My New Client

I had been working for this company, for something going on 8 years now. I enjoy what I do very much and that is to look after our clients from the marketing’s POV, advising on how to market their products or services to their target audience.

On this particular day, we have a scheduled meeting with some medium-size company coming to discuss how they can best utilise our services. As I was part of the management team, I was invited to attend (more along the line of ‘you are ordered to attend’ invitation).

As I approached the conference room on the 20th floor, I can hear some loud voices and banging going on inside, I slowly and quietly open the door to peek inside. What do I see? I see two executives having a punch up right inside our meeting room. That can’t be good to our clients. I walked in, and said loudly: ‘What the hell is going on in here!?’

Everyone stopped. I looked around the room in consternation and anger, not to mention, embarrassment on behalf of our company. For something like this to happen, in front of a client it is just totally and absolutely unacceptable.

I zeroed in on our clients, of only one man. OK, the meeting is smaller than I had first thought.

‘Hi, and you must be Jack Stone from Stick & Stone?’ I extended my hand in greeting. ‘My name is Melinda.’

He stood up from the seat, and shook my hand. ‘Yes, I am. Pleasure to meet you.’

‘Likewise, Jack. I do apologise for what you had just witnessed, will you please follow me to my office?’ I indicated that he should follow me out of the door.

‘Of course.’

As I walked out of the conference room, I indicated to one of the junior staff loitering in the corridor.

‘Mack, can you please e****t our client to my office please?’

‘Certainly, Melinda’ Mack, one of my junior staff replied.

‘Jack, I’m sorry, but can you excuse me for a few minutes to sort out what just happened in the conference room?’ I asked our client.

‘Oh, please, take your time,’ Jack smiled. ‘I haven’t attended a Monday morning meeting this interesting in years.’

I grinned, ‘thank you. I promise I’ll only be a few minutes.’

As I watched Mack lead Jack to my office, I went back into the conference room.

Every person in the room was now sitting down, breathing normal, as if an altercation I had just saw did not happened.

‘I don’t want to hear excuses. I know most of you regret what just happened. Especially you two,’ I looked pointedly at the two adversaries.

‘Unfortunately for you two fighters, we have policies in place for things like this, and I do not want to keep our client waiting and wasting his time,’ I continued.

Both of the adversaries looked shocked, and crestfallen. Both did not meet my heated gaze.

‘However,’ I continued, ‘since you are a valuable part of our team, I am willing to get to the bottom of this.’

‘I will speak to each of you individually, and consider what is going to be done today.’

‘As for now, go back to your desk and work. And stays away of each other, your jobs are at stake.’

I walked out of the meeting room, rushing to my office in a jog, which is not exactly easy in my stiletto heels, my c-cup breasts bouncing up and down in my blouse. Catching my breath in front of the door to my office, I tweak my jacket and knee-length skirt.

‘Hi again, Jack,’ I said as I walked inside, closing the door.

‘Sorry to have kept you, I hope Mack got you some coffee or something to drink?’

Jack turned around from the large bay window from my office, and grinned, ‘Yes, he did, and no, you didn’t keep me waiting. I was enjoying the beautiful view out of your office.’

‘Would you mind if I take off my jacket?’ I asked.

He shook his head, ‘no, not at all, please.’

Shrugging off my jacking, and hanging it on the coat stand, I walked around to my desk and taking a seat. Swivelling around in the chair, I looked up at our client.

Here’s the problem. What I didn’t know what that my white blouse, the blouse that I thought was business-like enough, but also feminine enough, and not see-through to me in front of my mirror at home that morning, was totally see through to our client. With the sunlight streaming in, fully hitting my body, I didn’t realised that my dark nipples were clearly visible to his eyes (and no, I did not like wearing a bra).

As I was looking at our client, unexpectedly I can feel some tension in the air, his blue eyes began to get dark, dilating with lust. I felt a shift in the atmosphere, but couldn’t pinpoint to what it was. He shifted his position, walking towards where I was sitting.

He leaned down toward me, I leaned back. His hand resting on one of the arm, he leaned in to whisper softly in my ear.

‘I can see your nipples from where I was, and they made me want to suck them.’ He pulled back to look at my reaction.

Suddenly, Monday didn’t look so bad.

I bit my lips, my mouth had gone dry. I gulped in some air. I had stopped breathing for a few seconds and didn’t even know it. I cleared my dry parched throat, and with my hands, reached up to pull his head down for a kiss.

His lips taking control of mine, his tongue exploring my mouth, massaging my tongue, rubbing and caressing. I sucked on his tongue, he tasted of sweet coffee. His arms pulling me up to stand. I was still wearing my stiletto heels, but he was still at least a good 20 cm taller than me.

He slowly unbuttoned my blouse, my damn white blouse. My breasts, not encased in a bra, peeked through the opening. His hands reached in to cup them, taking my dark nipples between his forefingers and thumbs, rolling them, making them peak into hard buds. I sigh into his mouth.

The last few buttons flew off my top as Jack ripped it away from body. I didn’t care at this point. I shimmied out of my skirt and flipped off my stilettos.

‘No, no, keep them on,’ Jack said. ‘Sexier and naughtier that way.’

I laughed, putting the heels back on.

His hands reaching for my bikini panties, and ripped it away as if it were paper from my hips. I guess I’m going to be ‘going commando’ for the rest of the day. And now I don’t regret shaving my pussy that morning.

His fingers stroked my clit, going further down to the entrance of my pussy, and he inserted his fore- and middle-fingers inside my very wet vagina. I moaned with pleasure, not too loudly, we are still in the office after all. My hands holding on to his shoulders, my breast rubbing against his chest, I panted and pounded my pussy on his fingers, my cunt squeezing his fingers inside, hugging as if they were his cock.

I began to undress him, taking off his suit jacket, shirt, trousers, and boxers in rapid succession. Finally his freed cock was free for me to hold and in my hands. And oh my, he was a really big boy, my hands seems small holding on to something to big. Now all I could think of was to squat down and suck his cock.

He guided me toward the couch I had in my office, positioned right in front of the bay window he had earlier been standing at. He sat down, and pushed me so that I kneeled in front of him and his gorgeous cock, so thick and standing to attention, waiting to be serviced by my mouth and gushing pussy. I was dripping juices down my thighs.

Jack’s cock had my full attention, I was literally salivating in my mouth, my tongue darting out to lick my lips. I began sucking the tip of his cock, my tongue licking the hot exposed tip. I took him deeper into my mouth, swallowing his entire length, his head hitting the back of my throat. My head began bopping up and down his penis.

‘Ahhh,’ Jack groaned, his hands holding my head, gripping my long black hair.

I loved sucking his cock. Seeing and hearing his reaction was turning me on even more. I sucked him a few more minutes until he indicated that I should sit up on the couch. It was his turn to kiss my pussy and eat my pussy juice. He knelt in front of my spread thighs, hands stroking my skin, he moved his head close and breathed my aroma deeply into his chest.

‘Lovely,’ he said, looking at my pink freshly-shaved mound.

My clit pulsated, begging for his tongue.

‘Please,’ I begged. ‘Lick me,’ my hands running through his dark brown hair.

‘With pleasure,’ he replied as he bent his head. His fingers spreading my pussy, exposing my clit, he lovingly blow some cold air on to it, making it hardened, before bringing his tongue to lick it leisurely. His mouth kissing and sucking my pussy, drinking juices from my fountain, his tongue flicking my clit all the while. His hot mouth sucked my clit hard, engorging the nub with bl**d, making it sensitive to his breath. His teeth began to pull and nibble my clit; I was shaking my head from side to side, going slowly crazy with what he was doing

He stopped playing with my clit, moving up slowly, trailing his tongue up my flat navel, kissed my belly button, progressing closer to my breasts, kissed the space between them, his hands now massaging them gently, his big hands easily enveloping my C-cup breasts, and rolling my nipples with his fingers, pinching them hard.

His cock nudging the entrance to my pussy, slowly probing and the tip moved inside. I opened my legs wider to accommodate his big muscular body on top of mine. Jack’s arms hooked my legs on to the couch as his penis moved in deeper, his cock gliding easily within my tunnel. My hand reached down to play with my sensitive clit.

‘Ohhhhhh!’ I moaned hoarsely, as I play with my bud as his cock pumped in and out of me.

Sweat beaded on our bodies, glistening in the morning sunlight. Our breath hot and heavy, mingling in the air-conditioned office.

Suddenly Jack stood up, and pulled me off the couch.

‘On all fours,’ he pointed to the space in front of the couch.

I assumed my position, my head resting on the carpeted floor, my arse in the air waiting for the arrival of his penis. He moved around to my behind, positioned his penis, his hands held my hips, and he slammed his cock into my hungry pussy. Moving in and out rapidly, he moved ever faster. My pussy made wet sucking noises from our fucking, it was beautiful music.

‘Ahhh,’ I breathed into the carpet, my hands clutching the carpet.

‘Oh, baby,’ Jack moaned, his hands gripping my hips tighter. Then letting go of one hip, his hand spanked my arse, again and again, making my arse cheek red and hot. I wiggled my ass, grinding my pussy on his pumping rod.

‘Deeper, fuck me deeper,’ I demanded.

He obliged. Pulling out from behind me, he lie down on the carpet. I faced away from him, positioned my hot cunt and took his hard shaft inside my vagina again, and began to ride is cock reverse cow-girl style, my breasts bouncing up and down in my hands. His hands reached up to pull my long black hair back, stretching my neck backwards.

Jack’s cock was now so deep inside of me, I kept pumping up and down, moving my hips from side to side, backwards, and forward. His cock head massaging my hot whole, as I gyrated my hips.

His arms reached up to my waist as he sat up, I leaned back slightly against his chest, feeling his rough chest hair rubbing my back. His hands began to play with my nipple and clit. I kept moving my hips up and down his hot hard shaft inside of me, feeling my cunt massaging his cock, my pussy was getting ready to explode in an orgasm.

‘I’m about to cum, baby,’ I said. ‘I’m about to cum.’ My body moving furiously up and down his cock.

‘Hmm, cum baby, pump my cock,’ his fingers furiously tapping my clit. ‘I’m going to cum with you, I’m going to give you a load you never forget.’

I was pushed to the edge of no return, my pussy orgasmed all around his cock, squeezing as my muscle spasm in my cumming.

‘I’m cummiiiing! Cumming, cumming! Oooohh, baby, fuck me, fuck me,’ I screamed, no longer cared if the whole office heard. The orgasm exploded inside of me, white light blinded my eyes. I was shaking from head to toe, my pussy gripping his cock hard, still lodged inside.

‘Come and suck my cock baby,’ Jack commanded.

I moved off his penis, as I started to feverishly bobbed my mouth up and down his rock hard cock, my tongue licking his shaft, my hands massaging his balls. I took his balls into my mouth and sucked, my hands moved to his rod to pump it.

He groaned. His cock and whole body tensed up, his hands grabbed my long hair and held my head still, as he pumped his hips off the floor and his cock into my mouth, his whole body tensed, his cock got harder, if that was even possible. His cum spurted up and into my waiting lips, hitting my tongue and roof of my mouth. Big load, it was. Filling my mouth with tangy taste, coating my tongue. I roll it around my mouth, tasting his load.

Jack relaxed his grip on my hair, and rested his hips back on the floor. He sat up, and leaned against the couch. I moved closer, and open my mouth to show him what big load it was that he gave me.

‘Mmm, Melinda,’ he grinned tiredly. ‘Do you want to swallow it?’ he asked.

I nodded, and swallowed every drop. Opening my mouth to show him after it was all gone, my tongue licking my lips. It tasted so so good, going down.

‘Hmmm’ he put a forefinger inside my mouth, played with my tongue. ‘You’re good.’

I sucked his finger, rolling my tongue around it. ‘You’re not bad either, Jack.’

The day looked like it was going to fun, and if it’s any indication, our company’s relationship with our client was… going places.

- The End -

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1 year ago
which office is this, i'd like to visit you.
2 years ago
good story