The Seduction of Sara - The Punishment

His rough moustache rubbed her hairless mound as his tongue searched and found his objective, the hard throbbing little nub situated between the valleys of her labia. Sara’s hands held his head as her hips pushed against his lips. Her moans loud in the open-plan home office, her breath increased until only her gasps and heavy breathing could be heard. Sara moved her legs which hung over the side of the table until her feet rested on the top with her knees bent with Johannes’ head between her thighs. Sara moaned incoherently which spurred Johannes on even more; his tongue and lips worked furiously to bring Sara to her imminent orgasm.

‘Johannes, oh oh,’ Sara gasped, her hands clutched his head tight, her hands took his pepper-coloured hair in tights fists.

Johannes was very displeased with Sara. The moment as he felt her orgasm approach he wanted to punish her for what she had done to him. He removed his loving lips and his slathering tongue from her throbbing pussy, her taste lingered inside his mouth, which still wanted more of her juice. Her hands tried to keep a hold of his head but she lost her grip.

‘Please,’ Sara begged; her eyes soft and dilated with lust, she did not know what was happening inside Johannes’ mind, but his eyes glittered.

Johannes almost gave in, but he held back resolutely. When he noticed her fingers began to play with her clit, he pushed her hand away. Without a word, he scooped her up from the top of the table and walked to his bedroom, kicked the door closed with a slam that echoed throughout the house.

Ever since this morning Johannes had been treating Sara with so much indifference the atmosphere was positively arctic in the office. What Sara did not realised was that it was her resignation to Johannes the day before that had brought on his displeasure. At first it had come as a shock to Johannes, he looked at the letter in his hand, her four weeks’ notice, then into Sara’s face. Her face was flushed a deep red, but she turned on her heels and walked back to work at her desk. Johannes put the letter aside, and with many appointments to be kept for the day, he did not have time to let her resignation sink in entirely. However, overnight, a plan percolated inside his mind, he will find a way to make her want to stay.

Per her usual arrival time, Sara unlocked the door of the office wing separated from the house. It was early in the spring that the mornings were cool enough that Sara had to wear a thin coat. Taking off her Burberry knee-length trench coat, Sara hung it over the coat rack by the entrance. Her nude-coloured stiletto heels sunk into the deep plush carpet of the office, her see-through navy blue-and -white dipped-dyed top, over her nude slip tucked into her navy blue pencil skirt with neutral-coloured stockings completed her office attire.

Sara’s decision to hand in her resignation to Johannes was, of course, not made lightly. Their affair has been wreaking havoc with her emotions for some time, not least of which their second tryst. It became increasingly difficult for Sara to keep up the appearance of being his Personal Assistant. She often wondered exactly what Johannes wanted from her, or if it was only for fucking. She thought back to their two clandestine encounters, it made her heart pumped faster and her pussy moist with readiness. Sara mentally slapped herself, and got back to work.

When time for Johannes to come to the office had come and gone and still no Johannes, Sara was concerned, he was always punctual. Another 30 minutes went by, and Sara decided to check on him. As she made her way to the connecting door between the home office wing and the main house, the door swung open and in come Johannes with his usual cup of coffee, dressed in classic black Armani pants and white long-sleeves shirt with small up-right collar and black buttons.
‘Good morning, Johannes,’ Sara greeted as she sat back down on her chair.
‘Is it?’ was all he said as he walked to his desk.

Sara visibly paled, unsure how to reply.

‘Can you give me my schedule for the day, Sara,’ Johannes curtly requested.

‘Yes, of course,’ she scrambled the date book and papers, before walking over to give them to Johannes.

No word of thanks passed his lips as he took it from her hand. She felt a stabbed in her heart as she walked back to her desk, and continued with her routine: sending faxes, responding to emails, called clients for appointments. As the day progress, it dawned on Sara that it was her resignation yesterday that had brought this dramatic change in the one person she had come to care about very much, no longer as a boss or employer, but as a lover. This was the reason she needed to leave.

At the end of the work day, after the front door to the office had been locked, Johannes looked up and across to Sara, who at the moment was turned slightly away from him at the fax machine. He got up from his chair to walk towards Sara the thick carpet muffled his footsteps, he could smell the soft floral scent of her Anais Anais perfume lingered like an invisible aura as he stood behind her. Sara sensed rather than saw that Johannes was right behind her. She waited as her heart beat crazily inside her chest.

Johannes turned her around, with his right hand under her chin he lifted her face up to take his kiss, his left remained at her hips as he pulled her body closer. Sara craned her head back with parted lips, ready to meet his tongue, but no kiss came so she opened her eyes. She looked askance at Johannes and saw a smile that never quite reached his eyes. All of sudden his lips assaulted her like a mercenary, his tongue plundered her soft mouth and lips, taking what he knew was rightfully his. His resentment directed to the petite woman in his arms through the kiss.

The soft beep-beep of the fax interrupted the kiss, but only temporarily. Johannes pulled away from her lips, their breath heavy, as he walked back towards her L-shaped desk. He shoved papers and date book to the side where the computer was.

‘Sit on the table, Sara,’ Johannes said thickly.

He guided her to perch on the cleared top of the table, but before she did, he reached down and bunched her skirt to her hips which reveal her soaked gusset, white lacy suspender belt holding up her stockings. He pulled the gusset of her panties roughly aside to expose her hairless pussy mound, and began attacking her soaked slit with vengeance. His moustache rubbed painfully on her sensitive vulva as his tongue flicked between her labia. The taste of her was intoxicating, her juice collected on his tongue as he lapped and sucked her vagina.

Sara’s hands held his head as her hips pushed against his lips, willed her orgasm to erupt on to Johannes’ expert tongue. She moved her legs and planted both her feet top of the table, her hands pulled his head and mashed his mouth on to her shuddering womanhood. Sara moaned loudly, her whines loud in the office as her orgasm was about to explode, when suddenly, Johannes’ hot mouth was replaced with cold air of empty space.

‘Please,’ Sara implored, and inched her fingers to her clit before it was brushed aside by Johannes.

Johannes bundled her up from the table in his strong arms, walked decisively to his bed room, and kicked the door closed with a loud slam. He deposited Sara on his king-size bed which was raised slightly on a wooden platform with grey-coloured leather-padded bedhead against the wall. Then he set about undressing her as he she laid on the bed. Her delicate see-through top ripped apart as he pulled it off, her nude slip followed suit. Sara shimmied out of her skirt and was about to undo her stocking and garter belt when Johannes’ hands stopped her.

‘Keep it on, take off your panties,’ Johannes ordered.

Johannes quickly undressed and left his clothes strewn all over the floor, turned on the bedside lamp, before climbing onto the bed with Sara. With her beneath him his legs between her slim thighs, his weight pressed her body into the mattress, he propped himself up with his elbows and pushed her breasts together with his hands as he took each nipple in his mouth and suckled her tits. His tongue and teeth worked her brown buds he bit down on her quite roughly and his tongue flicked at the sensitive bud inside his mouth.

Sara’s breathing increased rapidly. Her hands wandered from his head to his back as she arched her nipple into his mouth, her nails raked his back as the pleasure built from her nipples down to her pussy. She moved her legs, and hooked her ankles at his waist; she wanted to feel his cock against her pussy, inside her body that has learned to yearn for his touch. He was an addiction for which there is no cure. Sara does not feel she needed a cure if Johannes was an addiction.

‘Please, Johannes,’ Sara begged again.

He ignored her pleas, instead concentrated on her stiff nipples. He suckled her tits his tongue lapped and teased, twirled and stirred the nubbin. His teeth bit and nibbled her just the way Sara liked it. Her sensual moans filled his bedroom as ribbons of pleasure rained down to her clit from her nipples. She was about to orgasm.

‘Coming,’ she breathed, her legs tightened around Johannes.

Johannes stopped immediately and lifted his head away from her saliva-covered areolas.

‘No,’ Sara protested weakly.

Again, Johannes ignored the beautiful woman under him. He kissed her neck, nibbled her ear, tasted her skin with his tongue, then gave her a deeply loving kiss; his tongue snuck into Sara’s parted lips, his tongue ran havoc within her mouth, his rough moustache grazed her sensitive skin. The keep deepened tenderly as Johannes’ hands roamed from her breasts to her hips to unhook her legs from around his waist.

His right hand discovered her saturated pussy; his fingers splayed her labia apart and found her bl00d engorged clitoris. He played and teased the bud, rub her juice all over the little pleasure button. Johannes could feel Sara trying to press harder on his fingers with her clit, but he removed his hands before she could bring herself to orgasm.

‘Mmmmmm,’ Sara moaned with frustration, and tried to push his hand back to her pussy.

Johannes would not let her so he brought his right hand up to lick her juice from his fingers as Sara watched. His tongue snaked between his fingers, cleaning up her taste before she pushed herself up on to her elbows and suck his fingers into her mouth. Johannes let Sara clean his hand as he slowly nudged his cock into her waiting velvety love-tunnel, his helmet wormed away at her tight pussy.

He never knew how much self-control he had up until that moment. He struggled to hold himself in check despite his desire to plunder Sara’s pussy mercilessly. Slowly, inch my agonising inch, he buried his 8 inch cock to the hilt then he stopped his movement entirely to enjoy the sensation of being inside her; how her body accepted and stretched to accommodate his manhood, how her pussy shuddered around his cock, and Christ Almighty, how tightly she felt wrapped around his penis. He closed his eyes and let his cock take over the consciousness of being inside this woman that he had come to deeply care about, and did not want to let her go.

Still deeply buried within her burrow, he got on to his knees, grabbed her legs and lifted both high in the air, her ass slightly rested on his lap to roll her garter and stocking off her hips and legs. He threw the material to the side and slowly again prodded into her tight slit as he spread her legs obscenely apart, revealing her vulnerability; her pussy pink with bl00d, it throbbed around him, pulsated and hugged his cock. He heard Sara gasped with pleasure, and saw her hands play with her twin globes; her dark nipples between her thumbs and forefinger, being twisted this way and that way.

The second Sara felt her pussy being stretched by Johannes’ cock she closed her eyes as their bodies become one. Her muscles contracted around the thick shaft buried inside her centre, he filled her to the brim his mushroom head prod at her cervix as his balls swung at her ass. She collapsed back on the bed and pushed her hips off the mattress to meet Johannes’ penetration. Her pussy spasm around his throbbing shaft, but he has yet to move a muscle since gaining entrance to her heaven.

‘My love,’ Sara said hoarsely.

‘Please,’ as she looked up into Johannes’ face her hands flat on his hairy chest.

That was when the last vestige of Johannes’ self-control finally broke as he looked into the loving eyes of Sara. He desperately tried to prolong her orgasm, to stop it from bubbling up too fast, but alas, their bodies had other ideas. He gave in to his basic needs, and pounded his cock in and out of Sara, her natural nectar God’s lubricant for their fucking. The sound of their slapping bodies and the squelch noise were music to the two lovers on the bed. He could feel her steamy pussy milked his rod as at last he fucked her begging vagina for all he was worth. His instinct took over as his hips dipped into her time and again.

His cock massaged her pussy canal with every stroke. Each plunged brought both interlocked couple nearer to their own climaxes. He increased his pace rapidly, and Sara synced her movement in time with his in perfect harmony. His peppery dark hair matted with sweat as he battered Sara’s hot pussy, her juice leaked down between her ass cheeks. He knew he was about come, but he wanted her to reach her orgasm first. He leaned his head down then took one stiff brown nipple between his teeth and bite down quite hard on her.

‘Oh, Johannes,’ Sara whimpered.

She pushed her nipple deeper into his mouth, her hand raked through his hair. Streams of pleasure shot down to Sara’s pussy and clit, her orgasm was about to explode and she fully expected Johannes to stop his biting and the thrust of his penis. When he did not Sara let her climax take full reign of her body. Her pussy contracted and her G-spot exploded from the constant rubbing his mushroom head did inside her vagina. Her body shuddered uncontrollably around the piston inside her hot moist tunnel. His rod massaged her walls and stretched her tightly.

‘Coming, my love,’ she throatily moaned as Johannes’ cock worked their magic.

Johannes grunted and gasped for breath with effort as he continued to chew and bite Sara’s stiff buds alternately. He let go of the brown bud, reared up and pommelled his hips into her soft body. He felt her pussy gave way to him, milked his manhood as he pulled out as if not wanting to have empty space. That only made her vagina tighter as he pushed his way back inside of her.

He grabbed her wrists from around his neck and pulled it above her head, locking her in position with his left hand against the grey leather head-board. His right hand grabbed one of her C-cup breasts and he suckled her nipple again as his groin worked a fast and long rhythm with her pussy. He felt Sara writhed under him, her hips pushed up to meet his thrust, and his helmet nudged her cervix.

Panting heavily, Sara finally surrendered to her orgasm as lights explode in front of her eyes. He felt so good pressing on to her pliant body. Finally, Johannes did not stop her from her big climax. With her hands locked in his strong grip, Sara could only move her hips to meet Johannes’ lunge. Her contractions milked and squeezed his shaft, her spasm moved outward, like ripples across a pond, it radiated from her vulva to the extremities of her being. Waves after waves crashed, and Sara bucked under Johannes.

‘Sara, baby!’ Johannes grunted as he at last freed his seed from his scrotum.

‘Fuck me,’ Sara begged. ‘Love me with your cock, Johannes.’

Shot after shot of his white cum shot into her. He let go Sara’s wrists and used both his hands to grab her body tight as his hips slowed down the frenzied pace. He could still feel her pussy instinctively contract in the aftermath of her orgasm; his cock enjoyed every satisfied spasm her body still gave. His cock finally was satiated within the confines her Sara’s soaked pussy.

Johannes buried his face at the crook of her sweaty neck and licked her skin. He kissed her tenderly on her lips, before rolling on to his side to take her with him. Sara dozed within the circle of his arms, her right leg over Johannes’ hip, their chest heaved from the strenuous exercise. But Johannes remained wide awake. He disengaged from Sara softly as not to wake her, grabbed a light blanket from the walk-in wardrobe and covered the sl33ping form on the bed.

Naked, he walked to the office wing of the house, went to the drawer of his desk and took Sara’s resignation letter out. He read it and it filled him with dread same as the first time he first took hold of the letter the day before. He almost tore it up to throw it out in the trash, but changed his mind. He walked instead to the living room, place the letter on the faux-logs of the fireplace, turned it on with the remote and watched as the letter turned from white to black in seconds.

Underneath his moustache, he smiled and this time, the warmth reached his eyes. He turned off the fireplace with a click of the remote, walked back to his bedroom, slid back into bed under the light blanket. Sara stirred and rolled back into his arms with a soft satisfied sigh as his arm tightened around her shoulder.

‘Your resignation letter is rejected, Sara,’ Johannes said softly.

‘Mmm,’ Sara moaned against his hairy chest and snuggled further within his arm.

Johannes smiled broadly in the dark, his teeth gleamed. The seduction of Sara was complete.

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8 months ago
great story. i think i read it once before
2 years ago
No translat
2 years ago
mmmmm another excellent one ;-) im going to have to read it and cum again!
2 years ago
Sexy story
2 years ago
A splendid piece of eroticism. I see no evidence of writer's block from this fine artist.
2 years ago
Another masterpiece Minx!!!!
2 years ago
very hot!!!
2 years ago
"I want you to write a letter, Sara-make it an 'O' for outstanding. And for 'Omigod!'"
2 years ago
Damn! that was good. I'm so upset that I took so long to read your story. Another fantastic story.
2 years ago
Another incredibly hot and juicy tale ~ beautiful job! Loved that little "squelch" sound as they writhed together...
2 years ago
This is another masterpiece.
2 years ago
I vote for Sara to keep up
her main job of writing here

***** porn poet Pete
2 years ago
Another Masterpiece. I can almost feel it when her contractions milk and squeeze my shaft.