and body, I can feel it happening.....
"I'm cumming...." I whimper
He fucks me harder...
"I'm cumming...." I groan
He fucks me harder still
"I'm cumming...." I scream
My clitty explodes! My words become incoherent garbles of moans, groans and screams.
He keeps pounding me, I have never came so much before in my life, each thrust making yet more streams of cum drip from my clitty.
He lets out a roar as he cums. I can feel his cock grow inside me, his thrusts become short, hard and deep.
After a few thrusts he stops. He pulls out and gets up.
I cant move. I'm speechless, panting away trying to get my breath back. I don't know how long I knelt there over my coffee table, but I only moved again when i heard the front door close.
He left.
He came over, took my cherry, and left.

I felt..... satisfied. I felt that I could do this again..... so I did...

But that's another story.
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2 months ago
Amazing story
1 year ago
Glad you were lucky with your first man who must be equally lucky to meet you up :)
1 year ago
1 year ago
1 year ago
great story
1 year ago
What a nice hot story! I am jealous of the guy :(
1 year ago
Fantastic read - got me really hard and horny. I flipped between wanting to be the lucky guy taking your cherry, fucking your sweet virgin pussy for the first time, and being YOU, thinking back to my own first experience of total surrender to a hung stud. Well done.
1 year ago
OMG I came all over myself
1 year ago
I am sitting here just looking through stories and pics. Enjoying myself edging over and over again...then I read your story! Oh my, it got my cock so hard and then I had to just get a toy out and fuck myself with it...almost couldn't stop myself! When I am really ready to cum, I will be reading this story again! So hot!
1 year ago
Oh WOW !
So hot , so sexy & so EROTIC :o
I got so horny reading your story Missie
Would love to
1 year ago
Amazing. A very lucky guy he was huni. Ccc
1 year ago
Wow, great story! :) Lucky you, and even luckier guy!! :)
1 year ago
now i want to suck a big cock and take it anally
1 year ago
Oh, wow got my cock hard...
1 year ago
wow, good for you