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As reprieve goes, after fucking on the couch, it required only the three participants a little snuggled time on the king-size bed before Sisley and Mary was ready to attack Cory. Cory did not protest, nor did he want to if he had the energy. Cory was happy to let the two ladies take charge. Mary crawled from beside Cory to suck at her boyfriend’s semi-erect cock to full hardness as Sisley climbed over his torso to position her still-moist pussy over his face, her thighs on either side of his head, her hands rested on the wall as she pressed her spread pussy over his mouth. She had not orgasm yet, and Cory was not going to neglect her.

The Asian girl rested her head on the wall as she felt Cory’s tongue tapped and flicked her little button, his tongue fucked her tight little vagina which had yet to experience Cory’s cock. Sisley moaned loudly with pleasure as Cory sucked the tiny bud hard and twirled his tongue rapid-fire over the bl00d engorged nubbin. Cory’s hands reached up and kneaded the Asian girl’s buttocks and to pull her pussy down to almost suffocate him as his tongue reached into her snug cunt, his nose buried at her clit as he sniffed her heady musky aroma.

Mary’s mouth worked wonders on his cock, and within seconds, bl00d pumped into his member and he was fully erect, ready to be buried inside one of the two willing ladies, and he knew who he wanted on his cock. Before he could push Sisley to ride him, the redhead squatted over his reared up manhood and lowered her sated pussy on to her boyfriend’s cock and squeezed him hard with her pussy tunnel. Cory mumbled incoherently against the black-haired girl’s pussy as he felt his girlfriend squeezed his penis and bucked his hips up off the mattress, and sucked harder on Sisley’s pussy, his tongue piston in and out of her tight love canal.

The Asian girl’s pussy began to also squeeze his fucking tongue spasmodically as her orgasm was about to explode. Mary reached forward and cupped the Asian girl’s small tits and pinched her dark brown nipples and twisted it mercilessly. Sisley moaned with ecstasy as the sensation as ribbons of pleasure spiralled down to her clit from her nipples. The redhead let go of one breast and reached down to find Sisley’s clit and toyed with the nub with her nails. She raked her fingernails on the throbbing clit over and over until Sisley pleaded and moaned loudly.

‘I want your cock inside me,’ Sisley begged against the wall above Cory’s head as she looked down into his blue eyes, her gaze also took in Mary’s red nails as they played with her clitoris. Shudders vibrated through the Asian girl slight body.

‘Mmmmmes, mmet mmown mere,’ he mumbled, his tongue stuck inside her vagina.

Sisley humped his tongue for a few seconds for good measure before she got off his face and the two girls swapped position. Without further ado, Sisley eagerly slammed her tight little hole onto Cory’s cock.

‘Oh, GOD!’ Sisley screamed as her tiny pussy stretched painfully around Cory’s thick girth, her hands rested on his taunt stomach as she stilled her hips to get used to be being stretched so wide.

Mary smiled as she watched Sisley’s face filled with wonder at the size of Cory filling her tiny pussy. Since Mary and Cory had been a couple for well over a year, her pussy had gotten used to his thickness, but looking at Sisley’s tiny oriental body, Mary could guess how extremely tight her pussy must be right now. Sisley must be used to only Asian men’s slim cock, the redhead guessed, but did not ask for clarification. Instead, Mary smothered her blonde boyfriend’s face with her pussy, his nose buried at her pink anus as she pulled the Asian girl’s face close for a kiss, their three bodies formed perfect triangle on the mattress.

Sisley’s and Mary’s hands frantically stroked and caressed each other’s skin, tits and body as their kiss deepened. Saliva dripped from corners of their mouth as the two girls tasted each other the lone boy under their two bodies. Each took advantage of Cory, which in a way he was now the ‘plus one’ in the equation. Cory bucked his groin up and pushed further into Sisley’s pussy, battered her cervix again and again, he felt her cuntal muscle spasm all around his shaft as he shoved his hips up and down on the bed.

He pushed Mary’s ass off his face for a few seconds and rasped out a question: ‘Where do you want it?’ to no one in particular.

His girlfriend answered before Sisley could: ‘Inside her, Cory, fill her pussy with your cum, baby.’

‘Mmmmmm,’ the Asian girl acquiesced wholeheartedly, her hands reached to pull Mary’s pliant body close, their tits mashed together, brown nipples to pink nipples, their lips and tongues met once again.

Like lightening speed, Cory cock shuddered as it pumped out copious amounts of semen into the black-haired girl, his scrotum tightened as it released the load accumulated since his last climax.

‘FARK!’ Cory exclaimed thunderously.

‘Coming, oh fuck, coming,’ Sisley moaned breathlessly against Mary’s mouth.
Being tiny, the Asian girl’s pussy could only contain so much semen and it spilled slightly out of her body. Mary saw the white goo leaked out and pushed Sisley away gently until she lie flat on her back with Cory’s cock still buried into her gaping pussy. In this position, Sisley felt tremendously exposed, she straightened her legs out, her feet by Cory’s head which in turn was held in place by Mary’s locked creamy white thighs. Mary licked her lips at the vision before eyes. It was her turn to clean a pussy and her boyfriend’s cock.

The redhead pushed her pussy on to Cory’s mouth again and Cory obliged by sucking and licking her out as he felt her tongue worked his buried shaft at Sisley’s pussy. Mary ran her tongue slowly around the edge of where the penis joined the pussy. She tasted the combined bodily fluid of Sisley and Cory and slurped the nectar with relish. Sisley tasted like honey on her tongue, mixed with the slight acidity of her boyfriend’s cum it formed perfect combination inside her mouth as she swallowed the liquid. Mary eventually pulled the slowly softening cock out from the tight pussy and sucked the gaping hole until no more white creamy jizz could be discern.

Sisley shuddered involuntarily as she felt Mary’s mouth and tongue worked around her slit. She sighed with contentment as Cory’s cock left her pussy, her hole squeezed his helmet before releasing it entirely. Without any energy left in her limp body, the Asian girl stayed as she was for a few minutes and jumped slightly as she felt fingers and nails raked her clit again. She did not pull away, instead pressed against the nails, loving every seconds of the sensation. The redhead, meanwhile, sucked Cory’s cock into her mouth, and cleaned Sisley’s honeyed juice off her boyfriend’s cock as her fingers twiddled with Sisley’s clitoris.

Finally, with her little pleasure button being ultra-sensitive, Sisley moved away from Mary’s fingernails and got off Cory’s legs and walked back on all fours to lie next to Cory. His girlfriend also walked on all fours off his face and went on sucking his semi-hard erection clean with gusto, her tongue knew just what he liked as she snaked and slithered around the shaft. She looked up and saw with pleasure Sisley kissing Cory, their tongue visible between their lips as one of his hand pinched Sisley’s dark brown nipple, one by one, his other hand palmed Sisley’s sated pussy.

The Asian girl moaned into Cory’s mouth as she heard Mary made the announcement: ‘all cleaned,’ as Mary got back from the bottom of the bed. Cory kissed Sisley soundly and with each arm, wrapped each of the girls within his sweaty embrace as each girls rested their head on his chest with contented sighs and all three dozed off into the night.
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1 year ago
Good story. Some backstory would have made it Great.
1 year ago
love the hot hot licking! :D
1 year ago
I suppose if everyone was licked "all clean", there was no need or desire for a group shower...
1 year ago
Brilliant now if they need another tounge to help clean up the mess ???
1 year ago
Hot like a feverdream-must be those Australian summers. I like the tongue-fucking...well, all of the fucking and sucking.
1 year ago
so so hott...a fired-up redhead and a hot tight asian...filled balls deep by a big black dick!!!!
1 year ago
I would like to join in one day.
1 year ago
Mmmm the story continued to even more hot erotic passion. Well done. :-)
1 year ago
so hot, led to some very intense sex ;-)
1 year ago
my fantasy