Something is Cooking in the Kitchen

As I walk through the door, I could smell something delicious being cooked, the aroma was filling the house. I made my way to the kitchen and he surprised me by grabbing me from behind, and sticking a wooden spoon in front of my mouth. I licked the icing off the spoon and tasted caramel. I licked some more, and turn around to pushed my tongue into his mouth, sharing the icing. I dropped my things on the marble floor, and unbutton my top and pushed my skirt down my legs, our lips still locked.

He could taste the caramel on my lips and tongue as he kissed me hard. He pushed me back against the bench and placed a hand down to feel between my legs, my pussy not yet wet but getting very warm. He ran hand back up to squeeze my breasts under the open top, he felt the nipples hardened under the thin lacy bra, and pulled it makes it stand a little firmer, rubbed them over the top.

Looking at his hand he realised there were icing on his fingers, which had been smeared along my body from pussy up to both breasts. He bent his head down to lick it off the bra and bite a little on my nipples, I moaned. I could smell my scent mingled with the baking aroma. It looked it was going to be a long night in the kitchen.

My hands fumbled with the buttons on his jeans. I hurriedly unbuttoned the fly, and pull the denim and his boxers down roughly, freed his cock, which sprang from its confinement. As I kneel in front of him, he pulled his t-shirt off, and threw it across the kitchen; he then also pulled off my caramel-stained top and threw that across the room as well.

My mouth and tongue lapped the tip of his penis, my saliva making the head glisten. Slowly I sucked his cock into my mouth, inch by inch as I looked up into his eyes. He then closed his eyes in ecstasy as my mouth move back and forth along his hot shaft, sucked his rod in deeper, and I can feel his tip hit the back of my throat, my hands massaged his balls and felt how heavy they were.

His head back and eyes closed, he grabbed my hair and pulled me forward a little more. He felt his cock hit the back my throat. He groaned loudly in pleasure. He held my head still for a few seconds and glided back and forth. My hands knead his sacs and just slid a finger towards his ass. I pressed on his perineum, and could feel his penis stiffened more. He loved the sliding of my lips and my tongue on his shaft, my saliva made his dick shined. He looked down at me and our eyes met as he slid into my mouth yet again. I could see the smile in his eyes, and he in mine, and he knew the power I have here. Massaged his balls more firmly now I felt he was close to orgasm. My hands stroked his engorged penis firmer, up and down, in rhythm with my lips moving up and down, I slowed down and then took his shaft out of my mouth and stood up.

He leaned in towards me and firmly placed his hand on my mound. He felt the wetness dripped on my thighs, and saturated my vagina. He inserted two fingers inside my panties, to part my hot tight tunnel, I moan softly and lean on his chest, my knees weak. Moving his fingers in and out, I grabbed his shoulders for support, he moved a little faster and made my juice coated his fingers and hand, and dripped out on to the marble floor of the kitchen. I panted and gasped against his chest, and grind my pussy down on his fingers

I hung my head back, my eyes closed in ecstasy as I push my pussy harder onto his fingers, and I panted. My hands gripped his broad shoulders tighter, and I spread my legs wider. Then I grabbed his head and pushed his head down. His mouth creep down my neck, kissed my nipples, and sucked hard, his tongue lapped the stiff peaks in turn. I urged him to bite my areolas hard and use his tongue to flick them. He complied willingly to my pleas, my hands tangled in his hair and pushed my breasts deeper into his mouth.

Then he let go of my nipples, and moved further down, kissed and licked my navel, his saliva leaving cold wet trails along my skin, it gave me goose pimples. Finally, his hot mouth rested on my mound, his tongue searched and played with my labia and clit. His tongue snake around my throbbing bud and licked the labia, his teeth nibble gently on the skin, his tongue tasted my honey, and his fingers continued the assault on my hot pussy. His tongue expertly explored my quivering pussy, and suck on my engorged clitoris, and suddenly my orgasm explode around me, my juice gushed out and coated his chin, The orgasm moved up from my exploding clit to my nipples and at last I released a loud scream and pushed my pussy deeper into his sucking and eating mouth, my hands clutched his hair tightly, as I grind my pussy against his face.

He stood up, grabbed a bar stool, turned me around and told me to put my hands on the seat. I comply willingly, my stilettos accentuating my long legs. He reached up to pull my skirt and panties down, kissed my naked bottom and teasingly bite into the cheeks in turn as he pushed my skirt further down my legs, exposing my ass to his roving eyes.

Lowering his face, he explored around the puckered hole with his tongue I looked back into his intent eyes, all the while moving in steady time to the rhythm of his lapping tongue, he pushed it a little just inside the asshole. He worked on my soaked pussy with his fingers as I squirmed and moaned. I begged him to give me his cock in my ass, but he kept on licking my crease instead, ignoring my pleas.

He pushed his tongue harder into me and f***ed his tongue further inside my hole to taste the musty goodness. All the while my soaked pussy is being probed by his two fingers and the juice flowed like a waterfall. He pulled back and used the two fingers from my pussy to f***e them into my now-inviting and well-lubricated ass. My wetness on his fingers made his probing easy as he entered, I gasped at the sensation of being stretched.

I rested my head on the seat of the bar stool and reached back with my hands to spread my ass cheeks wide, and I pushed my ass on to his fingers, making them go deeper inside my rectum, stretching my sphincter. I panted in pleasure, my clit quivered. He reached to for my clit with his other hand and slide his fingers over the sopping wet button. He could feel my legs trembled as he stroked it slowly and gently, softly, teasingly.

I finally demand that he place his cock at my ass, and give my sphincter a good work out. My puckered hole was waiting for his invasion and for his to go explore me in the dark. My hand reached down between my legs to play with my bud, my head still resting on the bar stool.

His penis stiff as a post, dying to enter me, his cock throbbed and veined. He placed it up against my crease but instead slide into my dripping pussy for a few long strokes to get coated with my juices. I was saturated and my juices slid down my thighs. His cock slides in so easily in my hungry pussy. He groaned as he felt how good to finally be inside me. He pumped back and forth, and I turned my head around and begged that he put his cock and pump my ass.

He withdrew his stiff shaft all the way out and pushed his cock head at the entrance to my sphincter, my juices coated his cock and made his stick slick.

I sighed as I knew he were about to come inside, my pussy hugged his cock as he was coating his stiff rod with my juices, before pushing h is cock inside, he fingers scooped up some lube from my dripping pussy and smeared my juice on the puckered hole. His penis head finally nudged at my ass, one of my hands spread my ass cheeks, as his hand spread the other cheek and grabbed my hips. He moved gently and his cock slipped inside, I gasped at the first burning sensation and heat at my ass. I opened my legs wider, my fingers busied with my clit, and ultimately, I could not wait to feel his cock all the way inside, I pushed my ass hard against on his dick, my rectum take his shaft all the way in to the hilt... my head lifted off the stool in ecstasy, my breasts crushed on the seat

He grabbed my hair and pull back to lift my face. He grunted as I drove myself back and took his hard rod all the way in. I felt his balls against my wet and swollen pussy, and he could feel my fingers working fast on my clit and pussy. Both his hands on my hips, his thumbs holding my ass cheeks open to take him in. He drew back almost the whole way out before sliding back in deep again, he shouted out lout in pleasure, letting me know how hot and tight it was in my rectum. He could see my shoulders bunched up as he drove forward, I pushed back again and again, going with his rhythm. But I wanted him deeper still; he started to work in synchronisation with me, he could feel my pussy and fingers probing in and all over, where our bodies joined.

He started to work a bit faster, going into my ass a bit harder, I lifted up a leg to f***e him just a touch deeper. His pace picked up speed as I screamed again and again, my ass hugged his penis tighter. It made him wild to hear it. He placed a hand on my ass and thrust his hips faster. He felt my rectum throbbed, and he was not far from blowing his semen deep inside my bottom.

My arse squeezed his cock tight, my fingers working my pussy and clit furiously as his cock pumped and rocked in and out of my body. I was about to cum, he reached down and played with my clit. My legs tensed, my ass tightened even more around his piston stiff rod and I screamed out that I was cuming, and that I want his jizz inside of my ass, to coat me with his hot cum.
He pumped his cock faster and went deeper inside my ass, the palm of his hand rubbed my trembling bud hard, my juice now coming in torrents. I began to shake and shudder, my ass tightened on his cock, and he could no longer hold back his orgasm. His hands grabbed my ass cheeks tight as he slammed his stiff shaft in and out of my ass. I reached down between my legs and massaged his sack firmly. He jerked up, and his semen spew forth to coat my walls with his hot cum. Both our legs trembled, but he continued his thrust, until the last drop finally dripped from your cock.

I pushed and grind my ass, hugged his cock tightly and milked his rod for the last drop of cum. Our sweat dripped off our bodies, and we both gasped out our orgasms in unison, and he finally rested his sweaty head on my back, his cock resting inside my ass.

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2 years ago
Minxgirl, you're one hot, HOT writer. Love the story perspective from the sex enthralled mind of the female. Good work!!
2 years ago
Head resting on your back, cock resting in your ass-now THAT is a happy ending. 5 ***** And those aren't stars, heh-heh.
2 years ago
very good
2 years ago
2 years ago
hehehe great story babe!

did you write from first hand expereince? :-)
2 years ago
can i come cook?