Story of Tim – My True Story - Ch. 4 (Final)

Now, I probably did not mention this little fact, but Tim was the first man that introduced me to the joys anal sex. Yes, he fucked my virgin ass hole. I have Tim to thank for introducing me to it, for otherwise I would have hated having anything so ‘dirty’ happen to my ass.

Getting back to the hotel room very late that night, we took another shower to wash off the sand. Tim had been suggesting and hinting all night that he was going to fuck my ass, and it heightened my senses, my anticipation for something so forbidden skyrocketed, and made my juice flow freely, and soaked my summer dress.

We couldn’t wait to get out of the shower fast enough, and once we were both on the bed, Tim told me to get on all fours. He then pulled me to the edge of the bed, grabbed some KY jelly, and worked around my innocent sphincter with his finger. Gently he inserted one finger inside, and moved it in a circular motion. I moaned from the strange invasive feeling, looking at Tim over my shoulder. His thumb rubbed my clit, to try to distract my body. I closed by eyes, put my head back on the bed, and focus on his hand working at my rectum, enjoyed his fingers fucking my ass.

Tim looked at my puckered hole with his middle finger disappeared inside it. Then he pushed one more finger inside, with the two fingers he stretched my brown hole apart, loosening the muscle with his fingers spread apart into a V-shape. Moving in and out, in circular motion, he expanded my dark ass hole, and squeezed more KY into me, the coldness of the lube made me shiver. He did this a few minutes more, then pulled his fingers out from my back hole, and wiped his fingers on the bed sheet.

I sighed, and squeezed my butt cheeks together; it felt so empty after his fingers left my hole.

Squeezing some lube out, Tim smeared the jelly onto his cock which had been hard since we got out of the shower. Pulling me to the edge of the bed, my legs rested on the carpeted floor, Tim sidled up to my rear end, grabbed my cheeks in each hand and spread them wide, exposed my closed petals to his salaciously hungry cock. His mushroom head rubbed my sphincter back and forth, the lube mixed with my juice, dripped onto the floor.

Then, softly, Tim pushed his head into my resisting ass. I groaned in surprised with pain, my body tensed up instinctively. But he did not stop, he resolutely pushed in further in one long strong move and without a pause, he was buried entirely inside my ass. My hole burned, and I could not do anything but stay still; I could not moved, could not wriggle around, since his body pressed mine into the bed. I clenched my buttocks, and Tim tensed his hips at the tight ring around his hard pole.

I breathed out, panting heavily. My rear end being stuffed in a way I’ve never been before. A few minutes passed, and my body adjusted to being jammed in the ass, pleasure finally overtook pain, ribbons of delight shot out from my tightly stretched rectum. I finally pushed my ass into Tim’s groin, the last vestige of pain washed away with pure bliss, and moved it back and forth. Tim breathed through gritted teeth, as my tight ring move along his throbbing shaft; his hands gripped my hips in his hands. I had bruises from his fingers to prove it the next day.

I cried deep in my throat, and pushed my ass into Tim, harder and deeper he went inside. Tim panted, he met my ass thrust for thrust, he reached down and found my clit and pinched them, rubbed them. My moans became louder, and deeper. My body doesn’t know where to focus: on my burning tight backdoor or on my clit. In the end, I didn’t care, the sensations from my clit and ass combine to make me exploded like dynamite.

The energy of the eruption shook my body, my pussy shuddered and I cried out in ecstasy. My ass spasm and contracted around Tim’s cock, my tight ring squeezed him as he pulled in and out, faster and faster, the strokes getting shorter and powerfully pounded my brown ring. Tim gave one final thrust of his hips, and shot his cum in three long searing spurts, coated my rectum with his white liquid. As both our bodies shuddered the last orgasm, our cries and moans mingled, Tim remained attached to my ass, and we both collapsed on to the mattress.

He pulled his semi-erect well-spent cock out of my ass with a pop, slapped my butt cheeks softly, and told me to get in bed. I crawled my way on to it and turned to lay back on my back. I smiled at him, seeing what was in his hand. His camcorder.

Oh, my apologies! I neglected to tell you, he was filming our fucking from the beginning.

As we relived our fuck weekend through the recording, I sucked his cock some more, and told him I wanted to try fucking in the chair. We did, but did not finish, I think we might break the chair in the hotel room!

We slept well that night, and checked out the next morning. He dropped me off at home, and drove back to his.

I believe he is married now. As to the recordings of that great weekend? That’s my secret…

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2 years ago
Makes me remember my first anal sex with a medical student when I was 19. She was such a society girl, mum and dad were both doctors, but she had a serious fetish for anal sex and it was she the experienced one who initiated me. I got excited when you mentioned the KY - Sarah had a tube in her handbag and she smeared it on herself showing me her asshole and fingering herself, then put more on my cock and bade me mount her. She was tighter than a glove but the lube was a huge help, and soon we were fucking with abandon. After I came inside her ass for the first time, she had me lie on the floor on my back and knelt over me so I could lick her pussy as she squeezed mt semen out of her asshole and let it dribble slowly down until I was licking it off her wet lips. It was so exciting, we fucked all afternoon, enjoying the smell taste and feel of sex on a sunny Saturday.
2 years ago
If you ever decide to sell that recording just name your price, it would be a true work of art. But to you it is priceless anyway.
2 years ago
Just finished all 4 chap & they are awesome. Thanks for sharing
2 years ago
I want to try anal!!!
2 years ago
Great story, now i just wanna fuck my wife in the arse
2 years ago
that's how u do anal