The Fire Station

- For the Firemen -

Taking my dog out for a walk one morning, somehow she had gotten loose of the collar, ran and disappeared into the distance. I followed as fast as I could, but lost sight of her near the ambulance and fire station. I called her name over and over, looked under the cars, trucks on the street (she was a beagle) but no sign of her. After 30 minutes I began to get worried, and didn’t know what to do.

Then I heard a dog barking, and instantly went running towards the sound. And there she was, playing with the firemen in front of the fire station, and looked like she was enjoying herself. Some of the firemen knelt around her as she lie on her back, having her stomach scratched, and rubbed, her tails swinging energetically. And there I was puffing and sweating from my trying to find her!

The firey looked up as I stood there panting, and they immediately stood up and ask if this was my dog as they noticed the lead and the empty collar. Being out of breath, I said yes in a puff and sigh out my relief. My beagle just rolled over on to her stomach, tongue hanging out and wagged her tail. I collapsed sitting down on the pavement and she came over to lick me on the face and hand. I scolded her gently and hugged her; she licked my face in consolation.

The firemen helped me stand up and invited me in for lunch. I said I did not want to impose and they informed me light heartedly that for the inconvenience of my dog interrupting their routine, I was obliged to join them for lunch. I laughed and said OK, I’d be happy to join in. One of the firemen, medium height, stocky built, with brown hair, took the lead and collar from my hand and slipped it back on to my wayward beagle, and tightened the collar a notch, thus ensuring she won’t be able to slip out of it again. I thanked him and took back the lead. As our hands touch, he caressed my hand with his fingers, and our eyes met. I blush fiery red for no apparent reason, and would need to have the fire put out if it wasn’t for my naughty dog pulling me away toward the fire station’s kitchen and dining room.

I stumbled into the dining area, and was told to take a seat at the long bench against one wall. One of the firey took my dog and let her outside in the back garden, so we all could eat in peace. The fireman with brown hair that caressed my hand took a seat next to me. I squirmed, and went red again, he just smiled. As the food was brought out from the kitchen, while everyone was distracted including me, the firey next to me rubbed my back through my shirt. I pretended nothing out of the ordinary was happening between us.

His hand slowly creeps under my shirt and he was able to stroke my hot bare skin, my breathing was becoming fast, my heart thumped unsteadily in my chest, but I tried to breathe normally. I was surprised no one else noticed that he was eating with one hand. Eventually he stopped, as it became awkward to eat with just one hand, but he surreptitiously moved his thighs closer to mine. When I did not move away, he pressed his thigh firmer against me.

The table top conversation during our lunch concentrated on how my dog made her way to the fire station without any incident on the street, which we were all astounded by. They told me how she ran inside, and made a bee line for the kitchen, barked and wagged her tail. Of course they couldn’t resist, and fed her some food. After 30 minutes of playing with her inside the station, they figure her owner (me) would be frantically searching for her, so they brought her out the front of the fire house, and that’s when I found her.

As lunch finished up I helped cleared the table but they chided me, and told one of the firey to give me a tour of the fire station. They all noisily put their hands up to offer, but were waved away by the brown haired firey that sat next to me during lunch. They laughed and waved him away, but he grabbed my hand nonetheless and pulled me out of the dining room away from the many protesting voices. I laughed but followed the pulling hand willingly, and waved to the rest of the firemen.

He took me to a private sl**ping quarter that had been assigned to him, or so he told me. I looked cursory around and prepared to walk back out of the room as I had expected a grand tour of the fire station, but he grabbed my head in a strong grip, his fingers tangled in my long hair and kissed me heavily. His tongue darted inside my mouth, and danced with my tongue. I did not resist, but opened my mouth wider for his invading tongue; my arms snaked around his neck to hug him tighter.

He hastily began pulling my shirt over my head, and I did likewise with his navy t-shirt. He undid my bra with one hand, and in one movement, pulled it off with the shirt, and my C cup breast sprang free. My nipples were already stiff from my arousal, and I wanted to rub them against his chest. He took a breath as he laid his eyes on my twin orbs, then he bent to kiss my areolas in turn reverently as if to worship them. I sighed with bliss.

His hands busily undid my trousers and pushed them into a heap at my ankles, he then slipped off my sandals and then, almost naked save for my lacy panties, he carried me to the single bed. Before he deposited me on to the bed, he sucked roughly on my nipple, I gasped in pleasure as I felt him tongued my aroused nipple, and pushed my breast against his mouth. He then let go of my nipple with a pop, and gently placed me on to the bed. He then undressed quickly and within seconds was fully naked next to the bed.

I eagerly reached for his reared up cock, and licked the tip, my tongue rolled around the tip, feeling the smoothness of his cock head. My tongue licked the underside of the tip; my hand pumped on his hard shaft, the bl**d engorged his cock. He moved closer to the bed and slowly pushed his stiff dick deeper into my mouth. I gobbled his cock up as if I was hungry, my mouth sucked and I could feel his throbbing cock on my tongue, the bl**d coursing through the stiff rod in his excitement.

I gradually worked my body up so I was on all fours, my mouth still latched on to his cock, my head bopped backward and forward along his rigid pole. He thrust his hips to a rhythm with my sucking mouth, I could feel his cock slide along my tongue, his tip hitting the back of my throat then he would slide out then firmly pushed back in. One of my hands massaged his scrotum and pumped his taut rod. His breathe became more erratic and he pumped his cock faster in and out of my sucking mouth.

But he stopped short of cumming and pulled away from my mouth. He then told me to lie back down on my back, with my legs over the side of the bed. He grabbed the lace panties and pulled it off my hips, and dumped it where his clothes were. Then he pushed my knees apart and knelt in front of my moist pussy. He took a deep breath of my aroma, and I almost clamped my knees together from embarrassment, but he tightly held my knees apart. His tongue snaked around my throbbing clit in rapid fire fashion, and lapped my at juices; I grabbed his head with my hands and pushed my dripping pussy harder against his tongue and mouth.

He sucked my clitoris into his mouth, gently proceeded to nibbled and drank my pussy juice. His expert tongue rolled my clit, and played with my labia. I was almost screaming with my ecstasy, but mindful of the other firemen still in the station. Oh my God, I wanted to cum right there and then within his mouth. He knew too of the reaction he was creating, and twirled my clitoris faster with his tongue. I gasped louder, my back now arched off the bed, my legs extended tightly, and in a flash, my orgasm exploded from my pussy and radiated outward up to my nipples and to my fingers, making them tingled.

I panted as my orgasm was sustained by his roving and twirling tongue, I came over and over on his tongue, against his lips, and inside his mouth; my juices and pussy pulsated. And just as I thought I could not handle any more multiple orgasms, he kissed my pussy one more time, and stood up. It was time for my pussy to be introduced to his cock.

He lifted my legs from the floor, and hooked his arms under my knees, my ass slightly off the mattress. His hips positioned at the entrance to my vagina and he furrowed his searching penis into my tunnel. We both caught our breath; my pussy hugged his length in a strong hold, and he stretched my passage filling my pussy with his cock. He then leaned over and rested his hands on either side of my head, and thrust his penis deeper inside me. As his hips plunged in and out of my vagina, we kissed, our tongues meshed and darted.

I panted, trying to catch my breath, but as he thrust harder and deeper, he f***ed the air out of my lungs. He move his mouth down my neck and began sucking and biting my nipples. I whined in my throat. I had wanted to scream my pleasure, but I could not, ever mindful of the presences of others in the fire station. His teeth grazed my areolas in turn, his mouth sucked and engorged the nipples; he rotated his tongue roughly around them as he clamped each nipple between his teeth. I writhe, and push my pussy and orbs harder against his thrusting body.

His penis gliding inside, deeply until his tip nudged my cervix, my vagina squeezed around his shaft, milked his rigid rod; he would tense up, and willed his climax to stop. His hips plunged in and out of my wet hole, by now he had let my areolas go and concentrated fully on dipping his hard cock in and out of my welcoming pussy. By now my calves was resting on his shoulders as his piston-like penis rammed in and out of my well-lubricated channel; my pussy felt every inch of his shaft rubbed along my vagina, the friction made out bodies heat up and sweat dripped from our bodies.

His hands grabbed my ankles and spread my legs wide, opened up my labia as he shoved his cock in and out of my pussy. I clutched the bed sheets tight as the sight of his moving hips between my wide-apart thighs made my orgasm neared. He told me to keep my legs wide and proceed to rub my clitoris with one of his thumbs; his other hand reached for my nipples and cruelly pinched them into hard stiff peaks. I moaned my pleasure and hugged his cock tighter with my tunnel; he in turn groaned is ecstasy, and buried his dick deeper inside my cave.

Just as my pussy quivered with orgasm, his buried cock left my tight pussy, and he turned me on to my stomach. He knelt back down, and with my feet on the floor, my stomach on the bed, he spread apart my ass and swirled his tongue around my sphincter. This time, I could not stop and I let out a loud squeal of delight, and pushed my ass higher in the air. He licked and sucked at my crease, increasing my pleasure, and lubricated the fold with his saliva.

He stood up and squat, his cock prodded my ass and he dripped more saliva on to my sphincter. But before he pushed his penis inside my bum, he stretched my tight hole with two fingers, moving them in and out, relaxing my back entrance. His other hand went down to tweak my clitoris and rubbed my pussy, he was enjoying the shudders my body produced in reaction to his playful fingers at my clit and ass. At last he could no longer wait to feel my ass surround his penis, he moved his hips and positioned his dick to nudge at my sphincter.

The tip of his cock popped inside my ass, I sighed and closed my eyes in bliss; my hand grasped the bed sheets tightly. Then with one long strong push he buried his cock to the hilt inside my rectum. Before I had time to adjust to his length and size, he commenced pumping his cock in and out of my ass quickly. Long and fast stroke, his balls slapped my wet tunnel, made my juices splashed on to the floor. I urged him to go faster and harder inside my bottom, as I wriggled my hips into his groin.

He moved his hand to grab my hips as he pushed and shoved his rearing penis faster and deeper, willingly followed my request. My arse hugged his stiff cock ever tighter as my orgasm once again near the surface, the chafing of our bodies created pleasurable sensation. My body quivered and shuddered, his climax also neared as his buttocks tensed, his hips still moving in long fast stroke.

I informed him that I was about to cum and I wanted his cum on my pussy. So he pulled away from my derriere, and I turned over, he went back to push his cock inside my ass once more, pummeled two-three strokes and told me tensely that he was about to cum. My hand was busy with my clit and once again, my new orgasm exploded all over my body. He felt my body pulsate and throbbed; he pulled out from my ass and groaned as he shot his climax onto my pussy. Jets of his cum squirted on to my breasts and stomach, my hands reached up, one milked his cock and one massaged his jizz into my skin.

He dipped his finger into my bellybutton where his cum had pooled, and teasingly rubbed my still-shuddering clit with his cum-stained finger. He rolled my stiff bud around, then dipped more cum on to two fingers and pushed them into my juicy cunt. I sighed and squeezed his fingers with my pussy, as my hands moved to massage his semen into my skin.

Our breathing was still heavily laboured, but at last, he was able to rest his body on top of mine, his cum and my juice sticky between our hips and body…

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6 months ago
cum pumping awesome!
2 years ago
Oooohhhh that was good. :) When are you going to walk your dog near my station???? ;)
2 years ago
mmmmmmmmmmmm veey nice
2 years ago
AWESOME story I loved it so so much!