Story with Patrick – My True Story

Third Meeting – February 2013

With only my fishnet stocking on under a white towel, I opened the door to greet Patrick in the early evening, and he was right on time. We kissed as he walked through the doorway and made his way to the double bed in the room. Patrick sat on the bed as I stood next to him covered with only a towel. He stroked my leg and asked what I have on underneath it. I replied only the stocking, and dropped the towel to reveal my naked (except for the fishnet stocking) body to him. His hand stroked higher but did not touch my waiting pussy, instead detoured around the strategic holes in the stocking which left my pussy region open.

He brushed passed my throbbing clit, my moist and juicy vagina, caressed my labia with his fingers expertly. I wanted to say to him that he was a tease, but all that came out was my satisfied sighs as we kissed deeper and I crawled onto his fully-clothed body. He took my nipples in turn into his mouth as he delicately sucked each stiffened buds between his lips. I watched intently as his lips pressed and pulled my nipples, my hands stroked his soft hair as I bent my head to kiss his forehead. He smelled nice and fresh and I wondered what aftershave he used to smell so good.

I wanted to get to his cock, but he ordered me to come up to his face as he lay prone on the bed. He did promise to eat my pussy this time around, and I eagerly walked on my knees and positioned my hot womanhood over his waiting lips. His tongue teased and worked my clitoris mercilessly. His lips kissed and sucked my pussy with hunger as he tasted my molten liquid. Then he told me to turn around, but I was slightly delirious from his tongue and did not understand his order at first. Patrick repeated his sentence and I finally understood so rotated my body so that we were in a 69 position.

I unbuttoned his shorts, pulled his rock hard manhood out from the confines and my mouth sucked him inside my mouth seconds. I do not know how other girls do it, but I found it quite hard to suck on a cock when all that I wanted to do was concentrate on the mouth and fingers that was about to make me cum from my pussy. I managed to suck on Patrick’s cock for a few minutes when I had to stop as my pussy started to orgasm from his fingers. I loudly begged him to eat my clit as I panted that I was coming. Because I was a full foot shorter than he was, he had to pull me back up to his mouth, reattached his lips at my clit, sucked and twirled his hot tongue at my pussy as eruptions after eruptions of my pussy radiated from my vagina and clit into his mouth. My orgasm was one of the strongest I’ve ever had from a man’s mouth; it had been a long time coming. My clit quivered and vibrated as my orgasm burst and radiated from my pussy to the tips of my extremities. I pressed my pussy down hard into Patrick’s face as I panted my orgasm out.

My head rested at his groin as I waited for my whole body to stop its shudders and spasm before I could even contemplate moving. My whole body was all wobbly jelly, but eventually I moved my body so that I could suck his cock properly; between his legs. Since this was our third date, I knew what he liked and how he liked me to suck him. With each deep suck, each pass of my tongue on his mushroom head, the press of my tongue into the tiny opening, the way my tongue snaked inside my mouth from side to side on his thick shaft, I could hear Patrick sighed and moaned with pleasure. I teased his scrotum with my tongue, sucked both in turn gently into my mouth as my hand pumped up and down on his stiffened penis.

He lifted his head from the pillow and said gutturally it was time for him to fuck me. I licked my lips as I relinquished his cock with a pop, got up from the bed to grab a condom from my make-up case and handed him it. He slipped the rubber on as I got on all four on the bed. He rubbed his encased cock up and down my wet slit and slipped inside with ease, his hands held my hips in a tight grip as he pushed his cock in and out of my pussy. He asked if he could rip the fishnet stock a little bit as the gap at my pussy region was too small. I said yes, just tear it and I heard it ripped slightly. He reached down occasionally to play with my clit as he fucked my love canal. I squeezed my pussy around his cock as he rested inside for a few seconds.

Then he pulled away and got on the bed on his back. I bit and licked my lips. I climbed onto his hips and positioned my waiting pussy over his erect cock. Unfortunately, much as I needed and wanted to ride him, for some reason I could not have him inside and wondered if it was the condom that made it slippery and difficult for me to fuck him if I was on top. I was mightily tempted to just rip off the rubber so I could ride him. When I could not impale myself on his cock after a few minutes, Patrick suggested that he could fuck my ass instead. I said sorry to him as I got off his hips. He said not to worry about it, since he will have fun fucking my ass. I laughed and told him the KY-jelly was in the make-up case (I had come prepared this time round).

He pulled off the condom and smeared the lubricant around my tight brown star and worked his finger into my hole, stretched my anus with his finger. My moans was muffled as I buried my face on the bed, my hands grasped the bed sheets and pillow tightly in each hand. His digit felt good as it worked my sphincter. With a squirt more of KY-jelly on his cock, he rubbed himself along my pussy and gently pushed his way into my last forbidden hole. For the first few seconds I tried hard to relax my muscles, since the burning sensation seared my whole lower region, but once my ass got used to having Patrick inside, he felt so good. He ripped the fishnet stocking some more, this time, all the way to the waistline for better access to my ass. With more room to move, the way he glided in and out, his cock massage my dank rectum, the way my brown ring wrapped around h is shaft as he fucked my ass. He felt so good.

My ass quivered as he increased his pace. He said softly that he was now buried all the way inside since I had asked previously how far in he was on the previous occasion when it was too painful to continue. I breathed out with a satisfied sigh as I felt his cock wriggled in me, I squeezed my muscle and his hands gripped my hips as he worked his cock. I reached my hand down to my pussy and worked my clit quickly, and felt his balls slapping my clit as he pummelled into my ass, deeper and deeper. The way my sphincter rolled along his throbbing shaft was sensational, and I was about to come from my ass. Thinking about it now as I am typing this is making my toes curled at the memories.

I huffed out hoarsely to Patrick that I was about to cum again, and he fucked my ass faster. I wanted him to shoot his load into my body, but he was unselfish and wanted me to cum. He slammed into my tight backdoor one more time and my climax made me see bright white light behind my closed eyelids. My sphincter squeezed around him, my hands clutched the bed sheets as I pushed back against his groin and told him to stay still as my orgasm receded gradually. We both breathed heavily, as I rested on the bed, Patrick pulled gently out and went to clean up in the shower. I got up gingerly from the bed after a few minutes and slowly followed him into the shower after taking off my fishnet stocking and threw it in the trash.

He had his back towards the door as I joined him. My hands reached around to grab the soap as I washed his cock before I knelt down and took his cock into my greedy mouth again. I took him as deep as I could as the warm water cascaded down on my head and into my eyes. I moved our position slightly so he blocked the water as I focussed my attention on his still-hard cock. His cock hit the back of my throat and I could hear Patrick grunted and sighed with pleasure. He reached down to tweak one of my nipples playfully with his fingers, and I sucked him with pure enjoyment and the love of giving a good blowjob.

With the tip rested just in inside my lips I sucked him hard with my mouth, my hand held his pubic hair at bay. My tongue pressed and slithered around his throbbing cock, moving from side to side as my head bopped back and forth. I took him deep into my mouth for a second before my gagging reflex f***ed me to stop. My lips stretched taunt around his perfect cock, I massage his scrotum with the back of my free hand. I freed my lips and licked his shaft with my tongue stuck out, and pushed gently into the tiny slit at the tip of his penis, swirled the helmet-shaped tip before sucking him back between my lips again.

My initial goal was to make him cum, but my knees had other ideas. Ten minutes on the hard tiles in the shower and I had to get up on wobbly legs. We kissed in the shower before Patrick got out and I took my turn cleaning up. I hopped back into bed where he was already on top of the covers and I pulled the blanket over us as I lay back on the pillows. We took a rest for a little while before I pushed the blanket aside, shimmied my way down to suck his cock again. He then said softly that it can take him a while to cum, I nodded my head since my mouth was filled with his penis. He left me to my own devices for a few minutes before he said he needed to fuck my pussy again. I breathed through my nose as I looked up and with a flick of my tongue I let him fall out of my mouth.

As he got up from the bed to grab a condom, I laid back on my back with my legs raised in the air and spread apart. Patrick got back on the bed, pushed my legs farther apart and pressed the bed of his cock inside my steamy juicy pussy. I grabbed the back of my knees to hook it with my elbows as he fucked my pussy, his cock easily glided in all the way until he hit my cervix, my muscle squeezed and spasm as I knew I was about to orgasm for the third time. He grabbed my legs and hooked each on his shoulders as he penetrated my love tunnel repeatedly, our fucking bodies slapped on the bed and the loud squelch of my juice filled the air.

I begged him breathlessly to come in and with me, and I heard him, through my orgasmic fog, asked me how much I wanted to taste him. His pace increased and I puffed out that I wanted to taste him very much. In a split second he pulled out of my pussy, tore the rubber away from his cock, climbed up to my face, while some of his cum jetted on to my stomach, some of his semen managed to make its way into my open mouth as I wrapped my lips around his cock. I sucked him hungrily and swallowed him down thirstily without hesitation. My mouth milked his engorged shaft as his manhood rested on my tongue as I glided my lips gently along his sensitive cock. I have wanted to taste him since our first date, so this was icing on the cake.

After his climax Patrick lay back on the bed, while I headed to the bathroom to wipe up his cum, and licked his jizz off my fingers. I came back to the bed and snuggled next to him (I actually f***ed myself on him at this point, I needed my cuddles after all, but he did not seem to mind as I stroked his chest). Unfortunately with unforseen work schedule at the last minute, Patrick had to leave instead of staying overnight; with a gentle tap on his chest before he fall asl33p, I told him he probably had to go home. He roused himself, got up from the bed, got dressed, apologised for leaving me so soon, and with a soft kiss at the door he was gone.

PS. Patrick tasted really sweet. I wondered if he had been drinking pineapple juice…

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1 year ago
I wonder about the pineapple juice sometimes, too. He does taste different sometimes.

Love your story. Lucky old Patrick. Another great story.
1 year ago
wow, another really well-written sexy story. Lucky Patrick, i hope date 4 goes even better for you
1 year ago
You are such a good writer. Love this story xx
1 year ago
omg that was incredibly intense!! wow!! :),
1 year ago
Wow, that was hot. Thanks!
1 year ago
god these always make me cum!
1 year ago
Wonder whats next for you and pat
1 year ago
awesome .......
2 years ago
Some guys get all the fun...I am putting my name on the list for at least one of those blowjobs. Just know you will be awesome at them.
2 years ago
I love hearing about your encounters I fantasize that I am in the story and it makes me cum nice and Hard
2 years ago
5 (*)s-glad you brought some lube.
2 years ago have more fun than a barrle of monkeys..sur wish my truck had floats on it...Patrick and all the others would be thrown to the curb...sweetie this one hot story,,again sure wish it was me...kisses
2 years ago
very well told story .... 5 stars no problem
2 years ago
Glad that everything finally worked out and you were deep dicked and licked very well....