Five Minute Quickie

I can imagine you fucking my pussy with your gorgeously stiff penis, my juices covering your rod, making your cock glistened in the light. My fingers playing with my clit and nipple, pinched and twiddled, making my pussy push out more juices as your cock glided in and out of my pussy with ease.

Your hand grasped my hips as you pounded my pussy doggy-style, your free hand slapped my ass with a smack, my hand played with my clit faster as your cock plunged in and out faster and deeper, your tip nudged my pussy wide open and touched my cervix. As your cock head caressed my cervix, you rolled your hips in a circular motion, so that your cock plunged in and out creating friction between my vagina and you shaft.

My juices ran down my thighs, and stained my hand and fingers. Your hand that spanked my bottom moved down to my sphincter and you spat some saliva on to my hole; with a gentle push, you inserted your middle finger inside my crease. I gasped out as I pushed my ass against your finger and craned my head to the side to try to look back at you.

You pushed my hand away from my pussy, and replaced it with yours instead. Two of your fingers began to rub and roll my clit, and then my hand covered yours and moved your hand towards my pussy where your cock still plunges in and out. I urged you to put two fingers inside my pussy as your cock rocked my vagina. I gasped out loud as you buried your fingers next to your penis, stretching my tight tunnel.

Your back was now hunched over mine as your hand busied itself with my pussy as my juices ran down your buried fingers. Your fingers moved in rhythm with your cock, your thumb fiddled with my clit. You bring a whole new meaning to 'multi-tasking'...

But the position could not be sustained for too long, as your cock was losing leverage. Your fingers left my tight vagina and grabbed my hips once more. You pounded my pussy faster and deeper, in a circular motion; and my hand returned to roll my clit, and felt your cock as it moved in and out. It was all so delicious and I was almost delirious from ecstasy, my orgasm finally exploded from my vagina, throbbed and quivered all around your cock, still moving fast in and out.

As you felt my pussy pulsate on your shaft, you pull your cock out all the way and rammed it roughly back inside my tight hole; I gasped at the f***e of the drive, the air f***ed from my heaving lungs. My pussy hugged your cock tighter, and I moaned, begged you to cum all over my pussy, I wanted to feel your cock pump out your hot semen and coat my tunnel. I then screamed out that I was cuming and you could no longer wait to pump your jizz inside my waiting womb.

Your semen shot forth and flooded my pussy with your hot juice, your worked your stiff shaft as my vagina milked your cock, still spasming from my orgasm. You pumped your hips faster, your ass tightened as your cock released its big load of cum inside my pussy; you gasped as you felt the release…

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9 months ago
And we both fell in a screaming heap hehe - great - short but hot & horny
2 years ago
peaked my interest :P
2 years ago
A minimalist masterpiece.
2 years ago
...cant find words to type..
2 years ago
THX _ you have turned me into a raging bull