Wake Up & Fuck Me

Inside the moonlight-lit bedroom, positioned underneath a large window opposite the door was a double bed and two bedside tables with small lamps. Another large window at the other wall to the left of the door faced the back garden. Moonlight filtered through the sheer curtains that covered both window and on the slumbering form. A large rug covered the area at the foot of the bed, as Jolene padded noiselessly on the parquet floor of the room to stand at the foot of the bed. She could hear deep even breathing from the bed. She hesitated but shook her head and resolutely made up her mind.

The blanket was in a heap by the foot of the bed even though it was a cool night. Brendan was only in his tight fitting white boxers, his cock repose under the material. Jolene silently took off her red singlet and panties combo, her permanently hairless mound soft and smooth exposed to the early morning air her clit peeked between the labia.

From where she stood both her hands reached up to cup her tits as Jolene gazed at Brendan. She looked down at her inadequate breasts and sighed. Jolene had a feeling Brendan was into one of those big breasted women, their ample cleavage and mammary globes pushed to bursting point. She pinched her nipples and a soft gasp escaped as her teeth caught her bottom lip. She walked to the side that faced the window, with shaking hands, gently slid Brendan’s underwear off his hips. She tried to do it without waking Brendan, with many pauses and held breaths as he stirred in his sl33p.

Brendan by now had moved from sl33ping on his side to his back, which made the removal of his boxers easier. Seconds later, Jolene licked her lips as she looked down at the nude Brendan for the first time. His penis still nestled between his thighs, unawakened, his muscular thighs, his flat stomach (no six pack, but no paunch either) his wide chest and shoulders. Jolene threw his boxers over her shoulder and stealthily like a predator stalking its prey, she climbed into bed between Brendan’s legs.

Brendan was a friend of David’s, Jolene’s br0ther. He had bright blue eyes that crinkled as he smiled, his blond hair buzz cut like military men, strong chin and patrician nose. She wasn’t sure how tall he was but his bulk dwarf the double bed he was lying on. Jolene was never sure if he had a steady girlfriend or not, having never seen a girl with Brendan whenever he happened to be by.

Slim but not skinny, Jolene was not gifted with any great assets except for her large expressive hazel eyes, which changes colours with her moods. Of 160cm tall, Jolene’s straight light brown hair was cut into a bop which framed her oval face with its high cheek bones, her hair grazed her collarbone with bangs at the front, her lips slightly on the thin side, her nose small which Jolene had pierced with a tiny silver stud. Her breasts were smallish B-cup, tipped with light brown areolas and darker brown nipples, which were then stiff with her arousal.

With surprisingly steady hand, she cupped his soft cock and tenderly fed his dormant penis in between her lips and started to suck Brendan softly. Her tongue worked around the mass, the back of her hands caressed his scrotum as her head moved slightly up and down on him. Her right hand gripped his growing manhood lightly as her lips slid up and down his cock. Her tongue rolled and massaged the soft muscle in her mouth, teased the tiny opening and foreskin as his cock stiffened inch by inch. Jolene sucked him slowly and softly, not wanting to wake Brendan up.

Brendan was having such a wonderful dream. His ex-girlfriend, who broke things off with him a few months ago, was giving him such a fantastic blow job. Then the sensation of being wet and hard woke him. He realised it was not a dream, but that someone was actually giving him a real blowjob! So good was the person, whoever it was, there was no sound from the sucking or slurping. Brendan lay perfectly still and lifted his head off the pillow. All he could see was a dark shape moving imperceptibly up and down on his cock, but his addled brain fogged by alcohol still couldn’t figure out who it was. Without thinking, Brendan reached up with his hand and moved the hair out of the way.

‘Wha…!?’ Brendan jerked up when he finally realised it was Jolene’s face sucking on his stiff cock.

‘Jo! What the hell are you doing?’ He expostulated and moved his penis from her heavenly mouth grudgingly, grabbed her shoulders and put her to the side.

‘I… I’m sorry, I…’ Jolene stuttered as Brendan switched on one of the lamps by the side of the bed.

Brendan then saw her nude state, then his own, and closed his eyes in agony. David will have his balls for this, of that he was sure. In the unwritten rules of mateship, s1sters are always off-limits, verboten, forbidden territory, no man’s land. With his eyes still closed, Brendan got up from the bed, with one hand hiding his semi-erect cock he stumbled to find the blanket on the floor where he had kicked it off, and almost tripped over it when his feet found it. He reached down, and threw it blindly over Jolene’s nakedness, so he could open his eyes. He grabbed his boxers from the floor, put it on and almost planted his face on the hardwood floor while doing it.

Jolene hid herself under the blanket as she looked up at Brendan. She did not know what she, or he, was going to do next. Her plan only got as far as sucking Brendan’s cock. Her lust overrode her logic, and Jolene simply forgot to consider the repercussion of her action. But at this point, her natural womanly instinct kicked into gear, with her heart beating uncontrollably, Jolene pushed the blanket off her nude body, and scooted back on the bed so she rested against the bedhead. She noticed Brendan did not close his eyes this time as he looked at her nakedness.

Without a word, Jolene bent her knees and planted her feet on the mattress, her left hand reached down to play with her soaked pussy as her right hand cupped her tits in turn, and pinched her nipples. Her eyes never left Brendan’s transfixed gaze as he watched her busy hands. Jolene licked her lips as she open her knees farther and farther until both rested on the bed. As her left hand worked harder and faster on her clit, soon her orgasm peaked and Jolene forgot about Brendan, her eyes closed in ecstasy as two fingers of her left plunged in and out of her tight vagina. She needed to come, with or without Brendan.

‘Ahh, aahh, mmmm,’ Jolene moaned quietly.

With the tableau of a woman masturbating in front of his eyes, Brendan did not resist his own urge and played with his stiff cock with his right hand inside his boxers. He moved from the left side of the bed to stand at the foot of the bed, to better see Jolene’s hand worked furiously in and out of her love canal. Her fragrance drifted up to his nose, and he took a deep breath of her aroma, and if it was even possible, his hardened penis jerked and stiffened some more with his bl00d.

‘Coming, I’m coming, Brendan, Brendan’ Jolene whispered, her eyes still closed as she imagine fucking Brendan, her neck arched back as her hips pushed down hard on her fingers.

Jolene’s left hand fucked her pussy relentlessly, the squelching sound as her fingers moved loud in the room, but could not compete with Jolene’s moans. Her impending orgasm at last erupted, and her legs straightened out, her toes curled from the power of it. Her fingers left her pussy, and nursed her orgasm at her clit, her vaginal muscle contracted spasmodically as if milking an invisible cock. Jolene’s breath returned to normal and her eyes open a fraction to look at the person standing at the foot of the bed, and she stretched her body like a cat, enjoying the aftermath of her powerful climax.

‘Goodness me,’ Jolene breathed, ‘I never knew having someone watching me masturbate could or would be this good,’ and she licked her fingers clean of her musky juice.

Jolene got up from the bed, grabbed her discarded clothes and made to put it on to leave the guest room.

‘Whoa,’ Brendan reached with his left hand to stop her. ‘Where do you think you’re going?’

‘Back to my room, where else?’ Jolene responded, her eyes wide with unpretentious innocence.

‘Oh no, you’re not,’ Brendan firmly said. ‘Not after that performance for me, you’re not.’

Brendan had decided. His balls could go to David’s proverbial hell if it meant he could be with Jolene a little longer, and to have her body writhing with her incredible orgasm underneath his. He never knew Jolene to be anything other than David’s younger s1ster, and only now that he has seen her masturbate in front of him, that he saw her not as a friend’s younger sibling, but a woman. A woman capable of what a man wanted to do to her.

Silently, he dragged Jolene closer, and knelt in front of her, his face level with her navel. Jolene’s breathing increased rapidly as she looked down at Brendan. His lips kissed and sucked the skin at her flat stomach, his tongue tasted her smoothness as he edged closer to her smooth mound. His hands reached up to knead her twin globes gently, and pinched her nipples until both stiffened. But before reaching further down to her mound, Brendan realised he will seriously hurt his neck if he tried to suck her pussy from where he was kneeling, so guided Jolene to the foot of the bed, and made her sit on the edge of the mattress.

Brendan’s hands caressed Jolene’s body, from her shoulders, her breasts and nipples, down her flat stomach, along the outside of her thighs, down her calves, and finally to her dainty feet. He lifted first her left foot to kiss the arch, sucked her toes, his tongue played between the digits. Jolene was fascinated by the foot foreplay, watched wide-eye as Brendan sucked each of her toes and felt his tongue twirled around on them. No men had ever done this to her feet before.

‘That tickles,’ Jolene giggled, as she pulled her foot away from his hand and lips.

He took up her right foot, and did the same thing to her toes, then trailed his tongue back up her leg. He kissed her tender inner thighs. He sucked her soft skin there until two to three hickeys formed on her creamy skin. He leaned away slightly to enjoy his handiwork, watched as bruises formed, marking her skin. His lips inched closer and closer to her pussy, his hands held her calves and his lips and tongue at last furrowed between her labia to roll her juicy clit around and around. He then took the little nub between his lips and sucked hard on it, drew bl00d into the bud as his teeth grazed on it slightly.

Jolene’s eyes rolled to the back of her head as her torso fall back on the bed.

‘Ooooooo,’ Jolene whined, her hands clutched the bed sheets in her tight fists. ‘Mmmmmmm.’

Her hips pushed off the bed as if to push her clit deeper into Brendan’s mouth. He sucked her greedily, tasted her juice as it seeped out of her pussy, her whole vulva almost entirely inside his mouth as his tongue lapped and tapped her. Then he stuck his tongue into her red hot cavern and shook his head from side to side, his nose buried at her clit as he smelled her aroma. His hands gripped her knees and spread them wide apart, opened her apex to his assault. His hard tongue drove in and out of her steamy cunt, her juice pooled on his tongue as he drank and suck her pussy like a thirsty man. He has never tasted anything so sweet.

Jolene wanted to lock her knees around his head as she was about to climax yet again, but his hands on her knees prevented that. So she contented herself with her hands, raked her fingers through his head, gripped it and pushed his mouth hard against her pussy.

‘Brendan, Brendan, Brendan,’ Jolene chanted. ‘Coming, oh fuck, I’m coming,’ she breathed for his benefit.

‘Come baby, come into my mouth,’ Brendan mumbled his encouragement against her pussy.

In a burst of white lights behind her closed eyes, Jolene’s orgasm exploded and her body shuddered. Her toes curled, her body tightened up instinctively and her feet left the floor as her thighs clamped Brendan’s head in a tight vice-like grip. Her juice trickled from her fountain, trailed down between her ass crack to dampened the bed sheets. Brendan never stopped sucking, his tongue diligently nursed her orgasm delicately until he could feel it subside and fade.

With one tender kiss on her clit, he relinquished her vulva and looked up at Jolene from his position between her knees, her juice shiny on the bottom half of his face. Her chest still heaved from her orgasm, Brendan got to his feet and took off his boxers, and his hard shaft sprang free from the confines. His hand milked his cock, he knew he needed to come quickly, so that the second he goes into Jolene for the first time, he won’t lose it and embarrassed himself.

‘Jo?’ Brendan asked.

‘Yes?’ was her raspy reply.

‘Suck me.’

Jolene lifted her head from the bed, got on all fours and turned so she faced his meaty pole. With her left hand, she took him between her waiting lips, her tongue stuck out to lick his balls as his mushroom head hit the back of her throat. She breathed through her nose so as not to gag, this was a trick her girlfriends taught her with a banana and an apple. Took a few practice run, but hey, practice makes perfect and it never cease to bring out a shudder from the guys she happened to be doing this technique on.

‘Oh Jesus,’ Brendan grunted with bliss.

His eyes closed from the sensation of his cock being sucked and his balls being licked at the same time. His hands initially rested on his hips, but soon were tangled in her hair as he cradled her head. He was so close, but Brendan was not sure if he should shoot his cum into Jolene’s mouth or not. Seemed wrong to him, but how can something feel so bl00dy right be wrong?

‘Jo, baby, I’m going to come,’ Brendan warned her, as his hips rocked gently back and forth.

‘Mmmmm,’ Jolene looked up at Brendan, and blinked in acknowledgment.

She increased her sucking, her tongue now massaged his throbbing shaft insider her mouth. Her left hand pumped in time with her lips, she sensed his shaft jerked and stiffened as he was ready to shoot. Her head moved faster back and forth, her left hand jerked his cock faster her tongue teased and tasted his pre-cum as it oozed out from the tip.

All of a sudden, his scalding hot sperm shot into her mouth, and Jolene kept up with drinking him down. She sucked hungrily at the tiny hole at the tip of his cock, her tongue swirled around the tip and the foreskin as every last drop of his cum disappeared down her throat. With her lips stretched tightly around his stiff cock, he pulled out of Jolene’s mouth with a soft pop, and sighed loudly with satisfaction.

‘Fuck,’ Brendan grunted.

‘That was awesome, Jo,’ his hand caressed her cheek which ballooned with his cock a few seconds ago.

He pulled her up from the mattress so she was on her knees, his lips kissed Jolene, he tasted himself inside her sweet lips, and her tongue stole into his mouth to dance with his. Saliva dribbled from the corner of her mouth as he sucked on her tongue, their lips disconnected as he nibbled his way from her lips to her ear, down her neck to her breasts. His hands cupped her tits with his thumbs rolling her gorgeous nipples around and around until they stiffened into tight little brown nubs. Brendan leaned his head back slightly to relish the view with his eyes and licked his lips, his breath quickened.

‘I’m sorry,’ Jolene said softly.

Brendan looked up into her apprehensive face. ‘Whatever for, Jo?’

‘I know my breasts are too small for you,’ she replied.

‘Shhhhh,’ Brendan frowned slightly. ‘They are gorgeous, perfect!’ He gave both a soft squeeze, his thumbs rubbed the tips and his nails raked on the stiff buds.

‘Aaaaaaa,’ Jolene shuddered as her eyes closed her hands gripped his shoulders tight, the sensation bolted down to her clit from her nipples.

‘Lay back on the bed, Jo,’ he said as he kissed her closed eyes, and let go of her twin orbs.

Jolene lied back on the bed and scooted up until her head hit the headboard. Meanwhile, Brendan pushed the blanket off the bed again, grabbed a discarded pillow from the floor, and placed it underneath Jolene’s buttocks. Brendan got onto the bed on his hands and knees, moved closer to Jolene’s centre and sucked her pussy again.

‘Ohhh!’ Jolene’s whole body jerked as her ultra-sensitive clit felt his tongue, her hands reached down to clutch the head between her legs.

His mouth and tongue assaulted her vulva ruthlessly, his teeth nibbled her bl00d engorged bud and it drove Jolene wild. Brendan shook his head from side to side, relentlessly stimulating her labia and clit with his lips and tongue, his teeth chewed on her labia gently. He finally let go of her vulva, tailed his tongue and saliva from her bald mound, up over her navel (Jolene giggled at this stage), and reached her twin mammary orbs. He suckled at each of her nipples hungrily, alternated between left and right, he used his teeth to bite down gently as his tongue grazed over them, his hands still supported his torso.

But soon the stiff appendage between his legs demanded some much-needed loving too. Brendan crawled on all fours further up Jolene’s body, taking her bent knees with his elbow. He kissed Jolene passionately, his tongue took possession of her mouth, tasted her sweetness, much like her pussy. Jolene returned the kiss just as ardently, her arms encircled his neck as she angled her hips up from the pillow.

He pulled away from her hungry lips, her eyes hazy with passion, lips swollen and parted. She moaned in protest, and tried to pull his head down to connect their kiss again. He complied, but only with a quick peck then he looked down at his begging cock, his pre-cum dripped the clear liquid on to her pussy which was deep pink with bl00d. Jolene looked down as well, his package in her eyes was quite big, his respectable 7.5 inch cock was so thick her fist could not close around the girth, she saw the clear liquid dripped onto her mound and her breath quickened with anticipation.

Jolene’s gaze came back up to meet with Brendan’s clear blue ones, and slowly, he sank his cock into her scorching velvety softness. She fought the urge to close her eyes instead she steadily stared into his eyes as his whole length inch by inch buried into her welcoming body. A breath escaped from her parted lips as Brendan’s penis rested in its entirety inside her body, his helmet nudged her cervix, her muscle stretched to accommodate his thickness his scrotum hung and slapped her ass cheeks.

‘OK?’ Brendan grunted as his eyes scanned Jolene’s flushed face affectionately.

‘Mmmmm,’ she could only moaned, her back arched and her eyes finally gave up the fight to close as she enjoyed the sensation of being filled by his thick shaft.

Brendan leaned down, his hairy chest stimulated Jolene’s nipples as he pumped his hips back and forth, a steady rhythm formed as their bodies synced. Jolene moved her legs further up to hook her knees on his shoulders, and moved the pillow from her ass higher to her back. Brendan was deeper than ever inside his best mate’s little s1ster. He fucked her harder, but slowed his pace down so he could enjoy the way her pussy muscle milked his rod, and contracted as he pushed back in.

From the heat of her passion, Jolene raked her nails down Brendan’s back, as her breathed erratically. Her hot womanly centre spasm around the cock that’s buried deeply inside as it slithered in and out of her. Jolene’s tits crushed against her thighs but she soon moved both off from his shoulders, but her ass was still raised by the pillow at her back. Her moans no longer in check as it ricocheted off the bedroom walls from the pleasure that Brendan was pummelling into her body. Her orgasm approached the faster he dived into her hot love canal, her pussy aroused to beyond anything that could be measured.

‘Brendan, Brendan,’ Jolene chanted and her pussy muscle squeezed down hard on his throbbing cock.

‘Coming, oooooo, I’m coming,’ she announced breathlessly, her nails dug into his ass. ‘Fuck me, oh God, fuck me.’

Sweat beaded on his forehead and back as his stiff cock thrust faster into her pussy, his balls tightened and he knew he was about to shoot his hot load into his best mate’s little s1ster. Part of his logical mind was still lucid enough and he was unsure if he wanted to spill his jizz in her but Jolene took that decision out of his hands. His hips worked furiously in and out, slapped her ass as he shoved his meaty pole into her moist cunt. He collapsed on to Jolene, his hands gripped her neck and he kissed her feverishly, this tongue darted into her open lips before pulling away to look down at her.

‘Jo,’ Brendan groaned, his breath fanned her flushed face.

‘I have to pull out, baby,’ he struggled to say. ‘Fuck, I’m about to cum.’

But her hands remain at his buttocks, her nails dug into his flesh as she held him at the apex of her legs, and her pussy gripped his penis tight.

‘Noooo, don’t,’ Jolene begged. ‘Come in me, mmmmm, I want your cum.’

Removing his elbows from her knees, her legs then wrapped themselves around his hips, her ankles locked at his piston ass. His mouth descended onto her nipples and took each alternately inside. His teeth grazed and bite down gently then he increased the pressure of his bite as he used his tongue to lap at the bud inside his mouth. Jolene sucked air through gritted teeth as her nipples were being bitten; she never knew her nipples could be this sensitive.

‘Mmmmm,’ Jolene moaned.

‘Bite me,’ she mumbled, ‘harder.’

As he sucked and chewed on her tits and nipples, he felt her orgasm from her juicy pussy. Jolene made only keening sounds in her throat as his thrust intensified, the pace of his cock increased rapidly as he new he wanted her to orgasm first. His throbbing shaft felt her spasm and contracted as she climaxed, her pussy milked his aching rod as he pounded without mercy into her. Jolene did not make a sound as she orgasmed but her delicious body told anther story: her neck arched back, her eyes rolled to the back of her head, her thighs tightened around his hip, her toes curled, and her hands clutched his ass in a death grip.

Brendan knew then that Jolene is not a screamer. So hot was this thought (that her orgasm was so intense, no sound came) he finally let go of his self-control, and let his cum spewed into Jolene. His cock was a blur as he fucked her pussy his hot seed spilled shot after shot into her womb. His body shuddered, sweat dripped off his back, and he panted with the exertion. His arms which held his torso up as he climaxed weakened, and he crumpled on top of Jolene, he rested his head in the crook of her neck.

Not wanting to crush her, Brendan rolled onto his side, taking her body with his so she lay within his arms. Both their chests heaved as their climax subsided, their heartbeat gradually returned to normal. The lovers gazed into each other’s eyes and they kissed tenderly as the birds chirped outside the bedroom window, and weak morning sunlight filtered through the sheer curtain.
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1 year ago
I love this story. You write so well. Was there a round two?
1 year ago
Love the story :) can't wait to find time to read more of your stories
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mmmmmmmm... love to be awoken like that! Such a hot story!! :)
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Hazel eyes that change colour with mood
A definate turn on.
Made me hard.
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horny story ive got a hard on now :)
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wow, definitely got me hard, couldnt help but help myself towards the end ;)
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great story babe!
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Very good story, hoping for Part II... :-)~
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What a great piece of work.. Fabulous
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well writen
loved it
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just read it did'nt know you had put pen to paper lately
good job a nice feel good story written after a good weekend 6/10
2 years ago
A story about lust turned to love.
2 years ago
That was supposed to be story, not sorry.
2 years ago
Excellent sorry! A+
2 years ago
Minxette ton histoire est bien tournée et ma bien fait bander !!
2 years ago
Erotic well written story. Still love how your paint the whole picture for us, what each person is feeling, what they look like, what they feel... Very nice!
2 years ago
So sexy sweetheart!
Welcome to wake me ;-)P
- porn poet Pete
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a hot well-written story....yum
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The part where she masturbates WAS hot-and so was the rest of the story...
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I love my foreskin played with. Love the small tits also. Very good story, it was kinda like reading one of my fantasy
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You did it again. Another fantastic story, and the part where she masturbates in front of him was so fucking good!
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I sure could go for a bit of that action this morning!I`m SO fucking now!
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Feels so good to be balls deep in a hot tight pussy!!
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Hmm so horny after this story ....