Summer Time Delight

Having picnic in the outdoors is a wonderful way to enjoy the sunshine, and picking a good spot is very crucial. But in this case, the spot wasn’t too far; it was my backyard. Another important element to a good picnic is the food. If the food sucks, then the picnic is ruined; so for this particular day, I made sure the food I prepared is nothing less than spectacular. I was rushing around, getting things ready, the food and the beverages, all the things you need for a picnic. And we were right next to the pool in my backyard, so if the afternoon sun got a bit too hot, a dip in the pool will be refreshing.

Then the doorbell rang, I ran to open the door. There stood my date for the picnic. I smiled broadly, and flew into his arms for a hug. He grinned in returned, and hugged me back. Standing back slightly to look at me, he whistled. I was in a black halter-neck one piece swimsuit. I slapped his chest playfully, and pulled him into my house, leading the way through the living room and through the patio door to the backyard. And I proudly presented the picnic to him.

Before I could go back inside to grab some sunscreen, he grabbed my waist and kissed me on the lips, his tongue delved in to taste my mouth, his tongue ran a long the inside of my lips. I moaned, my hands circled around his neck, and tangled in his hair at the nape. We kissed deeper, our tongues meshed and massaged in each other’s mouths. I finally pushed away from his chest, and panted, out of breath. I told him he was really naughty, and that we were supposed to have lunch first. He laughed uproariously, and tried to grab my hand.

I skipped away with a giggle, and told him to get comfortable on the rug; I was getting sunscreen, hat and sunnies. When I came back, he was lying on the rug on his elbow, his legs stretched out, and he was chewing on some green beans I had made earlier. I threw the sunscreen bottle to him and asked if he can put it on my back for me. He sat up, and I knelt down in front of him. As he began to lather my back, he also massaged my shoulders, my head rolled back. It was so relaxing.

But I didn’t let it go too far, the food won’t stay well out in the sun for too long. So we both set about devouring the food I had made, and drinking chilled white wine. We talked and laughed about this and that, before long the food and wine were gone. As I set about clearing up, he went inside the house to get change into his board shorts. We were going in the pool for a dip to cool off; the sun was getting very hot.

When he came back out, I was already inside the pool, floating on one of the inflatable armchairs. He waded in, and hung at my knees. His hand reached under and spread my legs apart before moving his body between them. I reached up and untied my halter and my C-cup breasts sprang free. He reached up and I slid into his strong arms, my breasts brushed his face. He slowly pushed my swimmers down my body, his hand caressed my skin as it slid down, stroked my breasts, my stomach, navel and shaved mound.

I let the cossie slid down my legs, and it floated to the top, I was now naked in his arms; he grabbed the cossie and threw it to the side of the pool. My hands reached down, untied the strings of his board shorts and he pulled it down his legs. He grabbed it from the water, and threw it onto a heap to the side of the pool as well.

Turning his attention back to me, he grabbed me by the waist, and moved my legs to hug around his, my pussy rubbed his stomach. My breasts were now in range of his mouth, and he fastened his mouth to my stiff nipple and sucked hard, his tongue magically worked the hard peak. I arched my back, my hands clutched his head and pressed his mouth closer to my breasts, my legs tightened around his waist, his hands were under my arse supporting me. He walked towards the steps leading into the pool, and lay me down on it, the water lapping at my pussy, my breasts above the water, exposed to the cool air.

His dick was now stiff and reared up straight from his groin. I had asked him that morning to be cleanly shaved before he came over, so my mouth were now hungry to take his hard cock and suck the cum from it. I knelt on the pool’s steps, and began sucking his cock, my tongue hungrily licked and tasted his shaft, and felt the silkiness of the tip, my head bopped up and down, the water sloshed all around my body. My hand reached down to play with my submerged clitoris

My mouth sucked on his hardened penis, taking him all the way inside while my hands massaged his balls, weighed the sacs in my hands. My tongue rolled around the tip of his cock, tasting the water and the pre-cum. His hands held my head, and he rocked his hips gently, glided his stiff dick in and out of my slippery mouth, careful not to gag me. I then sucked his balls into my mouth, licking the under side, taking each gonads and rolled my tongue around it. He groaned with satisfaction. I moved my mouth back to suck on his rock hard cock some more, before he pulled me up and kissed me his tongue probed and explored my mouth.

He told me to go and sit by the side of the pool, and stroked my ass cheeks as I walked away. I sat down on the edge of the pool, and he waded back to the shallow end and walked to where I was sitting. Opening my legs wide, he looked at my pink folds intently, as if committing the image to his photographic memory; I can fee my juice begin to seep out of my pussy, turned on by his gaze. He moved in closer and took a deep breath of my aroma. He gently rubbed my clit with his finger, brushed it lightly like a feather. I shivered from the sensation, and willed the fingers to touch my bud harder.

He pulled me forward a little, took a deep breath of my aroma, and kissed my clit quickly, before his tongue darted out to play. It rolled and flipped back and forth in a rapid-fire motion, and I moaned and tensed my legs and buttocks, the pleasure and sensation moved all around my body, made my skin tingled. I looked into his eyes as his tongue and mouth ate my pussy as if starved, his teeth nibbled my clit, his tongue probed and invaded my love hole, inserted and insinuated inside. My juices covered his chin. Our gazes locked.

I bucked my hips up off the ground and pushed my pussy hard against his face, and he nuzzled, as if he wanted to push his head inside. My head rolled back, I panted and gasped for air, I neared my orgasm. His mouth then sucked my clit in one more time and rubbed his tongue on my pleasure bud, and I saw fireworks behind my closed eye lids as my orgasm exploded.

As my pussy pulsated from my orgasm, he slotted in his middle finger, wanting to feel my muscle contract and relax, his forefinger rolled my throbbing clit. As he watched, he could not resist, replaced his finger with his tongue at my vagina. My muscle tightened around his tongue. I sighed, satisfied for the time being.

He moved away from my pussy, and walked out of the pool. He came over to where I was still lying, pulled me up and swung me into his arms and carried me inside as I clung to his neck. We went into my bedroom, and he deposited me gently on the bed. Crawling up my body, kissed and licked my breast, his lips pinched my nipples hard, his tongue flicked the tips, he moved my legs to hook it over his shoulders; he positioned his cock at my well-lubricated pussy and slowly glided in until he was deeply buried inside my tunnel, his balls resting against my buttocks. I moaned and he sighed, as he felt my pussy hugging his hard dick.

Moving in and out, he knelt back on the bed, and positioned my legs to either side of his waist, his cock still locked inside my pussy. He reached for my quivering bud with his fingers and played with it with glee, and watched as I squirmed and contorted my body in delight, my thighs squeezed his waist, my hands clenched fistful of bed sheets. I screamed out loud my satisfaction, and squeezed my pussy tunnel around his cock.

He bucked. And swiftly, he leaned over my body again, sucked in my areolas in turn, and hit them hard. Then he moved my legs back to his shoulders and grinded away his penis inside my tunnel, the pleasurable friction built up the orgasm that was about to explode inside both of us. I ground my clit against his groin, and panted, my head shook from side to side in ecstasy. He mouth kept sucking at both my nipples, nibbled them, his tongue lathered and licked my pebble-hard peaks.

With a loud bang, our climaxes collided and hurtled into our bodies, and we willingly went with the flow. He pumped faster into my pussy, and I angled my ass high off the mattress into his pummeling rigid shaft. He gasped and his ass tensed as he was about to cum, he wanted to cum inside my pulsating tunnel, and I was not about to stop him. My pussy squeezed his rod tighter, my desire conveyed from my pussy that I wanted his jizz inside of my pussy, and coated my hot juicy tunnel with his cum.

With one final thrust, he came and let go of his self-control, and bucked and propelled his load in to my waiting womb. I breathed out with a gasp, my pussy vibrated with orgasm, milked his hard pumping cock with my pussy, my nub quivered in orgasm as it rubbed on his navel, and I screamed out my ecstasy, my nails dug into his shoulders, and my head rolled back on the bed, my body tensed in my climax.

At last, his strength left him, and he collapsed on top of my heaving body, his cock stilled in my tunneled, at long last spent. My legs dropped from his shoulders. We both tried to regain our breath our chests heaved, our sweat mingled, and rolled onto the bed. He rolled off me, and I lay in the crook of his arms, one leg up and around his hip, and his leg crept up between mine, and rubbed my hot moist pussy with his thighs. His hand rubbed and massaged my back and arse cheeks, pressed my clit harder against his groin.

Finally, we closed our eyes and slept in the hot summer afternoon.

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