Danielle’s Crush

Sitting astride his lap on the deep red three-seater couch in his apartment, Danielle pussy juice stained the hem of the white t-shirt Mr B wore, his cock was impaled inside her boiling pussy. Her hands rested on the backrest as she bounced vigorously up down on his manhood. Mr B’s hands cupped her ass and the sound of slapping skin echoed in the living room. Danielle ground her pussy into his groin his bushy pubic hair coarsely rubbed her sensitised clitoris as her vagina stretched tightly around his girth. Her small 12B cup tits tipped with dusky pink areolas jiggled so did a delicate platinum necklace with her initial around her neck swung with every bounce of her hips, her long curly blond hair cascaded down her back past her shoulder blades messily.

‘Oh, Mr B, I’ve been a good girl,’ Danielle moaned breathlessly.

‘Fuck me harder, Mr B, I’m coming,’ her pussy muscle contracted and Mr B took one of her areolas into his mouth hungrily and sucked her hard until her nipple hardened inside against his tongue.

Mr B, his brown hair shot with streaks of grey matted with sweat, bucked his ass off the seat and slammed harder and harder into his former high school student’s oven-hot pussy. Damn, she was so tight she felt like second skin around his cock. Never in his wildest dreams would he have imagined fucking this beautiful former student in his apartment, let alone, only a year after she had graduated high-school. The thought of fucking his student, former or otherwise, sent him over the edge and his cum spewed into Danielle’s vaginal cavity, filled her up until his white semen spurted out from her pussy.

‘Urgghhh,’ Mr B grunted loudly as he felt his release.

His cock milked by Danielle’s contracting pussy his arms wrapped themselves around her waist tight as he drove his metal-hard cock into her tight cunt. Danielle sucked hard on Mr B’s neck as her orgasm exploded at the same time his cum jetted into her canal, her hot sweet breath fanned his sweaty skin. Danielle squeezed her muscles tighter one last time and she felt Mr B shuddered and jerked involuntarily, and moaned noisily at the sensation, his eyes closed with pleasure, his arms held her body tighter in his embrace.

Danielle had not seen Mr B since her graduation from high school the year before, and to think that she had the biggest crush on Mr B back in school. Here she was in HIS apartment fucking him on the couch! All her friends back in high school used to teased and ribbed her about it all the time, especially when it came to his lessons. Mr B taught science, and even when Danielle hated it, she selected science as her extra credit for the elective just so she could see Mr B. She had to take on a private tutor just to pass his class but it was so worth it.

Mind you, she was far from being a teacher’s pet. During Mr B’s class (even now that she was no longer his student, she cannot bring herself to use his first name, that would be too weird, plus she liked to pretend he was still her teacher anyway) whenever she was in his class she would chose to sit at the back, and imagine that she was the only student in class, the room was empty of other pupils. She would imagine sliding her hand inside her panties underneath her pleated navy tartan skirt and play with her clit as Mr B taught science, watching her bring herself to orgasm. But she would snapped out of her daydream as the bell rang and found that her panties were soaked through, so Danielle had taken to carrying extra panties inside her backpack, just in case of emergencies.

Mr B was divorced from his wife as far as Danielle knew, but she was unsure if he had any ch1ldren from that marriage since she does not see any photos of any k1ds in his place when she came over. They ran into each other by accident inside a grocery store, and got to talking about how life was after she had graduated. Danielle looked at Mr B’s basket and all she could see what frozen dinners, ready-made meals, and instant noodles. She giggled at the content and offered to cook dinner for him that night.

Mr B face reddened slightly but he hesitated, understandable since he still felt Danielle to still be his student although she was not. She was even more gorgeous now away from the school and the dowdy uniform, her long curly blonde hair half up with a clip at the back of her head, her green eyes sparkled with mirth, her pink lips soft and inviting for a kiss and something more. Mr B found he got hard right there in the grocery store, and adjusted his stance slightly to hide his burgeoning cock. He reminded himself mentally that she was at university now, and no longer a high school student. So he agreed and invited Danielle over to his apartment, about 10 minutes’ walk away.

At the time, Danielle had no intentions of having sex with him, far from it. She really did only want to have dinner to catch up with her former teacher (albeit a teacher she had a crush on) she really didn’t think it was unusual. Was it? Arriving back at his sparsely furnished but comfortable homey apartment, it was nothing flashy he was a teacher after all. Both prepped the impromptu dinner and had fun as they worked together in the galley-style kitchen. They sat at the small dining table and talked over dinner, Mr B then confessed that she was the first female to be inside the apartment since his divorce got finalised last year. Danielle was shocked, said so and asked Mr B why.

Mr B was a handsome man, probably in his late-thirties to early-forties, his soft brown hair with some greys were slightly in need of a good haircut, his light brown eyes animated when he talked about the school and would crinkled when he smiled or laugh about a joke. Mr B was not overly tall but the top of Danielle’s head barely came to his shoulders. She thought that women would be beating down his door when he got divorced, but apparently, the opposite was true.

‘I guess it comes down to timing,’ Mr B answered. ‘Timing and chemistry,’ he added.

‘But Mr B, you’re a very handsome man,’ Danielle told him, then blushed when she realised what she had just said, and looked away.

‘Thank you, Danielle, but obviously other female don’t see me like you do,’ he said.

‘Then they’re all fools,’ Danielle vehemently declared, her green eyes flashed passionately.

‘Well, let’s clean up and go sit on the couch,’ Mr B suggested as he laughed. ‘I’ll wash up, since you cooked. Bring the dirty dishes.’

Danielle brought the dishes to the sink for him and stepped back slightly as she watched Mr B’s hunched over the sink, washing dishes. His broad shoulders rippled with toned muscles underneath the plain white t-shirt he wore, his dark jeans hugged his ass just right. Danielle licked her pink lips, and walked to stand behind him. She reached forward under his arms and hugged his waist, her cheek rested on his back.

Mr B jumped when he saw her arms coming through his, he was about to turn around when he felt her cheek rested against his back. He sighed and closed his eyes; his hands stopped their task and dropped the sponge. He felt her tiny hands sidled under his t-shirt to caress his warm skin then up higher to his chest, and played with his coarse chest hair. He rinsed his hands and dried it with the towel, grabbed her hands from under his t-shirt, kissed the palms in turn and turned to face his former student. Her green eyes were hazy with need, her lips slightly parted as she breathed.

‘Mr B, kiss me,’ Danielle implored, ‘ple-.’

His lips cut off her words, his tongue stifled her mouth as he kissed her gently. He rested her hands on his chest as his arms went around her back and he deepened his kiss. His tongue delved into her sweet-tasting mouth, and toyed with her tongue. Danielle sucked on his tongue eagerly, the moment was better than her wildest dreams. Her hands clutched his t-shirt in her fists as she raised herself on her toes to better meet his lips.

‘Mmmmm,’ she moaned as his tongue twirled inside her mouth, ran along the inside of her lips.

Mr B’s left hand held the nape of her neck as his right slid under her baby-blue light knitted top to cup her tits and pinched her nipples though her bra. He reluctantly pulled away from her lips to look down at her upturned face; he flicked his tongue to lick her parted swollen lips.

‘Danielle, are you sure about this?’ Mr B asked. ‘I am very much-‘

The rest of the sentence left unfinished as Danielle grabbed his head to kiss him again, her tongue coaxed his back between her sweet lips as she sucked on him thirstily. Mr B willingly took what was being offered to him, no longer questioning the gift being given by Danielle. He pulled her knitted top over her head and dropped it on the kitchen floor, unclasped her bra to free her beautifully small breasts to his gaze, her dusky pink areolas tipped with stiffened buds slightly darker shade of pink. Mr B lowered his mouth to suck hard on her nipples, drew it in between his lips and suckled at her tits.

‘Aaahhhh,’ Danielle groaned, her knees weakened as ribbons of sensation flowed from her stiff buds.

Mr B scooped up Danielle’s slim body into his arms and walked purposefully to the couch in the living room. He placed her back on her feet and undressed the rest of her clothes: her denim and panties came off, her sandals.

‘Sit on the couch, Danielle,’ Mr B indicated the red couch behind her.

Danielle sat down, craned her neck up to look at Mr B but her green eyes got caught on the way up by the bulge in his jeans. She reached forward, with steady hands, she undid the fly, the belt, and lovingly took out his hard throbbing 8 inch cock, the tip of which was an angry purple so engorged with bl00d as Danielle leaned forward with her lips wide open, but he shook his head.

‘No, you don’t need to do that,’ Mr B then knelt in front of her, opened up her closed legs. ‘Lean back for me, sweetheart.’

As his head approached her shaved vulva, Danielle stopped him with her hands on his shoulder.

‘Mr B, um,’ Danielle hesitated, she considered what she was about to tell him. ‘I’m still a virgin.’

Mr B stopped dead, speechless.

‘No, no, I mean, technically I am a virgin,’ she hurried to clarify. ‘I have never been penetrated with a penis before, only fingers.’

Mr B looked at her, then slowly: ‘Are you sure you want to do this, Danielle? There’s no going back. Don’t you want to save this for someone special?’

‘But you are special, Mr B,’ Danielle replied. ‘I have had the biggest crush on you way back when you started teaching us, I think a year or two year before I graduated.’

‘Yes, I heard a rumour about that,’ Mr B told her, matter-of-factly without batting an eyelid.

Now it was Danielle’s turn to be speechless.

‘W-what?’ she stuttered. ‘But h-how? Who…?’ Bl00d rushed to her cheeks.

‘Never mind about that, it was a while ago,’ Mr B said, even though he remembered exactly who it was.

One of the female teachers overheard Danielle’s friends talking in the ladies’ room, but had put it down to gossip, so only mentioned it in passing to Mr B in the staff’s lounge. At the time, he only laughed it off, and put it down to teenage idle gossips. Though after that day, he would notice Danielle more, especially in his class when previously she was one of his many students in his many classes.

‘Now, are you sure about this,’ Mr B asked her again.

Silently in answer, Danielle opened her legs wider, and drew Mr B between her thighs to kiss him. He returned the kiss hungrily, it had been a while since he’s fucked anyone since his divorce from his wife, and he was not going to waste Danielle’s gift by refusing. He sucked her soft tongue one more time, before pushing her body to recline on the couch and pulled her forward until her bare bottom perched on the edge of the seat.

He lowered his face to her shaven pussy her tiny clitoris quivered and glistened in her lubricant. His soft tongue lapped at her juice tenderly, grazed over the bud over and over. Danielle writhed on the couch her hands gripped his t-shirt in her fists as her ass floated off the seat. Mr B nibbled her labia delicately then sucked her clit into his mouth and flicked his expert tongue over her bl00d engorged bud. Danielle went wild as her orgasm rocked her slim frame; she bucked against his lips and pushed harder to get her clit deeper inside his sucking mouth.

‘Coming, Mr B, I’m coming!’ Danielle screamed as explosion of lights lit up behind her eyelids, then subsided quietly into gentle panting.

‘Oh, oh, mmm…’ she mumbled as her orgasm died down.

Mr B finally came up for air, the lower half of his face shiny from his former student’s pussy juice, and he licked his lips deliciously, tasted her like a greedy man. He watched Danielle’s face as he gently penetrated her ‘technically virgin’ pussy with his fore and middle fingers of his right hand, instead of pressing up with them on her G-spot, he pressed down inside her cunt and moved his fingers in and out of her tight pussy.

Danielle’s eyes shot open suddenly as the sensation of having his fingers thus felt like he was fucking her with his cock. The way it pressed down on her vagina and moved in and out. Then inexplicably, Mr B twisted his fingers and found her G-spot and rubbed area aggressive with his two fingers. He could feel her vaginal muscle contract around him as she was about to have another orgasm from her pussy. But he stopped just short of it, removed his soaked hand from her red hot slit.

‘No, please don’t stop, Mr B,’ the blonde minx begged, and tried to hold his hand in place.

‘Tsk, tsk,’ Mr B scolded. ‘You are a good girl, Danielle, obey the teacher.’

‘Yes, Mr B, I will be a good girl,’ she replied, and let go of his right wrist.

Mr B stood up from the floor, took off his jeans, socks and shoes. His cock hard as a metal pole quivered to attention at 90 degree angle from his bushy groin, the tip slightly curved up. He mounted the couch, and positioned his veiny penis at Danielle’s waiting lips. With one smooth and gentle glide he buried his whole length inside her.

‘Ahhh, FUCK!’ Mr B exclaimed loudly, his eyes closed for a second as he enjoyed being immersed inside his former student’s hot mouth.

Danielle moved her tautly stretched lips awkwardly along his shaft, gagged on his thick meaty penis, her nails dug into his ass cheeks, and left half-moon impressions on his skin. She looked up into Mr B face, and their gazes locked. He enjoyed watching her sucking on him, her face as she looked up at him more beautiful stuffed with his manhood. Mr B reached down and cradled her head in his hands, then with slight f0rce, he fucked her mouth roughly and could hear her gagging, but he was too far gone to stop.

‘Fuck,’ Mr B grunted. ‘Drink me, little girl,’ he ordered.

‘Mmmm, mmm,’ Danielle barely nodded.

‘Aaahhh, Jesus Christ!’ Mr B screamed, and shoved his cock as his white hot cum splashed inside Danielle’s mouth.

Danielle moved her tongue inside her mouth as she swallowed Mr B’s semen, his taste lingered inside her as the last drop disappeared down her throat. Mr B panted as he rested for a few minutes, his white t-shirt damp from his sweat. His stiff cock softened and he got off the couch, then moved Danielle so her body was fully on the three-seater couch, and he lowered his sweaty body next to her, one of his leg hooked over her hips possessively, his arms held her in his strong embrace. Danielle breathed in his aftershave cologne mixed with his sweat with contentment; her lips kissed her Mr B and tasted his sweat with her tongue.

But they were not to rest too long and soon he was the one underneath her moving pussy. Her cunt hugged his cock tight as she bounced up and down on his tiff rod as Mr B sat back and let his former student have her way. Her juice dampened the hem of his white t-shirt as she rode him, her tits and delicate necklace swung with her movement. They climax at the same time: Mr B’s hot jizz spilled into her love canal as he felt her pussy contract and milked his throbbing rod. Her clitoris rubbed in his pubic hair, stimulating her bud even more and her orgasm exploded inside Danielle’s body. He held her body tight and thrust mightily into her pussy, her muscle spasm all around his cock.

‘Oh, Mr B,’ Danielle said when her breath returned to normal, ‘that was amazing.’

Mr B, his head rested on the backrest of the couch, opened his eyes lazily, nodded weakly, and squeezed her body tighter with his arms in acknowledgement. His cock had by this time softened sufficiently he slipped out of her tight love tunnel.

Danielle rested her head in the crook of his neck and said softly against his skin: ‘never in my daydreams or wildest fantasies would I have ever thought it would be this fantastic to have you fuck me.’

‘Shhhh,’ was Mr B’s only response, his chest still heaving slightly.

Danielle giggled, but did not say any more.

After 5 minutes, Mr B moved as if to get up from seat, and Danielle made to get off his lap, but his arms tightened around her waist. He straightened his back, pushed Danielle’s torso away from him to take off his t-shirt, and dropped it on the floor of the apartment.

‘Sorry, sweetheart, I should’ve done that before,’ Mr B apologised, as he pulled her close again.

‘Mmmmm,’ Danielle moaned as her tits felt the coarse chest hair rubbed her nipples erotically until both stiffened against him.

‘Mr B?’ she whispered hesitantly, her hands played with his hair at the nape of his neck.

Mr B’s eyes softened as he looked into her green eyes. ‘Yes, Danielle?’

‘Would you fuck me anally?’ she asked. ‘I want you to be my first. Please.’

His eyes dilated, bl00d rushed into his cock instantly, his heart and adrenaline pumped with excitement. Without an answer, Mr B stood up, with Danielle’s legs wrapped around his hips, his hands cupped her butt cheeks as he carried her to his bedroom and his king-size bed. His lips found hers as he walked their tongues tangled and danced in and out of each other’s mouths. She tasted so very sweet to him as he deepened their kiss.

The door to the bedroom stood open and he walked through the doorway. The light from the living room barely illuminated the room, but lights from the street lamps hit the ceiling through the windows, so there was no need to turn on the bedside lamps. Mr B knelt on the edge of the mattress and walked on his knees to place Danielle in the middle of the mattress, his hand supported her head as it hit the pillows, her tumble of blonde curls fanned around to frame her face.

He leaned down to kiss her some more, his hard cock nudged at her pussy insistently before glided in easily, her breath caught against his lips as she sighed with bliss at being filled by her former teacher’s thick cock. He thrust his hips crudely into the receiving body of his ex-student. The sound she made as he plunged and shoved his throbbing member into her was music to him as it echoed in his bedroom. Her vagina squeezed his shaft rhythmically, getting ready to climax again as the helmet head of Mr B’s cock massaged her fuck canal in and out.

‘Mmmmm, faster, Mr B, fuck meeeee!’ Danielle pleaded. ‘Coming, coming….’

Mr B only grunted in response, seconds later, he could feel her pussy trembled as she orgasmed again around his cock. He reached down with one hand and grasped the base of his cock with his thumb and forefinger to stop his climax. He wanted, needed, to be inside her virginal ass for that. He panted heavily as he held on to his self-control like he never had before and stopped his hips from moving insider her heavenly velvety centre. With his other hand he twirled her little pleasure bean and looked down to watch the instinctual spasm at her pussy.

‘Oh, ohhhhh, coming, coming,’ she chanted, her body squeezed harder on his impaled cock.

Her feet no longer around his waist but flat on the mattress as she pushed her hips upward and thrust herself on his meat. Mr B gritted his teeth and hold on tight, his ex-wife could never squeeze him like Danielle was right now and he was about to pass out from the need to come inside this wild blonde girl on his bed. Then he felt her orgasm subsided her pussy released its strong grip of his shaft and he slid out of her with a sigh.

Her ass rested back on the mattress as Mr B moved slightly away on his knees from her spent body. Danielle’s body heaved as she tried to regain her breath her eyes still closed, her body limp and sweaty.

‘Turn over, sweetheart,’ Mr B said as he ran his palms all over her body.

He cupped her tits and pinched her nipples, then stroked back down her torso, over her smooth mound and down her thighs. Danielle rolled over on to her stomach, her arms by her side. Mr B pulled her hips up until she was on her knees, her creamy buttocks high in the air, her tits rested on the mattress. He got off to stand at the foot of the bed, pulled her ass closer to him, spread the cheeks wide apart to reveal her pale puckered star. It gleamed with her juice which had ran down her slit, her musky perfumed wafted up to his nose, and Mr B took a deep satisfying breath as he licked his lips lecherously.

Danielle’s breathing quickened with anticipation. She did not exactly know what was going to happen. Her girlfriends in university often talked about having anal sex with their boyfriends, how it hurt so much, how tight and different it felt, and especially how the boys loved it. Danielle would listen with rapt attention. Often in her own bed in the flat she shared with another student, she played with her pussy, and sometimes, just sometimes, would play with her ass hole with her slicked finger after she had orgasm from her masturbation. By playing with her pink-coloured sphincter, she knew it was sensitive to touch, and her finger is hardly the size of a hardened cock. But tonight she would find out for herself with her handsome Mr B.

Mr B lowered his head to worship the altar of her ass. His lips sucked her puckered hole as he rolled his soft tongue around the crease. Danielle bite and chew the bed sheets as she squirmed and groaned uncontrollably, her ass buried Mr B’s face. He reached down and massaged her breasts which fitted perfectly in his hands, rubbed her stiff pink buds, and felt them roll against the palms of his hands. He shook his head from side to side as he sucked her ass hole, his tongue rotated faster and faster on her tight pucker, his saliva dribbled copiously on to her hole.

‘Ahhhhh,’ Danielle let go of the bed sheets to scream. ‘Mmmmm, yes, Mr B, aahhh…’

Mr B straightened his body, and look down at the beautiful twin white cheeks in the dim room. He grabbed his cock in one hand pumped bl00d into it some more before plunging his stiff shaft roughly back inside her pussy to lube himself up with her natural nectar. He rocked his cock in and out of her tight cavern, and coated his throbbing penis liberally with her juice. He once again spread open the ass cheeks, dribbled his saliva on to Danielle’s anus, his fingers worked his saliva into her hole. Danielle moaned and panted under his administrative fingers, her eagerness evident as her ass wriggled under his fingers and cock.

He jerked his cock out of her cunt, and with his cock in one hand, he nudged her sphincter with the mushroom head of his cock. He watched as it slowly disappeared between into her tight star. Her body offered no resistance to the invasion of his prick, and before he knew it, he was buried to the hilt of his cock. Both of his hands gripped her hips as he gently slide in to her last virginal sanctum.

‘FUCK!’ Mr B swore under his breath, as he stopped moving but panted with the thrill of being inside Danielle’s anus.

‘So tight,’ he said softly, as his hands stroked her body, along her back down to her smooth buttocks, along the sides to graze the side of her tits.

‘OK?’ he asked the quiet girl under him.

‘Mmmmmm,’ was the only answer.

‘Want me to pull out? I’m not hurting you?’

‘Uh uh,’ Danielle shook her head. ‘Keep going, Mr B, you feel nice.’

Danielle had initially expected pain from the previous conversation with her girlfriends, but there was none. Her puckered star surrendered willingly to Mr B’s penetration and accepted the invasion with delight, but her friends were right, it was tight back there. Mr B drew out his cock and Danielle moaned as her sphincter scr4ped along his throbbing pole. It felt so good, ribbons of pleasures darted from her anus to her clit then radiated outwards to the tips of her extremities, so much so that Danielle’s body tightened up and her toes curls, her hands clutched the bed sheets in her fists again.

Mr B felt her contraction and knew that it was time to fuck her ass. He found purchase with his hands on her hips and started working his cock in and out of her ring. Their skin slapped as he rammed his hips against her ass, his penis piston in and out of her rectum mercilessly, his helmet massaged her anal wall with every thrust. Sweat beaded on his forehead and skin, it dripped down his body onto Danielle’s back. He panted with exertion as he gyrate his cock in and out of her ass.

He looked down and noticed Danielle had one of her hands underneath her body, he guessed she was playing with her pussy. He wasn’t going to have any of that. He reached down for her wrists, and locked them behind her lower back with his right hand, as his left spanked her ass for being naughty. Mr B wanted her to cum from her ass, and her ass only.

‘Ohhh,’ Danielle whined. ‘Mr B, ahhh, coming, Mr B, fuck me, fuck meeeee…,’ her hips met his thrust with abandonment.

‘Fuck yes!’ Mr B shouted.

He could feel that he was nearing his own climax, his balls tightened up and his cock throbbed even more insider her ass. He propelled his cock deeper and faster, beyond caring whether her tight ring could take his crude assault. He loved the sensation her close-fitting crease on his shaft, the way she milked him as if trying to push him out as he glided back in. One more spasm from her sphincter his hot semen sprayed to coat her rectum and he filled her ass until her ass drowned in his hot white jizz.

Danielle enjoyed the feeling of his cock as Mr B slammed in and out of her backdoor. She moaned breathlessly as she orgasmed from having her ass fucked for the first time, and by the very teacher she had the biggest crush on. This was a daydream come true, she was in seventh heaven. With this thought running through her mind, her whole body shuddered as another orgasm racked her frame and her pink star milked Mr B’s shaft for the hot cum that spilled into her dank cavity.

Weakened from the fucking, Mr B released her wrists and finally collapsed on to Danielle’s sweaty back. A few minutes passed he regained his erratic breath his cock softened and slide out of her ass with a pop. Mr B slid his arms under her and hugged Danielle’s heaving body before he rolled on to his side taking her with him. Both slept thus until the morning sunlight shone through his bedroom window.

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I usually don't go for the back door scene, but the way you write it just seemed so right. You do have a gift of writing and turning on the male side of me. Wonderful story !!!!!!!
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This is a lovely story. A teenage crush that becomes more. Much more. Lust and love. Love and lust. Things that mix and everything in between.
Thanks for sharing this with us.
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Your description of the anal encounter is one of the best I have ever read, or written.
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