Park it in My Pussy

With her bare bottom squarely positioned on the photocopier, Marnie pressed the green ‘Start’ button on the panel. Bright white light flashed pass the glass across the surface, and a single page slipped out from the machine. Marnie grabbed it from the tray and had a look, made a face, put the page aside, spread her thighs further apart and leant forward slightly. She pressed the ‘Start’ button again and waited a few seconds. This time when she had a look at the result, a wide grin spread on her face.

‘Perfect,’ Marnie mumbled as she looked at the colour copy: her pink glistening flesh and her tight pink anus, crudely displayed on the coloured page.

She placed the paper aside, hopped off the machine, pulled down her deep red knee-length skirt; wipe the glass down with methylated spirit, walked out of the copying room back to her partitioned cubicle. Back at her desk, Marnie took out a black marker, and signed a little message on the page, folded in half before she slipped it into her bag. As she made her way out of the quiet office to the back entrance of the building, she had to walk past the security office to get to the car park. She walked up to the window of the office, she noticed two security guards manning the room.

One turned from the bank of screens to look at the window as Marnie approached, the other concentrated on the screen. The one that turned she was not interested in since he was the younger male, instead it was the older one Marnie was interested in. She tapped the glass window with a beaming smile, and the younger man slid the glass across.

‘You must be new?’ Marnie enquired.

‘Yep, just started this evening,’ he replied with a wide grin, as his eyes glued to her luscious pink lips. ‘First shift.’

She smiled back and flicked her curly red hair, her green eyes sparkled. At 160cm tall in heels, Marnie was petite with minimal breasts of which right now was accentuated by her push-up bra under her loose white sleeveless top tucked into her skirt under the black suit jacket. She motioned to the older guard and asked if she could speak to him, since he had been helping her previously.

‘Sure,’ the younger man looked disappointed, but turned around and called his shift partner to the window.

‘Thank you….?’

‘Oh, I’m Josh,’ he introduced himself.

‘Nice to meet you, Josh, I’m Marnie,’ she said as they shook hands.

‘Well, I’ll leave you to Larry here,’ Josh said as the older man approached the window, and walked back to the bank of screens to take his partner’s position.

‘Hi Larry,’ Marnie warmly greeted the older man of around 50 years, with light brown hair cropped short with generous sprinkling of greys, broad shoulders under the company-issued white collared shirt. His grey eyes crinkled at the corners as he ginned at the red-head.

‘Good evening, Marnie. You’re here late,’ Larry stated.

‘Yes, had some things to do which I could never get done during the day.’

‘Did you need help with anything?’ he asked.

‘Oh, just wanted to give you this,’ Marnie handed over the folded piece of paper. ‘It’s been on my mind for a little while.’

Larry took the paper, opened the folded page and his eyes bugged out of his head as he saw the displayed image before he read the neatly written message on the corner of the page. By the time he looked up, Marnie had already sauntered away from the security office window towards the undercover car park. He quickly refolded the paper, stuffed it into his pocket, and grabbed a walkie-talkie from its charging station and clipped it his belt, told Josh to stay in the office as he was going to make the round. Josh grunted as he watched the banks of screen without turning around.

As he reached the entrance to the undercover car park, he saw a flash of Marnie’s red skirt walked around one of the support columns. He jogged to keep up to her since he had no idea where her car was parked. The soft fall of his footsteps on the concrete soon caught up to Marnie as she unlocked her large spacious sedan, opened the boot for her briefcase. Before she knew what was happening, Larry pushed her face first into the boot, spread her legs with his thighs, the sound of her skirt ripping loud in the quiet car park. His hand rushed up to find her bare pussy, already wet and waiting for his searching fat fingers. Marnie did not make a protest at the not unexpected assault, her heart raced away in a sprint.

Larry’s hand frenziedly unzipped his fly and outflew his throbbing cock before he plunged his thick penis into the waiting chasm that was Marnie’s pussy. Her moans of pleasure echoed inside the boot as Larry’s manhood penetrated her hot wet cunt, her vaginal muscles squeezed and spasm with every thrust of his shaft. With a grunt, Larry tenderly wrapped one hand around the redhead’s neck while his other hand rested inside the trunk of the sedan as he fucked the vixen’s pussy. The vehicle began to buckled and squeaked softly from the motion of the couple in the strange doggy position.

Back in the security room, Josh had just turned around from looking at another screen with a cup of water at his lips when he suddenly choked on the liquid. The water splattered out of the cup and his nostrils, and over some of the screens, as his eyes widened with amazement at the spectacle that he was watching on one of the monitors. He coughed uncontrollably as he tried to clear his airway while his eyes were glued to the image on the screen.

The angle of the camera was acute. He could see what he believed was Larry in the white shirt, leaned into the boot of the car with someone under him, his ass moved in that unmistakable humping motion. Josh put aside the water, grabbed blindly for some tissues to wipe up the water, pulled out the joystick that controlled the various cameras; with some keyboard instructions typed in he zoomed in the specific camera and noticed the curly red hair resting inside the boot of the car.

‘Fuck!’ Josh swore.

‘Lucky bastard,’ and ran his hand through his black hair as his cock stirred inside his trousers.

At Marnie’s car, Larry was ever aware of the cameras around the car park, and wondered if his shift partner would now have noticed him fucking Marnie. With a mental shrug and a sly grin, he unbuckled his trousers and let it fall around his ankles, the walkie talkie clattered on the concrete. The long tail of the shirt covered his buttocks so that Josh did not have to be tortured into watching his ass. Larry pulled away from Marnie, his cock stiff and stood at a perfect 90 degree angle from his groin her juice glistened on his fat shaft.
‘No,’ Marnie protested from inside the boot.

Larry shushed her and softly slapped her bare derriere. He pulled her out of the trunk of the car, turned her around and kissed the younger woman deeply. Their tongues danced and tasted each other, lips mashed and hungrily sucked. He pulled and tore off her clothing and bra from her slim frame and threw it into the boot. In a second she stood almost naked saved for her torn red skirt which had bunched around her hips. Marnie panted as she looked at Larry, her lips swollen from their kiss, her face flushed a deep red. She wanted more from him.

The older man bent his head to suck at her dusky pink areolas, his tongue laved over the pliant flesh until her buds tightened into erect peaks inside his mouth. His hands roamed all over her back, caressed her hot feverish skin. With her eyes closed from pleasure, she stroked his hair as his lips and teeth grazed over her sensitive nipples. He sucked her buds in turn; he suckled as if a baby hungry for milk. His lips pressed on the nub hard and drew a painful gasp from Marnie, he instantly stopped.

‘No, don’t stop, Larry,’ she breathlessly begged. ‘Bite my nipples.’

With his teeth bared, he gently bit down on her pink nipples, one at a time as he looked up into her flushed face, and her response was telling. Her body arched higher on her tippy-toes still inside her high heels, her hands held his head to press his face harder on her tits. He bit her harder. Marnie moaned loudly, the sound echoed around the empty and deserted car park. Her juice leaked between her thighs as Larry’s fingers massaged her pussy, not touching her clit but detoured around the little throbbing button while his other hand took one of her ass cheeks in his palm and kneaded it firmly.

The camera zoomed in to its maximum capability as Josh massaged his stiff cock, which by now had been pulled out of his pants. He had tried other different security cameras, but this one seems to be the best out of the ones nearest to the copulating couple. He watched as Larry sucked at the redhead’s nipples, her creamy white skin even more so on screen, lit as it was by the harsh neon lights of the car park. He desperately wanted to run down and join in, but he knew that he had to make do with just watching.

He wanted to see Marnie’s pussy so badly his mouth salivated from greed. Josh hoped Larry was fucking the gorgeous redhead with him in mind, waiting in the security office. Then, within a second of thinking that thought, he saw Larry flashed him a thumbs-up sign behind his back at the camera and he chuckled.
‘That cheeky bugger,’ he said.

The air around the couple heated up, the smell of sex enveloped around them but soon cool breeze filtered through the car park. Marnie’s dampened skin goose-pimpled from the night air, her nipples wet from the older man’s saliva, shots of pleasure trailed down from Larry’s biting teeth to her long-neglected clitoris. Marnie pushed Larry away from her tits and they swapped position: he against the trunk of the sedan and she squatted on the concrete ground. Her mouth found his erect penis as her hand massaged his heavy scrotum.

‘Oh Christ!’ Larry blasphemed as he felt her soft mouth worked his fat cock all the way down to the hilt.

Larry’s penis, while not long, possibly around 6 to 6.5 inches, it had considerable girth. Marnie’s lips stretched to splitting point as she swallowed him. Now she knew why he felt so damn good fucking her pussy: it was fat, thick, and the veins stood out prominently on the shaft. The helmet of his cock was deeply purpled and engorged it was now massaging the roof of Marnie’s mouth as she sucked him down. His pre-cum leaked into her mouth and she slithered her tongue on the glands, rolled the tip and pushed the tip of her tongue into the tiny opening to draw out more of his clear fluid.

She pulled his cock out from her mouth until only the tip remain inside and she sucked it hard as she looked up into Larry’s face. Her hand pumped firmly and agonisingly slowly along his rock-hard pole and it throbbed with bl00d in her hand. Her expert tongue loved every taste of his salty pre-cum and she swallowed it down with relish.

‘FUCK!’ Larry swore, the word echoed around the walls.

Swiftly, Larry took off his shirt since it was getting in the way and discarded it in the boot of the car next to Marnie’s clothes. His hands ran through her red curls and hold her head as his hips pumped in and out of her hot mouth. Her hand reached up to rake her fingernails through his coarse chest hair, her tongue pressed and massaged the underside of his throbbing rod, moved from side to side expertly as her mouth sucked him back and forth, her hair wild about her creamy shoulders. Larry was delirious from Marnie’s heavenly mouth: hot and moist, her tongue simulated milking pussy to perfection. He pushed his hips deeper and grey eyes met green ones as he touched the back of her throat with the bulbous head of his dick; her nose buried within his sparse pubic hair, his balls swung gently against her chin.

Marnie gave her blowjob all she had, she wanted to taste Larry, but being older, Larry knew he probably do not have it in him to cum again if he did in the setting they were both in. He knew exactly what she was doing with her magnificently soft mouth, but he had to stop her before it was too late.
‘Up you get,’ he said hoarsely and pulled Marnie away from his penis.

He turned around and slammed the lid of the boot closed, guided Marnie to sit on the trunk and spread her legs wide to receive his mouth. He latched on to her pussy with the fervour of a man dying of thirst, the taste of her sweet liquid fed him as she pushed against him. His mouth sucked her pussy hard and his tongue twirled around her little pleasure nub. Engorged with her life f***e, the little clit increased in its sensitivity as the older man lapped up her juice before it had a chance to stain the top of her car, the sound of his slurps was an orchestral piece to her ears as she pressed his head harder on to her hairless mound, she leaned all the way back on the back windshield and closed her eyes, her hands ran through his brown hair.

The car swung gently as Marnie pushed her hips up and down off the lid of the trunk. Larry spread her labia apart with his fingers, with the flat of his tongue he pressed onto her clit and slithered it inside her pussy, his nose buried within her pink wet folds. He took a deep satisfying breath of her perfume and tongue-fucked her love canal. Her molten-sweet juice pooled on to his tongue as he drank from her bubbling fountain. He could get d***k from her fountain, of that he was sure, so he continued with his administration at her pussy.

Imminently, Marnie could feel her orgasm getting ready. The way her body tightened up, her toes stretched taunt, her fist grasped Larry’s short hair, her legs straightened out and lifted into the air. Without further ado, her orgasm flared into a volcanic eruption, straight into Larry’s mouth. Her moans and pants reverberated around them as her climax crashed and rolled, crashed and rolled around her slim frame, her chest heaved from the power of her orgasm. Her hands pulled his short hair painfully, but Larry did not make a peep of protest. He smiled inwardly at her orgasmic reaction from his mouth.

In the control room, Josh came with Marnie. His wish to finally see her pussy was granted when Larry lifted her up on to the back of the car and spread her legs. Though unclear because of the limited-zoom capability of the security camera it was just enough for him to wank his cock to and imagine that he was fucking the beautiful redhead. He almost bit his tongue as his climax spew out from the tip of his cock, but being prepared, he had a handful of tissue at the ready to catch the white hot semen and he wished again that he was fucking Marnie, with or without Larry. He grunted with satisfaction as his cum finally stopped leaking and watched Larry on the screen moving Marnie off the car and on to the back passenger seat.

She sat with her legs on the outside of the backseat, Larry stood between her soft thighs and Marnie sucked his cock back into her mouth. Larry humped her mouth only for several minutes before he pushed her deeper inside the interior of the vehicle.

‘Spread your legs for me, Marnie, put one over the back rest and one over the front seat,’ Larry ordered as he pulled her high heels off her feet and dropped it over the front seat.

Marnie’s green eyes twinkled as she complied docilely, her fingers then reached down to open up her closed petals. Larry’s beefy hand reached down to toy with her pussy before his thick middle finger plunged into her still-aching vagina. He crooked his finger and massaged the walls of her tender pussy and found her G-spot. Marnie panted and her cuntal muscle involuntarily squeezed on his finger. Her eyes remain locked with his grey eyes as she felt her pussy being assault by his finger.

He pulled his finger out and pushed it into her mouth. She cleaned his finger with her tongue and Larry sucked air through gritted teeth as the sensation of her tongue around his finger reminded him how she had sucked his cock earlier. Larry climbed further on to the backseat and his short fat cock stuffed into her waiting creamy pussy, his hands pressed on the seat to stay his heavy frame from Marnie’s body. With a rough thrust he buried himself inside her womanhood, her juice squelched onto the leather upholstery.

‘Fuck me, Larry,’ Marnie panted.

‘With… much… pleasure… sweetheart,’ Larry groaned.

The redhead felt as if her centre was being torn in two, her hands reached down and her nails dug into his buttocks to urge him deeper into her vagina. His thrusts made her small soft breasts jiggled inviting his mouth down to suck on her nipples again. Without using his teeth, Larry used his lips to roll and press on her dusky tips as his groin tightened with each thrust into her heavenly hot velvety goodness. Now that they were in a confined space of the sedan, her aroma rose and headily filled the cab with the smell of sex. Marnie removed her hands from Larry’s ass and hugged his neck tight as his groin slapped the junction of her thighs mercilessly. Her pussy milked his meaty cock as the mushroom head passed over and over her G-spot.

Her heart raced as bl00d pumped throughout Marnie, rushed around to the tips of her being as she got ready for another explosive orgasm she knew was coming. But she also wanted Larry to come too, since she had already cum once, she wanted the older man to cum first this time and fill her pussy with his baby-seed. With his mouth still occupied with suckling at her two nipples, Marnie used her hands to form fists and placed it under her ass to lift her hips up slightly, and in that position she was able to press her hips upward to meet his downward thrust with her upward push, and milked his cock with her pussy. His bulging cock head chaffed the inside of her pussy, the friction made her juice leaked between her ass cheeks on to the leather seat.

‘Hmmmmm, coming, oh God, I’m coming,’ Marnie cried as her body shuddered and readied to orgasm again.

‘Laaarrrryyyyyy,’ she moaned.

‘Oh Jesus, oh Jesus,’ Larry groaned in unison with the redhead.

His pace increased rapidly and his cock moved in a blur in and out of her pussy, his balls constrict with his impending climax. The car shook and stirred on, soft squeaks as the tyres rubbed on the concrete floor. One final thrust of his cock and his jizz shot out from the tip of his penis, hit her cervix and filled her pussy with his cream. His fat shaft felt Marnie’s shuddering orgasm for the first time as it milked and massage his rod, his cock jerked within the channel of her pussy.

His arms no longer strong enough to support his weight, he rested his body on Marnie’s heaving breasts and kissed her soft lips deeply, his tongue insinuated between her slightly parted lips and tasted her sweet saliva. Marnie hugged him tightly to her sweaty body and deeply kissed him back, their tongues danced as her pussy contract instinctively around him still. Several more minutes later, Larry slipped out of her moist heaven and Larry sighed with contentment as he looked into Marnie’s drowsy green eyes, his hands brushed tendrils of curly red hair away from her sweaty forehead.

The copulating couple jumped as the walkie-talkie crackled to life loudly from outside with Josh’s voice on the speaker.

‘What I would give to see what you guys did in that car! The CCTV camera can only zoom so far you guys. C’mon! Great show in any case from what I could see, and Marnie, you were amazing on TV. I can give you the disc of tonight if you like next time I see you. Or Larry there can give it to you.’

‘Now get back to work, Larry!’ his good-natured laughter faded as he signed off.
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wow what a sexy great it.
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great story
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Nice story well done.
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That was one very hot and steamy story. Got me rock hard and leaking lots of precum. My mouth also started watering thinking about eating her hot little pussy...damn!
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One of, if not THE best written story on the site!
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Was this an arbitrarily, random luck of the draw for Larry to get his pecker tuned by Marnie's horny pussy? Or, is there some ulterior motive that Marnie had Larry in her sights?

Some things in life just don't seem to fit into the normal scheme of things! But, when "random" things happen, never question the "why" of it.
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you could make a shed load of cash if you went into directing porn movies.

Another well-written story and now my liking of the machinations of your dirty mind have turned to wonder, awe, admiration and fascination.
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I read this whilst having a morning coffee... I am certainly awake now - in every sense of the word! Wow, that was explosive!! I'm certainly going to enjoy having a shower now! :),
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I could almost Smell the interior of Marnie's car. That
Smell is So Erotic it can cause Me to Shoot My Load.
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perfect office fuck story!
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Another good story as always, very innovative!
But I have to say if I was the colleague left behind to watch, I am not so sure I would have been so good natured - jealousy and the desire to for it to be me might have been the main emotions!!!
Good to read you again,
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That's a great story. I know some young, hot ladies love the experience of an older man. Sorry for Josh.
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On my first night doing security some student was complaining about a party guest removing his glass eye and rolling it around on the coffee table-I prefer this scenario.
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