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I'm a survivor!

As many of you know, and may not know.

I have hydrocephalus. I developed it from a spinal brain tumor, that was gladly removed!

My 15 year anniversary for my diagnosis Is on Sunday, November 4!

For celebration, remembrance, and fight, I want to die my hair grey (for brain cancer), yellow (hydrocephalus), and hot pink (because I'm me and celebration of me).

It would mean SO much if y'all could pitch in, so as a birthday present, I can get it done - professionally so I don't kill my hair!

Thank you, I do appreciate, and love you all! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


Posted by MissKoolaid 2 years ago
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5 months ago
does that mean you no longer need a shunt?
2 years ago
straighten up soldier.. u're a champ!! :D
2 years ago
Congrats. The world would be a far worse place without you, Koolaid.
2 years ago
As Jerry Garcia once put it- Every silver lining has a touch of grey.....I will survive

So glad you made it Miss K
2 years ago
that sounds like a neat way to celebrate :)
2 years ago