Hot Chocolate Man

My group of friends and I were heading off to a birthday party at a friend’s house, and as I rarely drank, I was the designated driver for our group for the night. I didn’t mind. I’d rather know they got home safe, than worry that they would drive home inebriated or intoxicated.

As the night progressed, I began to feel as if someone was staring at me, and began to look around casually, not drawing any notice. And there, across the spans of green grass, a man was looking either in my direction, or looking straight at me. At first, I looked away, thinking he could be looking at someone else, but when my gazed met his again, I realized that he was definitely looking at me. So I smiled tentatively, looked away and took a nervous drink from my glass.

Being a big man, with chocolate-coloured skin, he was intimidating, but when he smiled back at me, he lit up the whole area. He broke away from his friends and walked to where I was standing with my friends, and introduced himself. I said hello, and told him my name, then introduced him to my friends; they cheerily said their hellos then went back to their conversation.

He asked me if I wanted to go and sit down somewhere with a little more privacy, and I said yes, and he led the way to a wicker 2-seater couch with white cushions under a huge tree in the back yard. We sat in semi-privacy as the tree was further back in the yard, and being under the tree at night, it would have been pitch black, save for the Chinese lanterns hung here and there, adding soft colours under the tree. The noise from the party was a distant buzz as we sat and talked, enjoyed each other’s company.

Sitting next to him on that couch made me feel positively tiny. Being of Asian descent, I was already petite, but sitting next to him, made me feel as if I was Thumbelina! However, I had assets that my past boyfriends had enjoyed, and was told numerous times, that they were my best features – my C-cup breasts. Being small, seemed to make my breasts larger. Suddenly, in the mild evening air, I felt electric sparks charged and hummed between us, and before I could react, he surprised me by grabbing my head and f***ed his tongue right inside my mouth.

My wide eyes met his intent ones as he kissed me. Then I relaxed and kissed him back, my tongue met his just as fervently. His hands caressed my breasts, and toyed with my nipples through my top, rubbed the stiff peaks against his open palm. My hand stroked his closely clipped hair, as I moaned in my throat, aroused by his soft tongue and caressing hands. My hands moved to his lap, and felt his hardness, strained inside his trousers. I wanted to see him, wanted to see if the many stories were true about black men. And heaven help me if it was true, because I wouldn’t know how I’m going to be able to take him.

But just the thought of him being inside me, stretching my vagina, and filling me up, were making me ready to spontaneously combust!

His lips now nuzzled at my neck, kissed and licked the sensitive area; nibbled my earlobe and licked my ear. I leaned back against the arm of the wicker couch, my thighs on his lap, as he moved his hand up my leg, and pushing my skirt upwards, exposing more skin. His hand grabbed my panties from my bottom and pulled it down my legs; freed from my ankles, he brought the panties up and took a deep breath of my scent. He was becoming highly aroused.

Putting the panties away in his pocket, his hand returned to my legs and crept up my thighs to lightly stroke my waxed mound, teasing the clit with a feather-light touch. I opened my legs to his hand, and my breath quickened. He slid out from my legs, and crouched down, moved to have me sat facing him and spread my knees wide.

He moved his head in close to my pussy and began to kiss the little tight bud. His tongue flicked out to play and rolled me, my hands grasped the cushion tight, and I brought it up to bite down on it so that I would not scream out my pleasure. My legs squirmed and my toes curled, and I pushed my pussy harder against his tongue. He gently nibbled the little pleasure nub and rolled his tongue all around my clit. I gasped in pleasure through my tightly clenched teeth.

As my pussy was about to explode, he stopped and stood up from the grass and pulled out his taut penis. I breathed as I looked at his magnificent cock, the girth quite thick and the incredible length. I think I was having heart palpitation just by looking at his penis. And all I wanted to do was to eat his cock, and to feel it in my mouth, throbbing and hot.

I opened my mouth wide to take him in, and oh my, it was beautiful. The hard shaft on my tongue, bl**d coursing through the rod and throbbing, my tongue massaged him inside my mouth. I took him in as much as I could, and even as I feel him hit the back of my throat, he was still not fully in. My hands reached for his sacs, and began to knead them gently, I ran one of my fingers on the thin skin stretched between his sac and ass hole, and I could feel him shivered, and goose pimples appeared on his skin.

My head moved up and down on his cock, his hands tangled in my long hair, guiding my moving head. My tongue licked the tip of his penis while my hands continued to caress his balls and the underside.

By now unaware of the crowd only a few metres away, the thought of getting caught, or being watched only heightened my senses and aroused me even more, and I like to think it’s doing the same to him. At last, I pulled away from his penis and he grabbed my hips and positioned himself at the entrance to my tunnel. His thick dick nudged and probed at my vagina, getting the juice to coast the tip, and he gently inserted his cockhead inside.

I tensed a little, but as I began to get used to his size, I wanted his cock all the way inside of my pussy. I wanted to hug his shaft with my vagina and feel the root of his cock rubbed my clit. My pussy wall stretched and accommodated his girth as if it were his second skin, I felt full and loved. His hot rod glided and slid in and out of my well-lubed hole, and as my pussy got used to his sized, he began to rock his hips harder, our copulating making squelching noises as he pumped his hips in and our of my cunt.

He hooked my legs on his arms, as his hands held my hips, I squeezed his cock deep inside of me and he jerked, and breathed in a groan of pleasure. He told me to squeeze him again with my vagina, and I willingly obliged, squeezed him a few more times with my pussy. He panted and hung his head, sweat dripped off his brow onto my stomach, as he continued to rock his stiff rod in and out of me.

He reached down and pulled me up from the wicker couch, turned and sat down on it, I was now astride him with my knees on the seat. He pulled my top over my head, exposing my breasts; his hands cupped them and rubbed on the nipples. I arched my back, and began to ride his cock. He pulled me closer and latched his mouth my one of my nipples, his other hand remained at my other breast, mold and manipulated my orb, massaging. His arms held me tightly, my hands holding his head, still suckling my areola. He grazed his teeth over the sensitive peak and bite down hard on it. A shot of current went straight to my clit and pussy, and I moaned.

My hips pumped down hard on his penis, grinded against him, the enjoyable friction from his shaft and my pussy built up both of our orgasms. His mouth moved to my other areola, bit down hard, his tongue flicked and licked the peak into submission, more electric current shot down to my pussy, I squeezed his cock tighter, I was about to cum.

His hands roved all over my bare back, took hold of my arse cheeks and rammed his cock inside, buried it all the way to the hilt. The momentum jolting a cry from my throat and my orgasm overtook me. My pussy vibrated and throbbed, the ecstasy pounded throughout my body and pussy, and pulsated all around his buried cock. I cried out in a gasp.

As he felt my pussy’s orgasm on his shaft, pushed his hips into my vagina one last time and shot his load into my hot tight tunnel, coating my pussy wall with his hot sticky jizz. He groaned, as his ass tensed, his body pumped his cargo into my waiting womb, his cock quivered and throbbed out the last drop. My pussy milked his pulsating shaft, my copious juices coating his groined, and pooled on to the couch.

I hugged his shoulders closer, his head buried between my breasts, his hot breath over my nipple, as we both panted, our orgasm slowly receded. And now that I had had my first taste of chocolate, I wanted more. Oh so much more…

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1 month ago
she got fucked, well...
2 years ago
nice outdoor fuck.
2 years ago
got a thing for the darker skinned man obviously?
No bad thing to have...