Story of Michael – My True Story

THIRD MEETINGNovember 2011

Our third meeting in November took a bit of a haggle before it was confirmed. Naturally it was mostly our work obligations that stopped us from meeting any sooner after our July date. But Michael had some surprises in store for me, so he said. I was giddy with anticipation. The flight from where I was left very early in the morning, but I had allowed enough time so that when I land I could get change at the airport before being picked up by him.

After getting off the plane, I headed immediately to the ladies rest room, took off my pants, tops and underwear, replaced it with a floor-skimming dark blue wraparound skirt, and a pink and white singlet top. I did not bother with much underwear, my panties was already soaked with anticipation. I stuffed all my clothes in the carry-on, and headed out to the pickup area.

I had to wait for Michael about 15-20 minutes, and then there he was: my lover. Before he got out of the car, I threw my bag in the backseat, and jumped into the front passenger seat. I couldn’t wait to get away from the airport. He chuckled as he watched me scrambled into the car, but headed back to the driver seat, and got both of us out of the busy locale. I could not wait to kiss him, and I almost attacked his lips when he got the car going away from the kerb. But alas, I was ever mindful that he was driving, so it was only a quick tongue play before I sat back and tried to behave myself.

I promise I really did try to behave myself, but it was Michael who pulled out his stiff-as-a-baseball-bat cock (I could use cricket bat, being in Australia, but just go with me) out of his trousers one-handed as he negotiated the turns, the gear stick and the steering wheel. He pulled my head close to his cock, and asked that I wanted his cock didn’t I. Before I had time to mumble my answer, his cock was deep within my mouth and I greedily sucked him, my head bopped up and down in his lap.

Occasionally I would hear him grunt if I sucked him a particular way, and I would go back to repeat it. I have no idea how he managed to keep his car on the road, or concentrate on driving, but oh his cock was delicious inside my mouth, I sucked him with gusto. My juice stained my skirt with a wet patch, and once we hit a straight stretch of road, his left hand pulled up my skirt and he felt my wet pussy with his fingers.

He exclaimed with pleasure, and said that my pussy was hungry for him as he pushed his finger into my waiting tunnel. I could only nod my head, moaned and closed my eyes as I felt his finger explored my tight pussy. He had the air-con on, but I was sweating profusely. My mouth and hand worked in perfect harmony to milk and suck his throbbing shaft. I could feel this thigh muscle shift with every acceleration, brake or press of the crutch against my tits as I lay across his lap in that cumbersome position.

Then his meaty finger left my pussy and he turned his car into a car park located inside a nature reserve not too far from the airport. I let go of his thick cock as I heard Michael announced that we had arrived at our destination. I licked my lips as I looked outside the car, and turned to him with a grin. He smiled back, and told me this is the surprise he had promised. I leaned towards him and he kissed me as another drove by, his hand pinched my nipple through my top. I pulled away with a laugh as I notice the driver of the other looking in, Michael did not let go of my nipples until I brushed it away. He chuckled, and said let’s take a walk.

We both got out, and headed towards the pathway winding through the nature reserve. We chatted about this and that as we both consider the spots to have some fun on. It was approximately 15 or so minutes before we decided there won’t be a perfect place, but any secluded spot would do the job nicely. I pointed to an area just off the path we were on with tall grass almost up to my chest surrounded red bottlebrush trees. Michael nodded, and I walked through the grass. We advanced further away from the trail, until we were stymied by a deep creek with trickling water below.

We looked around to make sure we were reasonably alone and away from prying eyes. Being almost mid-morning on a weekday, we were reassured that the nature reserve would be pretty empty of weekend strollers and tourists. Then it was on. Our lips attacked each other as if there were no more tomorrow, our tongue danced and slurped at each other’s saliva, hands everywhere. I knelt down on the twig and grass covered ground, using my skirt as protection for my knees, undid his belt and pants, pulled out his hard prick and sighed through my nose with contentment as my mouth took him in.

Michael looked down as he watched his cock disappear and appear between my taut lips, his hands tangled in my long black hair as he cradled my head. He was ever a gentle lover, never made me gag with his 8 inch penis, or fucked my mouth roughly. Mind you, I do that to myself sometimes. Michael doesn’t seem to mind, but closed his eyes and enjoyed my mouth moving along his stiff stick, but he would also keep his eyes out around the brush surrounding our little private clearing, and the other side of the creek to make sure we were not spied on.

It was the most daring and risky thing I have ever done, aside from fucking Michael in the car in our July meeting. I have always wanted to have sex outdoors, whether bush or beach, but have never found the right partner adventurous enough to give it a go, or even contemplate doing with me. But in Michael, I have found the most compatible of lover. We would make suggestions about what we would like to do, and most times, we both would agree to do it without any pressure. Much like this date, it was on both of our to-do list, which we have now crossed off.

I kept sucking his cock with much relish. I have always loved the feeling of his cock inside my mouth, the way my tongue would massage the underside of his penis from side to side. Occasionally Michael thrust his hips forward as my head moved along his manhood. My right hand cupped his scrotum and gently massaged the heavy sacks, as my left hand gripped his ass and pulled him slightly forward deeper into my mouth. I look up into his intense face and our gazes locked as he watched my lips worked his thick shaft back and forth.

Then Michael indicated and said that I should get up. I get go of his cock with a deep hard suck as if I was vacuuming his cock, my tongue teased his tiny opening at the tip and ran it over his engorged helmet. His eyes closed and he exclaimed hoarsely at the sensation, but he pulled me up after that pleasurable torment, and made me stand up. The sun was not yet too hot, since it was still only the beginning of our spring, but we were both sweating.

As I stood up, Michael knelt in front my pussy as if he was going to worship my naked body. I pulled open my wraparound skirt to expose my shaved pussy, and spread my legs slightly. Michael pulled my pussy forward his waiting and hungry mouth, his tongue tasted my juice, by now needless to say, had covered my clit liberally and was almost dripping down my thighs. He inserted his soft tongue between my labia, and expertly licked my pussy lips and slurped my juice. My knees were weakened at the assault, so much so that I leaned my lower body against his face, my pussy pushed against his lips. I moaned loudly, no longer cared if any walkers heard or saw us. My hands pull his head hard against my hot vulva, and I rotated my hips uncontrollably, my juice quickly covered his chin.

Before I could come, he stopped and looked up from his position. I opened my eyes, and looked down at Michael. He grinned, and told me to ride him. He scooted back from his kneeling position slightly, and laid back on his back, his cock reared up from his unzipped pants. I licked my lips as I walked towards him, holding my skirt apart, my nectar sticky between my legs as I walked my eyes fastened on his manhood.

As I squat above his cock, my skirt spread out behind me, covered his outstretched legs. I slowly skewered my pussy on his man-meat (or should that be vice versa?). I used my knees to push my hips up and down on him. Oh God, he filled me so well, and having known him for a while now, I have come to love being on top of him, and rode him I did that morning in the nature reserve. My hot tunnel pulsated as I felt him massage my muscles, my juice oozed out from my velvety fountain.

My pussy pumped up and down with abandon, the sound of my bare ass slapping on his groin inaudible in the open space, but the smell of sex was high in the air as it wafted up from my pussy. All of this happened without us taking any of our clothes off. Michael lie back and just enjoyed the show. His eyes watched my pussy with total focus as my labia and pussy slipped and slide up and down his cock.

His throbbing penis pressed on my cervix as I took him all the way to the hilt. His hands grabbed my hips as he started to thrust his ass off from the ground. Sounds of twigs snapping created a rhythm for our fucking bodies mixed with our heavy breathing, groans and moans. I leaned forward, rested my hands on his chest as my pussy pushed down on his hard thrusts. I rested my face against the crook of his neck, licked and sucked his sweaty skin. His arms moved to my waist as he fucked my pussy harder and faster, no longer willing to let me ride him but were seriously fucking my body for all he was worth.

A few more minutes on top of Michael, I began to get cramps in my legs, and I started to laugh. I told him I had to get up, or I’m going to collapse on top of him. He chuckled, and slapped my ass playfully as I pulled my pussy up from his thick cock my juice had pooled at the base of his cock and coated him pretty slickly. As I stood up, Michael told me to turn around and to put my hands on towards the ground, he was going to fuck me standing up behind.

I pulled my skirt up to around my waist as I bend forward my hands almost touched my toes. Michael’s right hand palmed my sopping pussy, rubbed my clit all over his hand, and a finger explored my hot centre. I moaned as my eyes closed at the sensation as I felt his fingers worked at my cunt, wet trails of my juice moved my inner thighs. I tried to look at him between my spread legs, but my long skirt was in the way. But I didn’t need to see, I could feel as Michael prodded my moist centre with the tip of his purpled knob.

With a rough thrust that I welcomed with pleasure, he buried himself into my dark red burrow. Michael grunted with pleasure as he goes back inside my hot pussy. I was almost doubled over from the power of his thrust, the position was a bit unusual for me, and my hands rested on the rugged ground. Michael kept me steady with his strong grip at my hips, his balls slapped clit back and forth.

I was almost coming, and he knew my body’s response. I reached between my spread legs to play with my clit, my nectar soon covered my fingers as two of my fingers twiddled my little pleasure button. I reached further down and seized his moving cock with my hand, felt the way he moved in and out coated with my juice. I let go of his cock, cupped his balls, by now covered with my lube dripping off his scrotum, and massaged it gently.

Michael shuddered, and I squeezed my muscles around his stiff prick tight. He swore under his breath, and pushed harder in and out. I let his sacks hung back, and brought my hand to my mouth as I licked my own honeyed liquid off my hand clean. His hips moved faster now, my muscle trembled around him, both of us got ready for the climax that was about to explode inside. I whined loudly and pushed back against his cock, I told him under my breath that I was about to come. Michael groaned as my body instinctively contracted and milked his piston cock.

Two hard and rough thrust into me, Michael’s semen shot inside my vagina at the same time as my orgasm jolted around my pussy. His cock at that angle rubbed the back of my cunt and grazed my G-spot over and over. I screamed that I was coming, my whole body shook, my pussy quivered, and constrict Michael’s penis, milked his cock for every last drop of his cum. He shuddered as the last of his sperm leaked into my pussy.

We panted heavily, and tried to regain our breath. Michael was still semi-hard, and buried deep inside me. My slit was not ready to relinquish his cock yet it seems, but a few minutes passed he softened and slipped out. My heart beat fast in my chest, from the combination of our location, and the risk of the situation. After all, it was a nature reserve, there might be rangers walking around.

Michael stepped away from my ass, and guided me to stand up straight. He could probably fold me back into his car if he wanted to at the time, I was that bent over. My back cracked as I stood up. He turned me around, and we kissed passionately.

I love kissing. It is the best form of foreplay, and after-play. The way tongues would meet between to parted lips, hot sweet breath exchanged, the taste of each other’s saliva, the sound of sucking and slurping. Nothing better to get the body pumping and adrenaline rushing in the bodies, getting orifices ready for penetration, juices flow and body parts hardened and throbbed. And nothing to bring two hot bodies gently down to earth from the heights of heaven from combined climaxes.

Michael wrapped his arms around my body, and crushed my tits to his chest. His lips assaulted my lips mercilessly; his tongue delved and shoved into my mouth, and I willingly surrendered, my arms hugged tight around his hips, my hands pressed on his ass. He kissed his way down to my neck, and through my top, he found and sucked my stiff nipples in turn. And he knew what I like there; he bit down hard on my nipples. I moaned, and my hands moved from his ass to his head, and pulled his dark hair, pressed his mouth against my breast. In minutes my top was damp from his saliva.

Of course, had we been in the privacy of a bedroom, we’d lie back on the bed and cuddle (my usual modus operandi), but the grass and twig covered ground was not ideal. Not to mention the fact that I don’t want to be stabbed in my ass by a dead branch on the ground. Michael grabbed my head in a firm grip, and kissed me one more time before our bodies separated to rearrange our clothes so we were decent again.

Michael led the way back to the walking trail, but instead of heading straight back to his car, he suggest we walk around the nature reserve a little bit, since it was not yet close to the time to check into the motel I had organised. We walked further into the reserve, talked about this and that, basically anything and everything that popped up. Then we must have made a full circle, and we found ourselves back on the other entrance of where we started the trail.

I pointed to some large wooden benches set under large and tall eucalyptus trees, next to the open picnic and barbecue area. We picked a shady spot since the sun now high in the sky, and it got warm in a hurry. As I sat with my legs crossed on the seat, I winked at Michael, and spread my skirt to show him my leaking pussy. He licked his lips and looked around, but we were uninterrupted with other people. We were the only two people at the time.

He scooted closer, and played with my pussy with the middle finger on his left hand. He stirred my pussy by twisting his finger round and round. I leaned back on the wooden bench, my hands behind me, but my legs still crossed. I humped on his finger, and he slowly pushed in another finger inside my tight pussy. He got into a good rhythm but then just as I was about to orgasm on his crooked fingers, a mini bus drove right behind us, and stopped nearby.

Michael stopped, but I told him softly but excitedly to keep going, and that I was coming. I moved my hands to grab my knees, and uncrossed my legs. I rested one leg beside Michael the other over the side of the bench. My skirt opened fully, and had anyone from the mini bus bothered to walk over they would probably get an eye full of my pussy being stuffed with meaty fingers. Good thing was I was hidden behind the big tree trunk of the eucalyptus, they could only see Michael if they were interested to look our way.

The thought of getting caught with fingers inside my vagina pushed me over the precipice of orgasm, and I came on Michael’s fingers. No screaming or louds moans this time. I moved quickly and was almost sitting on his lap, my arms wrapped around his neck. My pussy rode waves after waves of my climax, and flooded his fingers with my thick gooey juice. I sucked his neck to stop from screaming out, my groin bucked up and down on his hand and his thumb must have touched my burgeoning bud because my orgasm exploded again.

Slowly, oh so slowly, my climax calmed down to a soft gentle ebb. My heart beat frantically in my chest, my breathing heavy and laboured as I moved off his lap and fingers. He looked down as his sticky fingers with a glint, satisfied that he could bring me to orgasm with just two of his thick fingers. I licked my lips, grabbed his hand, and stuffed his wet fingers into my mouth. My tongue licked my honeyed liquid off, snaked between the two digits as he explored my mouth with them.

Michael looked at his watch, and suggested we should start making our way to the motel as it would take another 40-50 minutes or so to get there from where we were. I could only nod my head because he still had those two fingers inside my mouth. He chuckled, and told me as much as he love to have his fingers (and something else) sucked, the place was not exactly ideal, and pulled his fingers out of my hot mouth.

He told me firmly, but with a twinkle in his light brown eyes, that he wanted to be repaid in spades once we were in the privacy of the motel room. I laughed, and agreed, promising him that I will repay him with anal sex with lots and lots of sucking.

Alas, once we checked into the motel and cleaned up in the shower a bit, my ass again could not or would not take him. Similar to the earlier dates, it was just too painful with only his thick helmet head only able to gain entrance to my tightest of hole. So both of us had to be contented with everything else. I apologised to him, but he just tsk-tsk again, and told me not to worry as he hugged me close. There will always be next time, he promised, and something he could look forward to finally claiming my ass as his.

And our next meeting would prove him true...

95% (25/1)
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2 years ago
well done....lucky Michael :)
2 years ago
Third time trying and mighty Mike still
couldn´t enter your tight strong sphinxter.
Sexy story - tasty tease! - porn poet Pete
2 years ago
that is some well written eroticism,deffinately makes your cock headbutt your undies..
2 years ago
how exciting is this story
eucalyptus trees are very practical
2 years ago
great reading and like the way you space out the paragraphs out makes it easier to read
2 years ago
I want more,,love ur sexy stories,,hope he makes it to Mount Doom,the ring must be destroyed,,meow
2 years ago
Oh WOW! This is the best one yet Minxy, I can't describe how hot that made me
2 years ago
Very nice, I can't wait to read the next chapter. I didn't expect the hot public sex in this one. :-)
2 years ago
I give it 5*s-but the Australian Safety Council isn't going to be as generous.
2 years ago
Goed geschreven, als altijd x
2 years ago
great story babe. love the sex in public :)
2 years ago
what can i say. good memory ;)
2 years ago
go girl i am reading it is a good read 5/10