Teacher’s Aide Resignation

Dear Mr T,

After I have been your aide for the past year, I have decided to unfortunately move on from my current position. It has been a great pleasure in working with and for you. The things that I had learned from you have been an enormous learning curve, and I am sure that I will take the experience with me to my new work, and apply it accordingly.

The last few months with you has been great, and this letter will make sure you remember that.

On a particular morning, you had told me to stay behind after work for some overtime. As I walked behind you at your table at the front of the class, your hand stole underneath my knee-length skirt and your fingers teased my clit. I stopped suddenly, but was aware of the still-emptying class room, so I kept moving forward, placed the papers in my hands on the table, leaning against you, my breasts rubbed the side of your head.

Your breath came faster, and so was mine. I could not wait for your students to leave the room.

A few minutes later, the class was finally empty, and we both packed up the papers to go to your private office. Once we were in your office, you locked the door and proceed to unbutton my navy blue blouse and unhook my black lace bra. You dumped my clothes on the floor and pushed me to your large oak desk. I sat on the table and you started to lick my nipples one by one, your tongue lapped and your mouth sucked hard on them, your saliva glistening on my nipples.

My hands hold your head, stroked your hair, and pushed my nipple deeper into your mouth. Your hands jerked up my skirt, your hot hands caressed my smooth thighs and slowly move towards my naked pussy. I love the feelings of your fingers on my clit; your fingers lovingly stroked my slit, making my pussy hotter and wetter. I moaned loudly, I arched my neck back in pure bliss as you sucked my nipples harder with your mouth and played with the tight buds with your tongue.

You stopped sucking my nipples, and kissed me deeply, your tongue assaulted my willing mouth, searching my mouth with your tongue. I sucked on your tongue and you moaned at the sensation. With a sigh, your tongue left my lips and you kissed my neck, worked your way down, past my C cup breasts, further past my navel, the scrunched skirt at my hips, and finally you tenderly kissed my waxed mound.

You kissed my smooth mound and your tongue slid out to search between the folds, hiding my throbbing clit. I moaned loudly, my back arched off the table, your hands kept my thighs apart, exposing my vagina for easy access for your mouth and tongue. My hands cupped my breasts, pinching my nipples into stiff peaks, my head thrashed from side to side from the pleasure of your tongue, playing with my pulsating pussy. You were rolling the bud with your tongue, twirling and tapping, and with your lips, you sucked my pleasure button into your mouth.

My orgasm was fast approaching, and I begged you not to stop. Fortunately, you wanted to drink my juice, so you didn't stop. At last, my orgasm exploded like dynamite, radiating the tingling sensations from my pussy to my head, and my feet. I breathed out in a loud moan, and told you that I was coming, my hips pushed up from the desk, and I grinded my exposed clit deeper into your mouth. Your tongue inserted inside my spasming pussy, as you feel my muscle contract around your tongue.

As my climax slowly ebbed away, you stood up, and pulled my skirt away from hips, leaving it in a heap on the floor. I got off the table on my weak legs, and began to undress you, leaving your clothes on the floor next to mine. I pushed you to sit on the armchair in front of your desk. I knelt between your legs and took your stiff penis into my hand, and moved up and down, my other hand massaged your balls. I locked my eyes to yours, as my open mouth descended on the delicious shaft before me. You watched as the tip of your cock is swallowed inside my lips, you felt my tongue pressed against your cock and you closed your eyes in rapture.

The feeling of your penis filling my mouth, the taste of your pre-cum seeping from the tip of your cock, I gobbled you up with gusto. My eyes never leaving your face, as my head bopped up and down on your rock hard rod. The expression on your face made me worked harder on your saliva-slicked shaft. My head bopped up and down, I sucked you harder and deeper, and your dick head touched the back of my throat. You tensed up in ecstasy, your legs stretched out, and you sucked in air through your mouth, your hands cradled my head. You pushed your hips forward, fucking my mouth. I can hear you sighed with pure bliss from the hot moist wetness of my mouth.

My tongue massaged and licked you, rolled around the tip of your penis, my hand massaged your sac and I took them into my mouth, sucking on them gently. My saliva dripped on the carpeted floor of your office.

You pulled me up from the floor, as you can no longer wait to plunge your cock into my hot and juicy pussy. I climbed on to the armchair, and spread my legs over each of the arm rest; you positioned your rearing cock as my dripping love tunnel approached. I grabbed the backrest as leverage, as the tip of your rod burrowed inside my tight wet channel; I looked down as you disappeared slowly inside. I sighed with satisfaction as you filled and stretched me.

I leaned down to kiss you as my hips began to move, your hands grabbed my ass cheeks, and you thrust your groin up and down. I moaned as I feel you moving, in and out, so deeply, nudging my cervix. My clit rubbed your pubic hair, stimulation my bud as your dick pummelled my pussy. You groaned loudly as you felt my muscle squeezed your hard shaft firmly, milking your rod. I arched my neck, and you attached your lips to my peaked nipples, biting them one by one. My hands grasped your hair; my hips pumped your stiff penis. The armchair squeaked in protest from our energetic fucking.

You hooked your arm under my knees, lifted my body and placed me back on the desk. You spread my legs wide, and continued your thrust. One of your hands reached for my clit, and began to palm my clit, rubbing my exposed bud with the palm of your hand. I cried out in pleasure, and urged you to fuck me faster. My juice dripped to pool on the table, the smell of our sex filled the air in your office, turning both of us on even more.

You pulled away, and rubbed your glistening cock all along my lubricated slit. I breathed through my mouth from the sensation. Then I felt you nudging at my sphincter, which was well-lubricated from my juice. You rocked your hips gently, my body being used to your penetration, my ass opened up willingly. You grunted, and I moaned, at the tightness. You moved your hips faster now, my brown ring clinched around your rock hard cock. You moved my legs to rest on your shoulders, my ass now lifted off the table, and your hands pinched my areolas into peaks. I pleaded and panted for you to fuck my ass harder.

You were ever so helpful, and were not immune to your aide’s requests. Your hands grabbed my ankles, and you shoved your cock harder and faster into my ass. Sweat gleamed on our skin as they mingled. You pulled out of my ass, and looked at how stretched I had become, my hole was closing fast, and you twisted my legs so my body turned over, with my stomach on the desk. Your hands grabbed my ass cheeks and spread them wide, and your fingers made their way inside my rectum, first two fingers, then three, stretching my anus. Then you moved your still-rock-hard cock back into position and f***ed your way inside me with one rough push. My hands grabbed the edge of the table above my head; I panted and wriggle my bottom into your groin.

Your hips moved rapidly, in and out. You dribbled some saliva onto my brown crease, and then in a circular motion, your hips went in, around then out. The tip of your cock massaged my ass so well from the circular movement, I was quickly approaching my second orgasm, and I informed you that I was cumming. Promptly, you propelled your cock faster, thrusting your penis into my well-stretched sphincter. My nipples moved against the desk as sweat dripped onto your oak desk, our well-used sex prop. My juice dripped to my tight red clit and smeared on your desk, as you moved your groin.

You grunted one last time, and breathed out that you were about to cum. I pleaded with you to fuck and coat my ass with your hot jizz, as I wanted to milk your shaft for every single drop you have. Swiftly, I could feel your penis tensed, getting ready to shoot forth your cum for me, and I was also reaching my peak, my climax meeting yours. Your hot semen spew from the tip of your rod, and coated my walls with your appreciation. I announced loudly that I was cumming, and your hand reached down to twiddled my clit, stimulating the bud. My legs tensed, as my orgasm blew up from my pussy, my vagina and ass spasmed, milking your cock, getting the last drop as you pulled out from my sphincter with a soft pop, then pushed back in, your cum seeping out around the edges.

You collapsed onto my back, panting, your sweat dripped from your drenched hair, your hips still pulsating. My pussy was still contracting from the orgasm, my brown crease held you firmly, still buried deep inside my ass.

You then informed me that my overtime was over, and should I want to be compensated accordingly I will need to file correct paperwork to the administration office. I nodded my head, and gave your penis one last hard clench, and you tensed from the sensation, and slipped out.

I hope this letter will show you how much I have appreciated your teachings, and your priceless experience. Such was our relationship that I know you could never be replaced in my mind, and that it will be difficult to find the right teacher to be an aide to again.

Thank you, Mr T., it has been such a great pleasure and joy to have been working (and worked over) with you.

Yours in all ways,

PS. I hoped you don’t mind if I also recommend some girl friends to apply for my position which will become vacant from my resignation. They come highly qualified.

95% (28/1)
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9 months ago
Awesome & very horny - thanks mate - kisses
2 years ago
Great closing letter.
Wonder whether we will
read here how Mr. T
tested the fresh
assistant applicants?

***** porn poet Pete
2 years ago
More like "learning curves" }:)
3 years ago
Very good story, I wish I had read this before "New Job Application" Thanks again for posting your erotica. :-)
3 years ago
3 years ago
Love it !
3 years ago
worth reading well done i will be checkn in agian for part two
3 years ago
Great letter - so expressive and true.
One question remains:
Will you stay if I offer you my job and I will be your aide from now on?
signed Mr. T.
3 years ago
Mr. T cannot allow you to resign. One with your level of experience, your talent, your creative insight and your enthusiasm for the work cannot be replaced. Mr. T will certainly want to renegotiate your contract!
3 years ago
i like it alot