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Paycheck Checklist

What I plan to get with my paycheck

if you have suggestions and requests let me know

These are going to be thing that make me more aesthetically pleasing

♥ Acrylic or gel nails
♥ Contacts (clear and maybe pink)
♥ Jewelry
♥ Tattoos!
--Garter on my left thigh
-- Add around my hello kitty
-- Finish my ankle
-- Exploding cupcake
-- Finish my tribute tree

Posted by MissKoolaid 2 years ago
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2 years ago
Your ink is badass
2 years ago
Ok now I'm curious about this exploding cupcake this could be very fun I vote Exploding Cup Cake..
2 years ago
a cheerleader outfit would be hot.. I will buy it if you send me a hot video of you in it...
2 years ago
As much as I like your glasses, the contacts could be a nice change up.....though I personally found them to be a pita; esp taking them out after partying all nite
2 years ago
I just have to vote for exploding cupcake out of sheer curiosity!!!
2 years ago
exploding cupcake sounds good xx
2 years ago
more aesthetically pleasing? is that possible?
2 years ago
Tattoos :)