He & She

She opened the hotel room to admit him, and the second he set foot the room, he grabbed her to give her a deep tongue kiss. Sucking on her bottom lip, his tongue ran along the inside of her mouth. Her hands reached to grab hold of his head, and pressed her body closer to his.

He walked forward, and pushed her on to the bed, ripped her top and jeans off and tore her panties away from per pussy. He knelt down next to the bed, grabbed her legs and pushed them high into the air, exposing her hot wet slit to the cool air and his searching tongue. He plunged his tongue hungrily to her cunt, and lapped up her juice that had been waiting for him.

She moaned and pushed his head harder against her throbbing juicy slit, and felt his nose pressed against her freshly shaved mound. He sucked her into his mouth, and moved his tongue on her clit. She bucked on the mattress, her legs still high in the air, resting on his hands. Her hands moved to spread her labia for his mouth, and rubbed her pussy all over his mouth, his chin, his face.

He stood up from her sopping pussy to undress. His gorgeous eight inch cock reared menacingly in front of her face as she sat up from the bed. She swallowed her saliva hard, her mouth parched. She grabbed his cock in her hand and face-fucked him. Her tongue licked his penis from tip to root, tasted his hard shaft, her mouth voraciously sucked him, her head bopped back and forth, faster and faster. He pumped his hips to and fro, humped her mouth his hands cradled her head, enjoying her moist cavern and massaging tongue.

He pulled away from her mouth, lifted her up and placed her in the middle of the bed. He climbed into the bed and spread her legs wide; his meaty fingers plunged into her wet tunnel and massage her. Her moans deep in her throat an indication how much he was turning her on with his fingers. He moved closer to her, with one hand on her soft thigh, one grabbed his rock hard pole, he pushed into her waiting velvety softness with one hard thrust, and in movement, he was buried deep within her body.

Her body adjusted after a few seconds, and she met his fucking motion thrust for thrust, her hips in sync with his. Their fucking created their own rhythm on the bed as it creaked and squeaked softly in the room. His grunts and groans made her squeezed his cock with her muscles, he sucked air through gritted teeth at the sensation, and humped his cock harder into her receiving pussy.

He pulled away, and effortlessly, flipped her on her stomach, pushed her legs up so she was on her knees, but pressed her upper back with his hands so her ass was high in the air. He scooted forward on the bed, grabbed his cock and pushed it into her from behind. Her face is pressed on the bed, breathing heavily, she reached down to play with her clit, and felt his cock drive in and out of her, her juice smeared on her clit and fingers.

Fucking in this position for a few more minutes, his cock head massaged her inside, back and forth, his cock head hitting her deep, all the way to her cervix. They didn’t have to fuck long for the orgasm to explode from their bodies, the angle of his cock from her behind, massaged and found her G-spot, her orgasm shot forward like a cannon, and her tight vagina spasm around his dick.

He could feel her body grabbing his cock, and he humped her faster. His body tensed as he felt his cum shooting from his balls, but he didn’t pull out in time, and his white hot liquid coated her pussy. She did not mind, since she was passed the point of caring, her pussy still contracted from her orgasm, as he joined her in the sea of sex, and collapse on to her sweaty back.

The afternoon was only just beginning.

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9 months ago
Amazing - please - more about this hot couple - please
2 years ago
Another incredibly sexy story.
2 years ago
Loved this one from start to finish
3 years ago
Damn girl, now I am so horny - where are you ! ! !
3 years ago
The afternoon was only just the beginning. I do hope that this is just the beginning of your hot sexy story! Please give me more.