Story of Tim – My True Story - Ch. 3

As I regained my breath and strength back, my hands caressed his body and I leaned up to kiss Tim deeply, our tongue met and mated. I slowly climbed on to his body, our lips never disconnected, my body positioned between his legs. I could feel his hardened cock nestled at my damp pussy.

Tenderly, I licked, kissed and sucked my way down from his face, down along his neck, his chest and navel, and finally reached my final destination. I tentatively grabbed his stiff rod, and he being a good teacher, instructed me on how to handle his penis, and how hard to hold him. His hand guided my movement, up and down his shaft. Then I asked if I could take him inside my mouth.

Without saying a word, he gently held my chin and nudged the tip of his cock between my lips. My lips stretched tautly around his penis, but I had to stopped him from going in too deep as I could not breathe. Eventually my mouth got used to having him filled my mouth, and I started moving my head up and down. My tongue licked the tip of his cock and all along the length from tip to hilt. My saliva dripped and glistened on his slicked penis.

Tim had by this time left me to my own devices. Since I hear no complaints, I figured I was not doing bad work of my second head job. I was still mastering the art of deep throating, so I did not venture too far with taking him too deep. Just enough to… hear him gasped.

His moans deep in his throat spurred me on and my mouth sucked him harder, like a vacuum. My hand massaged his pole in sync with my moving lips. My hand gently rubbed and hold his sacs, felt their heaviness in my palm.

Soon, my jaw began to ache. I remembered mumbling something to Tim along the lines of fuck me now. Tim willingly obliged and moved off the bed as I lay back on my back. Tim tsk-tsk, and told me to get on all fours instead.

Tim got behind me and, with his hands holding his prick, guided himself into my sopping wet pussy with a hard shove, so hard air expelled from my lungs in burst. The feel of his condom-encased cock, lubricated with my juice filled my cunt to the hilt. He glided with long fast strokes; his hand gripped my hips as he fuck my pussy, his other hand spank my bottom, loud smacks sounds in the hotel room. Within minutes, my ass cheeks burned from the heat.

I grabbed the pillows and put them under my stomach, and let go of my arms, utilising the pillows to hold my ass up for Tim. My body contracted as he fucked me from behind, my pussy squeezed his hard penis. I reached down to play with my clit with two fingers, my juice dripped and stained the pillow case.

Tim’s dick pummelled my pussy without mercy, his body tensed, his balls tightened, and he grunted that he was about to shoot his load. I told him to pull out and cum on my back. He pulled out at the last minute, and quickly peeled the condom off, milked his shaft with his hand. His cum spurted onto my lower back, the searing-hot liquid stained my skin, and he massaged his jizz into me.

He reached to my mouth with his cum-covered fingers and I sucked on them greedily, my tongue tasted his salty tangy cum, and swallow every drop.

Since we had all night, we took our time exploring each other; sucked, licked, kissed, fuck all night. We probably fell asl**p in the early hours of the morning, and checked out of the hotel to head off to our next destination, a hotel near the beach and golf course.

On the drive to the hotel, I sucked his cock while he was driving a number of time, but he always stopped it at the moment he was about to shoot his load. Guess he did not want to crash the car!

Getting to the hotel, we checked in and headed to the room immediately. The minute we stepped into the room, we both stripped off and went straight to the shower for a quick clean up. I sucked his cock clean with my mouth, then washed his penis with soap. His hands washed my pussy, while his fingers massaged my sopping pussy hole deeply.

As we got out of the shower stall, we walked naked to the king size bed, water dripped on the carpeted floor, our mouths locked in a lusty tongue kiss, his tongue plundered my mouth as he massage my mouth. His hands grabbed my ass and pulled me close to his rearing cock, and he gyrated his hips, massage my pelvis with his groin. I moaned in my throat, my eyes looked at his face as he suck my lips and tongue. His eyes closed, his hands roamed freely over my back and ass cheeks, squeezed and massage my soft derriere.

The back of my legs hit the bed, and he pushed me down not ungently, and I moved further onto the bed, spreading my legs wide to receive him. He crawled up onto the mattress and attached his mouth to my waiting rosebud, at the apex of my thighs. My fingers spread my flap for him, but he brushed them aside and used his own fingers instead, then his tongue brushed passed my pink button, twirl around in circle, teasing and blowing cool air onto me. I pushed my hips up off the bed, tried to press my pussy deep into his mouth, but he’d have none of it, and moved his head away each time.

I cried out in frustration, my hands reached for his head, but he moved out of the way. He stood up and went to his bag to grab the same length of rope, and came back to tie my wrists to the bed post. I made half-hearted attempts to get away, but did not resist him. Once I was tied securely, but not too tightly, he came back to continue the assault on my pussy.

His mouth sucked my clit into his mouth, his tongue flicked at the bud inside his mouth, and – OH MY GOD – my body reacted automatically by thrashing in ecstasy, my hips jerked to the stimulation that was being applied to my sensitively engorged bud. Tim sucked harder, knowing that I was about to orgasm into his mouth.

I screamed out, informing him that I was coming, coming and coming. Tim nursed that orgasm for a new more minutes my breathing heavy and laboured, my pussy contracted with spasm, jerked instinctively. Tim stood up and climbed onto my wasted body, and after quickly sheathing a condom, pushed his cock into my shuddering pussy. He groaned as he felt my pussy’s orgasm around his cock, milked his pole. Soon he was pumping away at my body, hitting my cervix roughly, his dick fucking my cunt deeply, his balls slapped my ass.

As I strained my wrist futilely against my bindings, I lifted my legs into the air, in a V-shape with Tim between my legs, I could feel every nudge, every bump of his cock inside. His stroke increased, and he fucked my body in a faster and shallower stroke. Tim leaned down to bite my nipples hard, and pulled my areola, distending my sensitive nipples. I panted at the pleasure and fully enjoyed the pain his teeth produced at my nipple. I moaned, and told him to bite my other nipple as well, as I pushed my hips off the mattress to meet his fucking motion thrust for thrust.

Tim obliged with pleasure, alternating his bites on my stiff bud left then right, chewed on them without mercy. My pussy got wetter and wetter from the stimulation, and the squelching sound our body made as we fucked echoed around the hotel room. I squeezed my channel hard around his cock, and he sucked in air at the sensation. He asked me to do it again, and again, and with pleasure, I squeezed and milked his cock with my pussy muscle.

The window to our room faced the golf course, and unknowingly, we forgot to close the curtains. The foot of the bed faced the large window and anyone looking in at the time would’ve seen my legs high in the air, with Tim’s ass humped away between my legs. This thought sent me over the edge once I noticed.

I had lost count how many times I orgasm since being with Tim, and another waves crashed into me. I whimpered, informed him that my pussy was cuming again, I panted and hooked my ankles at his ass, urged him on with my legs and gripping pussy. Tim fucked my juicy cunt faster, his strokes increased its tempo, and within seconds, his load shot out, he grunted as his body tensed in his orgasm. Sweat dripped off his body and mingled with mine.

We both collapsed into exhausted nap for several minutes.

Later that night, we also took a drive to see visit some of the available beaches and coasts. Needless to day, we took advantage of the deserted beaches and made out on them. We probably visited more than a couple of beaches and at each one we would lay on the sand, and sucked each other to orgasm. Needless to say, I was naked underneath my clothes for easy access.

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9 months ago
OMG - got me so hot & horny - gotta wank it hard now - many thanks
2 years ago
I didn't believe you could turn me on any more than I was already turned on until you mentioned the open curtains and the thought of watching you being fucked sent me right over the edge.
3 years ago
3 years ago
Very hot!