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Mary climbed onto Cory’s lap at the urging of Sisley. Her thighs on either side of his legs as her womanhood spread wide to slowly impale herself on Cory’s erect penis, Mary sighed with bliss as her empty chamber is filled with Cory’s thick throbbing mass. His hands stroked her back up and down; his deep blue eyes locked with her emerald-green eyes and felt her hot damp skin. Her B-cup breasts tipped with dusky pink areolas bounced as she rode him like a bucking bronco, her flame-red hair wild about her creamy shoulders.

Her moans and sighs filled the living room, her hands pulled Cory’s short blonde hair as her pussy milked his cock with every motion of her hips. His sparse pubic hair cushioned her as she slammed her groin down on his. Mary arched her back backward and Cory took the opportunity to suck her nipples, in turn, into his mouth and tongued her dusky tips until they both stiffened to sharp points, his hands kneaded her twin globes as he sucked and licked her nipples.

As the couple fucked on the lounge room couch, Sisley’s pussy moistened and creamed at the sight. Her right hand reached down between her legs and encountered her juice coating her clit with the clear fluid. Sisley is a friend of Cory’s. A very good friend judging by the tableau set before you. With a camera in her left hand, Sisley struggled to take decent shots of the copulating couple, and after several unsuccessful attempts she gave up, put the camera down and gave 50% of her attention to her own pussy and the other 50% to Cory and his girlfriend.

Sisley sat on the sturdy wooden coffee table in front of the couch which squeaked with every bounced. Mary soon turned around from her cowgirl position. It afforded Sisley with a better view of the petite redhead’s landing-strip pussy stretched around his cock. Sisley brushed her short-cropped black hair out of the way; her black, almond-shaped eyes sparkled with lust as she looked at Mary’s engorged clit. Taking a cushion from the floor where it has been unceremoniously discarded, Sisley got on her knees in front of the couple; she pushed Mary’s knees further apart, and looked up into the redhead’s glazed bright green eyes that no longer saw clearly.

Mary jerked involuntarily as she felt something soft flicked at her little button. She looked down at their plus-one companion. Mary’s hands gripped her boyfriend’s knees tightly so she won’t lose her balance from his pumping cock as she looked at the oriental girl between her knees sucking and licking her clit. Her mouth opened into a wide O as she felt Sisley’s mouth sucked on her pussy as her boyfriend’s cock pumped mercilessly in and out of her tight cunt. Mary wanted badly to grab the Asian girl’s head and press her mouth harder to her, but she was perched precariously in her current reverse-cowgirl position, so she could only watched as Sisley’s tongue flicked out between her parted lips to tease her button by twirling around and around.

Mary gasped and closed her eyes, arched her back yet again as Cory’s hands reached up from her hips to cup her tits in his strong hands. Cory was unprepared as he felt Sisley’s lips enclosed over his heavy scrotum, swinging erratically as he fucked his girlfriend on his lap.

‘Fuck!’ he swore loudly, but he was drowned out by Mary’s moans as she neared her orgasm.

‘Coming, coming, coming,’ the redhead chanted as her little clit and love canal popped from her orgasm. Her pussy milked Cory’s thick manhood as Sisley once again reattached her mouth to her throbbing clit.

With the cushion under the knees, Sisley’s juice dripped onto the covers as she sucked and played with the fucking couple: her mouth on Mary’s clit, and her hands on Cory’s balls.

‘Where do you want it?’ Cory grated out.

‘Inside her,’ Sisley replied.

‘Fuck, here I come,’ he announced as his white hot semen spilled and splashed into Mary.

His hands painfully massaged Mary’s twin globes as his hips pushed up off the couch and hit her cervix with the mushroom head of his cock. His seeds spilled into her and throbbed for a few minutes, his body shuddered as he felt the last spasm of Mary’s pussy along his penis.

‘Pull her back, Cory,’ Sisley said.

With effort, Cory groaned as he pulled Mary up off his cock, her sweaty back rested fully on his torso. Mary was inert from her orgasm, and did not resist nor made a sound except for her soft sighs between her lips. Cory’s stiff rod popped out of his girlfriend’s pussy with a squelch, his cock still throbbed from the power of his climax.

Sisley knew exactly how sensitive a clit can get after a woman has orgasmed, so she proceeded slowly. Her fingers tenderly spread Mary’s labia apart and lapped up and down at the slit, her tongue spooned out Cory’s cum from within her folds. Sisley tasted the couple’s comingled juices and slurped it down thirstily until no more creamy white fluid leaked from Mary’s pussy.

‘All cleaned,’ Sisley smacked her lips together, and stroked Mary’s still-engorged clit lovingly with her fingers, Mary’s clear juice coated her chin with musky fragrance.

‘Mmmmmm,’ Mary moaned, as she reached out blindly to lovingly stroke Sisley’s cheeks.

Next Sisley cleaned up Cory’s cock. She took him into her mouth all the way until he hit the back of throat as her tongue licked and cleaned the length of his shaft. Her tongue worked the head and rolled the tip expertly. She sucked on the tip hard, creating a sort of a vacuum with her mouth as her tongue pressed the head up and down, and around. Cory groaned at the sensation and palmed Mary’s tits gently as his cock was getting the afterplay, but he did not feel he could get hard again so soon.

‘All cleaned, too,’ Sisley announced, pleased with herself, and licked her lips salaciously.

All three stood up exhausted and sweaty, then Cory took each of the girls’ hands into his and led the way to the bedroom to crash on the king bed together for a brief respite to get ready for another round.
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1 year ago
1 year ago
Really nice work !
1 year ago
Delicious!! *gasps* such an incredibly fervent session wonderfully told! :)
1 year ago
What a lusty minded Minx you are!
1 year ago
Great work!
You have got me in the mood once again
1 year ago
Fantastic I would love to find a friend like this for my gf
1 year ago
another great story :)
1 year ago
Please tell me you are going to write round two.
1 year ago
Great story, thanks for sharing!
1 year ago
Fantastic story.
There was a lot of love in that room.
1 year ago
"All cleaned." Now I need to mop my...sweaty brow-what did you think I was going to say?
1 year ago
wonderful...where can i get a +1...
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1 year ago
omg perfect! I came hard just as sisley was cleaning the cum from marys wet pussy!
1 year ago
Amazing. Needs more views.