My Next Door Neighbour

- Part 1 -

Meeting up with friends at a night club after dinner, there were five of us in the group. We were all girls: a petite brunette with a pixie hair cut, a curvaceous blonde with shoulder length hair, a voluptuous brunette with long curly hair, a slim but busty girl, with long black hair, and then there was me. Giggling, we all walked arm-in-arm towards the bar. We stopped at the door, and the door man, as intimidating as he was, smiled broadly at us and waved us in, despite other patrons waiting in line behind the rope, throwing their arms in the air in protest. We all kissed him on the cheek as a thank you, making the other door men jealous and nudges were passed all around.

The darkened bar was pumping, music playing, and the people were in a flurry. We found some empty stools and took up a good vantage position against one wall, while two of us then went to the bar to order the drinks. I was standing talking to my friends when I felt a tap on the shoulder; thinking it was the drinks that had arrived, I turned around with my hands up, ready to take the glasses. It was not the drinks, but my next door neighbour from my apartment building.

I beamed brightly. He was quite a handsome guy, and because we see each other a lot in the building, we had gotten friendly over the past couple of months since I had moved in. I gave him a hug, and turned to introduce him to my friends. They all cheered hellos loudly with a small wave of their hands; they were already tipsy from our dinner earlier. He said he was with a group of friends, who were sitting on the other side of the bar, but when he saw me walking in, he had to come over to say hello and see how I was doing.

I said I was great and having a good time with friends. Out of the blue I felt someone bump into me quite hard at my back, and I would’ve fallen flat on my face if my neighbour hadn’t been standing there to stop my fall. My hand pressed against his chest, and his arm went around my waist to hold me steady. And suddenly, I felt a wedge between us, where our hips met. It was hard, and it was just 'there'.

His arm tightened around me, making me feel his cock reared up inside his pants; as it was quite dim inside the bar, his hand reached down, and pressed on my bottom, and pushed my hips more closely against his groin. No one noticed anything; to them we were simply hugging each other. He moved back towards one of the spare bench seats against the corner where we were sitting.

Sitting down, he quickly turned me around to face him and unzipped his fly and out popped his stiff cock; I was blocking him from most the room. In the corner where we were, being in a darkened bar, the light was virtually non-existent. In any case, my friends noticed that my handsome neighbour had gotten out his heavy duty equipment, and purposefully arranged themselves as a wall around us, giving us as much privacy as they could in the crowded bar.

I turned around to face the crowd, furtively slid my short cocktail dress up, and presented my creamy ass to his eyes, which by now had adjusted to the low light. He reached out and caressed my arse cheeks with both his hands, and guided my moist cunt gently to his cock. He pulled my G-string aside and I slowly sat down on his rigid shaft, my legs spread wide, positioned on either side of his legs stretched out in front of him.

We both moaned, thankful for the loud music, drowning out our voices as his cock glided inside. He gripped my hips as I moved on my legs, up and down his shaft. Then I put my hands on the carpeted floor, and pumped harder on his cock without anyone being able to notice. His hand rubbed my back up and down, reached forward to play with my swinging breasts, and pinched my nipples through my dress. I gasped out, moving along his penis faster, his cock going in and coming out with a squish.

His hands pulled me up from my position; his hands slid under my dress to cup my breasts, kneaded my twin orbs, and pinched my areolas into hard nubs. Trying not to be obvious, my hands also went under my dress to press his hands harder on my chest. My hips moved and my wet hot tunnel hugged his rod tighter, my love-juice pooling on his pubic hair. My body now moved on my legs, as I worked from my squats position.

One of his hands released my breast, and reached down to play with my clitoris; he tapped and stroked, varying the speed. My head rolled back on to his shoulder, my mouth gasped for air. My hands moved back to support my body, placed on his thighs under my ass as I pushed up and down on his cock. He was sucking my bare back, exposed by my low-back cocktail dress, his saliva hot and cold at the same time. I was coming now, as his fingers tapped and rolled my bud harder, and I pumped up and down furiously. We were both panting and gasping for air; I moaned in pleasure, and he groaned as he finally shot his cum inside. My pussy spasmed all around his stiff rod, milking and draining the last drop of jizz from his penis.

We rested our bodies, our chests rose and fell as we tried to regain our breath. My friends looked around and gave a quick cheer and claps. I could feel heat rising in my face as I blushed bright red. And gently, I could feel his cock slip out of my sated pussy. I stood up and rearranged my dress and G-string, my legs damp and moist from our fucking. He rearranged himself back into his boxers and trousers. He looked up at me as I was trying to smooth down my hair, and reached out his hands to stroke my thighs, one hand going up to feel my still-wet pussy though my G-string. I whined softly in my throat, pushing my shuddering pussy down on his rubbing hand.

I moved in closer, and hugged his head to my navel. His gentle hands moved up my dress, and pulled down my G-string. I stepped out of it, and he pocketed the undies into his trousers. I was now standing naked under my dress. He nuzzled my dress up to expose my cleanly waxed mound and began to kiss it; his tongue flicked and danced with my clit. I clutched his head tighter, pushing my mound into his sucking mouth. Oh God, I loved the way he was eating my pussy and drinking from me.

One of his hands moved to my ass and he gently insinuated his middle finger into my sphincter. I tensed up onto my tip toes in pleasure and sighed. His middle finger continued its assault as he kept on licking and sucking at my clit. My body was now jelly; I had to rest my hands against the wall behind his head so that I would not collapse into a heap at his feet.

Finally I couldn’t handle his sucking lips any more and I pushed his head away, panting; my pussy throbbed and vibrated with longing. I told him he had to stop, as I needed a rest; my pussy and clit needed some respite. He grinned mischievously and shook his head, pulling my hips close again to his face, and lifted my dress and proceeded to play with my clitoris again. I arched my back in ecstasy; my hands held his hair in my tight fist. He quickly brought out his cock, now stiff and standing up straight. I reached down to hold it firmly, and moved my hand along its length. His middle finger all the while moved in and out of my puckered hole, rimming the sensitive area and then plunging back inside, massaging the walls of my rectum.

I slowly moved my body forward, no longer able to resist my basic urges and the need of my pussy, and sat astride his lap. He pushed his cock and rubbed it on my pleasure bud, back and forth, and finally it darted inside my tunnel like a jigsaw puzzle finding its rightful spot. And we both gasped out, as my vagina tunnel hugged him unyieldingly. His unoccupied hand pulled down my dress, and my C-cup breasts were now exposed to his ravenous gaze. His mouth latched on to my areola to suck and bite down hard. My back arched as I felt electricity shoot down from my nipple to my clit and I ground my pussy harder on his cock, drenching his pubic hair with my love juices once more.

His penis head nudged my cervix, his hips bucked up and down on the seat, his stiff shaft was inside of me all the way to the hilt, his balls slapped my arse, and I was riding him all the way to my climax. He suddenly plunged another digit into my ass hole, widening it, moving in and out in time with his throbbing cock, and I was now breathing erratically, my heart was thumping unsteadily in my chest, and adrenalin was coursing through my veins.

But there was only so much we both could do in a crowded bar, sitting on a bench seat, in a very dimly lit corner. We both wanted to get out of there and go back to either one of our apartments. With one final jerk, he groaned loudly, pushed his cock deeper inside me and tensed his ass and squirted his cum in my tunnel; I felt the warmth coating my vagina copiously with cum. My clit rubbed in his pubic hair, my nectar gushing out in my orgasm, and my nub trembled and quiver, pulsating, as my orgasm slowly receded.

- Part 2 -

We sat for a few minutes, still joined, as we tried to regain our breaths; we panted. I hugged him close, and my thighs squeezed his legs. His arm held me close then tightened around me, as he reached up with one hand to stroke my cheek and to brush my hair away from my sweaty brow.

In the distance, I could hear some giggling; I looked up and around, and looked into my girlfriends’ faces. They were smiling broadly and were happy for me. They had been trying to set me up on blind dates for a while now, but I just kept resisting. I think if they could have given us a standing ovation, they would have! I smiled broadly back at them and squeezed my neighbour with my pussy one more time, making him jerk up, before standing up from his lap.

I then went to the ladies to clean myself up a little before rejoining my friends. I first paid a visit to the bar for a drink; I was parched after our workout. When I came back, he was already gone, but had left word that he was going to go and say good-bye to his friends before coming back to take me home.

Twenty minutes later, he came back and asked my friends’ permission to take me home, with a promise that he would make sure I reached home safe and sound, and that he would tuck me into bed personally. My friends laughed, and nodded, and propelled me to stand and to go home with my neighbour.

Leaving the night club, his arm around my waist, we walked quickly back to our apartment building. In the end, we went to my apartment, as he said he would not have expected me to walk back to my place afterwards, and it was the gentlemanly thing to do. I laughed, and hooked my arms through the crook of his arm.

Back in my apartment, I turned on the lamp next to the couch. He closed and locked the door quietly, and I reached for his hands to lead him into my bedroom. For the first time that night, our lips met in a deep kiss, as our tongues met and danced between our mouths. He whispered against my mouth that I tasted so sweet, and that he wanted to have all of me all over again. I moaned with pleasure.

Slipping off my stilettos, I pulled my dress down my body and shimmied the dress down my hips; within seconds, I was standing in front of him, naked, my breasts displayed to his roving eyes. He undressed quickly, chucking his clothes on to the chair at my vanity table.

No longer restricted now as we were at the crowded bar, we kissed hungrily, and our tongues massaged and searched each other’s mouth. His lips then took my bottom lip into his mouth, and he ran his tongue just on the tender area and sucked my lip into his. I whined in my throat; I hooked one of my legs on to his hips, his cock then rubbed on my clit, and my pussy drenched with my juice running down my legs in rivulets. Our kiss deepened, busied and became erratic.

His hands roved all over my back, my bottom, played in my long black hair, and pulled it back to expose my neck. He kissed and sucked on my neck; he licked my ear lobes, his tongue licking the folds of my ear. I squirmed, and giggled; he was tickling me. He noticed my reaction and chuckled, then moved on down my neck, and sucked and licked his way to my breasts. Kissing around the twin orbs, he avoided the areolas begging his attention, the nipples stiffened into points and hard like pebbles.

My hands wandered all over his back, squeezed his tight bottom, and my nails left half-moon crescent impressions in his skin. He turned slightly and pushed me on to the bed. I bounced up and down on the spring, and he pulled my legs towards the edge of the queen size bed. Lifting both my legs high in the air, he knelt on the bed, and pulled my groin towards his waiting tongue. I was now half in the air and half on the bed on my upper back, my head shaking side to side with pleasure from his invading tongue.

It flicked and rolled, rubbed and massaged, stroked and caressed; he varied the speed until I was ready to erupt from my orgasm. When he noticed I was about to come, he stopped, and I squealed, telling him to keep going, that I wanted to come on his tongue. He informed me that it was my turn to bring him some pleasure with my mouth wrapped around his manhood. I moaned noisily with pleasure, since I had not yet felt his cock throb in my mouth.

Letting go of my legs, he pulled me up to sit by the side of the bed and presented me with his proud cock, large and inviting, nestling in his sparse pubic hair, his testicles hanging, heavy with his seed. I moved my head forward and gobbled his whole tip into my mouth; my tongue massaged his tip inside my hot wet mouth. I was not sure I could take his whole length inside my mouth, so I carefully inched his shaft slowly so that it could go down my throat, his pubic hair scratching my nose, and I finally had him all the way in to the hilt. My hand grabbed his sac, weighed it, felt how heavy the gonads were, and gently massaged them.

I moved my head backwards and glided his cock into my mouth again, my tongue licking the tip, tasting him, his head so silky on my tongue. His hands tangled in my hair and moved my head along his hard rod; he pulled my hair forward and wrapped the strands on his shaft and fucked his cock with my hair and mouth. He gasped, and his bottom tensed, but he held back, not yet ready to unload his seed inside my waiting mouth. I moaned in disagreement. I wanted the taste of his cum on my tongue; I wanted to drink him.

He stopped the movement of my bopping head and told me to lie down on my back. I scooted up and lay down on the bed; he slowly kissed my feet, moving his body between my legs, kissed up from my calves, my thighs, my waxed mound, gave my clit a quick flick with his experienced tongue (I quivered), kissed my navel, licked my belly button and kissed further upwards towards my breasts.

And finally, his mouth fastened onto my neglected nipples. He sucked the nipples hard into his mouth, while his tongue rolled and flicked inside. I hooked my ankles behind his back and clenched my pussy in ecstasy. I screamed out, my hands grabbed fists full of his hair, and held it there. His hands reached underneath my lower back, held my arse cheeks and pressed them upwards to receive his waiting hot hard dick; it seared my vagina open as it glided in, melting me. We both moaned together, our breath long and lingering, enjoying the way we snugly fit each other.

Pumping my pussy with long easy strokes, his mouth continued to suck my areolas, engorging them. Finally, he pulled out, turned me on to my side, and he lay down behind me. He lifted my leg into the air and with his free hand reached down and scooped up liquid from my pussy, and smeared it all over my back entrance. Then he inserted two fingers inside quickly, then three, stretching my puckered hole. I pushed my arse back onto his hand, willing him to go deeper; I moaned louder, my breath escaping in a gasp.

Then I felt his stiff dick nudging at the entrance. I felt the tip pop inside my ass, and I slowly pushed back and felt his thick shaft unfold my crease, my rectum now taking him in all the way to the root of his cock. My leg was still in the air, and his hand now reached down to tap my clitoris. His hips began to move, as he smoothly slid his cock in and out of my ass hole. He felt so good and tight inside my rectum; I could feel him throbbing and shuddering, hot and searing in my ass, my breath ragged as he moved in and out.

He grinded more into my bottom, and then suddenly he could not maintain his self-control any longer; he began to buck and jerk his hips roughly into my ass. His cock popped out and he would ram it back inside, eliciting a breath from me each time. I was moaning in a mixture of pain and pleasure, not knowing where one began and the other stopped, enjoying the rough play in equal measure. One of my hands reached down to roll my clit and play with the bud; I tapped it heatedly, while my other hand reached back to grasp his arse, and to will him to fuck my ass even faster and deeper.

He complied eagerly and pumped faster, his cock riding my ass deeper. He gritted his teeth once he felt the pressure building and his climax about to explode. I was also about to erupt like a volcano; the pressure was building inside my tummy, my pussy, and my ass. Then a white light exploded inside both of us, and we were orgasming together, screaming and shouting out loud in our coming. He shot his load inside my ass, depositing his seed; and I, with my pussy spasming and contracting, hugged him with my ass and milked his rod with my muscle.

As our orgasms flowed away, he let go of my leg and hugged me. His hand reached down to cup my mound, and stroked my clitoris gently with his fingers, feeling the slipperiness of it. I pushed my ass cheek into his groin, still cuddling his cock inside my bottom, but he slowly slipped out, and his cock lay between my arse cheeks, contented and sated.

And we fell asl**p, my bedroom filled with our smell - the perfume of sex. It was an aphrodisiac...

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2 years ago
wow! now that is sexy!
great story babe :-)
3 years ago
LOVED this!