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Birthday Goal = Christmas Gifts

For my birthday and Christmas fun, I'm setting a goal: (Starting Nov. 12)

44,444 tokens!

(from any of my sites, only so you can do offline tips)

Tokens given by my birthday will be gifts for Christmas :)

My Birthday is December, 11th!

**** Note: Subject to change by where the tipper lives****

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I'm a survivor!

As many of you know, and may not know.

I have hydrocephalus. I developed it from a spinal brain tumor, that was gladly removed!

My 15 year anniversary for my diagnosis Is on Sunday, November 4!

For celebration, remembrance, and fight, I want to die my hair grey (for brain cancer), yellow (hydrocephalus), and hot pink (because I'm me and celebration of me).

It would mean SO much if y'all could pitch in, so as a birthday present, I can get it done - professionally so I don't kill my hair!

Thank you, I do appreciate, and love you all! ♥ ♥ ♥... Continue»
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Football Fub.

My story to Peetabread during the Huskers game.

Mmm. I can't wait till you move here. I would love to kiss my way down your body. Lick my way to your amazing dick, Lick it up an down getting it all wet. Slowly start sucking, going deeper and deeper until I have it all in. After I have you going for a while, slowly start to strip. I hop on you and start riding you at just the right angle so you can still see the game. I start getting faster and harder, digging my nails deep in your back as I try to hold in my screams. I arch my back, grab your hair and scream your name as I cum all over you.... Continue»
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So Let the Pitty Party begin....

Not like anybody is going to read this, but here is my attempt at explaining why camming is my JOB, and why I cannot have a normal job.

I AM GETTING SICK of all the judgement and "advice" from you guys.

I do wish that just because I am releasing this info, doesn't mean that I'm going to be treated like some poor girl, no. You are still going to respect me and I still AM going to be treated like a NORMAL human.


Hydrocephalus is Latin for water on the brain. It simply means that my body can't drain cereb... Continue»
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The truth about movies....

Movie PW(s) can be purchased for $22 per 2 weeks.

PW(s)WILL be changed every other Friday!

PayPal: http://misskoolaid.chipin.com/koolaid-appreciation

extra lil' something something if you liked, are greatly appreciated ;)


1 easy payment of $444, and you get:

♥ PW for the WHOLE YEAR!

♥ Fan sign

♥ 1 custom pic of your choice (if doable)

♥AND! As soon as I get the website set up, E-MAIL UPDATES!!!
( This can be done by "joining" my blog xxxmisskoolaidxxx.blogspot.com )

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Miss Cam Model :)


copy and paste it in your browsers


If I can make # 30 over night, I can place in the to 5 in a week!

If I make it in the top 5, I WILL add a short, FREEvideo!!

You guys like free, right? Well, then VOTE!

Check out my previous post "Xxxclusive Pics and Vids" for places you can get those videos and pics now


Love you all!!
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Show me people actually reads this!

if anybody is reading this, comment.

Comment anything to say you have truly read it! I need to know if I should keep posting, or just shut it all down.

For those who do take the time to read this

♥ I will keep you/friend request you.

Please PLEASE send me this week (9/30) coupons! I would love that!

My PO box and where to get other coupons can be found on my previous blog post!

Each person who does gets a personalized pic and a fan sign!


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Exclusive pics and video!


Check em! If I get enough people buying, I'll put em on here! You would want that, right?

Comment if you have! No comments or no buys = NO VIDEOS!

don't forget to rate me 5 stars!

All 5 stars and I'll do a free show
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Special Opportunity!!!

Here's the deal, there are special things on my wishlist and I'll give you prizes (out of the normal raffle) if you get them for me

found on Amazon
PRIZE: (4) personalized photos

found on Amazon seasons 1-8AND 9 (sold seperately)
PRIZE: (4) personalized photos and 10 min video call/ skype chat

found on Eden Fantasys
PRIZE: (4) personalized photos,a fan sign, and your choice of outfit when I first use it on the show
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Vacation Days!

Keep coming back here to see when I'll be gone

September 8-11th
****I will preform during the day on the 7th, but no Late Night Naughty. I will, however, possibly will do Late Night Naughty on the 11th :) ****
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Paycheck Checklist

What I plan to get with my paycheck

if you have suggestions and requests let me know

These are going to be thing that make me more aesthetically pleasing

♥ Acrylic or gel nails
♥ Contacts (clear and maybe pink)
♥ Jewelry
♥ Tattoos!
--Garter on my left thigh
-- Add around my hello kitty
-- Finish my ankle
-- Exploding cupcake
-- Finish my tribute tree

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Refunded Jerks.

If you are going to get a refund, tell me what I did wrong

The List

hahabobo- 5
zebihot- 225
jbocc- 30
robrodri963- 117
the_kingz - 578
splakavelle09- 225

People to watch out for
[user]dt... Continue»
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