In-flight Entertainment

The muted light from the screens on the back of the seats flickered on the faces of the two people with their arms entwined under the blanket. They were blindly staring at the movie being played on their individual displays, their hands, however, were anything but blind under the fleecy blanket provided by the airline.

His hand had found its way under her skirt, inside panties to stroke her smooth and hairless mound, his other arm, which was over her shoulders, gently cupped one of her breasts. Her hands busily unzipped his jeans and squirmed its way into his fitted boxer shorts to grasp his stiffening phallus, and moved her fist up and down firmly along the throbbing length. Both their breathing shortened as they struggled to hold onto their self-control and noises that typically comes with foreplay.

She opened her thighs as further apart for him as the limited space allowed. Her juice soaked his hand as his middle finger slid deeply and easily inside her vagina to stroke her love canal. Her body involuntarily convulsed and pussy contracted around his middle digit as it stroked along her inside and grazed over her G-spot unrelentingly. A loud breath escaped unchecked from her parted lips as her orgasm erupted from her body, so strong was her orgasm her toes curled. Shudder after shudder vibrated inside her pussy.

Her fist slackened from his throbbing member as she let her climax washed over her body as her eyes closed in pure bliss. His breathing quickened as he felt her climax around his hand, her pussy contracted and her body shuddered in the cramped seat.

The long-haul flight won’t seem so long any more…

‘Final boarding call for flight SQ222, from Sydney to Singapore, departing at gate 58,’ the official monotonous-sounding voice announced over the PA system. ‘The following passengers are requested to please make their way to the gate immediately…’

With her long red hair streaming as she ran, her carry-on dragged behind on its wheels, she heard her name announced along with a few stragglers.

‘Stupid, stupid, stupid!’ Adele berated herself under her breath; her long legs carried her rapidly to the gate.

She hated passengers that kept flight from departing on time, and now she’s one of them. After passing through the immigration and security checks, with plenty of time at the airport Adele was side-tracked by all the shopping within the airport’s duty free stores. Into this one first, then out to go into another, shopping heaven, until you were late for your flight!

As she arrived out of breath at the gate a few minutes later, the customer services people were making another final call. Adele apologised profusely as she handed her boarding pass over to the attendant, one lady hurriedly esc0rted her down the aero bridge to the entrance of the plane. Adele thanked her and made her way to her seat in economy class.

For a flight heading to Singapore, which has always been popular for Australians, and vice versa for Singaporeans, the plane was unusually not as packed as her previous experience, some seats were empty and fortunately, Adele had the whole portside row of seats to herself.

‘I can stretch out for the flight, what a relief,’ the redhead thought to herself.

Her black, elbow-length sleeves, cowl-neck top coupled with A-line floor-skimming rainbow dip-dye skirt completed with black ballet flats was her travelling fashion of choice. Relaxed fashion over substance any day in her travelling book. As the flight got underway, Adele moved all the armrests up and stretched out in semi-comfort, slipped her ballet flats off, wriggled her toes and grinned.

‘It’s nice isn’t it?’ a deep, friendly voice with a light accent asked from across the narrow walkway.

Adele looked up across the aisle. Her hazel eyes met a pair of light brown eyes, with creases fanning out from the corner of his eyes from his smile. Dark blonde hair cut stylishly short, strong chin, squarish jaw, patrician nose, kissable lips which was currently split by his pearly whites. He wore a slate-coloured T-shirt with his dark denim, which set off his fair hair quite nicely.

Adele usually prefers to not socialise when on a flight, since being confined in an enclosed space, if you don’t like someone you’re sitting next to, it makes it hard to get away. Considering that she does have the whole row to herself, and he was stuck with two seats, Adele decided to chat to him. It surely could not hurt to have some conversation when not dozing off between meals.

‘It is great,’ she replied, ‘it’s nice that the flight is not so packed.’

‘Definitely,’ the handsome stranger said. ‘I even have two seats to sit in.’

Adele smile and turned her attention briefly to the small television screen.

‘Are you heading to Singapore?’ the stranger continued the conversation.

‘Actually no, I’m heading to Amsterdam for a much-needed holiday.’

‘That’s great, first time?’

‘Yep, I’ve always wanted to visit Netherlands, especially Amsterdam,’ she answered.

‘What about you, where are you headed?’ Adele asked the stranger.

‘Myself? I’m heading home to Scheveningen.’

‘Pardon me?’ Adele looked mystified at the pronunciation.

He laughed at the expression on her face. He got that a lot. Dutch is one of the hardest languages in term of enunciation, not to mention the grammar for the uninitiated.

‘It’s a coastal city, near The Hague,’ he explained.

‘Oh, OK. Were you in Sydney on holiday?’

‘No, it was business, for a couple of weeks,’ he answered, and introduced himself, ‘I’m Mathijs, by the way, Dutch version of Matthew.’

‘I’m Adele,’ they shook hands, ‘nice to meet you, Dutch Matthew,’ she teased.

‘Likewise, Adele,’ he laughed good-naturedly.

The flight continued on its eight-hour journey, Mathijs and Adele chatted quietly across the aisle. She asked him about some phrases in Dutch (not that she could possibly remember them all, but it was fun to listen to the language). The two got along well, with good chemistry and an easy flow of conversations they hardly paid attention when the meal was served and cleared away, but once the cabin lights were dimmed, they decided to have a little nap, as not to disturb other passengers, before the next meal service.

It turned out Adele was not s1eepy at all and she decided to watch some movies on the in-flight entertainment system. As she absently glanced across to Mathijs, she was startled to see him already looking intently at her. She was glad for the dimness of the cabin, otherwise he would be sure to see the sudden rush of bl00d to her cheeks.

Mathijs felt strangely attracted to Adele. He does have a decided preference for redheaded women, but with Adele, he feels it went beyond the colour of her hair. With her light-coloured eyes, and luscious lips, alabaster skin with a light sprinkling of freckles along the bridge of her cupid nose, she would turn heads, she sure did turned his when she came to her seat, though she barely noticed him when she arrived.

In their conversation he found out that she was travelling by herself but will be joining up with a tour group. They discussed customary places to visit in Holland and non-traditional tourist destinations. He loved her enthusiasms and palpable excitement. It was good to be heading home after two weeks, and after talking with Adele, he also got excited through her eyes of seeing his homeland for the first time.

Mathijs racked his brain to find an excuse, even a lame one would do, to use so he could go and find a way to sit next to the pretty redhead when Adele quietly asked him if he could not get some rest either. He replied that it was too noisy for s1eep.

‘Would you… like to watch a movie together?’ she asked.

It was his chance, and he took it with both hands.

‘I would love to.’

Mathijs unbuckled his seat belt and moved across to Adele’s row as she scooted over. As they looked at the entertainment guide, they picked an action movie and started the movie at the same time on their screens. Going on a hunch, he suavely moved his arm over Adele’s shoulder and waited for her reaction. She did not reject his arm but looked up into his face instead. He smiled and caressed her shoulder with his thumb. Adele settled back into his arm, rested her head on his shoulder, and they both watched the movie.

Gradually as the movie progressed, Adele’s and Mathijs’ bodies unc0nsci0usly turned inwards to seek more of each other’s body heat. The cabin was chilly even under the blanket. Her red hair tickled his chin, and he stroked it away from his face. Adele looked up into his face in the gloom her hand rested on his thigh and stroked him through his jeans.

Mathijs felt electricity charge in the air and it was not static from the blanket. His warm lips touched hers, feathery and fleeting, testing the waters. Adele reciprocated by opening her lips wider to invite his tongue into her mouth and deepened the kiss. Her hand rested on his chest, his arms encircled her torso as their kiss deepened. Tongues danced, darted in and out of each other’s mouths, passion held in conscious check, their lips and hot hungry tongues were connected, no moans were audible.

Sounds of people stirring in front of the kissing couple brought them out of the red haze that is their deep kiss. Both reluctantly pulled apart, their tongues unwilling to let go of the contact. Adele sighed and nuzzled into Mathijs’ neck as two people from the front walked from their seats, supposedly to the lavatories aft of the plane. Mathijs kissed Adele’s forehead and turned his attention to the forgotten movie on their in-flight system.

‘We really must watch the movie we picked,’ he whispered.

‘Yes, we should,’ she whispered back, and moved her hand down to his groin to cup his fly, to feel his cock, tightly filled in his jeans.

As they let the screen flicked from scene to scene, Mathijs let his hand drifted to pull her skirt up past her knees and stroked her bare skin, caressed further to her thighs and found the gusset of her panties. He slipped his fingers inside the elastic and found to his surprise that her mound is soft and hairless as baby skin. Not to mention, she was hot and moist. He heard her breath quickened as his fingers explored her labia, ran his finger along her steamy valley, felt her juice covered his finger, slick and warm.

Adele open her legs wider for his hand, as wide as the seats permitted, as her fist moved slowly to unzip his jeans, and find his penis, her finger ran along his solid manhood. But soon she was distracted from the task at hand and her body reacted instinctively as she felt his middle finger pushed tenderly within her saturated pussy. It glided in and out, his digit rasped over her G-spot, her juice flowed and soaked through her panties and skirt. His thumb rubbed her clit over and over, stimulating the bud. Within minutes, her whole body trembled as her orgasm erupted from her pussy. Her toes curled and her body tightened up from the power of the climax, her vagina milked his finger.

Adele exhaled with pleasure as her eyes flittered closed, her head buried at the crook of his neck. She was thankful that the flight to Singapore was a long haul one, because now she felt there might not be enough time for them both. She wanted to feel his cock, and from what she could feel from her hand, a good long solid size, to be enveloped by her pussy as well as drown in her honeyed juice.

Her orgasm flowed away, Adele’s senses slowly returned as well as her breathing. His cock was still stiff but no longer in her hand. She took his throbbing rod back in her fist, pumped it a few times and felt his body lurched. The redhead bit her lower lip as she moved her hand up and down, decreasing the speed to excruciating slowness. His rod grew thicker and thicker as bl00d engorged his shaft, his free hand tightened into fists as he held on to his climax, his other hand still engaged at her pussy, the single finger buried to the knuckle.

A final tug with her hand, a roll of her thumb on his glans and pre-cum leaked out from his urethra to lube her thumb and his mushroom head. Tight as it was between the rows of seats, Adele wanted to feel his rock hard phallus on her tongue and inside her mouth. She let go of his penis after giving Mathijs a deep kiss, her tongue delved into his mouth to taste him and moved out from her seat to pretend to stretch her legs in the aisle, and licked her fingers, tasted his pre-cum.

At this point of their journey it was slightly just over half way through an eight-and-a-half-hour flight time most of the passengers were s1eeping, reading or watching something on their screen, in other words: occupied.

‘Meet me at the business class toilets,’ Adele whispered to Mathijs, and pointed fore of the aircraft.

He nodded and watched her moved to the forward lavatories, waited a few minutes and followed suit after he adjusted himself and his jeans. He knew why she suggested the business class latrines, having flown on business class occasionally, the size are considerably bigger than the ones assigned to economy class passengers. Once he got to the business class section, and headed to the cubicles of toilets, he correctly supposed that Adele was already waiting for him inside one of them since she was not outside. The curtains were drawn to separate and protect the privacy of business class from the galley and economy class.

‘Adele?’ he asked softly at the first locked lavatory b no response so he moved on to the next one that was also locked.


This time, the door unlocked and moved inwards, Adele’s eyes and red hair peeked out. She smiled and moved to open the door wider, and Mathijs quickly stepped inside the tiny confines. Usually if keen-eyed flight attendants saw any economy class passengers trying to use the business class lavatories, they tend to dissuade them and redirect the usage to the proper class. Fortunately, it was well into the journey, and the attendants were having their breaks, so the coast was clear, but they silently and mutually decided kept the noise they might make to a minimum.

With a little more privacy in the tiny cubicle, Adele’s and Mathijs’ lips kissed passionately. Their tongues meshed and danced hungrily in and out of each other’s mouth, saliva mingled and trickled from the side of their mouths. Their breathing uneven, their hearts raced as their passion increased. His hands roamed all over her back, down to her curvaceous buttocks to squeeze hard, and pressed her hips close to his groin to feel his rigid cock. He tasted good to her, she wanted more of him.

Adele sighed, pressed closer to his body as their kiss deepened, and her fingers ran through his short hair. She never would have ever thought she would be doing something like this with a stranger she had just met on the airplane. She was not about to abort it, and by the feel of things, neither was he.

Her hands pulled at his T-shirt up over his head, her lips disconnected from his and found his neck as she kissed her way all over his torso. Licking at chest, lightly sprinkled with coarse blond hair, moved on to suck at his nipples, swirled her tongue at each. He grabbed his shirt and hung it on the hook behind the door since there was no need to get his clothes dirty unnecessarily.

Her hands went to undo his denim, pulled it down and the object of her building desire was there before her eyes. Adele sat on top of the closed lid of the toilet and took Mathijs’ stiff rod into her mouth. She could hear him exhaled with pleasure above her head as he felt the warmth of her mouth surround his manhood. Her hair mussed by his hand as he cradled her head, the movement of her lips on his cock was heavenly. The warmth of her saliva and her mouth on his meaty pole was pleasure at its finest.

Adele’s tongue pressed inside her mouth, massaged him crazily from side to side. Her head bopped back and forth, worked his shaft with her fist, as her other hand massage his balls, nestled within his pubic hair. Her teeth grazed along his throbbing shaft, her tongue and lips moved to the glans, to suck hard at the tip, peeled his foreskin with her tongue, running on the inside between his helmet head. Her tongue teased and flicked at the tiny opening, her lips milked at his mushroom head, she was rewarded with the taste of Mathijs’ pre-cum landed on her tongue.

She moaned as she tasted his essence, she looked up into his face and saw that he had his eyes closed, his breath quickened with each glide of her lips on his cock. The redhead took the shaft deeper into her mouth, she felt him nudged the back of her throat. Adele kept breathing through her nose and sucked him deeper, the roof of her mouth rubbed along his dick, her pace infinitesimally escalated. She could feel his penis engorged in her mouth as her lips moved back and forth.

Mathijs loved the way Adele used her tongue. The way it would snake on the underside of his penis side to side, massaged and rubbed, tasted his skin. He moaned without thinking, until he recalled that they were not exactly in a private room. His head went back and he tried to stop from making too much noise.

Her saliva coated his shaft, dripped down to the floor of the lavatory. The back of her hand fondled his balls as she relinquished his rock-hard rod to replace it with his scrotum instead. Meanwhile, her hand continued to pump his stiff pole back and forth, never forgetting the movement to keep his throbbing cock engorged with bl00d. With gentle licks on his wrinkly skin, she could feel how heavy his balls were. But she did not want him to cum into her mouth; she wanted his load inside her pussy.

Adele let go of his balls with a sigh, but took his cock back into her mouth to feel the hotness on her tongue and the way her lips stretched around his girth. Her mouth milked his stiff rod, her tongue pressed first the right side then the left, pressed his member against her teeth as her mouth moved back and forth. Mathijs shivered at the sensation of her teeth. With rapid sucking moving for a minute, she let go of his cock with a loud pop and stood up.

‘Fuck me, Mathijs,’ Adele whispered urgently, hiked up her skirt to her waist, and turned around to rest her hands on the commode.

‘I have no, um, protection,’ Mathijs whispered back.

‘Doesn’t matter, I don’t care right now. Just fuck me,’ she turned her head to whisper.

‘Please,’ her eyes pleaded, as her tongue licked her lips.

Without further ado, Mathijs grabbed her hips, positioned his phallus at her sopping pussy, pulled the gusset of her panties to one side and thrust his penis into her waiting tunnel. He wanted to suck her clit into his mouth before he made his big entrance, but space being what it was, he will need to come up with a plan B if he wanted to taste her.

‘Oh, Christ,’ Mathijs groaned under his breath as her pussy encased his manhood in its entirety.

To be inside her body, feel how tightly she fitted around his thick penis, he was in heaven. His feet between her spread legs, his boxers and jeans around his ankles, he thrust mercilessly into her, his hands held onto her hips. His mushroom head butted her cervix again and again, the ridge of his cock head scr4ped her love tunnel, he felt her pussy muscle milked his cock. Mathijs pulled Adele’s black top and undid her bra clasp, turned and hung the items on the hook with his T-shirt, his throbbing pole never lost contact from her pussy.

He leaned forward over her back, kissed and sucked her skin, as his hands reached forward to cup her B-cup size breasts. His fingers pinched and rolled her nipples, which were already two stiff pebbles from arousal. Adele moaned softly as she felt her nipples being played with. His balls slapped against her clit as he pushed forward, by now her juice covered his balls and his pubic hair. His penis plunged into her, his ass jerked with every movement of his thrust. Mathijs pulled Adele up into a standing position as he surged his cock upwards inside her snug sopping vagina.

Her breasts cupped in his hands as he sucked the nape of her neck, his tongue traced little wet patterns on her skin. Adele cradled his head as she moved her head to one side to give Mathijs better access. He licked and nibbled her earlobe, his tongue flicked at her sensitive skin just under her ear. Her moans were barely muffled as he drove himself up into her inviting canal. He released one of her tits, moved his hand down to her pussy and teased her clit with his forefinger, before pinching her little button, made so slick by her juice.

The redhead bit her bottom lip to keep from whimpering out loud. Adele wanted to scream so much, but she muffled herself by bitting down on her finger as her hips compulsively pushed against his groin. She could feel every muscle in her pussy being rubbed by his burrowing cock, her pleasure button being toyed with his fingers. She loved every second of their illicit coupling, the situation and location of their fucking was also such a turn-on. Her heart beat faster and faster, as if it was about to explode from her chest, but it was her orgasm that detonated from her pussy instead. Her juice flooded her pussy, and ran down her inner thighs.

‘I’m coming, baby,’ Adele panted as she gripped tightly to the hand that was at her pussy, still twiddling with her little nubbin.

‘Come for me, honey,’ he encouraged her. ‘Come for me.’

He stabbed her pussy harder and faster, his hips a blur of movement. He wasn’t about to cum just yet, not until he made her cum again. His cock throbbed within the confines of her fitted and wet passage.

‘Oh God, coming, coming,’ she cried softly.

Her pussy spasm all around his pulsating rod, her vagina shuddered and milked his cock. Her head spun as waves after waves of her orgasm fanned out from her vulva to the extremities of her whole body. Her clit shuddered between his thumb and forefinger, which still had her nub pinched.

‘Fuck,’ he exclaimed, as her body shook from the power of her climax.

‘I want to taste you so much,’ he murmured into her ear, his hand squeezed her breast.

‘Hmmmm,’ was the only reply Adele was capable of giving him.

Her knees were weak from her second orgasm. She was not exactly sure how he would achieve that if he wanted to eat her pussy. As her climax ebbed away, she could still feel his cock embedded inside her: hard as metal and still throbbing with bl00d. He needed to taste her pussy, to taste how sweet she is, he wanted to lick and suck her clit, feel her button on his tongue as he rolled on it. He wanted, most of all, to make her cum again with his mouth.

‘Can you stand on the toilet?’ he asked hoarsely.

‘Mmmm,’ she nodded.

‘Take off your panties and skirt, honey,’ he ordered.

To her disappointment, he pulled out of her pussy with a loud squelch, and instantly, Adele felt bereft and empty once denied the presence of his member. He held her steady as Adele divested herself of her clothes, took it from her hand and again, hooked it with their clothing already on the single hook. He licked his lips in anticipation; his heart beat an unsteady rhythm. The cubicle being narrow and long compared to economy class, it offered some leeway in terms of him getting to her pussy.

Her knees still weak from her orgasm, she went up on the sturdy commode, but had to bend her head slightly, since the roof of the latrine was not that high. Her hands rested on either side to steady herself, her feet spread on either side of the toilet bowl. Mathijs stepped back slightly to enjoy the picture that the gorgeous redhead presented, naked except for her shoes.

‘Gorgeous,’ he exclaimed faintly once his eyes beheld her nudity.

Her skin flushed a soft pink as he reached out his hands to caress her skin. He started at her lips with his fingers, down her neck, stroked her breast with both hands, blush-coloured areolas tipped with light brown at her nipples, watched as her nipples once again hardened, down her navel, to her smooth mound, rubbed the back of his hand along her inner thighs, felt the residue of her juice there. Mathijs smelled her musky aroma emanated from her pussy, and his mouth watered for the feast that waited for him at the apex of her thighs.

He looked into her hazel eyes as he dipped his head to suckle at her stiff nipples. He had been dying to suck her nipples, second only to her clit. Mathijs switched between the two dusky buds, his saliva glisten on her skin in the harsh neon light of the lavatory. He heard her mumbled something above him.

‘Bite me,’ she hoarsely requested. ‘Bite my nipples.’

He complied, but only gently. But he bit down harder when he felt pressure at his head from her hands. He chewed on her twin buds, sucked hard on them like a baby feeding. Her loud gasp was his reward. His tongue flicked at them rapidly, the pebble-like buds rubbed on his tongue, as he rasped them over and over. Meanwhile, he nursed his cock, waiting to be reinserted into Adele’s welcoming heat.

He released her nipples, and moved his head quickly down to her pussy. He rubbed his cheek on her hairless vulva, and smiled at how soft her skin felt. As he moved his lips to her labia, his tongue burrowed at the valley to find the hidden treasure of her clit, he nursed his hard cock, knowing that he will go back into her pussy. But to better open her pussy to his mouth, he would need the use of both hands.

His fingers tenderly opened her labia to expose her bl00d engorged clit to his hungry eyes. He panted as he attached his lips to her nub for the first time and tasted her honeyed nectar with his tongue. She was as sweet as he had suspected, and warmth filled his mouth as he sucked her clit hard, his tongue twirled non-stop on her nubbin. He inserted one finger into her vagina, her muscle walls contracted around his digit spasmodically.

Mathijs heard Adele gasped at the first touch of his tongue on her clit and she almost lost one of her footing. He lapped at her juicy clit and rolled his tongue rapidly on her slicked button. The trick with eating a juicy pussy is to suck it fully into the mouth, suck it hard, to have her little pleasure button so engorged with bl00d and become so ultra-sensitive at each nerve ending, that at the touch of his tongue on her nub, her body would have no choice but to convulse involuntarily into an enf0rced climax. This was exactly what he was doing to Adele.

She clutched his hair with one hand, while the other remained against the wall of the stall. While the position was slightly awkward, at least he still could get to her clit with his tongue, if not at her love canal to get her juice at the source. Her taste and fragrance was intoxicating to him, he thirstily drank her liquid, the slurping sound echoed around the paper-thin walls of the cubicle.

The roaring in his ears drowned out the barely audible gasp of breath from Adele. Her hips pressed strongly against his sucking mouth, both her hands now pulled at his dark blond hair as she tensed her body to prepare for her third orgasm in as many minutes. He felt her imminent climax approached by the way her hands in his hair would clutch and release, clutch and release. His tongue worked feverishly, her clit in a tornado of swirling tongue.

‘Mmmmmm,’ Adele whined in her throat, scared to scream out as she wanted.

‘Coming, oh baby, coming,’ she panted, bl00d rushed throughout her body in the midst of the bliss of her orgasm.

Mathijs did not need to say a word, not that he could in any case. He felt her orgasm on his tongue and inside his mouth. He savoured every shudder, every spasm of her pussy, every quivering muscle in his mouth. Her molten liquid coated half his face as he pulled away from her sated body, her hands limply released his hair and rested on his shoulders. He looked up into her face, and licked around his lips to get the last of her essence. He guided her down to stand on the floor and pulled her head to kiss her deeply his tongue tasted her sweet mouth as he felt his cock between their bodies.

Adele tasted herself on his tongue, and sucked him into her mouth. She needed to be refilled with his cock. Her hands went down to find his rock hard penis and moved her hand between their bodies, pumped Mathijs up and down. Now it was his turn to his turn to have weak knees.

‘Sit down, Mathijs,’ Adele said.

‘I’ve wiped down the toilet as much as I could earlier with the hand sanitiser gel,’ she told him, in case he was worried about germs. She certainly was.

Mathijs chuckled at her concern and sat down, his denim still around his ankles. Adele was not about to ride him reverse cowgirl, instead she faced him, climbed onto his lap and giggled at the look of surprise on his face. She took a hold of his rearing penis, hovered her waiting pussy over his purpled helmet. Then slowly, she sat down on him.

They both sighed as two bodies become one. Adele’s arms went around his head as her hips began moving up and down along on him. She could feel how deeply buried he was inside her in this position, the way his glans would chafe over the ridges of her G-spot and nudged at her cervix as she sank down. His hands held her ass and let Adele use his manhood for her pleasure. She consciously contracted her pussy around his penis, and watched his face lit up as he felt her pussy compressed his throbbing muscle.

‘That’s new,’ he mumbled.

Adele winked, bit her bottom lip and resumed her riding of Mathijs’ cock, her breasts crushed to his chest. Her lubricant pooled between their joined bodies, sweat poured down both their backs as the heat build inside the small stall. Their lips met, their tongues joined in a dance, darted in and out of each other’s mouth, much the same way she was making his thick meat dart in and out of her pussy. The tightness of her pussy was doing wondrous things to him. Her copious nectar drowned his shaft with each downward thrust of her heated love hole and vibrated around his cock. The redhead wanted to feel his semen shoot and coat her inside with the hot sticky seed.

Mathijs neared his climax. He could only resist the tightness of her pussy for so long. The way her heat would coax him, the way her groin met his as she bounced up and down on his lap. He took back control and thrust upward with his hips, he enjoyed how deeply he went up into her soaking vagina, the way his purple knob would find her cervix with every upthrust. Adele’s pussy spasm around his veiny rod and milked his shaft. He pulled out almost all the way with only the cock head lodged inside her, her canal gripped his glans and that was the straw that broke his self-resolve.

‘Oh, yeah,’ he huffed.

‘Fuck!’ he groaned.

His semen spewed from the tiny whole as he pushed his way back inside her. He grunted as he thrust up, unforgivingly slammed into her pussy. From the f0rce of his shove, breath burst between Adele’s lips. His groin moved faster and faster, the lid of the toilet banged against the metal base. He relished his release and felt his sticky jizz mingled with her girl-juice inside of Adele’s cunt.

His balls emptied of its content, Mathijs’ and Adele’s breathing slowly returned to normal, her arms had wrapped around his neck and his around her waist. Her steamy pussy overflowed with his cum, and he was still buried deep within her. They were reluctant to disconnect their bodies, instead both prolonged the moment for as long as possible.

Adele lifted her head and looked into his bleary eyes, ran her fingers through his damp hair, kissed him on the lips with a smack, and eventually, though slowly, disengaged her pussy from his cock. She shakily stood up on the floor, but maintained her grip on his shoulder.

‘We better get dressed and go back to our seats,’ she suggested, her hand stroked his face.

‘Yes, we should,’ he agreed.

Before Adele could grab her clothes off the hook, Mathijs stood up, grabbed her around the waist and kissed her deeply. His hand cupped her buttock, the other massaged one of her breasts. He loath to pull away from her but it was a good idea to get back to their seat. As both redressed themselves and cleaned up a little, Mathijs listened at the hatch to ascertain that the coast was clear for both of them to make their exit.

They headed back to her row, resettled themselves with his arms around her and blanket on top, her head rested on his shoulder. Credits had already rolled on the long-forgotten movie. Adele made a comment that on their connecting flight from Singapore to Amsterdam, maybe they could get a seat together to get better acquainted during the 12-hour flight. He laughed and turned off their in-flight entertainment system, he tightened his arms around Adele as they both drifted off to s1eep.

- The End -
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Now that is in-flight entertainment.......well written very erotic
10 months ago
Fantastic story, just magnificent!
10 months ago
Welcome back, MinxGirl! I see you haven't lost your touch for erotic story writing. A fine job and quite believable. (It IS a true story, right??) You have a great style, with excellent details that only a female writer could come up with.

I hope writing this story has inspired you as much as it has inspired your readers.
10 months ago
I just skimmed it and it sounds good. I've read some of your others but not commented enough. That's going to change. Thanks for posting this and making mention of it in your status. I'm looking forward to a good read.
10 months ago
great story ... had me all the way through :)
10 months ago
What a well written story!
10 months ago
Ik was vergeten hoe goed en erotisch jouw verhalen zijn. Ik voel bijna de mond en haar poesje om mijn penis. Ik kan haar smaak op mijn tong proeven. Bedankt voor het heerlijk verhall, liefje.
English translation: WOW
10 months ago
Fantastic story.
10 months ago
gorgeous story thanks for sharing.x
10 months ago
THAT is why we love your stories honey!
Was this one inspired by first hand experience too? ;)
I'd love to be placed next to you (or Adele) on my next flight!
10 months ago
all of my trips to A-dam were NEVER this nice!! VERY erotic!!
10 months ago
Extremely erotic and so very well written. I'm a mixture of envious of how well you write and a huge fan. Well done:)