The Seduction of Sara - Revisited

Sara walked into the office in her overcoat, it was snowing lightly outside. With temperature way below zero, her hands were frozen inside the mittens she wore. She sighed in relief as her face hit the warmth of the office. Johannes had turned on the central heating. Sara took off her red mittens and stuffed them into the pockets of her long camel-coloured coat. Taking off her coat, her white knitted beret with matching cashmere scarf and hung it in its usual place by the door on the coat stand.

Sara walked to her desk, and got her day as well as Johannes’ organised per her normal daily routine. Ever since that passion-filled evening (oh so long ago), their relationship in the office has become a trifle awkward, at least on Sara’s side of things. Outwardly, Sara noticed no difference with Johannes’ behaviour towards her: professional and courteous. So Sara managed to get over the hurdle, and got on with being his personal assistant.

Today, being so cold, Sara wore V-neck, black long sleeves knee-length woollen dress, mid-calf black leather boots with nude hold-up stocking, her black hair up in a loose bun at the back of her head. Her heartbeat quickened as she heard Johannes enter the office. Sara looked up from her computer her face flushed a high red, even though it has been a long time since that evening, he still has that affect on her.

‘Good morning, Sara,’ Johannes said as he walked to his desk.

‘G-good morning, Johannes,’ Sara cleared her croaky throat.

This morning, Johannes wore a crisp white shirt with a dark blue knitted jumper, black trousers, and black patented leather shoes. With coffee and some sheaf of papers in hand, he settled at his desk opposite Sara.

‘I’ll be out of the office today,’ he advised her.

‘OK,’ Sara grabbed the date book. ‘I’ll reschedule your two afternoon appointments.’

‘Please,’ Johannes affirmed. ‘Same time tomorrow if they’re available.’

Sara noted in the diary, flipped the page to write the new appointments, and did not look up from her task when she felt warm hands at the nape of her neck. She jumped in her chair, turned her head to look up at Johannes. His eyes twinkled as he smiled tenderly. He leaned closer, kissed the nape her neck softly and his tongue licked her smooth sensitive skin. Sara sighed as her eyes closed, the pencil in her hand rolled on the desk, forgotten.

No more words were needed, as Johannes kissed and caressed her exposed neck. His hands loosen her long hair from its confining bun then moved down between the V-neck of her dress to cup her breasts gently. He surrendered her twin globes, and turned her to face him by swivelling her office chair. His lips met hers lovingly, his tongue insinuated between her slightly parted lips. He tasted Sara and groaned deep in his throat at her sweetness. Their tongues toyed, tangled and teased each other. In and out of each other’s mouths, their tongues hungrily tangled and danced.

Her hands reached up to caressed Johannes hair. There was a niggling unfinished thought in Sara’s head, but the second she realised what was happening, that thought flew up and away, never to come back. She moaned against Johannes’ lips, her breath hot and erratic, her hands limply rested on his neck. His strong arms stole around her waist and lifted her up off her chair, their lips never parted.

He continued his sensual assault on Sara’s swollen lips his moustache scratched her lips raw. Sara body rested against him, her breasts crushed to Johannes’ chest, her hands moved to his lower back and hugged him tight. Then moved lower to feel his tight bum, and pressed her hips closer to his body. She could feel his hardness against her stomach, she being shorter than Johannes, and not in her stiletto heels today.

Johannes suddenly scooped Sara into his arms as h e released her lips, and carried her through the connecting doors into the house wing of the premises. He walked to the spacious living room, and walked to the three-seater white leather lounge, set in front of the fireplace, with large French windows on either side. He set Sara down on the lush navy blue carpet, grabbed a remote from the coffee table and switched on the fireplace. An instant later, flames flicked up from the fake logs.

Johannes turned from the fireplace, pulled Sara into his embrace and kissed her again. His hands roamed up and down her back, to her ass to press her closer. His tongue and lips made her whole body hot and inflamed, her pussy throbbed with anticipation. Sara swayed weakly in his arms her hands held his shoulders for support before her legs gave way.

‘Sit down, Sara,’ Johannes said softly against her swollen lips.

Sara sat down in the middle of the white lounge, and Johannes knelt in front of her. His hands reached for her calves, unzipped her boots and took them off. His lips kissed her stocking-encased calves, from her ankles until he reached the hem of her black dress. His hands reached beneath the hem to inch it higher as his lips kissed her thighs, higher and higher his kiss goes.

Sara closed her eyes and leaned her head on the back rest of the lounge. A soft sigh escaped her parted lips as his hands finally reached the apex of her thighs. She lifted her buttocks off the lounge slightly for Johannes as he pushed her dress up to her waist. Black lacy G-string was the only barrier between his searching fingers and her quivering hairless pussy. His eyes devoured her hot centre, as hands pulled the flimsy material down her legs, exposed her naked pudenda.

He tossed the G-string aside. His hands pushed her knees further apart as he moved in closer, her fragrance drifted up to his nostrils, and he breathed in deeply her essence. His cock twitched inside his black trousers. Johannes stood up suddenly, no longer able to control his needs, he undressed quickly; his clothes, shoes and socks left in a crumpled piled on the carpet.

Johannes pulled Sara up from the lounged to undress her. He pulled her dress up over her head, and tossed that to the pile where his clothes were. Sara stood in her black lace brassiere and nude hold-up stocking. His hands reached to the front of her bra to undo the locking clips, her C-cup tits revealed themselves to his hands and appreciative eyes. Sara shrugged off the bra, and moved to sit back down on the lounge.

‘No,’ Johannes topped her with a hand at her back, and instead sat down on the lounge himself. ‘I want you on top of me, Sara.’

Sara’s eyes opened wide, and she smiled. Sara crawled between his legs and took his stiffened cock in her hand. Her lips enveloped just around the purple knob, her tongue circled around the tip, tasted his pre-cum while her hand firmly moved up and down his aching rod. Her other hand stroked his heavy sacks. Inch by inch, she took him further into her mouth. Her tongue pressed and massaged him inside. She grazed her teeth lightly along his skin. Johannes sighed loudly with pleasure, his hands tangled in her long luxurious black hair, their eyes connected and held.

She moved her head up and down, increased her tempo with every stroke. But as he neared the precipice of his climax, Sara slowed down her sucking, and stood up from the floor. She slowly gripped his rearing manhood firmly in her right hand. Her left knee rested on the lounge as she moved closer. She lifted her right leg and hovered over his stiff penis. Slowly she guided him to her moist tunnel as she rested her right knees on the lounge. In one single downward slide, she impaled herself on his cock. Both groaned in unison as two separate beings become one.

She gasped at the sensation of having him inside her once more. Her eyes locked with his while she adjusted her position slightly by wriggling her hips, and clenched her vagina muscle on his cock. Johannes groaned with pleasure as he closed his eyes with his head leaned back on the back rest. His hands gripped her hips tightly once Sara began moving up and down on his throbbing shaft. She jerked her hips up and down; her hands gripped the back rest tightly as she rode him.

Johannes leaned his head forward while his hands reached up to cup her swaying tits. His lips attached to one stiff bud, he tongued her as he played with her other nipple with his fingers. He bit down on her nipple hard as he pinched her other nipple.

‘OH!’ Sara squealed.

Johannes stopped his biting instantly.

‘NO, keep going!’ Sara implored. ‘Bite me, bite my nipples, Johannes. Please’ she pushed his mouth back against her orb.

‘MMMMMMMM,’ she moaned once Johannes recommenced his biting and nibbling of her hard bud, his tongue grazed it over and over. He moved to her other neglected nipple and administered the same sensual pressure of his lips, teeth and tongue.
She pumped on his cock harder, her clit stimulated by her fingers. Her orgasm erupted, her pussy contracted around Johannes. Sweat beaded on her skin, it glistened from the light pouring in through the French windows. Sara’s orgasm neared, it tick-tocked away to detonation.

‘Johannes, my love,’ she said breathlessly. ‘Mmmmmmm, I’m coming.’

Her pussy gripped and contracted around his cock instinctively. Her body shuddered as her orgasm radiated from her vagina, her hips bounced up and down energetically on his penis. She pushed his head away from her nipple, and kissed him ravenously, her tongue entered his mouth to tangle with his. She tasted him as he sucked on her, her arms wrapped around his neck tightly as she nursed her orgasm by rubbing her clit against the hilt of his cock.

‘MMMMMMM,’ she moaned into his mouth.

The sound of their fucking reverberated in the room as their bodies slapped against each other. Sounds of heavy breathing and moans from the copulating couple went on and on. Johannes’ arms wrapped around her waist as he bucked his hips and rammed his pulsating cock deeper into her velvety tunnel. But he wanted more control, and knowing that she had reached her climax, he moved and placed her gently on her back on the white lounge, grabbed her legs and placed them around his hips.

‘You’re beautiful when you orgasm, Sara,’ Johannes said softly as he pushed his shaft in and out of her hot pussy.

Sara’s only response was her moans, and natural reaction to contract her vagina around him.

Several more strokes inside her red hot cunt, he moved her stockinged legs and placed her ankles at his shoulder. He pulled his penis out of her; her juice gleamed on his veiny shaft. With his right hand, he positioned the tip of his penis at her tight brown star, and nudged his helmet gently into her. Johannes groaned as Sara’s sphincter gripped around his girth strongly as he popped inside her backdoor. He eased himself inside her, her lube made it easy as he buried his prick all the way to the hilt.

‘AAAAAHHHHHHH,’ Sara whined, her fingers raked his hairy chest.

‘Uuuuhhhh,’ Johannes grunted, and pushed his hips powerfully into her anus, his eyes never left the view of his cock disappearing into her ass.

His left hand grasped her ankle on his shoulder while he used his thumb on his right hand to rubbed her clit. He looked at Sara’s pink slit as her juice bubbled up from her endless fountain, and could not resist inserting two fingers into her. He pulled his fingers out, licked them clean, and plunged them back into her.

‘So sweet,’ Johannes mumbled.

He pulled his fingers out again, but this time he wanted Sara to lick his fingers. He pushed his fingers between her parted lips. Her tongue licked her juice off from his fingers, wrapped and slithered around his two digits as they rested inside her mouth. The sight of her licking her juice of his fingers finally pushed him over the edge. With rough thrust of his groin, he climaxed. His semen spurted into her ass. Shot after shot of his cum coated her inside as he drove in and out of her frenziedly.

‘Mmmmmm,’ Sara closed her eyes and pushed her hips up to meet his thrusts. She was about to orgasm again from being anally fucked by Johannes.
‘Johannes, I’m coming,’ she panted. Her body shook as her orgasm erupted within her body. Her brown ring milked his hard rod.

‘Yes, baby,’ Johannes urged Sara, his thumb played with her clit. ‘Squeezed me, milk me.’

His hips shoved into her ass powerfully a few more times, her crease milked every last drop of his cum into her. He gently let her legs down from his shoulders, and placed them on the leather lounge. Sara whined in protest.

‘Shhh,’ he admonished, and got off the sofa.

He knelt down on the carpet, pulled her legs apart and got between them as he looked down at her still-shuddering pussy. Johannes spread her smooth and hairless labia, took her swollen clit and squeezed the tight bud between his lips. Sara’s whole body jerked and shook, her loud cries echoed in the living room. Her hands took hold of the head between her thighs and pressed it hard into her hot centre. Johannes unrelentingly sucked on her clit, and inside, he twirled his tongue around and around. Sara went wild.

‘Oh, oh, oh, aaaahhhh,’ she panted in ecstasy. ‘Mmmmmm.’

His tongue played and teased her clit, tapped and flicked at the bud inside his hungry mouth. He shook his head from side to side, and Sara went crazy, her hands grasped his hair as she bucked her hips against him. Her juice seeped out, and he drank her thirstily; she tasted so sweet to him. He spread her legs wider apart as he stuck his tongue into her tunnel, his nose buried at her clit. He tongue fucked her vagina with relish, the taste of her drove him mad with lust.

‘Mmmmm, J-Johannes,’ she mumbled incoherently, her head moving from side to side.

‘Coming, coming, coming!’ Sara chanted breathlessly.

Johannes moved back to suck her clit, and took her whole pussy into his mouth and sucked, he grunted as he saw her reaction. Bl00d rushed and swelled her clit, her orgasm popped and her body stiffened. Her legs and arms stretched, her back arched as the tongue and mouth as her cunt mercilessly kissed and sucked her.

‘Oh God, oh God, OOHHHHH!’ Sara howled as her orgasm once again shuddered in her body.

‘Mmmmmm,mmmmm’ Johannes mumbled against her quivering pussy.

‘Stop, oh please, Johannes,’ she begged. ‘Stop, oh God, please no more,’ she pushed his mouth away from her sated vulva.

He surrendered her pussy unwillingly with one hard suck, Sara spasm once then her body stilled. Her chest heaved; her heart beat erratically in her chest. Her eyes were drowsy from her orgasms, she held out her arms and Johannes lay down next to her on the large white lounge, their sweat mingled as he hugged her tightly. Their arms and legs tangled, he kissed her forehead tenderly and they dozed in each other’s arms on the large white leather lounge, while the fire burned away in the fireplace, the sun shined through the twin French windows.

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11 months ago
OMG! this first part left me breathless and..... shamelessly wet.....
2 years ago
It made me cum so hot story love them both
2 years ago
Sara's second sexy encounter
and tasty triple orgasm! ;-)P
More, mighty Minxy
- poet porn Pete
2 years ago
No matter how many times I read your stories, every one puts me in the moment.. They're always so well written, so descriptive and passionate.. Makes me wish I could somehow help you live the fantasies you write.. You could be Sara.. =P
2 years ago
thank you for leaving your comment. hope you read the first seduction:
2 years ago
What a fabulous read. I will re-visit it often.
2 years ago
Wow! Anything I can say is inadequate in the face of your writing! Blown away
2 years ago
Another masterpiece - maybe your best sofar. Slowly building up the tension (with delicious descriptions of lingerie and making love) untill it funally plunges down in an orgiastic, orgasmic madness - while the fire burned away - very delicate
2 years ago
a10/10...hugely erotic and I can delicious...
2 years ago
I skimmed a bit and noticed "popped inside her back door"-so of course I went back-very nice.
2 years ago
hot hot hot
2 years ago
Mmmmmmmm that is so hot... such anticipation
2 years ago
I think this one might be one of your best stories. Damn that was freaking sexy. You know I'm going to have to steal this line of yours "Sara’s orgasm neared, it tick-tocked away to detonation" :-)