The Teacher’s Aide

My first day as a teacher’s assistant was a bit of an odd ball. I was at first assigned to a female teacher in a high school, but for some reason, the school changed me to be an assistant to a male teacher. Walking down the hall way to my new class, I was about to knock on the door of the class room when it opened suddenly and bang into my nose. I fell backward, my papers and folders flew out of my arms, and s**ttered all over the floor. The whole class erupted into laughter, enjoying my predicament. I blush a fiery red all the way to the roots of my hair.

The person who opened the door, with light features, brown hair and a goatee, scoot down and helped to pick up my papers, and apologised profusely for opening the door into me. I said grudgingly that it was OK, still embarrassed. I stood up from the floor after I had recovered all the papers from the floor, and he handed some papers back to me. He introduced himself as Mr. C, and that he was told that he had an aide coming and was on the way out to come and find him or her.

I now apologised to him, saying that I was the teacher’s assistance, and there had been a change at the last minute, and I had lost my way around the school as I tried to find the class. Mr. C smiled, said welcome and indicated that I should come in to the class. I walked in awkwardly with the folders and papers stacked in my arms haphazardly. I dropped my things on the large table next to the windows and he introduced me to his class. I smiled broadly, recovering my dignity and composure, and said good morning to the pupils.

They greeted back, and some girls giggled good-naturedly. I joked it was the welcome I was looking forward to, as there were nothing better than laughter to break the ice. And that made the whole class laughed. I grinned and then for the rest of the period, I deferred to Mr. C, and observed how he taught his class and took mental notes to what he needs through the course of the lesson.

At the end of the day, we both sat together in the now-empty class room to talk about my job description, and what is required through the term. After half an hour, I said good bye to Mr. C and left for home.

The next day I arrived at the school pretty early to organise the lessons for the day for Mr. C, cleaned up the room a little, and watered the small potted plants dotted throughout the room. As I was reaching up to water the hanging plant at the back of the room, I felt hands cupped my ass cheeks under my skirt. I screeched in surprise and nearly dropped the watering can. I looked around, I found Mr. C standing there with a smirk on his face, his hands still squeezing my bottom. He winked and reached around to cup my C-cup size breasts. I closed my eyes and moaned.

His hands reached under my blouse to cup my twin globes and pinched the nipples with his fingers. I pushed my ass into his groin, put down the watering can on the window sill, and held his hands holding my breasts. Through our clothes, I could feel his cock, hard and pressing, against my arse, nestling between the crack.

But the day was about to start, so Mr. C pulled away with a disappointed sigh, turned me around and kissed me deeply, his tongue invaded my mouth and goatee rubbed my lips red raw, and massaged my tongue expertly. He pulled away, adjusted his clothes and walked to his desk. I panted, trying to catch my breath; I grabbed the small watering can with shaking hands and tried to water the last plant.

The students began to file into the room, as the bell signalled the first period. For the rest of the day, I was in constant anticipation; my pussy remained moist from our brief morning encounter, and I could not wait for the day to end. That day was the longest working day for me as an aide.

Finally, the day ended with the final bell.

Mr. C and I cleaned up the class a little bit, and as I put things away at my desk, he closed the door and locked it with a snap. I looked up, and Mr. C licked his lips as he looked at me. I took off my blouse and brassiere, unzipped my skirt and pull it down with my G-string and hung them on the back of my chair. I was now totally naked in the class room, save for my hold-up stockings and 3-inch heels. As I took off my clothes, Mr. C undressed as well, and within minutes we were stark naked in front of each other.

His hand reached out to stroke my clit, and went further down to insert his middle finger between my legs and into my hot tight tunnel. I held his shoulders, and opened my legs wider for his hand, I moaned as I felt his finger furrowed into my vagina. His mouth took hold my lips, his tongue searched and played with my tongue, his other arm supported my back. His fist rubbed and pressed on my clit, making my juices flow, as his middle finger massaged my pussy wall. I breathed out in a loud sigh into his kissing mouth, our tongues meshed and danced.

I stopped his buried hand, brought it up and began licking his finger with my tongue, tasting my own juices. After it’s cleaned, I hunkered down at his feet, and took his rigid cock into my mouth. I licked the smooth tip, my tongue pushed gently on the tiny hole there, tasted the saltiness of his pre-cum. Slowly, I sucked gobbled his stiff shaft into my mouth, felt the hardness on my tongue and throbbing in my wet mouth. My head glided a long the hot rod, my hand massaged his balls gently, pulled and stretched them.

His hands held my head, and he began to push his dick in deeper into my mouth, his tip nudged my throat and he would pull out. I breathed through my nose as I enjoyed the control his hands and hips are exerting. A few more minutes later he moved to lay back on my empty desk and told me he wanted to lick and eat my pussy while I suck on his cock some more.

I scrambled up onto the desk, and straddled his face, my dripping and ripe pussy a few centimetres from his lusting tongue and mouth. His hands took hold of my ass cheeks and spread them wide and he pushed my hips down to bury his nose at my ass hole, his tongue dug into my pussy as his goatee rubbed on my clit. He drank from my fountain, licked, sucked and stimulated my vagina, and more juices came, and rolled onto his waiting tongue.

I tried to concentrate on the sucking of his dick, but could not for some minutes. I pushed my clit against his chin, and rubbed harder against his goatee. The rough facial hair was making my clit even more sensitive and I was about to orgasm. I moaned loudly, and buried his cock deep in my mouth, his pubic hair tickling my nose, my tongue worked furiously around in my mouth along his rod. My head moved up and down feverishly, for I could not get enough of his shaft, so thick and hot.

His buttocks tensed as he was about shoot his load, his mouth sucked my clit harder, his teeth nibbled and teased the bud, his experiences tongue flicked and rubbed on the nub, and more of my lubrication gushed out, coated his goatee and chin. His hands busied with my ass, and inserted two fingers inside my puckered hole. I arched my neck back, my mouth tried to keep his cock inside.

Then in one powerful thrust, his cock pumped his load into my mouth. I swallowed his cum hungrily. I had been hungry since our morning encounter! My orgasm vibrated, and crashed into me, my pussy spasm and contracted in the coming. He popped in his middle finger inside my contracting tunnel to feel my muscle hugged his finger. I crushed my pussy harder against the pressure of his mouth and finger.

We groaned raucously in pleasure, as we both grind our hips into each other’s faces. And at last, our orgasms receded slowly away, we both tried to catch our breaths in the 69 position, his cock now lay down beside my cheek, wet and sticky from my saliva; his breath on my vagina, hot and cold air fanned my tunnel and clit.

I sighed in contentment, and got off the table. At first I had thought it would be just oral sex, as I grabbed my clothes to begin dressing, but Mr. C also got off the desk, and roughly took my clothes away and threw it down to where he left his on the floor. He pulled me f***efully in his arms, and his mouth brutally kissed my lips, his tongue f***ed my mouth open, and toyed with my tongue. I sucked his tongue appreciatively, as my arms hugged his waist.

He turned me around, and told me to place my hands on the desk; I complied willingly, shaking my bottom for him. He reached out to stroke my arse, and grabbed the cheeks with both his hands and spread them apart, revealing my sphincter. He mischievously ran his finger around the crease and tried to push in, but withdrew as it was about to go inside. He then positioned his hips inline with my pussy, and without his hands, guided his stiff again cock at my vagina, and pushed his cock head in f***efully, and kept pushing until his whole shaft was buried inside my tight tunnel all the way to the root.

Mr. C then ordered me, as a good teacher’s assistant, to squeeze his buried cock with my vagina walls; one of his hands reached down to pinch my clitoris, and raked his nails on the sensitive bud. I obeyed instinctively my vagina milked and gripped his immobile dick, loving the hard shaft well fitted in my tunnel. Then his cock began to slide in and out of my well-juiced pussy, fast and slow he varied the speed, rocking his groin.

His hands went back to my derriere, gripped the cheeks and spread them wide again. He looked intently at the puckered hole as he dripped saliva on to it, and worked my ass cheeks so the saliva would go into the hole. Then with two fingers, he pushed them into my rectum, and my sphincter widened to accept the probing fingers. I pushed my hips back against his thrusting cock and probing fingers, my breath came out is a pant, and I rocked my body in time with his pumping groin.

My breasts rubbed painfully on the desk, my nipples stiff and hard. I grabbed the twin orbs in my hands and rubbed the nipples with my palms, rolling the hard peaks back and forth, the sensation went straight down to my throbbing clitoris. I was now moaning loudly, and grinded my ass into his hips.

There were now 3 fingers in my ass, stretching the hole, getting ready to accommodate Mr. C’s cock, he spat more saliva on to my hole and buried his fingers deeper inside my rectum. His hips all the while were also thrusting into my pussy as my tunnel hugged his length. My breathing was erratic as were Mr C’s.

With a push up from the table, I was standing with my back rubbing Mr. C’s hairy chest. One of my arms went up and around to hold his neck, his moved his free hand to cupped my breast and pinched the nipple, and pulled it forward, before moving down to twiddle my pleasure bud. I whined in my throat as Mr. C thrust and jerked his groin, his cock rubbed between my ass and my pussy.

I pulled away, and told him that as an assistant, I required a bonus at the end of every day that I worked with him during the year. Mr. C stood there, agape, unsure on how to respond. I think he thought I was going to blackmail him… Of course, I was not going to blackmail him. I was going to demand certain additional conditions to my job description.

With a straight face, I told him that I expected to be fucked every day that we work together, and he was expected to give me my drinks, at least twice each time we fuck, once in my mouth, and once more in my pussy or in my ass. And I further informed Mr. C that as I had swallow his load once, I now needed my ass serviced with his cock. He could only nod mutely, unable to formulate a reply. Well, what exactly could he have said?

I sat down on the table and opened my knees wide, reached down with my hands and spread my ripe pussy open to his lustful eyes. Mr. C pulled the chair over, and sat facing my pink flesh. He moved his head in close, and took a deep breath of my aroma, his eyes never moved away from my still-seeping pussy, my juices rolled down to lubricate my puckered hole.

His mouth hungrily kissed and sucked my clit again, and his teeth nibbled my labia. His tongue rolled and flicked on my nub, my thighs clenched around his head, holding his head in place. Mr. C’s hands pulled my hips closer, and he rubbed his face and nose all over my pussy, covered in my juice. I sighed in ecstasy, and squeezed his head tighter with my thighs, my hands busy with my breasts and nipples.

My clit was about to cum, and Mr. C was ever so intuitive, he stopped his roving mouth and stood up, stopped me short of the precipice of orgasm. He then grabbed my legs, and brought my knees up to my chest, and hooked my calves over his shoulders. He then reached down and positioned his cock at my back entrance, prodded my rectum. My sphincter was already well lube with my juice his tip had no trouble slipping inside. I whimpered as my hole widened to accommodate his girth.

I could no longer resist my urges, I grabbed his forearm and pushed down hard on to his hot shaft, my hole burning as he glided in to the root, his balls swung against my ass cheeks. I moaned with satisfaction, as Mr. C grunted in agreement. His hands gripped my hips tighter as he rammed his piston cock in and out of my hole.

He looked down at our joined parts and used his fingers to scoop up my vagina juices, and smeared it around my stretched ass hole and his sliding penis. Then his fingers returned to my pussy and clit. His hips kept pumping in and out, but he neither neglected my clit nor my hot pussy, his fingers rolled and tapped my bud and his thumb inserted into my hot channel.

I squeezed his cock hard inside my rectum as my orgasm built up its pressure in my belly. As I was about to explode, I grabbed his forearm again and told him to fuck me harder and deeper as I was cuming, and wanted his cum to coat my inside, I needed to feel his sizzling jizz inside my rectum. Then in a few seconds, my orgasm burst through the floodgates and I willing flowed with the tide, my ass contracted and pulsated around his cock, my clit throbbed under his still-flicking fingers.

When Mr. C heard my orgasm and felt my ass shuddered around his shaft, he no longer held back his thrusting and rammed harder into my ass. His ass tensed, and he gave one loud groan as his penis throbbed. His rigid cock finally shot a large load of his semen into my ass, and coated my walls with his cum, but his hips never stopped its propelling motion.

I breathed out a sigh as I felt his semen lubricated my ass, and his hot breath as he rested his head on my heaving breasts, his hair tickled my nose. My legs slipped off his shoulders and rested on the chair behind him. Then slowly he slipped out from my bottom, and his semi-hard dick nestled between my cheeks.

And from that day on, after each school day, I receive my daily bonuses from Mr. C, and he was happy to provide the drinks…

- The End -

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10 months ago
Damn - hot & horny
2 years ago
Such a sweet sexy seduction ;-)P - porn poet Pete
2 years ago
Very hot - I too have a position for an assistant.
2 years ago
Wow you're the perfect lil assistant huh? It only took two days before you gave it all up like a good slut! Great story
2 years ago
Awesome story. I need an assistant....
2 years ago
Very hot story!!
3 years ago
Great story!