The Seduction of Sara

Part 1

With her mouth attached to Johannes lips, the papers in her hands fell and s**ttered all over the floor of his office. His tongue searched and reached inside her mouth, and she sucked his tongue greedily, her hands reached up and held his head for a steadying grip as her feet floated off the floor Johannes being so much taller than her, his arms wrapped around her waist. She moaned deep in her throat from his deep erotically-charged kiss. She opened her eyes blearily to look at his face, and met his eyes, also open slightly. She sighed, closed her eyes and concentrated back on their kiss; the feeling of their mating tongues between their mouths drove all thoughts out of her mind as saliva dribbled from the corner of her mouth.

Sara’s day didn’t start out with such intense incident as this. It started out normal enough. Her boss, Johannes, works from his home office, and she arrived right on the dot at 08.00. Attired in a classical pinstripes pantsuit and a canary yellow billowy blouse with an exaggerated bow at the neck, Sara unlocked the office door which separated it from the main house on a different wing of the structure. Her black peep-toe stiletto heels sang into the thickly carpeted floor as she walked to her desk, which was set in an open-plan office. Sara’s desk is set directly across the room from Johannes’ desk, so they can have direct line of sight when discussing their work.

Sara is of slightly below average height, slim built, with dark eyes and shoulder length black air. A lot of people would pretty much tower over her in general, hence her love of stiletto heels. Anything to help her be slightly taller is always a plus in her books.

Firing up her PC, Sara’s job is mainly to organise meetings, correlate jobs that come into the business, basically to facilitate her boss’ day-to-day flow. This morning was not dissimilar to other mornings previously, Sara started by checking for any overnight messages, emails and faxes. Then prioritised and responded to them accordingly. Ever the consummate professional, Sara finished the tasks before Johannes came through the door connecting the office to the main house at 09.30.

A handsome man, Johannes is tall, and stood a foot taller than Sara even in her stiletto heels, he was solidly built, but slim. With peppery dark hair, greyed at the side and a moustache, a lot of the ladies in his circle flirt with him constantly, but he never took the bait, and with good reason. He had another object in his sights and was not going to deviate from his target.

By this time Sara had discarded her blazer and hung it on the coat stand next to the main entry door. Her bright canary yellow blouse perfectly set in the sunlit office as the sunlight streamed through the large twin bay windows.

‘Good morning, Sara,’ Johannes said brightly as he walked in.

‘Good morning,’ Sara replied back, turned around from the fax machine, and smiled widely.

‘How are we doing?’ Johannes asked, as he walked to his desk with his coffee.

Sara walked back to her desk, and grabbed a few pieces of papers to hand to Johannes. ‘The confirmation to the order we placed two days ago is here; and this one, the order has been shipped out yesterday for Bruin. It should get there in a week.’

‘Good,’ he responded, as he took the sheets from Sara, settling into his office chair.

‘I’ve got some papers for your signature,’ Sara continued, ‘and some messages from last night,’ she placed the letters and message slips on Johannes’ desk.

He perused through the messages cursorily, quickly grabbed the letters, read thoroughly and signed each one, before handing them back to Sara.

‘Thank you,’ Sara said and walked back to her desk to continue her morning routine.

The lull of the morning soon picked up speed and both occupants of the office were busy with the day. Things dropped off around lunch time, and as they always have done, they turn on their answering machine, and both headed out to have lunch together at the restaurant precinct nearby.

For a few months now, Johannes had been flirting with Sara, trying to get her to reciprocate his playfulness but all to no avail. Sara knew what he was doing, but had choose not to acknowledge it in the open. This is her work, after all, and he was her employer, and if she reciprocated, it might complicate things. Johannes was single, so that was not the issue, Sara enjoyed her work and did not want to have it jeopardised by having an affair with her boss.

Johannes wasn’t going to give up without a fight; he’d go down in a blaze of glory. He knew it was a cliché, boss having an affair with his own PA, but Sara is one beautiful woman, and as far as he knew, also single, which is strange. He did ask her why she was single but she sidestepped the question, and changed the subject. He guessed it lends a sense of mystery to Sara; she doesn’t let a lot of personal details out at work even when that workplace comprised of only two people.

Back at the office, Johannes opened the door for Sara, as she shrugged her blazer off, and hung it on the coat stand. Johannes threw caution and subtlety out the window, and decided this was the day that he would go all out and seduce Sara, consequences be damned. One last hurrah before he ran out of ammunition, so to speak.

The afternoon kicked into high gear after lunch, and without pause, the hours flew by. As sign-off time neared, Sara had more papers for Johannes to sign.

‘Johannes,’ Sara said, ‘I’ll need these quotes signed off before I go, so I can have it sent with the couriers early tomorrow morning.’

Johannes looked up, thought to himself: ‘this is it; now or never.’ Aloud, though, he said, ‘Bring them over, Sara, and let’s have a look.’

Sara grabbed the stacks of quotes, got up to walked over to Johannes’ desk, but her eyes were still on her desk as she was making her way to his side of the office, and did not see that Johannes had also gotten up from his table, his footsteps muffled on the carpeted office as he approached her. Suddenly, as Sara turned around, she smacked right into Johannes’ chest with a thump. Sara expelled air with a loud ‘oomph’, and almost crashed backwards if her free hand hadn’t grabbed Johannes arm just in time. They both swayed from the impact, Johannes kept his balance, and gripped Sara’s forearm to stop her from falling back.

‘Oh! Sorry, Johannes,’ Sara exclaimed. ‘Are you okay? I didn’t see you,’ she looked up into Johannes’ face.

‘Yes,’ Johannes replied. ‘I’m fine,’ he finished as his hand moved to Sara’s lower back and rubbed her there gently.

Sara did not notice this manoeuvre, and tried to disengage their contact. Being this close to Johannes, their torsos being this close was wreaking havoc with her mind. She had not been totally immune to Johannes’ charms and flirtatious body language; countless times she had to fight off her natural instinct, and sighed with relief when Johannes did not push his playfulness too far. By this time, Sara had thought that he had given up flirting with her. She thought wrong.

‘Um, you can let me go now,’ Sara laughingly said.

‘No,’ Johannes announced. ‘I don’t plan to.’

Sara stopped laughing, looked up into Johannes’ intense face, her luscious lips about to form a sentence, but before a word came out, Johannes dipped his head and captured her lips in an open mouth kiss. His tongue quickly stole inside her mouth, and deepened the kiss. At first, Sara pushed ineffectively against his chest with her hands, but pretty soon, his assault on her mouth was too much for Sara’s instinct to fight against. Giving in to Johannes seemed the most natural thing to be doing when being kissed like this. Her hand with the papers still clutched in her grip slackened, and the papers floated to the floor of the office, s**ttered every which way. Sara sighed, her mind no longer wared with her body’s response.

‘And the day started out so normal,’ Sara thought silently.

After that, Sara’s minds went blank, the feeling of being in Johannes’ embrace, his lips and his tongue assaulted hers filled her head. Her limped arms hung by her side, all the bl**d rushed through Sara’s body, echoed inside her ears, sluggishly her hands moved along Johannes’ arms, to his shoulders and finally, to the nape of his neck to hold his head, and stroked his hair. Sara returned Johannes’ kiss lick for lick, their tongues mated and moved in and out of each other’s mouths. His moustache scratched her lips red raw, made her lips ultrasensitive, her moans rumbled in her throat from pleasure.

Now that Johannes has Sara in his arms, he did not plan on letting her go. His flirtatious has irrevocably paid off his thoughts were now on Sara, to pleasure her so no thoughts of regret would ever have a foothold in her head. His arms gently let Sara down onto the lush carpet. His hands then tangled in her shoulder length black hair, and cradled her head; his kiss deepened, his tongue plundered her mouth further. His hands then moved to the buttons of her canary yellow blouse, and unbuttoned them one by one.

His mouth surrendered Sara’s swollen lips with reluctance, and stood still to look down into Sara’s upturned face. Her eyes slightly opened; her breath heavy and short. He smiled gently, untied the huge bow at her neck and slipped off her blouse, left it pooled at her feet. Johannes kissed her shoulder, moved to the base of her neck as his hands reached around to unclip her black and yellow polka dots demi-cup brassiere; he let that slipped off Sara’s arms to land between their feet. Her C-cup breasts freed from their confines stood up to attention, her brown areolas pliant her nipples not yet stiff.

Sara stood still, watched Johannes stared at her, their eyes locked as his hands cupped her twin orbs in his hands, his thumbs brushed her soft nipples until both stiffened into tight buds. She gasped, her hands reached up to cover his hands, pressed both firmly against her tits. Johannes massaged both globes in his large hands not ungently, as Sara again closed her eyes her knees weakened as she almost collapsed into a heap on the floor, but he caught her, and kept her upright. Sara sighed softly as she rested her head on his strong shoulder.

Johannes’ hands undid her slacks, pushed it down her slim hips, and it also joined her blouse in a bundle on the carpet. There in the office, Sara stood in her black and yellow polka dots G-string. Johannes helped her stepped out of her crumpled trousers, but made sure her black peep-toe stilettos were still on. Johannes sank to his knees, kissed Sara’s stomach, trailed his lips lower until he reached her covered mon, and kissed her mound through the triangle fabric. Johannes slowly pulled down her G-string along her legs; his lips never left her cleanly waxed mound. Sara’s hands gripped tightly to Johannes’ shoulders, her head hung back, and exposed her neck, her raspy breath loud in the quiet office.

Johannes lips kissed her pussy; just his lips, his tongue had not yet made contact with her skin. He squeezed her clit between his forefinger and middle fingers like clamps, and moved it back and forth. His lips continued to kiss her pussy, skirted her clit entirely, teased and toyed with Sara’s nubbin; coming close but pulled away. Johannes was in no hurry to rush things, he had all the time in the world to pleasure Sara and be pleasured in returned. Finally, he could no longer ignore Sara’s clit, took her little bud into your mouth and suck on her hard, drew in bl**d and rolled his tongue rapidly inside his mouth.

‘OH OH OH, OOOOOOOO,’ Sara gasped loudly, ‘Johannes,’ she moaned his name. Her hands clutched Johannes’ head to keep her body up, opened her legs wider apart, and pressed her clit harder on his tongue, her hips moved back and forth.

Johannes stopped his tongue just as Sara perched on the precipice of her orgasm. He brought her down slowly by kissing her engorged clit and retracted his tongue, kissed her downy mound and moved away from her vulva. He stood up to unbutton his black Armani shirt and shrugged it off, unbuckled the belt and undid his dark grey trousers, pushed it and his briefs off his waist, stepped out of the crumpled heap, took off his patented leather shoes and black socks.

Once naked, Johannes took Sara back into his arms, took possession of her still red swollen lips with his. He kissed her hungrily this time, passionate and intense. Johannes’ tongue delved and reached inside her mouth, tasted her, drank her. Sara returned his passionate kiss, her hands stroked his peppery hair; his hands rubbed her back and crushed her breasts to his hairy chest, the coarse hair tickled Sara’s nipples into tight tips.

He unwillingly let go of Sara momentarily, and looked into her lust-soaked face, licked her slightly parted lips. She tried to f***e the kiss back, but Johannes resisted with all his might, stepped away from her.

‘I’ll be right back, Sara,’ he told her, caressed her flushed cheek with the back of his right hand.

With that, Johannes left through the adjoining door into the main house, hurriedly made his way to the master bedroom. He grabbed the thick quilt and pillows from the bed and rushed back to the office wing. Back in the office, Sara had not moved a naked muscle in her black high heeled shoes, and looked at the door way as Johannes walked in. He grinned sheepishly.

‘I went to get these,’ he stated and showed her the quilt and pillows.

Without another word spoken, Johannes laid the quilt on the plush carpet, and threw the pillows on to it. He turned back to Sara, held out his hands and guided her to lie down on the quilt as he followed her onto his knees. Sara moved further back onto the piled pillows their eye contact never broke away. Johannes took hold of her calves, moved closer to the centre of Sara’s womanhood as he spread her thighs apart, his cock reared up from his groin.

Before his cock shoved into Sara’s succulent pussy, Johannes looked down at her waxed mound and her pink shiny pussy opened as a flower might to the sun, his thumb couldn’t resist brushing pass her clit, dipped into her molten liquid. Sara sucked air through gritted teeth at the contact; her eyes never left Johannes’ face as he brought his thumb up to sucked her honeyed nectar. He groaned at the taste of her sweetness, and groaned deeper still as he pushed his 8 inch cock into her tight slit with one movement of his hips.

Johannes’ penis dug its way into Sara’s hole until he was buried balls-deep in her lava-like tunnel. He lifted both her legs into the air and placed both onto his left shoulder; he now used his knees as leverage to push deeper into her seemingly bottomless pussy. His long slow stroke massaged her channel, his mushroom head glided in and out, swam in her gooey juice, in and out Johannes moved inside this velvety heaven that is Sara’s pussy.

Sara’s hands cupped her own tits, pinched her nipples and rolled it between her fingers. Her heavy and erratic heavy breathing joined with Johannes’ in a harmony of music. Johannes pushed in faster and harder into her, long fast stroke with his hard cock, her vagina spasm as the helmet massaged her G-spot again and again. She squeezed his shaft involuntarily as her orgasm approached, Sara let go of her globes and reached down to grip Johannes’ ass, her nails dug into his flesh, urged him on to go faster.

‘JOHANNES!’ Sara screamed. ‘OOOOOOhh, yes, yes.’

Johannes grunted at the sensation of being in a vice as her pussy clenched and milked him hard throbbing rod.

‘SARA!’ Johannes growled her name; his breathing fast as his cum rushed to come out.

‘I’m coming, coming, coming,’ she cried piercingly, her pussy tightened around his penis; her nails dug deep into his skin.

‘YES, that’s it, Sara,’ he encouraged her as he pumped his groin faster, shortening his stroke, getting ready to shoot his semen.

‘Come for me,’ Johannes continued as he looked into her eyes, passion burned deeply in his eyes.

At last, Sara’s orgasm erupted into a crescendo. Her body shuddered and quivered, her body tightened up from the power of her climax. Sara closed her eyes and arched her body and her neck went backwards as her orgasm radiated from the centre of her pussy.

‘AAAAAHHHHHH!’ Sara screamed, pushed her hips harder into Johannes’ thrusting groin. Her hands let go of their grip on his ass and grabbed the quilt instead.

‘MMMMMMM,’ she moaned loudly, and pushed harder against Johannes.

‘MORE, more, more!’ Sara demanded breathlessly.

He grunted in acquiescence, within in seconds Johannes’ climax erupted to join Sara’s, her contracting pussy too hard for him to stop his own semen from shooting out. The pleasure of being insider of her was a thrill, the thought of shooting his cum inside her orgasmic, he let go four huge loads of the white hot liquid, it shot out and coated Sara’s tunnel, filled her to the brim and his jizz leaked out of her as he continued to pushed in and out.

Both slowly came down from their own climaxes. Johannes lifted Sara’s legs from his shoulder, kissed her calves, took her stilettoes off, and placed her feet gently on the floor as he pulled his semi-erect penis away from her hot centre. He then collapsed next to her prone body, both tried to regain their breath, as he slipped one of his arms under her head and drew her close to lay in his arms. They breathed each other’s breath as they look into each other’s eyes.

Part 2

While his cum slowly leaked out of her hole and leaked on to the quilt into a damp patch, Sara rubbed her thighs together to feel the sticky mess between the legs and labia. Her hands reached down to rub the gooey fluid into her clit like massage oil. Sara stretched her back and rubbed her body along Johannes’ lithe body like a cat, and she would have purred too if she was a cat.

Sara leaned up and gave him a long loving kiss on his lips, her tongue unhesitatingly delved into his mouth, their tongues massaged and mated again, the slurping sound echoed in the now-dimmed office as the sun had long since set over the horizon. Her arm hugged around his back, her breasts crushed against his naked chest, the coarse hairs on his chest scratched and stimulated her nipples. Johannes groaned from her kiss, and Sara moaned from her sensitive nipples, as he hugged her tighter.

Once their breaths regained normalcy, Johannes scooped Sara up from the floor and took the quilt with her wrapped inside it, walked with her in his arms through the house, to his bedroom and deposited Sara gently in the middle of his king size bed, raised slightly on a platform. Sara got out from the quilt and sat at the foot of the high bed, her feet barely touched the floor, as Johannes turned on the bedside lamps. She took Johannes’ hand and pulled him towards her, guided him until he stood between her legs and took hold of his flaccid cock in her hand. Sara moved her hand firmly back and forth, engorged Johannes’ penis with bl**d, her eyes never left his penis, watched as it grew in size to a thick hardness and throbbed in her hand.

Sara scooted back on to the bed, and pulled Johannes onto the mattress. He knelt on the mattress as Sara crawled on all fours to take his waiting dick between her lips, her tongue snaked out to lick the mushroomed tip, rolled the entire helmet, made it slicked with her saliva. Inch by inch, she took him inside her waiting mouth; Johannes’ hand held his cock steady for her, the other hand held her hair back from her face. Sara sucked him back and forth without once using her hands; her tongue massaged his shaft’s underside, flicked left to right rapidly inside her mouth. Johannes shivered and sucked air through his nose.

She can taste herself on him as her tongue peeled back his foreskin, and rubbed the tiny hole at the tip of his cock; tasted his pre-cum, that salty sweet tangy taste. Johannes rocked his hips slightly, his cock moved shallowly in and out of Sara’s mouth her lips stretched tightly around his thick penis. Sara’s tits swung back and forth from the movement of her head, Johannes let go of her hair and cupped an orb in his palm, and pinched the brown nipple until it hardened into a nub, then rolled it between his thumb and forefinger.

‘Mmmmmmm,’ Sara moaned with delight at the sensation, unwilling to let go of his thick penis.

Sara pressed her tongue onto his throbbing knob, massaged it as her lips slid along his saliva-coated rod. Johannes’ hand holding his cock moved in time with Sara’s mouth, his glance has not left her face the moment she took his swollen glands with her lips; to watch her luscious lips stretch around his shaft was a turn on all and in itself. Sara looked up from her position, sucked Johannes deeper and harder, the tip of his cock nudged her throat. Sara choked slightly and pulled away from Johannes, but not letting go entirely. Her lips kissed his helmet while her tongue softly licked his head and played with the tiny slit at the tip, pushed in gently with the end of her pointed tongue, while her mouth sucked harder. Johannes shivered in response to her administrations.

Eventually, Johannes could no longer resist his more basic instinct and needed to thrust into Sara’s soft and tight pussy again; he withdrew from her mouth reluctantly, and lay back on the mattress. With his fingers linked with Sara’s he tugged her so she came to sit astride his prone body, his rock hard penis pressed in between her tender labia.

‘Rub your pussy, Sara,’ Johannes quietly told her. ‘Rub your juice all over my cock. Make me slick,’ he finished.

Sara complied ardently; she moved her vagina along his prick, glided along his length, her hands rested on his hairy chest, as her eyes looked down at their almost-joined bodies; her pussy rubbed and slithered along his throbbing shaft, and rubbed the head on her sensitive clit. Sara closed her eyes and gasped at the sensation of riding his shaft. She lifted her hips slightly, as she looked down strings of her juice came away from Johannes’ cock. Her hands lifted his hard cock up from his groin, made it stand up straight, Sara fondled him up and down, moved her hot slit on the tip of his cock, and agonisingly slowly she pushed him into her empty space.

Both their breaths loud in the bedroom, gasps of air as Sara’s cunt hugged Johannes’ cock unyieldingly, tightened with every movement of her up and down progress. Sara’s twin globes bounced up and down, her hands rested on Johannes’ chest for leverage.

‘MMMMMMMM,’ she moaned with ecstasy, and squeezed his knob hard with her muscle.

‘Aaaaaahhhh,’ Johannes grunted, and bucked his hips harder, pushed himself deeper into her burrow.

Sara changed the temp of her hips, slowed down to a nice long strokes, her head rested on his chest, sweat dripped from her back down her ass. Johannes took this opportunity to move back against the grey-coloured leather-padded bedhead, and leaned his sweaty back on it. He lifted Sara’s face from his shoulder, and kissed her sensuously, his tongue made love to her lips and mouth; she languidly returned his kiss, her hands played with his hair, stroked it back from his sweaty brow. She lethargically opened her eyes and gazed into Johannes’ eyes, she smiled against his lips and they both continued kissing, their groins stilled joined in the eternal mating ritual, as his arms wrapped around her tighter, crushed her tits to him.

Johannes broke their kiss, pressed her torso slightly away from him, and suckled at her breasts; his tongue rolled her soft areolas one by one, stimulating her nipples into tight twin pebbles. He pushed her globes close together and sucked both nipples into his mouth hungrily, he tongued them quickly, flicked them with precision. At his groin, he felt Sara picking up the rhythm, gyrated her hips faster up and down his rock hard cock, her hands clutched his neck tight as her head hung back, exposed her tender column.

With one hard suck of both her nipples, and two hard bites on the stiff nubbins, he let them go with a loud pop, but his hands remained, kneaded and massaged her tits. He began sucking her exposed neck his tongue tasted her skin and sweet essence. The lingering scent of Estée Lauder’s Beyond Paradise perfume filled his nostril as he kissed and licked her neck, he softly sucked her skin underneath her ear lobes; moved up to nibbled the lobe gently, his tongue snaked inside the whorl of her ear, his breath loud and raspy, then he moved to the other side for the same attention when Sara rolled her head to the other side.

Panting heavily, Sara reached back and placed her hands on Johannes’ thighs her back arched, the change in her posture exposed her vulnerable centre to Johannes’ hot stare. He watched as his cock appeared and disappeared insider this hot heaven of Sara’s lair. Her cunt stretched around his thick girth, fitted him like second skin, each upward move Sara made, her pussy milked him. Johannes closed his eyes in bliss, and held on to his self-control with effort, he wanted so badly to shoot his cum into her, and coated her with his scorching hot love juice, but he wanted the second time to last even longer than the first.

Johannes’ arms moved around Sara’s upper back, pulled her arched back up and pressed her heaving breast into his chest as her head snapped forward to rest on his shoulder; their sweaty bodies glistened in the soft glow from the bedside lamps. Sara moved her legs to wrap around his waist, clenched her pussy on Johannes’ knob, and ground her clit into his pubic hair.

‘Johannes, MMMMMMM,’ she cried, her arms tightened around his neck.

‘Fuck me,’ she begged.

‘OOOOOHHHHH, Sara,’ Johannes growled, and bucked his hips, shoved his cock into her begging pussy.

He changed his position, and placed her body gently back on the mattress. Johannes got onto his knees.

‘Get on your knees, Sara,’ Johannes commanded tenderly.

Sara followed his directive, and got on all fours, but Johannes pressed her breasts down onto the bed. Sara rested her head on the sheets, her curvy creamy ass high in the air; he pushed her bent legs further towards her stomach but spread her thighs apart. He palmed her barely-satiated pussy his fingers toyed with her clit, as her dew covered his palm. He inserted two tapered fingers into her, and gently pressed onto her G-spot. Sara bucked and whimpered uncontrollably, her hands grabbed handfuls of bed sheets tight in her fists, and moved her hips along his fingers as he slid them in and out of her molten core.

He scooped some of her lubricant with his two fingers and spread them around her anus, rimmed the tight brown ring with his middle finger, working her lube into her tight sphincter. Gradually, Johannes pushed two fingers into her, and stretched her tight back door wide, one more finger joined with the first two. Even with three fingers, Johannes knew she might not be able to take his 8 inch cock her ass was that tight around his fingers, he suspect Sara might not have had much experience with anal fuck. With that in mind, he took care not to be too rough with her, worked his three fingers well, and got her ass to get used to being invaded.

For Sara, the sensation of having her anus being toyed and entered with his fingers was not unwelcome. Her sensitive crease welcomed Johannes’ fingers without too much resistance, as he piston in and out of her lightly. Then she felt him dribbled some of his saliva onto her brown hole for more lubrication and he moved his fingers apart slightly, manipulated and stretched her so that her rectum would gape slightly, he blew cold air into her, and sensed her ass quivered at the cold air.

Soon he felt she was ready for his cock, and withdrew his three fingers from her tight sphincter. He positioned himself behind her ass, both his hands spread her ass cheeks apart firmly, more saliva dripped onto her puckered hole, then with one hand still spreading one of her ass cheeks, the other hand held his cock, and pushed against her tight brown ring. His uncut head darted into her quickly, from there, he pushed into her steadily without rush, he had all the time in the work.

‘AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!’ Sara cried; both were unsure whether more from pain or more from pleasure, her anus burned the more Johannes pushed into her.

Sara bite the bed sheets with her teeth, her hands fists with handfuls of sheets clasped tightly. Minutes went by, and at last, Johannes was completely immersed in her dank rectum, his heavy sacks swung next to her sopping vagina.

‘FUCK, Sara,’ Johannes exclaimed softly. ‘Your ass is so tight!’ as his hands now gripped her hips.

‘Mmmmmmm,’ Sara could only moaned in response, as her ass involuntarily contracted on his shaft, her backdoor burned as if on fire.

Johannes gyrate his hips lightly in a circular motion, getting Sara used to being invaded in her anus. Once he felt her body responded to his motion, her creamy white ass pushed slightly against his groin, he slowly pumped his cock in and out of her brown ring. His cock was being milked by her sphincter every time he pulled his prick out of Sara, and it resisted every time he shoved back into her. More saliva followed as they mated through Sara’s ass hole, her hips pushed against him as he fucked her in and out, she wanted him deeper in her anus.

Johannes’ clean hand scooped up her gooey honey from her cunt, he resisted the urge to lick it off his fingers, instead smeared her lube over his cock as he thrust harder and harder into her, his hips jerked roughly. Almost immediately his rhythm changed, and he fucked Sara’s lovely ass faster, his cock hungrily plundered her rectum, taking all that she was willing or unwilling to give from her ass, no longer cared.

‘AAAARRRRGGGGG,’ Johannes grunted loudly. ‘Tight, so tight, baby.’

Sara whimpered incoherently into the mattress as she wriggled her buttocks against him. Her body desired more, her ass demanded more of his cock, and she showed her desire by squeezing his throbbing cock with her puckered hole. Johannes felt the contraction, sucked air through gritted teeth, thrust faster and harder into Sara. By now, Sara matched Johannes’ drive, her body found a rhythm that synchronised with his fucking movement; they fitted and complemented each other in their carnal act.

With a few hard and fast thrust, Johannes finally let go of his self-control, and let his semen shoot out from his cock from his climax, his hot cum coated her inside. Long jets of his hot white liquid glazed her rectum, the more he shot out, and shoved into her, his cum leaked along side his hard pumping cock. Sara was also coming, her orgasm matched his in intensity, her ass hugged and squeezed, milked and spasm around his knob.

‘Coooomiiiing, Johannes,’ Sara screamed, her ass hole clenched him tight.

‘Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me,’ she pleaded further.

Without further ado, Johannes shoved his cock harder and hard into her, nursed her orgasm by reaching down and rapidly rolled her clit with two fingers.

‘OH OH OH,’ Sara panted.

‘Come baby,’ Johannes encouraged.

‘Come for me,’ his fingers twirled her clit around and around rapidly.

Sara didn’t know where to concentrate her body; on her clit or her ass, gave up and just let her body impulsively do its own thing, Sara was no longer in control of tremor in her whole orgasming body. Finally a large wave of orgasm hit her like a bold of lightning, her ass exploded into fireworks of contracting muscle and her clit, still being stimulated with Johannes’ fingers, shudder its own climax, her pussy convulsed and her juice trickled down her inner thighs. She ground her ultra-sensitive clit onto his fingers.

As the last of her contractions died away from her clit and sphincter, both Johannes and Sara collapsed onto the soaked sheets, both were gasping for air from the powerful fucking. Panting heavily, Johannes got off from Sara’s back, and dragged her limp body into his arms once more. Their breaths mingled as they try to regain their composure, her breasts heaved and crushed to Johannes’ chest, Sara snuggled into the crook of his neck, and kissed his sweaty skin as her arms went around to hug him.

‘What an extraordinary day,’ Sara thought before dozing off in the arms of her boss with a contented sigh.

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2 years ago
This was so erotic...loved it
2 years ago
he read it & he liked it
2 years ago
great story!
love it :)