The Story about Jack – My True Story

Having signed up onto an internet dating site, I really was not too optimistic, being a realist I didn’t expect too much. After a few weeks of weeding out all the weird ones, and the nutty ones, I had managed to click with a particular man, Jack. We chatted and emails back and forth for several weeks before we both felt comfortable enough to organise a meeting.

A little bit about Jack; he was at the time 38 to my 23 years, with dark skin. He lived in a suburban city with his own apartment.

Unfortunately, at the time, I didn’t have a car, so had to rely on good old fashion public transport. Jack offered to pick me up from the train station, and when I arrived on the day, I didn’t have to wait too long before he came to pick me up.

Upon arriving at his apartment, we had a drink and things moved along pretty fast from there. He pulled me up from the couch, and we moved to his bedroom. We both got undressed, he moved to kneel on the bed, and I kneel next to the bed, my mouth levelled with his semi-erect penis.

I opened my mouth to suck him. He was a good teacher, as this would have been only my third time with a man. I was told certain sucking positions will, mmm, make a man shiver, and I do learn quickly how to make Jack shiver. My mouth moving up and down along his hard cock, my tongue slithering around his shaft, my saliva glistened on his throbbing cock.

Jack was shivering.

He could only take the assault of my mouth for so long, so he pulled me off the floor, my mouth relinquished his cock from my sucking lips. I was enjoying myself with my sucking, I didn’t get up willingly. Jack laughed, but told me that more was to come.

Now, remember this was only my third time with a guy, I wasn’t expecting him to give me the full bell and whistle. Suffice to say, I wasn’t aware that a guy could bring a girl to orgasm just by licking and sucking her clit. I didn’t know what I was missing out on until a bit later on – but that’s another story.

So that first meeting was only of me sucking Jack and he pretty much having his way with my inquisitive pussy, my horny inquisitive pussy.

He pushed me up against the bedhead, the pillows under my bum, my legs spread wide, my pussy exposed and opened to his searching fingers. I was still a bit embarrassed about my body, so wasn’t too comfortable with him looking at it.

Jack was a nice man, he knew that I was quite new to sex, and was patient with me, made me unselfconscious. He asked if I wanted to turn the lights off, but I said no, I wanted to see what he was going to be doing, and to see him.

Ever since my second time having sex, I’ve made a promised to myself to always have the lights on when fucking at night. This time was one such time, and I was glad that I’m no longer shy about my body, and now need the light on.

He smiled, and said that’s good. By this time, he had knelt at my spread thighs, scooted closed and positioned his cock at my vagina. He looked at my apprehensive face, and moved into kiss me deeply; his tongue searched and played inside my mouth. For a moment, I forgot how painful the initial penetration could get for me as he kissed me.

I sucked on his tongue, nibbled on his bottom lips as I glided my tongue on the inside of his lips. He explored my mouth, and while I was occupied with his kiss, he slowly pushed his condom-encased cock inside. I barely noticed that I was slowly being filled by him.

He groaned and said hoarsely against my lips that I was tight. I moaned in return and squeezed his cock with my muscle. He pulled away from our kiss, and grunted loudly as he pressed his hips further into mine. His stiff penis at this point had buried itself inside my tunnel to the hilt.

I moaned in pain, told him to stay still, to let my body adjust to him. He was a big guy for me, and my pussy was stretched tight. Jack stopped moving, hooked my legs to his waist, he told me to breathe in and relax. I tried my best, and thank heavens Jack understood my pain.

As my body adapted to being expanded, I told him he can start moving again. He happily obliged, and his hips began to move, his cock glided in and out in long slow strokes. My eyes closed as I felt him rocked hard rod inside of my wet tunnel, the pleasure of his long rub overrode my initial pain. I moaned in pleasure, my thighs tightened around his hips and my pussy spasm around him in bliss.

He bent his head down to suck on my soft nipples one by one, licked and bit them into hard buds. My back arched back, pushing my nipple deeper into his mouth. I gasped as I felt his teeth bite down, the sensation formed lightning strike right down to my clit.

I breathed out that I was coming, but Jack pulled away before I could, and I begged him not to stop, I was so close. But I guess he had more experience that I did at the time, he did stop, but moved my body so I would be on all fours. I looked back over my shoulder, he had knelt behind me, and then I could feel the tip of his dick pushed at my wet pussy.

He pushed in gently, his cock head popped inside once more. I sighed in ecstasy as I felt him moved back inside my hot moist tunnel, my head rested on the mattress, my bottom high in the air as my hands clutched the bed sheets. He pumped his hips back and forth, and I pushed myself back to take him deeper.

Jack groaned as his hands gripped my hips tighter. He moved faster as he heard my moans, my breathing laboured as my orgasm built up again. I whined, my hands reached between my legs and massaged my clit, my fingers felt where our bodies joined. My hips took his rhythm, and mimicked his movement.

As my orgasm reached the pinnacle, my pussy throbbed and spasm, I screamed out, informed Jack that I was coming. He f***ed his pumping hips faster and deeper; he could feel my orgasm from my tightening muscles of my vagina. With one final thrust, he let go of the control on his cum inside the condom.

He reached down to the play with my engorged clit to nurse my orgasm for a few more minutes. I gasped, and told him to stop as my clit was too sensitive for more stimulation. He didn’t stop; my second peak erupted, my whole body convulsed, and my breathing laboured as I sobbed out my second orgasm. His penis was still buried inside of me as my slit hugged and massaged around his shaft.

Jack finally collapsed on to my back and my body sunk on to the mattress. Both our breathing were gasped for air as we finally rested on the sweat-soaked sheets.

This was a first of our meeting, and through Jack, I had my first ever threesome, and a whole new world of sexual exploration.

… To be continued…

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8 months ago
Hot hot hot - looking forward to next ep - happy you cum from clit sucking
2 years ago
Great story, good that you found someone who knew how to turn you on and give you as much pleasure as he got.
2 years ago
super sexy babe
sounds you had one hell-of-a night :-)
2 years ago
Wow! Very good. Certainly got me shivering
2 years ago
Lucky guy! And girl!
2 years ago
Damn ~ so horny
3 years ago
whole new world lol
3 years ago
Great story - Enjoyed reading it!
3 years ago
jack does the trick. not lost the touch with a story there champ.
might be time to get started on another serial or two??
this got a solid reaction...;)
3 years ago
Very good true story, I can't wait to read more!
3 years ago
replace jack with jeff and you have an almost same deal with my first time
3 years ago
awesome story
3 years ago
so-o-o-o-o good - as usual - i almost forgot to breathe
3 years ago
thank you for this nice story :D
3 years ago
not bad i take it the to men before this were wam bam thankyou mam type roots i hope we get to here about some more adventures with Jack soon
A nice feel good story 5/10 well done
3 years ago
Wow guirly! What an experience! Good stuff!
3 years ago
a good one!