Story of Tim – My True Story - Ch. 1

Chapter 1

Tim was the second man I ever had sex with, and the first man to introduce me to anal sex.

He made contact with me through a dating site, and it took a while for me to have enough courage to finally agreeing to meet him in the city. He had organised the whole weekend to spend with me.

A little about Tim; he’s from our country’s capital, with light brown hair, medium build, and good looking (to me back then). He had the whole weekend planned: one night in the city, head off the next morning down to the coast. Little did I realise, being young and inexperienced, he had paid for everything.

Right after work, I headed to the hotel he had booked in the city. I remember being terribly nervous, meeting Tim for the first time. He had called earlier to let me know his room number, as I ascend the elevator I almost changed my mind, even this close to meeting him. But I continued to his room, and gave a knock on his door.

Tim opened the room with a smile, and welcomed me in with a quick peck on my lips as I walked into his room. I placed my things on the table in the room, and turned around to look fully at him. He smiled and held out his hand. Inside my chest, my heart was beating so fast I felt as if I had been running a marathon.

I smiled nervously as I placed my hand in his outstretched one, he pulled me close and we stood in the middle of the room hugging. My cheek rested on his chest, as I listen to his steady heartbeat. We stayed like so for about five minutes; he stroked my back but as he pulled away, he looked down at me, and ask if I felt better.

I laughed with relief, and told him yes, I felt much better. My nervousness must’ve shown up in my body language. He then gave me a quick kiss, his tongue stole inside my mouth and toyed with my tongue, my eyes remain open and our gazes locked. As his tongue played with mine, I look into his eyes. I don’t remember what colour his eyes were, but I do remember that they were warm and gentle.

But the night was young. He broke our kiss and asked me to take him out to dinner at the nearby entertainment area. We had a good dinner at a seafood restaurant, which gave us both a chance to get to know one another a bit more.

Once we got back to the hotel room, we both jumped in the shower and took turn cleaning each other. I knelt in the stall to suck on his semi-erect penis, the hot water cascading down my back. Tim’s hand holding my head as he gyrate his hips in and out of my mouth.

Before I got too far, he pulled me up and cleaned my pussy with his hand. His finger worked its way inside my pussy as he cleaned, I moaned, my hand grabbed his shoulder to steady my weakening knees. He pushed me against the wall of the shower as his thumb now rubbed my clit while his finger worked at my pussy.

I was breathing heavily and was about to collapse right there when he turned off the faucet and guided both of us out of the bathroom, and onto the bed. The cool air hitting my wet body made goose pimples appear. He grabbed the towel, wrapped me in it, and towel-dry my hair.

Tim then discarded the towel on a chair, and I climbed backwards on to the bed, my eyes never leaving his face. His hands reached for one of my ankles, and reached for the rope lying next to the leg of the bed, gently tied both of my ankles loosely at each corner of the bed. My breath quickened, my breasts heaving with excitement.

He walked to the top of the bed and I gave him my wrists, he tied them in turn to each corner of the bed. I was now spread-eagled on the huge king-size bed in the hotel room, completely at his mercy. He turned down the lights in the room and grabbed his bag of goodies; I craned my neck to see what he was up to.

He took out a long white candle; I asked him what he was going to do with it when he lit it. He told me he was going to drip the hot wax on my skin. My heart was thumping uncontrollably inside my chest as I nodded my head with anticipation. He licked his lips and sat on the side of the bed.

Slowly he dripped the hot wax here and there on my body. With each hot drop he would follow with a loving kiss after the wax has been peeled away from my skin, his saliva and lips salve to my burns. Each kiss from Tim, I would moan with pleasure as I felt his tongue licking my hot skin.

Tim dripped hot wax both of my sensitive nipples and once the wax hardened, he peeled it off and would suckle my areolas into stiff buds and would drip more wax on to it, making my nipples unbearable sensitive to his tongue. He then moved down my body, dripped hot wax randomly, and that tantalising kiss always followed the hot trail.

Finally he reached his destination. Tim open my labia wide, exposed my pleasure bud to the cool air. He breathed in deeply at the sight of my opened pussy. Bringing the candle closer, he studied my clit with the light from the candle, the way it glistened and how my juice is seeping out from my hot channel.

Instead of kissing or licking my clitty, Tim carefully dripped wax onto my tight bud from up high to lessen the heat. I gasped, mixture of pain and pleasure, I wriggled my thighs, trying to rub the burn. Tim ‘tsk-tsk’, peeled the wax off and kissed my hot clit. More wax followed, and more kissing, then soft licking with his tongue, tenderly rotated his tongue on my clit.

I breathed in ecstasy, and begged Tim to eat my pussy. Remember, I am still tied up, so I was at his mercy. He looked at me mischievously, and shook his head. I groaned and put my head back on the soft pillow, and closed my eyes so I could feel the sensation more keenly.

The hot wax dripped along my slit as he let the wax rolled down in one sustained torrent, and after it hardened, he gently peeled the wax off. Blowing out the candle, he placed it on the table and came back to my hot throbbing pussy.

His finger gently nudged inside my soaked tunnel, and I jerked up at the sensation. Tim knew that I was still new at sex, and he took his time. His finger felt strange inside my pussy, yet a welcomed invader. His finger explored and massaged my vagina with expertise. I inhaled as I felt his finger plunged deeper inside of me.

His hand relinquished my pussy and he moved up the bed. His hands explored my body, from my neck, to my breasts and nipples, to my navel and back again to my pussy. Long slow caressing strokes, he would also pinch my nipples on his journey.

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8 months ago
Damn - gotta read more - awesome
2 years ago
You have a way of keeping the reader hanging on your every word. I would have hated to have read this chapter and then had to wait for the next.
2 years ago
3 years ago
Very good story and told so well.
Your choice of words and expressions is so damn good.
Like 'exposed my pleasure bud to the cool air'.
I love that. It is more than just 'hot' and a delight to read.
3 years ago
Another hot story, I can't wait to read the next chapter. :-)
3 years ago
welcome back hope part 2 is soon so far so good
3 years ago
Thanx for this nice little story, Minxy. You hit the spot of our dirty minds ;)
3 years ago
I don't even have a pussy and this got me wet!! I am so hard right now, where is the rest of this fabulous story?