My New RV

As I was taking a drive in my brand spanking new RV, I saw this hitch hiker on the side of the road, drove passed him, and didn't stop. Took a glance in the rear view mirror and thought to myself ‘what the heck. What can really go wrong?’

I pulled up ahead of the guy, got out of the cab, and signalled him to hop on. He jogged up, hopped on to the RV and I pulled the vehicle back into light traffic.

'Hi! So where you're heading to?' I asked.

He smiled, replied. ‘Just up to the next town.'

'I can drop you off, it'll be another hour or so, though,' I informed him.

'It's cool, I'm not in a hurry.'

'What's your name?' I asked him.

'Martin,' he replied.

'Nice to meet you, Martin, mine's Laura.'

'Good to meet you Laura, and thank you for the lift!' he said, 'it would've taken me a few hours to walk there.'

'It's not trouble, I would have had to go that way anyway, and needed the company,' I told him.

So as the drive continued a long the highway, we chit-chatted about anything, and everything. Weather, food, sports, what his plans are, where I was heading. Eventually, as only conversation between strangers can sometimes headed, our conversation turned to sex. I'd say that was the real ice-breaker between us.

I started asking Martin if he had a girlfriend waiting at home, not thinking it was unusual to ask such questions.

He winced, and replied evasively, ‘no, not really.’

‘Oh, I'm sorry, have I touched on a sore spot?’ I exclaimed, ‘you don't have to answer that.’

‘No no, it's OK. It's just been a while, and well, it's taken me this long to try to get over her,’ Martin elaborated.

I hesitated to continue, not sure if he was going to expand his answer. He did.

‘I did have a girlfriend, but as my luck would have it, and I didn't found out until later, I was her rebound guy. It sucked, but luckily, I wasn't with her for too long for it to have a lasting impact,’ he continued.

‘I hope anyway,’ he concluded.

‘That's why I'm hitch hiking, I've never done it before.’

‘Wow, and guess what, I've never picked up a hitch hiker before either!’ I laughed.

‘Really? So, what do you get up to when you don't pick up hitch hikers in your RV then?’ he teased.

I blushed a deep red, and squirmed in my seat, trying not to swerve the vehicle. Reading between the lines would probably apply here. Martin chuckled. And boy, was it a sexy chuckle. Deep, and resonate in the chest. I sigh silently in my mind.

Well, as you can imagine, being in the RV, the two front seats (being driver and shotgun) is not exactly next to each other, or even remotely intimate. But somehow, we managed to make it 'feel' intimate.

Suddenly out of the blue, Martin asked the most startling of question.

‘So can I fuck you in the RV?’

So stunned was I, I accidentally hit the brakes! The RV squealed. "Oops," I gasped, and accelerated back up to speed.

I glanced at him quickly. His gaze, clear and green, appeared honest, and open. No hint of slyness, or no sleaziness.

I gulped some air; I had stopped breathing for a few seconds, my heart beating a hundred miles an hour, my adrenalin pumping throughout my body. Suddenly, I can feel some wetness in my pussy.

I tried to not show how much his question had thrown me, but I sort of think he noticed. How can he not, sitting there, staring at me with his clear green eyes. I'm trying to concentrate on driving!

‘Ummmm,’ I mumbled. ‘Are you serious, or you just jerking me around?’

He smiled. ‘I am very serious, Laura.’

‘You're a pretty lady, driving a big ass RV by herself, which I think has never been used for anything beside sl**p,’ he said, ‘am I right?’

I nodded, ‘Yes, you're right. God knows how you guessed that!’

And here's that chuckle of his again. I swear that chuckle will make me orgasm, I was hoping it wouldn't.

‘So, are you going to answer my question?’ he asked. ‘Can I fuck you in the RV?’

Oh boy, was I under pressure and I'm getting wetter and wetter by the second. His question, so frankly put, is turning me on to 11, and I feel waves of heat rolling around my stomach and wet pussy. What can go wrong, huh?

I was about to discover how much trouble I can get myself into, or out of, with Martin.

“OK, you’re on,” I said “You want to fuck me?”

Throwing caution to the winds, I no longer hesitated. I needed some adventures in my life. The RV was only the beginning.

‘Yep, definitely,’ was the reply, as Martin nodded. His eyes lit up the whole vehicle.

Now all I need to do is to find somewhere secluded enough for us to get started, pretty hard to do on the highway, with cars driving by. And looking ahead, I see a rest area. A huge sigh of relief escaped from me.

‘We’ll stop there,’ I indicated with my head at the rest area about 100 metres further a long.

The vehicle now filled with tension and anticipation of what is about to happen. We did not chat for the remainder of the short ride to the rest area. I was trying not to think too much about Martin and his cock, but try as I might, damn, it was hard, pardon the pun.

I pulled the RV into the rest stop, glad for some cover of trees surrounding the open area. There’s a building with toilet facilities at one end, and some picnic tables at the opposite end. I parked as close as I dared to the trees, not wanting to be a sore thumb sticking out. After all, we need some cover, and we were the only people at the rest stop.

Pulling the car up, turning the engine off, I swivelled in my seat to face my hitch hiker. Or should I say my pleasure hiker?

‘Now what?’ I asked him. ‘I’ve never had sex with a total stranger I’ve just met before.’

He stood up silently and held out his hand. I put mine in his, sitting there looking up at him. I didn’t even noticed how tall he was! He gently pulled me up, his hands stealing around my waist, taking my hands behind my back.

I arched against his chest, my breast grinding, my nipples rock hard and standing to attention. I tilt my head up, wanting that first kiss. He slowly bend his head towards my lips, and licked my mouth, his tongue darting in, but never let his lips take my lips in full. What a teaser… I push my head towards him, wanting that kiss to go deeper. He leaned back away from my advances, and chuckled.

‘Slowly,’ he whispers.

‘Hmmmm’ I shook my head.

Martin’s arms tightened around me, one of his thighs pushing between my legs. I slowly move my hips, rubbing my pussy on his thick thigh. He bent his head again to take my lips powerfully, his tongue moving into my mouth, tangling and dancing with mine. I kissed him harder, he tasted sweet, his tongue taking my tongue into his mouth, and he rubbed my pussy with his thigh, still between my legs.

He let go of my hands, to roughly pulled my top over my head, my c-cup breasts sprang free his hands then cupped the orbs, his fingers pinching my nipples, making them a tighter buds. His hands roughly squeeze my breasts. I moaned into his mouth, my arms circling his neck, kissing him deeper. I was about to be turned into a puddle of hot molten lava, my knees were weak.

Martin then started to suck my areola into hard buds. His tongue, oh my God, his tongue was magic, flicking my nipples as he sucked my tits deeper. He was devouring me.

‘Bite me, oh God, bite my nipples, baby,’ I moaned.

He complied, gently taking my nipples between his teeth and flicked his tongue rapidly over them like a machine gun. My head now goes backwards, stretching my back, my arms anchoring to his neck.

Abruptly, he detached his hot mouth from my tits, and pulled me to wards the dining table. He quickly undressed me, unbuttoning my jeans, and pulling it down with my lacy G-string. He stood back to admire my lithe body, and looking in his hand, he brought up my wet G-string and licked my juices.

‘Nice,’ he said huskily. His other hand reaching out to gently probe my very-wet, very newly-shaved pussy.

‘Ohhh,’ I cried hoarsely. Rubbing my clit on his fingers, willing it to tap faster to make me cum.

He knew what I was trying to do, and he pulled his hand away. I sighed in disappointment.

‘There’s more to come, baby, patience’ he said.

I slowly reached out to start undressing him. I pulled his shirt roughly over his head, my mouth moved to his chest, covered in rough coarse hair, and started to suck his nipples. My hands busy undoing his denim and belt buckle. God, I want to rub my nipples in his chest hair, I want him to be naked so I can get to his hot throbbing cock, and take it into my mouth. I wanted his cock.

I kneeled down to pull his jeans off with his boxers, his hard shaft sprang free from its confinement, hitting my face in the process. I giggled, my tongue fleetingly licked the hot length. Martin’s hands now entangle in my long black hair, and leisurely moved my head towards his rigid cock, my mouth was open, and was waiting.

I take him in the whole length, and I can feel the tip hitting the back of my throat. Pulling him out and sucking him back in, my head bopping on his solid rod, I can start to taste his pre-cum, my tongue and mouth working his cock furiously, and I take his testicles into my mouth and sucked, my hands gently massages the sac, and the heated shaft of his cock.

He moaned, his hands pulling my hair tighter in his grip. I slowed my paced, wanting to draw out the pleasure, making it last. His cock tasted so good, I liked sucking and eating his cock, working my tongue on it like it was an ice-cream that was melting in the hot sun.

Martin then dragged up off the floor, I relinquish his penis unwillingly from my mouth.

‘Lie down with your back on the table, Laura,’ he requested.

I obliged, the table top cold against my bare back, giving me goose pimples. Martin then spread my legs apart as I lay on the dining table, making me feel vulnerable, exposing my pink juicy pussy.

‘Beautiful sight,’ he noted, his hands stroking my thighs, his breath quickened.

He kneels down in front of my pussy, as if he was about to worship at an altar. Swiftly, he took my clit into his mouth and sucked. His tongue doing its magic to my pussy, it’s the rapid fire machine gun motion that was making me wild! I was moaning, and making a lot of noise in the RV. My body squirming on top of the table, my thighs holding his head tight. His tongue explored my vagina, popping into my wet tunnel, in and out his tongue goes. My hands are now holding his head, grabbing his blonde hair in a firm grip, my hips pushed into his face, now covered with my juices. I rubbed my clit into his face, his tongue brushed hard against the nub that has become so engorged, it’s throbbing.

‘I need you, I want your cock rubbing my pussy,’ I begged. ‘Please, baby.’ I cried out.

With one more sucking on my pussy, he stood up. His cock standing to attention, he reached down to tap on my sensitive clit with his fingers, I arched my back. He moved his hands up along my stomach towards my breasts, taking my nipples between his forefingers and thumbs, he pinched them hard.

Now, I don’t know about you, when any guys does that to me, or biting my nipples, I can feel it all the way down to my clit, and I have orgasmed just through nipples stimulation alone. They are that sensitive!

I arched my back again, so overcome was I with the waves of ecstasy rolling in, I was ready to cum even without his penis moving inside of me.

‘Uh uh, you’re not cuming that easily, young lady,’ Martin said. “Not until your cunt has had a taste of my cock!’

He positioned his cock, and rammed my pussy hard to the hilt. My legs spasm, stretching out wide. He grabbed a hold of my ankles, and hooked my legs over his shoulders. He started to move his hips, his shaft gliding a long my hot, tight, and wet tunnel. In and out, then all the way out only to ram it hard back inside my waiting pussy. My vagina squeezing his cock, hugging it, my juices were beginning to cover the table. Our hips making fucking music, we moaned and groaned in our pleasure.

My breath was a gasp, as he quickened his pace, the friction between his cock and my pussy was gathering speed, and pushing both of us towards an explosive orgasm.

He stopped and pulled out. I screamed out in frustration. He flipped me over on to my stomach, spread my legs apart and fucked me from behind, his hand reaching down to play with my clit, his other hand grabbing my long hair, pulling my head back.

Sweat dripped from both of us, we were getting a good workout in the RV.

‘Fuck me, fuck me, fuck meeeee,’ I moaned. ‘Give me your cock!’ I pleaded.

He pumped faster, moving in and out. His hands now holding my hips, and spanking my arse. With a grinding motion, I pushed my ass into his hips as he moved into my pussy.

Martin stopped again, and made me stand. He went to sit at the bench seat just behind the driver’s chair. I crouched in front of his cock, taking him into my mouth and sucked my juices from his hard hot rod. I stood up, and facing him, I position my pussy on top of his cock and slid down the length for a fucking good ride. His mouth began sucking my nipples, his arms around me holding me tight. My hips pumping and working his penis in my gushing vagina.

He bit my nipples (and remember what I said earlier?) and flicked his tongue on them.

‘I’m cumming, I’m cumming, I’m cumming,’ I screamed, my hands clutching his hair in a death-grip.

My pussy began to spasm, squeezing and milking his cock in my orgasm.

Martin moved in and out of me, ‘oh yeah, baby, cum for me. I’m cumming.’

Suddenly his body tensed up, and I can feel his cock begin to pump his load inside my pussy. I pulled off of his penis, and positioned my mouth over the head of his cock. His load hit my open mouth, hitting it in the bulls-eye. He tasted good and tangy. Martin reached down to hold my face.

‘Open your mouth,’ he said.

I opened my mouth, to show him the evidence of his cum on my tongue.

‘Drink it,’ he ordered.

I swallowed, licking my lips when it went down. He pulled me up to sit in his lap, his cock now lapsing into a sl**py state, but still semi-hard. He pulled my head down and kissed me deeply, his tongue darting inside my mouth, I rubbed by tongue on his, and sucked, my hips all the while, grinding my dripping pussy on his semi-sl**ping penis. His hands busy with my nipples and clit again.

‘So, are we going to the next town?’


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6 months ago
A fine tale you've woven here, Ms. Minx. I hope to see more stories written by you in the future.
2 years ago
This was damn good for your first story. :-)
2 years ago
I don't think I've ever found RV's sexy before but I think I've changed my mind -- great story.
2 years ago
Great story. Thanks
2 years ago
nice , and do write some more
2 years ago
2 years ago
i need a ride, where are you?