Good Morning, my love

- Voor mijn liefste -

I gently became aware of soft strokes on my back and the heat of his hand as he caressed my skin. I felt his warm breath as his lips kissed the nape of my neck and I moaned softly as I stretched myself, my arm reached back to play with his hair. His hand reached forward to cup one of my breasts, gently kneading, my nipples tightened into stiff peaks. I turned around and looked into his eyes, our lips touched; my tongue softly penetrated his lips as he suck and massaged my tongue with his. Our gazes still locked, he moved his thighs between mine as I hooked my leg over his hip and I felt him stir to life, nudging at my waxed mound.

He pushed me tenderly onto my back, his thigh still between mine. His lips kissing my neck, moving down to between my breasts, his hands pushed them together as he buried his face between the valleys, and sucked the skin there. His rough stubble on his chin and moustache scratched and stimulated my breasts, making my nipples even stiffer. My neck arched back, as he took first one nipple into his mouth then the other, and sucked on them quite hard, his tongue lapped and stroked the tight bud. Both of my hands now holding his head, stroked his peppery-coloured hair, as I pushed my nipple deeper into his mouth, the feeling of his tongue licking them was sensational, like bolts of lightning shooting down to my quickly-wet clit and pussy.

He moved downwards, kissing and licking past my navel, making his way to my mound. His tongue searched my folds; his tongue touched my clitoris, and delicately licked the engorged bud, stimulating the sensitive nub. I moaned loudly, my back arch, and my hands grasped his hair, as my thighs clamped his head as I pushed my hips off the bed and my clit deeper into his mouth. He began to suck my clit hard into his mouth; his tongue flicked and rolled the bud. He pushed my thighs apart, and opened my folds for better access for his conquering tongue. He rolled the tight bud expertly inside his mouth, lapped and pushed his tongue around and around my clit, I writhed in ecstasy, my hands clutched the bed sheets tightly getting ready for the explosion of my cumming.

My clit was so engorged with bl**d my whole body was tingling, signaling that I was about to orgasm. He stopped his onslaught so suddenly I began to whine in my throat, my hands grabbed his head and pushed his lips back down onto my throbbing clit. He resisted, instead he kneeled on the mattress. I looked up and saw his hard manhood; I licked my lips in anticipation. I scoot my body so that his cock is just inches from my forehead, and my hands reached up to gently move along his rock hard penis as my mouth suck on his balls one by one.

I then moved his stiff rod to my mouth, and sucked him inside, my tongue massaged around his shaft. He sighed loudly, his hands resting on his hips as he rocked it back and forth, in and out of my hungry mouth. Being in this position, my head was limited in its movement, but he move gently, without gagging me. My saliva coated his throbbing pole, making it shine in the morning sunlight. I sucked hard on his penis, my lips stretched tightly around his girth, my tongue rolling inside my mouth like a snake around its prey. He shivered and pushed his hips further, his cock now buried to the root inside my mouth, hitting the back of my throat.

He pulled out, to let me breathe, and I tenderly sucked the tip of his penis, letting my lips play with the sensitive tip, my tongue sneakily licked the pre-cum seeping from the tip. He tasted delicious on my tongue. My hands reached up to hold his ass cheeks and pull his rock hard cock inside my mouth once again. Oh my, how I love to suck his rod. He rocked his hips, moving his rock hard cock in and out of my hot mouth, deep then shallow; all the way out then gently eased back in all the way down; just the tip in and out, resting on my tongue. Teasing and testing.

He then got off the bed, and moved to the side of the bed where my legs are. He spread my legs wide, exposing my hot moist slit to the cool morning air. He dipped his head, and gave my clit one hard suck, brushed his tongue over the bud roughly; I shivered from the sensation. He took one of my legs and hooked my knee over his shoulder, his hips still so far away from my pussy. He stroked my hot throbbing pussy with his free hand, dipped two fingers inside my tight tunnel, and proceeded to lick my juices off from his fingers.

He then whispered that I tasted so sweet. I moaned as I watched him licked his fingers, as I had wanted to lick his fingers for him.

But at long last, he positioned his more-than-ready penis at my famished tunnel, rubbing the head from my clitoris up and down, coating his rod with my honey-sweet juice. I whined, and begged him with my eyes. He smiled sweetly and pushed his cock all the way inside of me. I sighed in bliss, my pussy squeezed his rod with joy, milking him, and my juice gushed, lubricated our joined bodies. My tight tunnel felt the length of him, as he moved in and out, massaged my hugging pussy.

He grunted as he felt my warmth surrounded him, my warmth getting hotter; my pussy spasm all around him as I was about to orgasm. He pumped his hips deeper and faster, he moved my other leg to his should, hooked my knees over his shoulder, his hands pinched and pulled at my nipples, my hands covered his as my neck arched back. My vagina squeezed him one more time and abruptly, my orgasm burst forth, fireworks lit up behind my closed eyes. I was no longer in control of my orgasming body, and I moved my pussy faster and faster, quivering in my ecstasy, and moaned my pleasure loudly.

He pushed his cock faster and faster, in and out of my burning love-tunnel. He could feel my pussy massaging, milking his rock hard shaft, willed him to cum inside my hugging vagina. At last, he could no longer hold back, he shoved his cock in one long stroke inside my still-trembling pussy and rapidly shot out his jizz to coat my love-canal, mingling his cum with my juices. He grunted once last time, and pushed his throbbing cock to rest inside of me, and sighed his satisfaction.

He removed my legs from his shoulders, and leaned down to kiss me deeply on the lips, our tongues meshed. Then he whispered in my ear lovingly, ‘good morning, my love’.

- The End -
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4 months ago
"Then he whispered in my ear lovingly, ‘good morning, my love’."
Hot and this (fave'd) story, Minx!
10 months ago
What aa great way to be woken up - loved it - damn - my balls are empty . Many thanks Minx > kisses
1 year ago
As usual, Hangdog90, I concur. :). Great soft beautiful story.
1 year ago
Nice code of sex conduct...
2 years ago
The crescendo just builds, and builds; similiar to a skyscraper elevator, slow start, the speed increases, faster and faster, and then as the destination is almost there the elevator car slows, and suddenly there's a jolt and the ride (lift) is over. One's stomach has a quiver, a tingle, an excitement causing a smile and a great satisfaction of a momentous ride (lift).

Your story is so damned smooth, so well written like a well-oiled machine that hummmms, creating satisfactions, vivid imaginations and visuals. The words are so real that the action engulfs my physical body, my urge becomes a hardon and my hardon vibrates. Lovely, tender a beautiful tale of how to please a woman, and her man!
2 years ago
Every morning should be like this.
2 years ago
that's the way I love to wake up, balls deep....
3 years ago
very good
3 years ago
My hard cock is leaking after reading that
3 years ago
amazing boner reading you minx
3 years ago
that is sooooo good baby - damn - i want you to squeeze me
3 years ago
That has got me so hard....
3 years ago
wow i got rock hard from that