My First Threesome – My True Story

After having met up with Jack a few twice more, he made a crazy suggestion of inviting another lady to the meeting. I was a bit hesitant, and didn’t know much about having sex with two other people. But Jack reassured me that this other lady is very nice, as he was also seeing her casually, and that she wanted to do a threesome, so he thought of me.

So I said OK, but that I’d like to talk to her first to get to know her, so he passed on her details and I got in touch with her. After a few weeks of talking and chatting online, I finally informed both her and Jack that I would be happy to have a threesome.

Her name was Jade. A little info about Jade; she’s half Caucasian and half Asian; she was 36 at the time, her skin porcelain-white, and soft. She was curvaceous with large breasts, much like I was, so I was comfortable straight away when I met her, than I would’ve been had she been skinny with small bust.

I remembered that Jade came to pick me up at the train station, and drove both of us over to Jack’s apartment. This was in the middle of winter, but he had gotten his place ready and it was toasty. He gave us a glass of pineapple juice each and we sat down, chit-chatted about this and that for a few minutes, before finally Jack stood up and led the way to his bedroom.

I had no idea what was going to happened, but the least I could say: I was excited by the prospect of my first threesome with two total strangers, at the tender age of 23.

As we walked into Jack’s bedroom, he reached for Jade first, and I took that as my cue to start undressing her as he kissed her luscious lips. I freed her large breasts, and saw her pink nipples, soft and pliable, very different to my dark ones, and I squeezed between the two of them, sucked each nipples into my mouth, felt them stiffened on my lapping tongue.

I let go of her nipples, went to stand behind her, and unbuckled her belt, unzipped her trousers. Both of my hands and Jack’s pushed her pants off her body, taking her pretty red lace undies with it. My hands played with her trimmed pubic bush, my fingers searched and found her clit.

Jade began to moan deep in her throat, I was not sure if it was from my fingers or from Jack’s kiss, it could be a combination of both. Jack’s hands was busy pinching and playing with her twin globes, meanwhile, I was busy kissing and licking her back, working my way down to her ass, my fingers never stopped twiddling her soft clit.

Then before I could crawl between her legs to get at her pussy, Jack pulled me from behind Jade, and kissed me. His tongue reached inside my mouth, and played with mine. My hands reached to pull his polo shirt off, and undid his trousers. Jade all the while, pulled my dress from the hem up, over my breasts, Jack and I disconnected our kiss briefly, and reconnected as both our clothes were pulled off.

Jade got between our bodies, and took hold of his semi-erect penis with her hands. She gently moved her hands back and forth, pumped bl**d into his cock, made it hard very quickly. Jack and I broke our tongue-playing to look down at Jade.

I then went on my knees next to her, and began sucking Jack’s stiff cock, and linked Jade’s fingers as well, whenever my tongue came in contact. She let go of his cock, and then sucked his penis as well. I moved so that both our mouths are on either side of him, our tongues would touch occasionally as we moved first one way, then the other. Each of Jack’s hands rested on our head, I wasn’t sure if he was moaning or not, as my attention was wholly on sucking his dick. Jade’s gaze and mine had locked over his penis, and both of us were then moving in the same direction.

Before we went too far with sucking his hardened shaft, he indicated for Jade to go and lay on the bed. She crawled on the mattress and lay down on her back, with her head on the side and her legs hanging on the other side. Jack moved to her pussy, and positioned his condom-encased cock at her pick fleshy vagina and opened her thighs wide as he pushed his cock inside of her.

I also crawled on to the bed, began sucking, licking both of her breasts and nipples. Jade’s hands played with my hair, stroked my back. I can feel her moans vibrated in her chest as my mouth licked and teeth nibbled her stiffening peaks. I kissed my way up to her lips, and my first kiss with another female was soft and sensual, both our soft tongues played and toyed with each other.

As the kiss continued, Jack rammed his cock harder and harder inside her pussy. Jade’s body shook and moved on the mattress violently as his penis piston in and out. I believe the tableau of two girls kissing on his bed got the better of Jack and he could no longer control his urges. He pulled out of Jade before he could shoot his load and panted, laughed hoarsely, and told both Jade and I that all of us are going to have so much fun.

I broke our kiss, and we both looked at Jack, and laughed. Both of his hands went on an exploration for both of our pussies. I lay back next to Jade, and enjoyed the feeling of his hand on my clit. I sighed from his fingers, it played and rolled my engorged clit, I spread my legs wider as two fingers gently thrust into my tight channel.

I can only imagine that Jack was doing the exact same movement to Jade. His thumbs rubbed both our clits, and that made my pussy wetter and hotter. I moaned; my hands grasped the bed sheets as the pleasure of his stimulations trembled from my pussy and burst around my body; I was about to orgasm from his fingers.

Jade had the same reaction, both our gasping breath came just at the same time, our moans of delight as our pussies spasm from ecstasy. My back arched off the bed, my legs tightened, and finally, my orgasm erupted, exploded like dynamite. My fingers and hands tingled, my head thrashed from side to side, my tight hole gripped his fingers as my muscle contract.

Beside me Jade’s orgasm was also reaching its peak, her groans of pleasure came in short gasp. I made my way off the bed and went to kneel beside the bed, between her thighs. Jack moved his hand out of the way, and I took my first tentative lick at her still-throbbing clit. Jade jerked at my tongue’s contact. I tasted a woman for the first time.

As I was younger at the time I did not like the taste of myself very much, and the taste and smell of another women even less. However, seeing Jade’s body’s reaction to my hesitant lick built my confidence, and I gave her clit a much firmer licking. Then I took the plunge and sucked her whole clit into my mouth, and used my tongue to fiddle the sensitive bud inside my wet mouth.

She shook violently, I had to hold her thighs as they tightened around my head, her hands held my head as she pushed her vulva further into my now-willing mouth. I moaned with bliss as I felt her soft delicate clit rested on my tongue as I brushed over and over and over her. She whined with sensuality, and informed out loud to Jack and me that she was coming again.

As I was eating Jade, Jack had moved to the other side of the bed, to where Jade’s head was. His stiff shaft was slightly neglected now that he was not buried inside of Jade’s pussy. He pushed his semi-erect cock into her waiting mouth, her head upside down on the bed.

I was too busy with her slit to notice. My fingers began their inquisitive journey of another woman’s pussy. Playing with my own clit and pleasure pot is different to looking at and playing with someone else’s private bits. I inserted my middle finger into her soaked tunnel to see what it felt like and felt her muscle tensed, I crooked my finger and found her magic spot, which I didn’t know was there at the time.

With Jack’s penis in her mouth, and me assaulting her slit, Jade began to buck like a wild horse. My middle finger massaged and rubbed her G-spot harder as I felt and saw her responses to it. I then inserted my ring finger into her tight brown sphincter, and she let go of Jack briefly to look at me, before hanging her head back. Jack slid his stiff shaft deeper into her mouth, possibly hitting her throat from that upside down angle.

Her moans rumbled in her chest, got louder and louder as her clit was about to give up on the fight to hold back her orgasm. My tongue flicked faster and tapped at her responsive bud, and I sucked hard on her clit, engorging it even more with bl**d. Finally, her orgasm blew out from her pussy, muscle spasm around my face, fingers and tongue. I sucked harder still, sustaining her orgasm; tapped and rolled at her clit with my tongue.

Jack pushed into her mouth one last time, but held back and moved away from Jade’s mouth. She panted, and told me what I had just done to her was great, as no woman has ever been down on her before. I smiled and my mouth went back down to her hot clit, but her hands held my chin still. Shaking her head, she told me to get on the bed, and that it was my turn.

I moved on top of the mattress, Jade scooted down to my pussy, and her fingers spread open my labia, exposing my clit. Jack had moved to my pussy, and after changing his condoms, took hold of his penis, pushed the tip inside. Jade’s eyes never left the action that was performed in front of her.

Once Jack was inside, he thrust his hips, and pushed until he was deep inside. I sighed as he stretched my pussy. My breathing came faster as I felt Jade’s fingers rubbing my clit and the area where Jack’s cock joined my body. Jade’s tongue snaked out to brush sensually on my clit, I whimpered loudly as both Jack and Jade worked on my body.

Jade moved to my nipples to return the favour, sucking and licking them one by one. My hand moved to manipulate her breasts, pinched her pink areola into stiff peaks. The feeling of a cock inside of my vagina and the feeling of a woman’s mouth around my breasts made my writhed with rapture.

Jack’s stiff shaft worked at my pussy, the squelching sound, the smell of sex, my juice and Jade’s juice stained the sheets. Jack reluctantly pulled away from my warm moist channel after a few more push of his groin and got on to the bed. I shifted off the bed, but looking at Jade, she indicated that I should get on top of Jack’s rearing rod.

I climbed on to Jack, positioned my pussy over him and slowly slid onto him to the hilt. Jade also climbed onto Jack, but positioned her pussy at his face in a 69 position. I was now facing Jade. I bounced up and down on Jack’s tool; felt him deep inside, massaging my muscle and hitting my cervix with his head.

Jade reached out her hand to grab my head, and pull me close for an intense kiss. I sucked her tongue into my mouth and massaged it with mine. My hands was anchoring me to the bed and to Jack, but I moved one hand up to cup one of Jade’s breasts, and massaged it, felt the weight of it in the palm of my hand, pinched her nipple. Jack was licking Jade’s pussy at this time, I can only imagine his expert tongue and mouth, sucking and licking her.

As Jade and I kissed, her blissful moans would escape from her into my mouth, her enjoyment from Jack’s assault evident. Her whole body trembled, and our kiss would break away every so often as we both huffed for air; me from Jack’s deeply-buried cock inside my rod-hugging vagina and Jade from Jack’s slithering tongue on her pink juicy clit.

My hands moved to grab Jack’s hips for anchor as I push up and down on his penis. I squeezed his cock with my muscle and felt his body jerked and his grunts. All three of us were breathing hard, each of us concentrated one thing each had going: me with Jack’s hard rod inside of my soaked pussy; Jade with her pussy over Jack’s mouth, feeling his snaking tongue on her clit; and Jack, Jack had two women on top of him, I believe I can safely say Jack was in heaven.

My breasts jingled up and down from the momentum of my riding Jack’s rod, Jades hands reached up to cup both. I then saw Jack’s hands reached forward to cup Jade’s breasts in turn. I leaned forward, and locked my lips back with Jade’s, our tongue slithered and meshed, saliva dribbled from our open mouths.

I rubbed my pussy faster and faster on the deeply buried penis, grinded my clit into his pubic hair, felt the rough stimulation on my engorged bud. Jade did like-wise on Jack’s open sucking mouth. We both whimpered. I needed to come, Jade need to come; and Jack had been holding back for a while.

I moved up and down faster, hugged his stiff shaft. I could feel his cock head had found my G-spot, and I screamed out that I was coming. I ground down hard on his cock as my orgasm exploded from my tunnel, spasm and shuddered as my muscle milked his cock.

In front of me, Jade’s orgasm was also bursting from her well-sucked clit. She cried out, her hands reached up to pinched her nipples, her head thrown back in ecstasy. Her hips moved all over Jack’s face, rubbing her juice all over his chin and nose.

My pussy let go of Jack’s rock-hard cock as I got off Jack, I pulled the condom off of his penis, discarded it, and grabbed a tissue to wipe off the lubricant from his glistening rod. I proceed to sucked his cock, tasted his pre-cum.

Jade wriggled off his face, and we both took turns sucking and licking his cock. Jack lifted his head to watch our lips wrapped around him in, our tongues touched as we both lick his throbbing shaft up and down, then his head collapsed back onto the bed. I took Jack deep until he hit the back of my throat, my tongue pressed hard against him inside my mouth.

He jerked from the sensation. I relinquished his shuddering penis to Jade’s mouth next, and went to lie next to Jack and we kissed. His tongue stole inside my mouth, and played with my lips, rubbed my tongue. His hands went down to play with my very wet pussy and rubbed my clit, my hand covered his as I pushed my vulva harder against his hand. Our kiss deepened, he sucked my tongue into his mouth, and sucked my bottom lip.

I pulled away unwillingly from his lips to watch Jade’s head bopped up and down at his groin. The image of his dark cock disappearing between her soft pink lips, the saliva pooled in his pubic hair. Her tongue appeared, and licked the tip of his dick, and I wanted to go back to join her.

But before I could scoot down to join Jade, she had stopped sucking him, and I believe she could tell that he was about to let his load out of his sacs. Jade sat back and I joined her at the end of the bed. Jack stood up on the mattress, he took a hold of his pent up meat and pumped his hand a few times. Before long he grunted, with his eyes closed, his semen shot out, it landed on both Jade and me.

Some landed on our breasts, and spattered on our chins. Jack gave a big sigh as he milked the last of his jizz from is cock. He looked down at his semen blots on our skin, his hand gently moved along his rod. My mouth opened to take the tip of him into my mouth and softly licked the tip of his sensitised penis. Jack’s hand reached out to play with the spatter of his semen on our skin.

Jade leaned forward and licked some off from my breasts, taking my nipple into her mouth. I moaned in my throat as I felt her soft tongue rolled my nipple. Jack rested his hand on my head, smoothly and tenderly glided his cock in and out of my mouth as he watched Jade lick his cum off my skin.

Once I let go of his semi-erect penis, Jack lay back down on the bed, Jade and I lie down on either side of him. Jack wrapped each of his arms around us and we rested for a few minutes.

And that was my first ever experience within a threesome, and it was one of the most memorable memories I ever had that I could remember on the year I turned 23. Unfortunately, it would be the first and only time I would meet Jade. But definitely not the last of my threesome.
99% (80/1)
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9 months ago
Damn - Jack is one lucky man - you are hot & horny girl
1 year ago
amazing and so well written story!
1 year ago
hot story.x
2 years ago
very hot :)
2 years ago
Rather well written and constructed story. Fast paced overview of action though short of deails.

A HOT and sexually charge threesome, even though first experience of both females wth another woman. Still worthy of of a throbbing hardon for the short duration of the sex party!!
2 years ago
So hot gorgeous!!!
2 years ago
This reminds me so much of my first threesome with two sisters. One of the most erotic and passionate experiences of my life.
2 years ago
wow! love the story babe. so hot!
2 years ago
Steaming hot. A bit like you yoursef :)
3 years ago
hot & sexy great detail
3 years ago
Really, an excellent story! Truly well done!
3 years ago
i feel the same way than docgiff
excellent story, you've got a talent to writte
3 years ago
Thank you for sharing such a wonderful experience!
3 years ago
excellent very good story
3 years ago
Excellent story. It was described in such great detail, I felt as if I were there. Thanks for posting.
3 years ago
really really hot story!
3 years ago
i think you should keep writing true events
the story kept me reading on and left me wonting more keep it up 6.5/10
3 years ago
very erotic and beautifully graphic
3 years ago
excellent story