Story with Patrick – My True Story

First Meeting - November 2012

With one of his hands inside the top of my patterned black and white maxi dress, Patrick fondled my C-cup left breast and pinched my dark brown nipple with his thumb and finger. I sighed when I felt his warm hand on my skin and look into his face he took it as a sign, leaned down as I pushed my dress off my shoulders to release my twin globes for him. He attached his mouth to my left nipple, my other breast were occupied with his left hand. Patrick sucked my nipples gently, nibbled it with his teeth until I asked him to bite my stiff bud harder. He went slightly overboard, and I had to tell him to go gently on my bud as I stroke his hair.

As I lay on my back on the bed with Patrick sucking both my stiffened buds, he moved his body down my torso and lifted the hem of my dress to get at my hotly wet pussy, still encased in my panties. He pulled my panties off and chucked it over the foot of the bed. I lay across the bed and Patrick positioned his body between my spread thighs his hot breath fanned my moist and ready slit. His tongue furrowed between my labia and for the first time in months, I felt the joy of a man’s tongue on my clit. Nothing beats an orgasm from a man’s tongue and mouth, and Patrick was really living up to his promise of eating my pussy when we started chatting more than nine months ago. It was unfortunate that things at home for him was complicated, which of course I will not go into here. No bridge was required here on my part. I had long ago ceased building bridges when it comes to my dates.

Patrick was such a sweet guy. Of medium-build, he was around 170cm tall with close-cropped blond hair, and for the life of me, I cannot recall the colour of his eyes (let me get back to you on that). He told me later that he was nervous about meeting up with me, even though it was his suggestion, I was sure fooled for he hid his nervousness well. Patrick lived three hours north of where I live, so I organised a hotel room for a weekend and drove up to check in ahead. When he arrived at the hotel I came down to the lobby to greet him and take him up to the room.

I had already refreshed myself with a hot shower before he arrived. Once we were ensconced inside the room, we reclined on the bed, and being horny, I told him that I was not wearing a bra and his hand went inside my dress to cup one of my tits. We kissed briefly but deeply, our tongue meshed before he attached his mouth to my left nipples and moved down to my pussy. He pulled my panties off and his tongue found its way to my clit. I closed my eyes from the heavenly sensation of his lips and tongue on my pussy.

He expertly swirled his tongue on my clit as I stroked his head and ran my hands through his fine blond hair. He also rimmed my sphincter and I came pretty quickly from his tongue and moaned as I came into his mouth. Patrick felt so good between my thighs but I also wanted to get to his cock. I told him to undress and get in bed. I then returned the favour and attached my mouth to his gorgeous cock. I did not exactly measured it, but guessed him to be around 7 inches, not too thick, but perfect for my mouth because for the first time ever in my life, I managed to deep-throat a cock. I have never been able to do that until I met Patrick. I did not tell him this, of course.

I concentrated on sucking him and loved his reaction to my mouth. He told me it had been a while since anyone has sucked him the way I was doing. My tongue pressed his throbbing manhood from side to side as my lips moved up and down on him. I used the back of my hand to press his scrotum as I sucked his cock. I never once looked up to see if he was watching me or not, his body’s responses were enough for me, it spurred me on to suck him faster. My mouth sucked his penis, my tongue stuck out to lick the skin where his balls joined the base of his cock. Patrick shivered and groaned with pleasure.

My mouth let his dick go and I moved my attention to his balls. I licked them gently as I brushed his pubes away, and teased it with my tongue, played with the heaviness of his sacs, while my hand did not neglect to pump his hardened cock. I looked up then and saw him watching how I played with him. I returned my lips to his shaft but only after I licked the tip of his cut cock, and teased the tiny slit at the tip with my tongue. I took Patrick’s penis deeper and deeper inside my mouth until I could feel his mushroom head touched the back of my throat. I had fully expected myself to gagged, but was pleasantly surprised when I did not. So I could deep-throat a guy after all. All the while, Patrick rewarded me with his involuntary responses: his body shuddered, he sucked air, he groaned with gratification.

By now I was soaking wet. I stopped sucking him for a few seconds to take off my dress and threw it clear across the room. I climbed onto his lap and rubbed my wet slit along his shaft. My labia hugged his cock as my juice coated him, I grazed my steamy pussy along h is cock and felt him massage my clit as I moved back and forth. His cock felt heavenly on my clit as I ride his shaft. He later confessed that if I had not stopped and got off his lap he would have fucked me without a condom there and then. But I did get off his lap, and he did slipped on a rubber.

Patrick stood by the side of the bed as I got on all four, my ass presented to him. He slowly pressed his rubber-encased cock into my pussy and began to pump his groin. Our bodies slapped together, the sound loud in the room mixed with the music I had playing. I panted my pleasure. The feeling of being filled with his cock was fantastic, my pussy hugged him as he thrust his penis forward and massaged my love canal, his hands gripped my hips as he f0rcefully shoved and slammed into my hungry vagina. Unfortunately, he shoved slightly too hard for me and my pussy began to hurt, so I had to tell him to go a little softer.

Patrick then asked softly if he could fuck my ass, and I have always loved anal sex, consequently I told him yes, I want him to fuck my ass. He gently pressed the tip of his cock at my tight brown pucker and the burning sensation immediately made me told him loudly to stop. I felt it was more the rubber that was making it difficult for Patrick to fuck my ass, since I’ve never had my ass fucked with a condom-encased cock before. I told him to take off the rubber so we could try again as I grabbed a tube of lube from my overnight bag, smeared the clear K-Y Jelly on his cock and around my anus before I got back on all fours on the bed.

The next attempt was a success. He popped easily inside my rectum and began to pump in and out of my backdoor. I reached between legs to play with my pussy as Patrick’s pulsating cock massage my ass. My juice ran down my fingers as we were both about to climax. I reached mine first and moaned that I was coming when I felt his body jerked and he swore (‘Ah, shit, shit, shit’) and shot his hot creamy load into my ass.

Patrick then did the strangest thing. After he made me cum, and after he climaxed into my ass, he pulled away, stood back with his arms folded across his chest, staring at me on the bed. I felt bereft, cold and empty. Never had that kind of reaction from a guy before, not after fucking anyway. I looked at him over my right shoulder and asked him what he was doing. He replied that he was looking at me. I was mystified and did not know what to say to him. I was horribly self-conscious so got under the covers while he went to clean up in the bathroom. I wondered with a frown on my face what had just happened: did we have a good fuck or something else happened that I did not know of?

When he came out of the bathroom, and got under the covers, I had expected the usual post-coitus hugs and cuddles. But I was wrong. He was not into that at all. To say I was disappointed would be right. To me the hugging and cuddling after fucking is as important, if not more, than the intercourse itself. I guessed Patrick wasn’t a hugging and cuddling kind of guy, a fact which he also confessed to me later on (it was a date with a lot of confessions, on his part). I was itching to hug him but I held back with difficulty since I hate the thought of being rebuffed.

We lay in bed for a bit talking about this and that, then thoughts turned to dinner since he had not had anything to eat since early in the day. We both got dressed and headed out to have a quick bite to eat. I got to know him a bit more over dinner, and once we were back in the hotel room, he took a seat at the love couch in the room. I walked on my knees over to where he was sitting, unbuckled his belt and jeans, pulled out his hard cock and sucked him back into my mouth once more. God, he felt so good inside my mouth and on my tongue.

Patrick was in heaven. He enjoyed being in my mouth, and feel my lips milked his cock. My tongue massaged this bl00d-engorged cock as my hand moved in time with my mouth. My pussy soaked in no time, but I was enjoying sucking Patrick to pay attention to my hungry pussy. I wanted to make him climax, but I feel that Patrick wanted to fuck me more. He leaned down and said to me he wanted to give me that double-penetration that we had been discussing in our chats. I looked up with his cock in my mouth and nodded.

His stiffened penis popped out of my mouth and I grabbed my rabbit from my overnighter. At first I lay on by back on the bed as he fucked my pussy with his rubber-encased cock, my thighs spread lewdly apart to accommodate his hip as he fucked my pussy. I played with my clit as I watched his hip thrust and slap my boiling pussy. He pulled out of my hugging pussy, discarded the condom, and I got on the bed on all fours again as Patrick positioned his cock at my ass. Now, I don’t remember if he ever did use any K-Y on his cock or not, but he sure slipped back into my ass very easily. I remember feeling my tight ring milking his shaft as he impaled his cock into my ass, then Patrick said to use my rabbit inside my pussy. Imagine that, my first DP.

It was not what I had expected at all. I slowly reached between my legs to push my rabbit inside my pussy and moved the silicone rod in and out as Patrick fucked my ass. All I could feel was the real cock fucking my tight sphincter. Being filled with my rabbit in my vagina did not make an iota of difference. Matter of fact, I did not find it enjoyable. But I did orgasm from Patrick’s cock as he pumped in and out of my ass. His thrust increased in pace as he was about to climax again inside my anus. Patrick swore again (Ah, shit, shit, shit) as I felt his creamy semen coated my rectum. His cock felt so good so did his cum, his penis pulse the last spurt inside me and I closed my eyes from pure unadulterated bliss.

Patrick pulled out of my ass gently and went to the shower to clean up, came back to bed and say within 15 to 20 minutes, he was out cold under the covers. I took pity on him and left him to sl33p (he had been up for almost 24 hours). I took my turn in the shower to clean up. I hopped back into bed, went to sl33p and did not wake up until six in the morning.

With a gentle slap on my bum, I guessed Patrick knew I had woken up. I turned around and said good morning to him, my hand inched to his groin and to my surprise, I encountered his hard-on. Apparently he had been hard for an hour or so, but had decided to let me sl33p. I licked my lips, and to wake up fully, I went to the bathroom to do my morning routine, came back to bed and suck the hell out of his morning wood.

The hotel room was cold, even though the air-con had been turned off. I climbed back under the covers, made my way to him to suck his fucking good-looking penis for all I was worth. God, how many times have I said this: I love sucking his cock; his dick was the first that I could ever deep-throat. Not too thick, not too long, not too… anything! Perfect. This is why I was shocked when he told me that he had not been given a blow-job in a while.

My tongue licked him from side to side as my mouth moved up and down the shaft. By now I had moved between his legs to suck him properly instead of from the side. My head under the blanket bopped up and down, took Patrick deeper inside. He sucked air through gritted teeth as he groaned from pleasure. I teased the helmet of his cock with my tongue, played with the tiny slit at the tip, his smooth mushroom head slicked with saliva. I took him back in my mouth as I suck him with increasing speed, then I moved to his balls to suck his scrotum. My tongue played with his balls, my right hand pumped his stiffened rod. His reaction to my administration made me want to keep sucking him, but he had other plans. He wanted to fuck me.

He hopped out of bed, and once the rubber was on, he was on. From one of two of my favourite positions, he rammed his cock from behind. My pussy tightened and hugged him tight, milked him as he thrust and shoved in and out of my sopping love tunnel. I reached down to play with my clit and soon my orgasm erupted. His cock massaged my pussy wall and minutes later I could tell he was climaxing as he swore again (Ah shit, shit) as he pummelled into me. I loved hearing that as he reached his peak, a sure sign that he was not in control of his body as he fucked and climaxed inside me.

Well, since he was not into cuddling after sex, Patrick pretty much got ready to leave after cleaning up in the shower. I walked him down to his car, said good bye to him as he drove away. I returned to the aftermath of our date and sighed, equally from slight disappointment and contentment: content that I had been truly well-fucked, and disappointment because he lacked certain warm intimacies that I needed, which I told him before he fell asl33p with his arm around me (I had to almost twist his arm to get him to do that, however briefly).

In our conversations afterwards, he promised to hug and cuddle, and do a lot more things we never got to do. I have a list, it’s not long, but still a list which we both will work on to tick off on our next date. I just hope it will be soon. I can’t wait to get my mouth around his cock again…

PS. Oh, and the colour of his eyes is hazel. I checked with him.
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1 year ago
that was a bit sad:(

but the list is a good idea, things are often forgotten about in the heat of the moment
2 years ago
Naughty Nice Story.Lucky Patrick
2 years ago
love your stories
2 years ago
This story reminds me of one of my first pieces. Not too bad for a novoice, judging from the paragraphs I read. Keep working on it, and you will get better.
2 years ago
Very sexy, well-written story
2 years ago
I enjoyed this story because it has the ring of truth. Anyone can put the words "True Story" on anything they want....but to have the story RING true, and therefore possess the intrinsic excitement of a truly true story, is really cool. I have written a couple of true stories (and plan to write more) that you might find interesting. ;)
2 years ago
great story, hopeing for many more..
2 years ago
Such a sexy discovery
that you do deepthroat
till the very end ;-)
How insensitive that
he did not even notice
your need for a hug!
Still a sexy start
and mating that man.
***** - porn poet Pete
2 years ago
another great tale...always a pleasure to read :)
2 years ago
thanks for your comment :)
2 years ago
Perfect :)
2 years ago
Wow, you can teach me a thing or two!
2 years ago
i didnt even finish reading before I I waited, and came again!
2 years ago
wow! patrick sure is one lucky guy
but a bit of a selfish lover...
2 years ago
I really like all your stories!!!
2 years ago
wham-bam and thank-you mamm. He could of at least taken a shower wit you....still, you got it GOOOOOD!!!!
2 years ago
Great story.... my cock is so hard
2 years ago
Nice one. Got the right reaction from me.