Story of Tim – My True Story - Ch. 2

Chapter 2

By now, my lips craved his kiss so much, I kept licking my lips, and he knew what I wanted too. He scooted up so our face was levelled. His hand reached over, his lips hovered near mine. My eyes could not leave his lips, I craned my head off the pillow as far as the bindings would allow.

Suddenly, my head crashed into his with a bang. One of my hands was freed from the rope. He grabbed his nose with a low groan, and slumped over my body. With my free hand, I grabbed my forehead in turn to rub the sore spot, it hurt. A few seconds passed and I could feel the vibration from his body rumbled, as he chuckled and I started to giggled softly at the timing.

He got up from the bed to untie my other hand and feet, and came back to lie on the bed next to me. I scoot in close, nestled in his arms, and so begin our ‘sex weekend’.

I leaned in to give Tim a kiss, our lips met and his tongue reached inside my mouth to massage mine. His hand reached up to cradle my head as his mouth assaulted my lips, his tongue reached deeper as tasted my mouth. My breasts crushed against his hairless chest, his other hand reached down to caressed my bottom, squeezed and massaged the cheeks.

I moaned as I felt his tongue played inside my mouth, my saliva dripped from the corner of my lips. He pushed me gently onto my back, and released my captive lips to kiss and lick his way down to my stiff areolas. He took each stiff brown bud into his mouth, sucked and nibbled on them with relish.

I asked him to bite down a little harder on my nipples, and he hesitantly complied. I whimpered with pleasure, my hands held his head and pushed my stiff bud deeper into his sucking mouth.

Tim’s body was by now between my wide-open thighs. He let go of my slicked nipples with a sigh, and continued his kissing and licking journey down my body. His hands never stopped caressing my body as he continued to move down my body with his lips leaving damp trail here and there.

I had an idea where his ultimate destination was, but still, to feel his tongue furrowed between my labia was a surprise. The tip of Tim’s tongue found my tight little clit, his hands spread open my labia, he took my bud into his mouth and sucked on it, hard, and rolled his tongue round and round, making my head swim with sensations that I had never felt before.

I panted heavily, my hands was clenching the bed sheets tightly. I had the urge to push Tim away at first because to feel a man’s tongue licking me down there felt, well, kind of ‘dirty’. This is due to my inexperience with oral sex, back then I knew little of how tongue and lips can bring so much pleasure to the opposite sex.

But Tim knew how embarrassing I felt, so he did not linger too long with eating my pussy, he crawled back up the bed and sucking my skin along the way, made his way to my nipples again, and up back to my lips.

He grabbed my thighs and said against my lips for me to hug his hips with my thighs. I complied willingly. He nudged the tip of his ready-and-waiting cock at my channel, rubbed the tip at my opening, and lubricated himself with my juice.

He pushed gently inside of my slicked pussy. I screamed in pain and told him to stop. I remember this clearly, because Tim froze, not moving. I had a feeling my hymen was not broken through properly from my first time, and now with Tim, it was killing me, again.

I breathed deeply, relaxing my muscles and body. Tim was suspended in animation; he has not moved a muscle, the tip of his cock still inside of me. I looked into his eyes, and slightly nodded my head. Tim said softly to me that everything will be OK and that it will not hurt for long. I hoped he was right.

He grabbed my ankles from behind his back, and positioned each on his shoulders. Suddenly, the tightness eased with my new position. Tim plunged his cock deeper, moved his groin in small circular motion, and massaged my stretched tunnel. I moaned, no longer with pain, but with pleasure.

My hands grabbed his forearm, as my pussy now spasm and squeezed his deeply-buried penis. His body tensed as he felt my body massaged him in return. I closed my eyes as I savoured his stiff rod moving in and out of my wet silken hole. Tim groaned at my snug-fitting channel and moved ever deeper with his hard shaft.

I was about to orgasm from this position. His dick head found and rubbed my G-spot, I whimpered, moaned that I was coming. Tim panted heavily, leaned on his knees and shoved his cock harder inside my tender pussy. At last, my climax hit me like a freight train, lights exploded in front of my eyes, and my pussy contracted all around his penis, squeezed and hugged him, milked his rod.

But Tim held off his orgasm, he wanted to feel my orgasm and see my climax on my face. Sweat dripped off his brow, and I brushed it off his face. My body limp and weak, he pulled out of me slowly. He moved down the bed and opened my weak legs apart.

His eyes never left my sated slit, still contracting and twitching from my powerful orgasm. His tongue snaked out to flick my clit, my hands clutched the bed sheets in my fists, my thighs opened wider as he buried his lips inside my pussy folds. I softly screamed out, begged him to stop, but he did not stop.

His tongue’s assault on my sensitive clit was explosive, within seconds my second orgasm erupted all around his sucking mouth and face. My hands moved to his head, grasped his head and I mashed my pussy deeper inside his mouth. I felt his tongued lapped at my clit I huffed out that I needed to rest.

Tim regretfully relinquished my pussy to rest, and moved up my body to lie next to me. His hands caressed and fondled my skin and breasts. I was trying to catch my breath. It was one memorable night, and this was only the first night with Tim, and he had not even cum yet.

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9 months ago
wow - the ending was super hot - Loved it
2 years ago
No matter how long it took I would have brought you to orgasm using my tongue. To me it is far more important to give pleasure to the woman I am making love to before I start to think of my own satisfaction.
3 years ago
hot & sexy
3 years ago
3 years ago
Great story, painted a beautiful picture but I'm selfish and need to finish aswell, where's part three :P.
3 years ago
i think you may be able to write more parts in this story
cant wait give work up write more haha
3 years ago
thats a good one ... really got the flow back :D
3 years ago
Mmmmm Can't wait to read more. :-)