Emma’s Joy Stick

She sucked on his cock with relish across the gear stick separating the two front seats. Knowing the more danger they were both in the harder he would cum, Emma sucked him harder with gusto and worked the throbbing rock-hard ‘stick’ in her mouth, her tongue slithered and pressed every which way inside. His hands were busy changing gears and steering the wheel, concentrated hard on keeping the car on the road and not the ditch on the side. Every pothole Andrew couldn’t avoid jolted his cock deep into Emma’s mouth, hit the back of the throat every so often.

Now that the blow job keeps both occupants of the car occupied, there were no conversations in the car, except for the soft sound of some droll country music playing in the background from the radio. Emma’s nose buried into his groin as Andrew’s cock rise out of his dark blue denim, as Emma’s hand and mouth worked in synchronisation, up down motion, her hand firmly grasped his pole her lips wrapped around the tip, while her tongue twirled around the mushroom head, and toyed with the tiny slit.

‘Christ!’ Andrew exclaimed.

‘That’s it, suck it deep, babe’ he urged Emma, pushed his hips up from the seat, and gasped at the sensation of being deep down her throat.

Finally, Andrew had to pull over into an isolated lane way, among the heavy woods by the side of the road he drove in a good kilometre or two in, and pulled the car into park. He grunted his satisfaction as he felt Emma sucked away, now able to concentrate only on her, and not trying to multi-task. His hands rested on her head and pushed her mouth down all the way to the hilt of his cock. Emma gagged, but did not pulled away, and breathed through her nose, and waited for Andrew to let up, which he did after a few seconds with a satisfied grunt.

He grabbed her weather-worn faded black t-shirt at her exposed neck, and tore it right down the middle away from her back, and played with her tiny B-cup titties. Andrew cupped her tits as Emma continued sucking on his shlong, her torn t-shirt hung around her slim arms. Andrew pushed his seat and back rest as far as the car allowed and leaned back, groped her tits in his beefy hand, pinched her pale pink nipples and tugged it painfully away from her slim body.

‘OOOOO, FUCK!’ Emma’s mouth jerked away from the cock, but her hand pumped up and down his shaft.

Andrew’s free hand not abusing Emma’s tits pressed her gaping mouth back on to his throbbing penis, his hand combed through her short brown pixie-cut hair. He levered his hips up as he mercilessly pushed her face down and deep-throated her, his head hit deep down inside, and Emma gagged on his thick cock. She pushed up to get a breath in and looked at Andrew laying there with a huge salacious grin on his face.

‘Jesus, Andrew,’ Emma complained, and punched his stomach firmly. ‘You want to kill me with that thing?’

‘Nah, babe,’ Andrew confidently said, his hands now linked behind his blonde head. ‘Just want to fuck your mouth.’

‘Well, don’t kill me while you’re doing it!’ Emma retorted, and attached her mouth back to his cock, and freed her arms from the tattered t-shirt.

‘Yes ma’am!’ Andrew mock-saluted in the car, and closed his eyes to enjoy Emma eating his penis.

One of his hands crept towards the apex of her thighs, and rubbed her pussy through her black cotton short-shorts with twin yellow stripes down the side, the heat radiated from her pussy. Gradually, her shorts had a large wet patch formed at her crotch and her aroma filled the car with the heady smell. Andrew slipped his fingers into her shorts from the bottom, and slid two fingers into her soaked pussy, bypassed her thin white panties. Her lube coated his fingers as he fucked her sopping cunt, the fingers knuckles-deep as her tight vagina contracted sporadically as he pressed and massaged her G-spot.

‘Oooohh,’ Emma moaned. ‘That’s it, baby.’

‘Like that, huh?’ Andrew wickedly asked, and moved his hands faster, roughly going in and out of Emma’s cunt.

‘You know I do, baby.’

‘Get on top of me, Emma,’ Andrew ordered, and held out his free hand.

Emma climbed over the gear stick and straddled Andrew; her knees barely had enough room to perch on the seat, her hands rested on his chest as she leaned forward.

‘I can’t get my knickers off,’ she protested.

‘Here,’ Andrew grumbled, his hand shifted the shorts and panties crotch to the side. ‘Now you can ride me.’

‘Wait,’ she wiggled her hips for a comfortable position, and her ass accidentally honked the horn.

‘Oops!’ Emma giggled, and pressed her ass on the horn again.

‘Quit it,’ Andrew nagged. ‘Concentrate, Emma!’

‘But I like the horn,’ she pouted.

‘Yeah, well,’ he admonished, ‘I’ve got a real horn for you to play with here. Why don’t you play with that instead?’

His hands took a firm hold of his cock and jiggled it.

‘Hhhmmm mmmm,’ Emma chortled with glee and crudely bucked her wet slit on to Andrew’s cock.

Andrew grabbed Emma’s small mammary globes and massaged them as she rode him up and down. The car shook from their fucking, the tyres squeaked, the windows soon fogged up. He wind down the window and the cool air wafted inside the car.

‘Yeeee haaaa,’ Emma squealed as she pumped, her hands now pushed against the roof of the car to stop her head from hitting the roof.

‘Oh yeah. Ride me you slut. Fuck my cock with your cunt.’

‘Ooooohh, mmmm, Andy!’ Emma cried. ‘I’m coming, baby.’

His cock worked deep inside her slit, hitting her cervix, her juice collected in his groin as she moved up and down. Her hot tunnel hugged and squeezed him, tried to extract his load.

‘I want you bad,’ she cried, her soppy gash and labia grazed his shaft, and her juice left slimy trails on his cock.

‘You already got me, Em,’ he growled. ‘You can have more when I shoot into your cunt.’

‘Fuck me, Andy, fuck me!’ She begged. ‘I want to cum.’

‘Then ride me harder!’

Emma gyrate her vagina, her hips pushed up and down. She rested her tits on his chest as her hips rode his cock, sweat dripped from her brow on to Andrew’s cowboy-cliché blue checked shirt. She grabbed the material tightly in her fists and ripped open the snap-button front, so her nipples can rubbed against his coarse chest hair, stimulating her areolas and stiffened her nipples into puckered dark pink buds.

Her tits swung to and fro, and Andrew was hypnotised. He leaned up and took each nipples with his teeth and bite down hard on them, the sensation was electric, it shot straight down to Emma’s clit, he tongued them inside his mouth one by one, sucked her bud harder and harder. His hands clasped her butt cheeks in his hands, spread them sporadically open and close, in time with her up-down movement.

‘Oh yes,’ she pushed up and down faster. ‘Oh yes, YES!’

‘Fuck, Emma. You ready for my load?’ Andrew grounded out, through gritted teeth.

Andrew could feel his balls contract as he got ready to eject his cum into Emma’s juicy twat. His cock throbbed and he wanted his semen to be unloaded into her, to mingle with Emma’s honeyed lube.

‘Here I come, Emma,’ and his load shot out into her contracting cunt.

Emma was ready for him, her hand wet to her clit to twiddle them, her pace quickened as her hips moved up and down, his mushroom head massaged her inside, as her love hole stretched tightly around him. Her pussy shuddered.

‘Cumming, Andyyyyyy,’ Emma wailed.

Her pussy spasm as her orgasm exploded, she crushed her pussy on his groin, and his pubic hair stimulated her clit. Seconds later Andrew’s white liquid spew out into her womb, his hips shoved up harder into her cunt, his hands gripped her soft ass tight as Emma rode him. Both their breath laboured, as both came down slowly from their climaxes. Her chest heaved as Emma tried to regain her breath.

Emma climbed further up Andrew’s body her pussy relinquished his semi-erect cock to rest on his stomach. Eventually, Emma crawled until she could position her pussy over Andrew’s mouth, her hands rested awkwardly on the backseat of the car.

‘My turn,’ Emma announced delightedly.

‘Eat my pussy, Andy,’ she hover her sopping slit over his face.

Without objection, Andrew began eating Emma, sucked his come and her juice from her tunnel, his tongue stuck up resolutely from his mouth and he felt it fuck her vagina, his nose buried in her hairy pussy. She humped his tongue up and down, and pushed her vulva harder into his mouth, felt his nose pressed her mound.

‘Christ,’ he said loudly after pushing her slicked cunt away slightly from him.

‘Now you’re trying to kill me, girl?’ he asked.

‘Uh uh,’ Emma denied. ‘I did say it was my turn after I bl**dy sucked you.’

He chuckled, and his hands went to grabb her ass to press her groin into his mouth again. His tongue flicked and teased her clit his teeth nibbled her juicy labia. He slid her cunt back and forth on his tongue, he sucked her vagina hard with his mouth, and drank their cocktail from her pussy, until Emma was all cleaned out.

Emma had another orgasm as Andrew sucked her cunt, her canal contracted empty space as her body milk itself, and their combined fluid dripped into Andrew’s hungry mouth. Stars exploded behind her closed eyelids, as she contorted her body inside the confined room of the car, her hips pressed hard on his tongue and he could feel her cunt spasm around his sucking mouth.

‘Eat me, eat me, oh fuck!’ Emma screamed in ecstasy.

‘I’mma gonna cum, I’mma gonna cum,’ she howled, and pressed her shuddering clit into Andrew’s mouth.

Andrew grunted. He loved the feel of her succulent and tasty pussy inside his mouth as he sucked her clit and twirled his tongue on her. Emma could not cum any more, and slowly her body glided down his prone body to rest fully on top of Andrew, her breath heavy and uneven as her orgasm ebbed away. Andrew hugged her tight with a big sigh and felt her titties pressed to his hairy chest, his hand moved down to her soft ass and pressed her mound against his groin. Emma dozed off in his arms.

‘C’mon, Em,’ Andrew tried to wake her with a tickle as her ribs. ‘Best get you home to your momma.’

‘But I want to stay on your lap,’ Emma murmured.

‘Anyway, my top is torn to shreds,’ she reminded him.

‘Hmmm,’ he looked at the torn t-shirt in the passenger seat, and quickly took off his blue checked shirt and wrapped her in it.

‘There, now you’re sort of decent,’ he grinned, and kissed her lips, his tongue stole inside her sweet mouth and pulled away quickly before Emma could suck his tongue.

Emma shimmied her pussy in his lap, his cock stirred to full hardness as Andrew pulled the seat and back rest into an upright position, started the car and u-turned back onto the road.

‘Can I, Andy?’ Emma pleaded, her pussy pressed on his cock.

‘God damn, Emma, ain’t you had enough yet?’ Andrew responded playfully.

‘Not of your cock, I haven’t,’ she replied, all serious.

‘Well,’ he contemplated. ‘We have another 15 minutes to your house…’ he suggested.

Emma giggled and said, ‘Maybe this time, I’ll learn how to drive the stick.’

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1 year ago
Typical Minxy - cheeky as always! But we've gotta work on those grammatical errors! We'll learn ya yet!
2 years ago
That was an awesome story! Thanks :)
2 years ago
sweet memories,,but moved to back seats an i didn't come,,had e night before
2 years ago
2 years ago
Minx, you are an awesome story teller. OMG I blew loads of cum . WHEW
2 years ago
oh how i love to read your stories!!!
this one is pretty sticky
2 years ago
MMM what a hot story.. wish I had a girlfriend like her..
2 years ago
yum! love it babe! love it!