Then She Met Daddy

Natalie (age 24) met her daddy (age 51) online and on first meeting him, daddy gave her a hug and a deep tongue kiss as they said their good-byes. It instantly turned Natalie into mush and her pussy moist. Daddy had her from then on.

After that first meeting, the second meeting they headed off to the hotel room daddy had organised. Upon entering the room, daddy quickly grabbed Nat by her pussy and C cup titties from behind and pushed his hard-on between her ass cheeks, and dry hump her through their clothes.

Nat moaned deep in her throat, her hands covered daddy’s hands, urging him on, and rubbed her pussy harder on her daddy’s hand. Daddy nuzzled at her neck and pushed his cock harder as they walked towards the king-size bed in the middle of the room.

Daddy roughly pulled down her brightly coloured summer dress, revealing Natalie’s naked body to his devouring eyes. Nat stood beside the bed obediently in her red high heel shoes, waiting for daddy’s orders.

‘Open your legs wide, baby girl’, ordered daddy. ‘Yes, daddy,’ she complied.

Spreading her legs wide, daddy sat down, and move to rest his head on the side of the bed, looking up into Nat’s very pink pussy, hot and moist in the air-con room. Daddy reached up to spread open her pussy, his tongue reached out and plunged into her tunnel.

‘Ooooh, daddy!’ she moaned loudly, and pushed her little vagina down onto daddy’s hard tongue.

Daddy grunted, his tongue moving in and out, fucking his little darling’s pussy. Then moved to flick over the entire area: Nat’s puckered brown hole, her tiny tingling clit, and her velvety tunnel. Daddy’s hands squeezed and spread open her ass cheeks, they filled his hands nicely.

‘Mmmmmm, daddyyyyyy….’ She cried out, now bent over from the waist, her hands resting on daddy’s knees. Nat looked between her legs, watching daddy chin moved with his tongue’s action. ‘Daddy, your little girl’s coming, ooooh coming,’ she whimpered loudly.

Daddy murmured, ‘cum for daddy, baby cunt, cum on daddy’s mouth.’ His tongue flicked and rolled her tight bud faster and faster, urging her orgasm to explode.

Her body began to spasm and rock from the f***e of her ecstasy, Natalie’s orgasm radiated from her stimulated pussy. ‘Aahhhhhhh….’ She moaned as Daddy’s tongue rotated rapidly on her little bud, feeling her body convulsed and tightened from her orgasm.

‘Daddyyyyy,’ Nat breath as the last of her orgasm ebbed away, and she collapsed on all fours in front of daddy. Looking at him over her shoulder, daddy’s grin spread slowly over his face and he winked cheekily. She smiled in return, and turned her attention to daddy’s tenting trousers.

Unzipping and releasing his great cock, Nat’s hand firmly took hold of the rock hard rod. Teasingly she licked daddy’s penis, from the tip of the head, to the rood of his shaft, her tongue snaked and moving up and down. Saliva coated her daddy’s cock, and her lips kissed him along the tip and the underside.

Slowly, with her tongue twirling on the tip of daddy’s penis, Nat’s lips slid his cock head inside her waiting mouth. Daddy moaned, closed his eyes in bliss, his fingers crept up to play with Nat’s juicy slit, dipped and twist his fingers around her tight vagina.

Nat bopped her head up and down, lips stretched securely around his large girth. Moaning deep in her throat from daddy’s manipulation at her pussy, the vibration transferred to daddy’s cock inside her mouth. Her tongue massage daddy’s rod, the teeth grazed gently along his sensitive shaft. Natalie took daddy’s cock deeper and deeper, until daddy was buried deep inside her mouth and hitting the back of her throat.

Without missing a beat, Nat’s tongue came out to lick daddy’s the skin where his balls were, flicked from side to side, her mouth stretched as wide as she could go.

Daddy’s body shivered from the sensation, being sucked and having his balls licked at the same time was something quite out of this world. His hips pushed up off the carpeted floor, his feet planted firmly, daddy pushed his rock hard cock into his little girl’s mouth.

‘Oh yes, eat that cock like a good little girl, honey,’ daddy huskily said.

‘Mmm hmmm,’ was Nat’s reply.

Natalie sucked on daddy’s cock harder and faster now, her head moved rapidly. Her tongue shifted from side to side, pressing his cock inside her mouth. Nat then move to just suck the tip of daddy’s cock, lovingly lick his glistening head, and gently suck on the tip.

Daddy reached for Nat’s long black hair and pull gently until her mouth released his cock with a loud pop, releasing her hair, her head fell forward and her mouth took him back into her hot moist cavern. She now sucked only the very tip of his penis, her tongue played with the tiny slit, moving and slithering back and forth, tasting his pre-cum, salty and tangy.

Natalie increased her tempo, moving up and down daddy’s pole faster and faster. Each time daddy’s cock popped out of her luscious mouth, a loud pop would follow. Her saliva coated daddy, and pooled at his groin.

Daddy’s eyes never left Natalie’s succulent pussy, devouring the sight, and the aroma of her arousal. He leaned forward and breathed deeply, his tongue reached out to touch her puckered brown hole his hands spread her ass cheeks wide apart as daddy buried his head at his little darling’s ass.

‘Ooooooh, daddy,’ Natalie cried softly. ‘That feels so… mmmmm,’ she did not finish the sentence, instead pushed her buttocks slightly against daddy’s tongue, felt the rimming action twirled at her forbidden virgin sphincter. Her mouth retaking his penis deeply until she almost gagged.

Daddy’s fingers explored her pussy, as his tongue played and teased her brown hole, making Nat squirm with delight.

‘You like that?’ Daddy mumbled against her saliva-covered hole.

‘Ahhhh daddy,’ Natalie begged, ‘please don’t stop. Lick me there again, daddy.’

‘With relish, baby girl,’ daddy said with gusto, and dove back into her sphincter with his lips and tongue, two fingers plundering her snug vagina to the knuckles, the tips of his fingers found his baby girl’s G-spot and rubbed it hard.

‘DADDY!’ Natalie expelled her full mouth to scream in ecstasy, grinded her sensitive G-spot harder against his expert fingers. ‘Ooooh, mmmmm.’

‘Keep sucking daddy’s cock, honey,’ ordered daddy to his little girl, against her brown slicked hole, pushing his hips up.

Nat again took hold of his cock, and sucked him in rhythm with his tongue and fingers. Daddy’s hands spanked her behind with a smack; left then right, making her buttocks hot and red from the assault. The sound of the slap reverberated around the hotel room, spurred his tongue faster.

Natalie loved the way daddy’s tongue felt on her sphincter, no one has ever licked her there before. The sensitive opening spasm, puckered with every flick every lick of her daddy’s skilful tongue. She moaned deep in her throat, and flung her head back, concentrated solely on the sensation daddy’s tongue was giving her. She gyrated her ass gently, to daddy’s stimulation.

‘Ooooh, daddy, can you fuck my pussy,’ Natalie begged, looking at him over her shoulder.

Nat crawled away from daddy, and he got on to the bed, and slapped the space next to him. She hurriedly got up and sat next to him on the bed, bouncing on the springs, her firm tits bobbing up and down, she giggled excitedly.

Daddy grabbed Natalie by her waist, roughly pulled her onto the bed and onto her back. His hands grabbed her soft slim thighs and crudely spread he legs wide, revealing the treasure at the apex, her smoothly waxed mound soft to his caress. Daddy lifted each of her slim legs and licked along the length, reaching her pelvis, but never touching her delicate clit, now just begging to be sucked and nibbled.

Placing each leg back on the bed, daddy positioned his body between Nat’s thighs and move his head to give her begging-to-be-sucked clit one long slurp, nibbled it with his teeth, and twirl it inside his mouth with his tongue.

‘Aaaaahhhh,’ Natalie wailed. ‘More daddy, more, give me more.’

‘No more, baby slut, I want you for something else,’ was his response, as he released her engorged bud.

Daddy’s hands manipulated her legs so that they spread wide apart, Natalie have never more vulnerable than right now. Daddy’s eyes, burned as he looked at her soaked pussy, her juice glistened along her womanly slit, just waiting to be fucked by her daddy- cock.

‘Are you ready to be fuck by your daddy?’ he grunted. ‘Daddy can’t wait for this moment any longer.’

In one rough movement, daddy shoved his 8 inch cock into his little girl’s waiting moist softness, until he was buried all the way inside. The feeling of being inside this tight semi-virginal cunt was almost too much for him to bear and or came close to losing his load right there. But daddy was an expert, and he controlled his cum just in time because he knows, the more he prolonged it, the more it will explode.

His hands rested on top of her still-widely stretched thighs, his groin moved back and forth, plunged with changing tempo, alternating fast movement, then slow down to a tease inside Natalie’s not-yet sated love tunnel.

Their moans mingled in the room, the smell of sex filled the air, their body sweating from the workout. Nat’s hands massaged her tits, pinched and rolled her dark nipples. Her pussy sporadically spasm to squeeze daddy’s cock inside her tightly filled cunt, and his shiver as she does so made her vagina wetter and hotter.

Daddy loved being inside this young slut’s hole and will soon be showing her a thing about anal fucking, since she has confessed to never have been fucked there by her boyfriend. What a tight ass it would be for him to plunder, daddy though greedily.

Daddy looked at his baby girl’s face, their eyes met, and inexplicably, his cock got harder from the eye contact, and expanded even more inside her. His hands reached up to grabbed her twin orbs, pulling and pinching her nipples painfully, as he continued to pump his cock in and out. Natalie’s hands grabbed the pillow under her head and clenched her muscle, all the better to feel her daddy-cock with.

Daddy knows he was about to shoot his load, but instead of being inside her tight cunt, he wanted instead to bless her virginal rectum with his ‘holy water’. As he made this decision, he scooted back from her pussy.

‘Get on your stomach,’ he ordered. ‘Like a good little girl.’

Without a word, Nat rolled onto her stomach and open her legs wide without prompting. Her anticipation was high, as she wiggled her ass at her daddy.

‘Naughty girl needs to be punished,’ daddy informed her, watching her buttocks jiggled. He sucked two fingers and pushed them into her virgin ass and moved them mercilessly in and out, spreading Nat’s brown crease, preparing for his meaty entrance.

Natalie breathed heavily, trying to relax her body, but enjoying the feeling of having her forbidden hold toyed with daddy’s fingers. It was so different to having her pussy played with.

‘Daddyyyy, oooooh,’ Nat whimpered softly into the pillow.

Daddy repositioned his body; his hands grabbed her firm ass and spread them apart. Looking down at her brown puckered sphincter, his cock jerked, like a stallion ready to mount the mare for mating. Daddy dribbled some of his saliva onto her, working it into the crease, lubricating it.

Then gently, he positioned the tip of his penis at her entrance, and pushed in. Nat’s hands grabbed the pillow and clenched hard at the pain.

‘Relax, honey, deep breath,’ daddy leaned down to whisper into her ear, while pushing his hard cock further inside her dank rectum, no-longer-virgin asshole.

‘Mmmmm,’ Natalie moaned, unsure if from pain or pleasure.

Daddy is now fully on top of her, his legs between her spread thighs, his thrust soft and tender. His breathing laboured as he holds back with effort, he is dying to fuck her virgin ass with all he is worth, fuck her anally until she cannot walk right after he is finished with her. But daddy is an experienced lover, and knew that if he was rough, she would never like anal ever again.

Daddy rocked his hips lightly in circular motion, easing his cock into his little girl deeper and deeper without hard thrust. Soon, he was covered fully inside her dark tunnel; his sacs rested on her sopping wet vagina, her juice coated his balls.

After a few minutes more of daddy’s rocking, something stirred deep inside Natalie’s body, quickly overtaking the initial pain, pleasure rumbled to the surface. Gradually she moved so her knees are resting on the bed, and daddy moved with her. Her buttocks high in the air, with daddy still buried deeply inside, she pushed against him now that her body has learned to take his full cock.

‘Split my ass, daddy, show me how you fuck,’ Natalie urged her daddy.

No further encouragement required.

Daddy humped his hips, thrust his penis in and out of her tight brown ring. Natalie moaned with every thrust of his cock, her ass tightly hugged his hard shaft. He looked down at his cock disappearing and appearing, dribbled more saliva onto her and drove f***efully again and again into her.

Finally daddy pulled his hard meat out from Natalie’s ass, her hole remains open, contracting from the emptiness. Daddy sucked his fingers, pushed three fingers into her ass, twisted his hands back and forth, his thumb rubbed Natalie’s pussy and clit.

Nat bite the pillow, and screamed into the softness. Her body contracted, and daddy ever the expert, knew his little girl was about to explode into a sea of orgasm. Without waiting, daddy pulled his fingers back out and shoved his cock into her. Roughly fucking her now, no longer caring if she was in pain, he wanted to coat her rectum with his holy water to baptise her.

Daddy grunted and he could feel the tightening of his balls, he was about to shoot his load into his baby girl. He fucked her faster and harder, sweat dripped off his forehead and landed on Nat’s back. Her moans spurred her daddy on, her well-fucked ass contracted around his great cock, milked and squeezed him.

The aroma of their fucking filled the room. The sound of their coupling echoed around the room, the smacking sound music to daddy’s ears.

With one last wild thrust back into her receptive bum, daddy left out a loud grunt, his hands grabbed Nat’s hips in a vice-like grip and let forth his white hot cum coated her dank hole with his jizz. Natalie could feel his hot semen smeared her deep inside. Her body contract from the sensation and another orgasm blasted around her pussy and ass, and a loud scream emitted from her. Nat’s body spasm from the f***e of her orgasm as she felt her daddy slumped to rest on her back.

With effort, daddy pulled out of his little baby’s ass and collapse next to her, exhausted from their mating ritual. Panting heavily, he pulled her into his arms and slid one of his legs between Natalie’s, cradling her moist pussy on his thigh, and they both fell asl**p.

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1 year ago
Cum 1/2 way - at the end - still hard
1 year ago
Daddy loved it - all the best for 2014
2 years ago
Nice and taboo
2 years ago
That's the way father and daughters should behave!!!!. HOT HOT story!!!
2 years ago
thank you for your comment on my story.
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2 years ago
I couldn't finish the story before I came.
2 years ago
maybe she looked like her mom cause he fucked the shit out of her.....not something one would do to his daughter.......oh well....
3 years ago
Great story - honestly you lost me a bit in the second halve but it was very hot all the same.
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mmmmmmm i really like that
3 years ago
Is this based from true events? Just curious. ;-)
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What a succulent feast! Truly inspired!
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I would love to be her daddy
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erotic & hot
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Daddy likes your story very very much.
This is porn LITERATURE!
You created a new art.
I enjoy your éloquence and get horny at the same time ^_^
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Very hot, purely about the lust of it all. Loved it
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xcuse me as I got to wank a hard on. Fuckin awesome. More pleez!!!!!