Chocolate Indulgence

Taking our seats in a busy classy restaurant, my dinner companion ordered our entrees and mains. The table cloth pristine white, and just touching the floor; the candle flickered in the dimmed room. Seated side by side, I slowly pulled up my long strapless emerald green dress up, exposing my creamy thighs, and using the long table cloth as cover, I surreptitiously grabbed his large hand and placed it over my naked mound, his dark skin a high contrast to my light-coloured waxed pussy.

He immediately furrowed his forefinger between my labia and fondled my clitoris. I almost hung my head back in ecstasy, but instead contented myself with a blissful sigh. Under the table, I opened my thighs wider apart, and hooked one leg over his closest thigh, my pussy spread wide. His forefinger moved toward the new objective, and slowly plunged inside my hot moist cavern.

I whispered to him to push one more finger inside of me, he willingly complied, and his middle finger furrowed to join his forefinger inside my tight vagina. I let out a soft sigh, and almost slid off my chair into a heap on the floor. His hand moved at my pussy underneath the table cloth, pumped in and out, his thumb pressed on my throbbing clit. I pushed my hips harder against his assaulting fingers, slightly moved back and forth on my chair, tried not to be too obvious with my movement.

After a few more minutes of his fingers thrusting inside my pussy, he moved his fingers to my clit and began to quickly twiddle by stiff and bl**d-engorged bud. I was about to cum, and was excited by the fact that I have to keep perfectly still. The fact that we could be caught by the wait staff and other patrons was such a turn on, my legs tensed and stretched out as I climaxed, my orgasm exploded from my pussy and radiated to my head and finger tips. I panted softly as I came; my hands grabbed the napkins tightly to keep from screaming. His fingers nursed my orgasm until it subsided to gently pulsate and shuddered in my vagina.

He brought his fingers up and teasingly sucked his fingers as if he tasted a delicacy before the meals arrived. As I looked as his fingers inside his mouth, I imagined his tongue at my pussy, flicking and rolling my tight bud. But I stopped, because I knew if I thought any more, I’d lift my dress right there and then, and just sit on his cock in front of all the diners in the restaurant.

And just in time, our entrees were being served. I was flushed, and so I asked for a glass of ice water from the attendant. He asked if I was OK, and I replied I was fine, just a little hot. He said he’ll be right back with a glass of ice water for me. Before we began to eat our entrees, my date leaned over and whispered in my ear that he was as hard as a rock. I was drinking wine at the time, and spew the wine out as I tried not to giggle. I coughed and gulped air into my lungs.

He sat back in his chair and chuckled, and I envy his milk chocolate skin as it hid the flush on his face. I quickly finished my entrée, and looked around quickly around the restaurant, before I pretended to have dropped my earrings and knelt down on the floor to search for it. Our position against a corner wall was a blessing as it meant other restaurant patron would have to look specifically in our direction to see what was going on. As I was on the floor, I quickly crawled under the table cloth and my hands grabbed for his zipper at his pants.

Quickly and expertly, I pulled out his cock and latched on to his stiff dick with my cock-starved mouth. He jerked in his seat; his legs stretched either side of me as I sucked his cock rapidly. My mouth a vacuum as it drew bl**d to his rock hard penis, engorged it even more with pumping bl**d. I could not get to his sac, but I made do with stroking his balls through his trousers. My head bopped up and down, hitting the underside of the table a couple of times; I could only imagine what faces my dinner date was making at the top as the table moved.

At one point as the entrée plates were being cleared, the attendant asked my date if the entrées were good. As I heard this, I mischievously sucked his cock harder under the table, and he squirmed, but gritted out a confirmation to the attendant. His hands then reached down blindly under the table and held my chin, and instead of stopping me, he shoved his hips harder into my mouth; I gobbled him up with pleasure.

My tongue pressed harder against his shaft, massaged his pounding cock; my mouth suck on the tip of his penis harder, my tongue rubbed the underside tenderly. Ta king back inside my slippery mouth once more, my tongue searched and pressed on the tiny slits at the tip, tasted pre-cum on my tongue. Rolling my tongue around the head delicately, I took his cock deeper until the head nudged at the back of my throat, my hand grasped his shaft and tugged firmly; I was determine to taste his semen before the mains arrived.

My mouth sucked his cock harder for a few more minutes and a few minutes later, I could feel his groin tightened, his thighs flexed, his stiff penis shuddered and at last, he shot his load into my waiting mouth, on to my receiving tongue. His hand came back to gripped my chin tightly as he released his load, the semen coated my mouth with sticky cum. I drank and drank greedily; my mouth milked his shaft for every last drop of jizz.

Before crawling back into my chair, I stroked his black cock tenderly and placed it back inside his trousers. As I was sitting back down on my chair, our mains arrived….

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1 year ago
Oh babe you write so well ... BUT ... is this one too naughty to cartoon for you !!! I thought I should ask first ... the last comment was 6 months ago ... but of course I am lurking out here ... your cartoon pal ~~ TREX
2 years ago
Naughty, naughty, naughty and sassy! But jeeesz I loved every minute! Getting under the table is always easier as you can pick the moment; getting off the floor back onto your chair takes ingenuity and tact. It appears you have the "gut feelings" necessary to make for an enjoyable "entree dejour".
2 years ago
naughty girl ,meow
2 years ago
very good
2 years ago
Very nice. Me being a black man, I found great pleasure in reading this. Thanks for sharing.
2 years ago
Made me hungry :)
2 years ago
that was so very hot
2 years ago
wow that is one hot story!
2 years ago
got anyone in mind here?
Best book me a seat at that restaurant.
2 years ago
Mmmm now that the way to dine out!
2 years ago
that was so very hot!
2 years ago
Would love to goto dinner with you!!
2 years ago
hot, thank you