Bathroom Floor Show

With loud music muffled by the closed door of the large bathroom, the two occupants busied themselves with each other: their lips locked as their tongues danced and tasted each other, their hands tore at each other’s clothing to get at the naked skin beneath. Their loud moans drowned out by the noise of the party happening full-f0rce outside, and no one seem to notice that the bathroom had been occupied for longer than usual.

A nipple entered between hungry lips as teeth bit down hard on the tight pink bud, loud gasp emitted between the receiver of the bite, and hands clutched the head desperately as knees weakened, threatened to collapsed on the bathroom floor. A hand reached out to hold on to the free-standing hand sink as the lips moved lower and lower, past the smooth hairless mound and tongue pressed between the labia to find the shuddering clitoris hot and waiting to be sucked and nibbled.

The bathroom was located on the ground floor of the house. Black tiles on the floor had been trampled by numerous feet, the bath mat was dirty with shoes and footprints. The black tiles of the floor contrasted with great impact to the glossy white wall tiles, with random splashes of red here and there. A wide window from floor to ceiling located on one wall, which could be covered with pull-down black Holland blinds for privacy. A glass-encased shower stall located at one end, a large black bath situated at the other.

‘Oh God,’ came a gasp and knees finally buckled.

‘Get on your back, and spread your legs’ came the hoarse command.

The slightly dirty floor of the bathroom was no deterrent to what was about to happen to the two occupants: Isis, with her black locks cut pixie style, her intense brown eyes was right now clouded by desire as she lay down on her back. Her B-cup breasts tipped with light brown areolas no longer confined to her bra sloped to the side as she lay on her back. She spread her legs wide for the other occupant her fingers reached down to spread her labia, and panted with anticipation, the juice seeped from her pussy and dripped to the tiled floor.

Her shoulder-length curly red hair pushed back from her face with a thin black ribbon headband, Tahlia positioned her body on her haunches between Isis’ dewy thighs. She pushed them further apart, and looked down at the crudely displayed pussy before her lust-filled green eyes. She bit and lick her lips as saliva pooled inside her mouth; she cannot wait to taste the feast before eyes.

With a teasing middle finger of her right hand, she pushed the digit into the waiting vagina before her and Tahlia’s eyes widened as Isis’ pussy spasm and gripped it tight as if to suck the invading finger in and the whole hand. Her finger moved in and out of the tight love canal, the top joint of her middle finger crooked to massage the ridges just on the inside of the pussy, Isis’ G-spot. Her hand twisted and turned inside the pussy, grazed and teased the steamy hot pussy, finally her thumb twiddle with the clit that was waiting and engorged with bl00d.

‘Aaahhh, oooo,’ Isis panted, ‘like that, yes, like that, mmmmm.’

Tahlia moaned as Isis’ juice poured into her mouth, she sipped thirstily, her taste sweeter than honey.

‘God, you taste like heaven, Isis.’

‘Eat me, mmmmm, fuck, eat me!’

Isis’ hands grabbed handfuls of red hair and pressed her mouth hard onto her throbbing pussy. Her clit felt as if it was inside a washing machine’s spin cycle as Tahlia’s tongue twirled faster and faster to bring her imminent orgasm to explosion. For Isis for a split second everything stopped, suspended in space, then: a cacophony of lights and sounds erupted in her head and behind her closed eyelids as her orgasm spilled from the centre of her womanhood, bl00d rushed to her quivering bud as her whole being spasm from the climax. Isis’ toes curled as her legs straightened out, her hips pushed up off the bathroom floor and pressed into Tahlia’s sucking lips and twirling tongue.

Her chest heaved as Isis tried to regain her erratic breathing, her whole body limp in the aftermath of her orgasm as it slowly died away. The redhead lifted her face away from the sated pussy, her hair a mess from being clutched tightly. Tahlia licked her lips, the bottom half of her face covered with juice from Isis.

‘You taste so good, baby,’ Tahlia softly said as she stroked the sensitive slit.

Isis shuddered at the touch, and lifted her head off the bath mat. She slowly sat upright, and pulled Tahlia in for a passionate kiss, their tongues meshed between their parted lips and Isis tasted herself on Tahlia’s lips. Isis twisted herself up and pushed the red head on the bathroom floor, her curly hair fanned out from her head, a bright red splash on the black tiles.

Isis lowered her head to Tahlia’s moisture enriched pussy and sucked her quivering clit into her mouth, her tongue twirled on the little bud as her mouth sucked hard, engorged it with bl00d. The red head’s hand gripped Isis’ short black hair and pressed her mouth hard onto her pelvis as she moaned loudly, her orgasm imminent. The black haired girl let go of Tahlia’s clit, and walked on her knees to the shower to grab a small round bottle of shampoo, and came back to the red head.

Tahlia groaned with disappointment as her orgasm was stopped mid-way, with her juice seeping out from her pussy, her fingers played with the clit waiting for Isis to come back, her green eyes widened when she saw the small round bottle in Isis’ hand and she smiled, her legs open wider and her fingers spread her labia. Isis wetted the shampoo bottle with her tongue her saliva glistened as she sucked the bottle before lowering top end to gently push it into Tahlia’s waiting pussy.

‘OH!’ the red head breathed as her pussy stretched around the bottle.

She wanted that bottle deeper so Tahlia lifted her legs, wrapped her arms around her legs with her elbows on the inside of her thighs, her hands on her ankles.

‘Deeper,’ Tahlia begged, ‘fuck me.’

‘Oh yes, honey’ Isis moaned as she moved the bottle in and out, and lowered her mouth once again to Tahlia’s clit, her tongue flicked at the nub over and over and sucked hard on the bud.

‘Oooooo, coming, Isis, I’m comiiiiiiing!’

Isis moaned, unable to respond with Tahlia’s clit deep in her mouth, her hand busily thrust the bottle deep until barely the end of it could be seen. The head of the bottle grazed over and over on Tahlia’s G-spot, massaged it with the rough plastic. Finally an orgasm exploded from the red head’s pussy and she let go of her legs, planted her feet on the floor and pushed her ass off the floor. Her pussy squeezed hard on the bottle and suddenly it ejected from her body, slippery from her creamy nectar, Isis tried to keep a hold of it, but it sk**ded on the floor and hit the door with a soft bang. The black haired girl tried not to giggle as she kept sucking on the red head’s still-shuddering pussy.

The red haired girl pushed Isis away when her pussy got too sensitive and gave an almighty sigh with satisfaction. Isis looked at Tahlia on the floor and licked her lips her fingers wiped her chin and sucked her fingers cleaned of the juice on her fingers. Both girls got to their knees and kissed each other passionately, their tongues darted in and out of each other’s mouths hungrily, their hands held each other close, their breasts squashed flat against each other.

Suddenly loud applause, cheers and whistles blasted from the other side of the window. The two girls jumped apart in fright and looked at the many eyes looking at them. Both girls smiled and took a modest bow on their knees and laughed at the party-goers clapped their appreciations. Then through the noise, there were loud knocks on the bathroom door, the two women grabbed their clothes, hurriedly put it on haphazardly, open the door and ran out passed whoever knocked on the door giggling wildly.
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1 year ago
Who knows where the mind of a cartoonist will go ... who knows what the mind of a woman will write ??? Could the Friday cartoon be here ... :-))) ~~ TREX
2 years ago
total surrender when you get that g-spot.....
2 years ago
loved it
2 years ago
Brilliant Skattie, loved it! ;)
2 years ago
Well written, my foxy friend mighty Minxie.
Your sexiest so far, in my humble opinion.

Wish it would come of the pictures of the pretty
redhot redhead covered in come and her lusty lover.

Thank you for this tasty New Year's present to us.
I vote * * * * * for your tasty story - Poet Peter
2 years ago
Loved the shampoo bottle and the appreciative audience. Naughty sexy fun!
2 years ago
very arousing story :)
2 years ago
And to think you once told me you weren't really in to lesbian stories!!!

Great sexy and arousing. So pleased I've found your page again. Great start to New Year's Eve.

Tim xx
2 years ago
sometimes a shampoo bottle is hard to open, i know ;)