Ice, Ropes and Blind Fold

Getting ready for bed one spring night I left the window opened slightly for the cool breeze to come in, and I took a deep breath of the cool night air. Wearing only a black singlet and panties, I stood at the window to look out into the night, it was full moon, so the night had that blue-tinged to the muted light. My bedroom window must have looked like a beacon in the darkness.

Switching off the lamp by the bed, I got under the duvet, snuggled down and within minutes was fast asl33p.

Then slowly I became aware of some noise in my bedroom that was unfamiliar, and startled fully awake as I felt hands taking hold of my mouth and hand. I struggled to free myself, kicking off the duvet in the process. The intruder pulled me up from the bed and embraced me tightly, one hand still clamped down over my mouth, and because it was dark in my bedroom, his features were in shadows. His free hand went inside my panties to grab hold of my bottom and pulled my hips close to his groin. His fingers found my sphincter and roughly he inserted one finger deep inside.

I gasped behind his hand and arched my back, my pussy was instantly moist. My attacker chuckled, and relaxed his hand that was over my mouth, and his lips took mine f0rcefully as his hand gripped my chin, his tongue delved inside my sweet mouth. His tongue, soft and gentle, counter acts his rough hands, massaged my tongue, and explored my lips. At first I resisted his skilled onslaught, but I gradually weakened, and finally I open my mouth to his tongue, and sighed audibly.

My assailant pushed me away, and began blind folding my eyes with a large black cloth, I tried to pull away, but he made shushing sound near my ear, indicated he won’t hurt me and I allowed him to finish tying the blind fold. My heart thumped in my chest and I could have sworn he heard it in my quiet bedroom.

Then he guided me to lie back down on the bed. I could hear some rustling as he moved about my bedroom, then felt his hand grabbed by arm and pulled over my head, as a rope was tied around my wrists and tied to the wrought iron bed head. Then he moved to my ankles, and pulled my legs apart and tied each ankle to each end of the bed. Once I was tied and vulnerable, I felt cold steel at my belly, and I flinched, thinking it was a knife, until I heard the rasping of scissors cutting through my singlet. He then moved to my panties and cut that away from my hips, then pulled the shredded material away from my pussy.

He opened my cutaway singlet to expose my breasts, and my nipples hardened in the cool spring night air. The mattress gave way, as he sat on the edge, and I could feel his hot breath on my nipple. Then I felt his lips kissed and his tongue licked my breasts, totally ignoring the stiff peaks, coming teasingly close, only to move away, leaving cold trails on my twin orbs. I moaned, and strained my wrists against the ropes.

His hand reached up to hold my wrists still, and murmured in my ear that I should not pull on it, as it could leave rope marks. I sigh, nodded, and relaxed my wrists. The mattress sprang back as he stood up to undress, my ears strained to hear where he was and what else he was doing. After several minutes, I felt him back on the bed then something nudged at my mouth and he told me to open my mouth. I complied and opened my mouth wide as I felt the silky smoothness of his rigid cock entered and slithered on my tongue.

He pushed in slightly, never going in too far to gag me. I ate his cock ravenously, my movement restricted by my bound hands and feet, but my attacker moved his hips for me, pumped his stiff shaft in and out of my hot cavern, his balls swung against my chin. My mouth sucked him harder, my tongue pushed and massaged his stiff rod, and the tip reached the back of my throat.

I could hear him gasped and groan in ecstasy, the bed creaked with the motion of his swaying hips; his hand now tangled in my long black hair and held my head firmly. Thrusting his stiff dick in and out of my hot mouth, his cock filled me with pleasure, the sensation of the length glided and slide in and out was heaven.

After a few more minutes, my assailant then moved off my face, and I puffed for air, but I wanted more of him. The mattress sprang back as he got off the bed. I heard a light switch clicked on, then clicked off. Then some strange puffing noise, and his hand was at my mound, coated my trimmed pubic hair with shaving cream, then the cold blade of a shaver glided through my pussy, cleaning me of hair. My breathing was hard and fast, my juices mingling with the shaving cream.

My assailant went back to the bathroom, grabbed a towel, dampened it with hot water, and came back to wipe the cream off my pussy. I exhaled my breath, no one has ever shaved me before, and it was a pleasant experience. Then my bedroom became quite, and I strained my ear, but could not feel a presence in the room. Then footsteps sounded back into the room, and I heard some crushing noise.

He sat down on the floor at the end of the bed, and his fingers searched my pussy, explored the folds and crease, flicked at my clitoris and labia, pinching the bud. Then my pussy had the first sensation of large ice cubes being slowly pushed into my hot tunnel. I whimpered and arched my back off the bed in delight. Then his hot breath fanned my pulsating clit and his mouth sucked my pussy hard into his mouth, his tongue tapped and rolled my bud in his hot hungry mouth.

I moaned loudly, ground my nubbin on his tongue, my pussy against his face and nose. My breath escaped in gasp and I neared my orgasm. He inserted two fingers into my pussy, and prodded the ice cubes around my channel, water gushed out as the ice melted inside my body, his mouth continued its assault on my clit. My hands grabbed the ropes tying my wrists; I desperately wanted to grabbed his head and pull his hair to push his head harder against my wet and throbbing pussy.

I tottered on the edge of my orgasm, and with one big suck of his mouth, my orgasm burst through the dam and my clit quivered and shuddered inside his mouth, the ice melted fast mingled with my juices. He slurped the water up thirstily, drinking me. I whined and pulled harder on the ropes, and scr4ped my pussy harder against his tongue. As my orgasm subsided, I panted, and tried to catch my breath. My breasts heaved; the nipples are soft and pliable. My body was at his mercy, for him to do as he pleased.

I turned my head, trying to dislodge the blind fold on the bed. My assailant laughed, got up from my satisfied pleasure button, and moved the blind fold back in place and tied it tighter around my head. I cried out in disagreement, and would have pummelled my feet on the bed if they had been freed.

He grabbed a pillow from the floor and placed it under my ass, my hips were now off the mattress and rose slightly. He grabbed some more ice cubes, and inserted them into my pussy. I shivered and goose pimples appear on my skin. He then got on the bed and positioned his stiff cock at my vagina, gently nudged his stiff dick inside after the ice cubes. My tunnel hugged his head, and I felt the ice deep in my valley; I gasped at the contrasting sensation of hot and cold.

Then he could wait no longer, he slammed his rigid penis inside my molten tunnel, the ice cubes melted fast, and touched his cock head; he gasped. Our joined bodies making squelching noises as he pumped in and out of me, the water gushed out and pooled on to the pillow. Once the ice cubes had melted away, my juices lubricated my pussy and his cock, the friction of our bodies sc****d and rubbed along my tight tunnel, built up the pressure in both our bodies.

He pick up one ice cube in each hand and teasingly place them on to my soft areolas, I gasped at the cold, and felt them hardened. He rolled the ice cubes around the stiffening peaks, and raked his finger nails on the sensitive buds. I moaned and pulled the ropes with my hands. His cock all the while, pumped in and out of my pussy. Once the cubes melted, he grabbed some more, and placed them onto my burning clit and pressed down hard on the cubes, rubbed my nubbin all over with the ice. And oh my, did the ice melted fast on my hot and shuddering bud. Soon the pillow was soaked with the water.

His mouth then fastened around my stiff areola. Sucked and bite them hard, his tongue flicked and rubbed on the peaks. I bucked at the sensation, strained against my bindings. The electric current shot straight down to my clitoris. Soon my second orgasm exploded my cunt spasm and shuddered, my hot tunnel tightened around his ramming cock. My attacker could not withstand my tightening grip on his cock, and thrust harder, his hands gripped my hips for leverage.

And just as his cum was about to shoot out into my waiting pussy, he pulled out and quickly shoved his trembling cock into my mouth. Then his semen shot forth, and covered my tongue, filling up my mouth. I sucked hard on his penis and milked his shaft with my tongue. He groaned in pleasure, and pushed his cock deeper in my mouth, and with one last thrust, his last drop of cum landed on my tongue.

As he pulled out of my mouth, I swallowed his semen, licked my lips to make sure I had not missed a drop. He stood up from the bed and quickly untied my hands and ankles, and took off my blindfold. After freeing me, he came back to lay next to me and hugged me closed, my breasts crushed against his chest. He sighed contently and said that he would do that again in a couple of weeks. I moaned with bliss and rubbed my face in the crook of his neck, and said I’ll be waiting…

Well, what did you expect? He IS my boyfriend, and I never did say he was a stranger…
92% (28/3)
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6 months ago
1 year ago
Ooh Love This One!!
2 years ago
Great story, very sexy and erotic, and a nice twist at the end. Given me some ideas I'll just make sure there's enough ice in the freezer!!!
Loved it as always,
2 years ago
very good... some women loved to be tied n used...
2 years ago
Nice to know that all your window(s) are open at
some sexy Spring naughty nights for your friend(s)

With a pillow under your awesome ass I would take
your sexy sphninxter as well, lubed by cold cubes

Fabulous fantasy, Minxy! X X X X X - Poet Peter
2 years ago
I bet the ice DID melt fast. For some reason I read the one line as "rubbin my nubbin"-however, that's me misreading, so I'll still give you 5 *s.
2 years ago
"At first I resisted his skilled onslaught"
you are not good in resistance, girl.
its just a pity, that he is your boyfriend ^_^
2 years ago
A pleasant read did seem like it was someone familiar to her, but I wasn't quite sure until the end.

I'm not sure I would appreciate all that ice though...brrrrr!
2 years ago
nice one..:)
2 years ago
i thought it was the postman, they always sneak up on you ;)
2 years ago
Nice story as always i enjoyed it
2 years ago
Very nice story! I know why I am a fan of your stories!!! Thanks!