Story of Michael – My True Story


My second meeting with Michael took a long time to happen. Dates came and went, but we could never get it aligned. Until a date in July finally were we able to lock it in. Let us say many emails flew thick and fast between Michael and I, many sexual innuendoes and conversation built up our mutual lust. A simple hello message from Michael would send my pussy into a quivering mess of wetness.
Our date arrived, I landed at the airport early and Michael picked me up from the arrivals hall. As we headed away from the airport, he said that he had something in store for me but we needed to go to some place a bit more isolated first. During the drive, he pulled out his stiffening cock from his trousers.

Unfortunately being in his car, it was no conducive to what I had in mind, I had to contend myself with only a hand job. As we stopped at a set of lights, we were parked next to a large semi-trailer, and the driver had a pretty clear view of my hand holding on to Michael’s cock if he had look down. I wanted to crane my neck up to see, but the angle would have been too acute and a trifle awkward, so I didn’t try. Suffice to say, my hand pumped the 8 inch very well, but I stopped short of making him cum.

Finally Michael drove us to this industrial area, there were lots of warehouses around. One part had a large public car park lined with trees, the road was rough and lined with gravel. The sound of crunching gravel as Michael’s car crawled along, trying to find a parking spot, but as we found a spot on the isolated parking lot, another car pulled in as well. Michael slapped the steering wheel in frustration, I laughed with glee, my hand still firmly held him in my fist, and told him we will find a spot.

He drove further into the industrial estate, a long a paved single lane until we hit a dead end. By then we had been driving for around 30-40 minutes, trying to find a perfect spot, but in the end, we thought this was as good a place as any. The single lane road way became our impromptu location and his car our fuck pad.

It was bitterly cold being in the middle of winter, but Michael had turned up the heater in the car as he parked his large sedan, but left the engine idling. Soon I sweated profusely from the heat as I sucked Michael’s cock. His hands reached inside my t-shirt through the neck, unhooked my bra and I took it off expertly in one move as I chucked it into the back seat of his car. His hand reached underneath my top and cupped my tits, pinched my nipples until both they stiffened.

My mouth slid along his hard throbbing cock up and down, my tongue massaged him. I felt good having his rock hard rod inside my mouth. My tongue massaged him as I felt his body shudder from my administration, and he sucked air through gritted teeth. He pushed his hips off the seat and his cock nudged the back of my throat. I pulled back slightly, my hand moved up and down his manhood, and my other hand gently massaged his sacks.

It soon got uncomfortable in my position, with the shift stick digging into my stomach. Michel got out of the driver’s seat, never bothered to tuck his hard shaft inside his trousers, and came to my side of the car. He opened the door, pulled my legs out of the car, pulled my pants and panties off in one jerk. Goose pimples appeared instantly on my skin from contact from the cold air. Michael squat down outside of the car and at my pussy as I sat in the seat. His tongue flicked over my clit as his lips sucked my vulva into his mouth. I pushed my pussy deeper into his mouth as I moaned from his tongue. I gripped his head and pulled his mouth harder against my pussy, I whimpered louder, my hips off the seat.

Michael made me come in that position; my legs stuck in the air with the car door open and Michael between my hot thighs. He positioned his hard cock at my ready and waiting pussy, my legs high in the air, with one move his naked cock drove home. I expelled air in ecstasy, my pussy squeezed him, milked him. Michael by this time had the top half of his body fully inside the car, his ass exposed to the cold air as he fucked my pussy, one of my legs shoved through the open window of the car door, the other hooked over Michael’s shoulder.

Being early on a weekend, we were left pretty much alone on that single lane at the back of the industrial estate in broad daylight. In minutes his cock could not hold back his climax as he felt my pussy contracted and shuddered. I screamed to my heart’s content, announced to Michael I was coming as my vagina exploded around him. He urgently thrust his groin in and out of my steaming channel. My juice pooled down my slit and stained his car seat with wet patches.

Michael did not hold back being so close to his climax. He gripped my hips with his hands, his hot breath on my neck as his cock got ready to let his searing hot semen into my pussy. With a loud grunt and one long stroke, Michael let his cum shot into my waiting vagina. I could feel his hot baby juice liberally coated my inside. My pussy shuddered and milked his last drop. Michael collapsed on top of my heaving body, the stick dug into my back, but I hardly noticed.

I cheekily squeezed my pussy on his cock one more time before he slipped out as he softened. Michael groaned as he felt my pussy squeezed him. Our breaths returned to normal and Michael got off my body, and we both got decent again. He gave me passionate kisses; his tongue stole into my mouth greedily and toyed with mine. His hands pinched and cupped my breasts, and palmed my stiff bud. I moaned into his mouth as I suck his saliva.

Michael looked into my eyes and smiled as he let go of my lips unwillingly. He then said he had better get both us out of there. He drove us into the city, away from the industrial area as he had to put in a few hours of work for the day before he was free for the afternoon. He felt bad leaving me in the city, but I told him I was fine, gave me a chance to walk around and grab some breakfast.

With a few hours to kill before I could check in, I took in the unfamiliar city, walked and got lost a few times, grabbed a bite to eat. As I walked around the city, Michael’s cum leaked out and wet spot appear on my light-coloured trousers, I hoped it would dry as I walked and that people would not notice the patch. A few hours passed, when it was check in time, I took the tram to the motel and checked in, by this time it was pass noon. I took a shower, hopped into bed naked and dozed off with the TV on.

I left the room key for Michael at the reception, and a several hours after I checked in, he came to the motel room with my bag. He hopped into the shower and cleaned up a bit, before joining me in the bed under the warm covers. I woke up drowsily as I felt his hot slightly damp body snuggled mine from behind, his hands pulled my body close to his body, his semi-hard cock nestled between my butt cheeks.

In minutes, his lust hardened his cock. I turned around and faced Michael. My hands reached down to grasped his penis. I threw the heavy quilt off, and proceed to suck his cock as I moved down his body to get to my prize. My lips wrapped around him greedily, I love the taste and feel of him inside my mouth. My head bopped up and down his shaft, my tongue played with the mushroom tip of his cock.

Michael grunted loudly, his hips pushed up from the mattress. He never once f***ed my head on to his cock he left me to control the pace of my sucking. My tongue slithered around him as my mouth sucked hard, my tongue toyed with the tiny opening at the tip. I tasted his pre-cum: salty and tangy, I drank him eagerly. My lips slide up and down his throbbing shaft, my saliva glistened on his rod. Michael closed his eyes as he concentrated on the feeling of his cock encased in my hot damp mouth.

A few more up and down movement of my lips, I let go of his cock, and crawled my way up his body. Seconds later, I positioned my sopping pussy over his face, my hands spread open my labia as his tongue reared up from his mouth. I teasingly hovered my hot pussy over his face, moved in close only to pull away before his tongue made contact with my clit. He grunted, his hands reached up and grasped my derriere tightly and pulled my hot slit down to his mouth.

I moaned wantonly the second his tongue and mouth sucked my womanhood into his mouth. My knees on either side of his face as I rested my forehead on the wall, my chest crushed to the headboard. I closed my eyes in bliss, the sensation of his tongue on my hard nub as it flicked and twirled was orgasmic. I cupped and pinched my tits, as my hips ground my pussy on to his hard slurping tongue.

My juice seeped out into his mouth, and I asked him hoarsely how I tasted to him. He mumbled against my cunt that I tasted sweet, and that he wanted more of me. So I begged him to eat me some more, to suck my clit and eat my pussy. He sucked air from my tunnel and I squeezed my pussy tightly, my nectar collected inside his mouth as he drank and slurped away.

I reached my hands down to grip his head and mashed his face into my hot slit. I rubbed my pussy all over his face as I orgasm inside his hungry mouth. I cried out in ecstasy, my eyes closed in bliss; my clit grazed over his tongue over and over as my body shuddered the last of my climax, my chest heaved against the headboard as I tried to regain normalcy to my breath.

Michael shimmied from under my quivering pussy, got behind me, pulled my body away slightly from the headboard, and thrust his cock into my waiting tunnel with one long stroke. He fucked me against the headboard with his right hand cupped my vulva as his middle finger played with my clit as his cock glide in and out of my cunt. My hands reached backwards to the nape of his neck, his left hand reached up and massaged my breasts, pinched the nipples painfully. I moaned loudly from the sensation.

I begged him to fuck me harder, and he happily obliged. His groin thrust and shoved harder inside of my body, air burst from my lungs in loud ‘oomphs’. His cock massaged my G-spot over and over. I whined that I was coming again. My right hand let go of Michael’s neck and cupped his right hand still at my shaved pussy. I ground my clit into his hand as his cock relentlessly thrust into my hot gripping canal. The squelch and slapping sound of our body music to our ears, it spurred Michael on even more.

My orgasm exploded from my pussy. My muscles contracted around his throbbing shaft, milked his manhood. I begged Michael to cum, to give me his seed. He grunted, and minutes later, his hot semen pumped into my body. I could feel the searing hot liquid, so copious, coated my inside as it hit my womb. My juicy tunnel milk his rod for every last drop as my orgasm died away.

Michael did not pull away, instead shuffled backwards on his knees, taking me with him before we collapsed on the cushy mattress in a heap. Our sweat shiny on our skin as we regained our breath, he tenderly kissed my shoulder as he cuddled me in his arms, his softening penis still buried inside my hot pussy, but soon slipped out to nestle between my ass cheeks.

I turned in his arms and we kissed passionately, our tongues dance and tasted each other. My legs hooked over his hips as I snuggled my pussy against his groin. By this time it was way past lunch, and we were both famished. He gave me a hearty kiss one more time before we left the bed for a quick shower and head out to the near by pub for a very late lunch.

By early evening, we were ensconced once again inside my motel room, and Michael fucked me hard and fast from behind (my favourite position). And we also attempted another anal sex, but to no avail. My ass was not going to give up so easily to Michael’s persuasive cock, even with plenty of lube and gentle prods. I desperately wanted him inside my ass, but again the only part of his cock that was able to gain entrance to my forbidden hole was the thick helmet of his cock.

It was almost late evening before Michael had to leave, but he promised that he would be back in the morning to give me a good morning fuck before I leave in the afternoon. I kissed him good bye at the door naked as he headed off. I cleaned up, switched off the lights, and dozed off with anticipation of the morning to come.

I woke up groggily as I heard rustling in my room, as if someone was undressing quietly. I look at the clock next to the bed, and it was barely 6 am. I opened my eyes, and in the gloom, I cold see Michael almost completely naked now. He grinned and got under the covers, his hands was cold from the outside air as he made contact with my breasts. I squealed and giggled from the cold.

One of his thighs insinuated between my warm ones, one of his hands reached for my pussy. But I was still waking up, so I pushed him away, I whispered hoarsely to him that I was very dry. I got out of bed, quickly brushed my teeth, splash water on my face to wake up and came back into bed, under the warm covers. By this time, with my anticipation of a good morning fuck quite high, my pussy was soaked, my juice sticky between my thighs.

Michael licked his lips as he watched me walk back towards the bed, he threw off the quilt and open his arms to me. I got into bed and snuggled inside his arms. Our lips met ravenously, my tongue went inside his mouth and he sucked my tongue. Saliva dribbled out of the corners of my mouth as I tasted him.

His hands roamed all over my back, down to my butt cheeks and squeezed tightly as he pulled me on top of him. I sat astride his hips and positioned my pussy over his stiff penis. I rubbed my moist slit over his mushroom head, and all along his throbbing shaft, his cock massaged my clit as I rode the length of his manhood. Once I felt my juice had sufficiently covered his penis, I gripped it firmly at the base and with my vagina hovered over the tip, I slowly impaled him inside my body. We sighed simultaneously; I from the feeling of being filled to capacity, and he from being snugly fitted inside my tight pussy.

I soon built a rhythm: my hips gyrated back and forth, up and down, my knees on either side of his hips. My hands rested on his chest as my hot slit moved up and down on his cock. Michael reached up to play with my tits; pinched my dark brown areolas until my nipples stiffened into tight puckered buds. I leaned forward and my breasts hung over his mouth, I swung them from side to side. I saw his tongue flicked out, as he tried to lick my nipples.

I grabbed his head and pushed my hardened left nipple between his lips as my pussy rode his penis faster and faster. I was about to orgasm. I begged him to bite hard on my nipple, but he tentatively nibbled on it. I told him to bite harder, I was about to come. I moaned as I felt his teeth bite down hard on my sensitive nipple, my pussy contracted as bolts of electricity shot down to my vagina. Michael felt my pussy contracted around his penis, and grunted, he wrapped his arms tightly around my waist.

My big O at last burst from the dam. I moaned softly into Michael’s neck as my pussy spasm. I sucked on his neck and licked his skin as my hips moved up and down his hard length. I whined long and low as my clit rubbed his groin, his short stubbly pubic hair stimulated my clit and nursed my climax. As the last waves of my orgasm ebbed away, I sighed with contentment against his neck, my body shuddered, but Michael did not let me rest long.

He gently pushed me off his body, his cock still hard as steel rod. He stood on the side of the bed, and pulled my prone body to the edge. I planted my feet on the floor with my stomach resting on mattress. Michael gripped my hips and with only his hips, he thrust his hard shaft into my waiting red hot canal. He pushed forward with long slow strokes, his right hand reached down to play with my clit, his left stroked my back as his hips pumped in and out of me.

He pulled away from me before he lost control of his climax, and pushed his cock at my ass. I tried to relax my body, but the second his head popped into my ass, I screamed in pain. Michael halted his movement immediately. I breathed out that it’s too painful for him to keep going, I felt as if I was being torn in to pieces. Michael apologised and gently pulled his cock out, and headed to the bathroom to wash up.

I told him I was sorry as he walked out of the bathroom, but he just clicked his tongue (tsk, tsk) and got back into bed. I was lying on my back by this time, and he moved to sit between my thighs. He grabbed my ankles as he positioned the apex of my legs at his still-rock hard penis. My knees hooked over his shoulders, Michael used his thumb on his right hand to tease my clit, before inserting his middle finger into my hot moist tunnel, he bent his finger and found my G-spot and rubbed it over and over.

My body buckled under his digit, I panted as my orgasm built and built. As I perched on the precipice of my orgasm, Michael knew exactly when to pull his middle finger away, and replaced it with his throbbing cock. He closed his eyes as he felt my body fitted around him so tightly, and grunted with contentment. He piston his hips in and out of my pussy, he reached down and lifted my ass higher off the bed. He thrust his cock harder and faster, his helmet massaged my lava-like pussy non-stop. His climax neared, and I could tell by his breathing that he was about to shoot his load.

I begged him to cum onto my tits, but he was too far gone to pull out in time. Some of his hot seed shot into my womb but he pulled out as the last dollop splashed from the tip of his penis onto my breasts. He groaned with satisfaction as he felt his release, he watched as his cum splashed across my tits. I massaged it into my skin and licked my fingers clean. I moved my legs off his shoulders, and wrapped it around his waist as he collapsed on top of my body with a sigh.

He rolled off my body slightly, and I turned into his arms for my usual cuddles. We lay in each other’s arms, chit chatted for a bit until it was time to check out of the motel. We cleaned up in the shower and I gave him another good blowjob which he came into my mouth, which again I could not swallow, tried as I might.

Once we were clean, we headed out of the room and head to the reception to check out. Michael drove me to the airport to catch my flight home. He promised to get the next date organised as soon as possible.

I looked forward to our next date the whole way home…

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2 years ago
you little minx fantastic, I was so hard reading this :)
2 years ago
nicely done again :) Pt3 here I cum lol
2 years ago
Sexy second meeting and mating Michael, Minx!
Your pen is as good as his penis ,-)

Wonder whether Mike will get the idea to
widen your tighest hole with his fingers
during the third time trying? - poet Pete
2 years ago
thank you for reading and leaving your feedback.
since this is a true story, and no ending in sight, it will keep coming ;)
2 years ago
Hey Minx

Love the story not only are you a master with your tongue, lips and cunt but also with your writing....

Well done, please write more


2 years ago
Now that is some very Creative writing.
When writing the truth the words become
so credible.
2 years ago
well written - got me aroused
2 years ago
hot story and look forward to the next
2 years ago
good memory is all i can say ;)
2 years ago
A well told story. Thanks for sharing!
2 years ago
great story...
michael sounds like a lucky man!
2 years ago
Wow! Just Wow! Minxy you are amazing
2 years ago
Damn!!! Did you enjoy writing this as much as I enjoyed reading it. :-) I loved it and I loved the part when you sat on his face and he ate you out. The line "I teasingly hovered my hot pussy over his face." is just gold. :-)
2 years ago
I can not wait for Michael's next just keeps getting better.....
2 years ago
If I was wearing my new glasses they'd be so steamed up I wouldn't be able to read.
2 years ago
that was sooo hot.... lucky guy
2 years ago
Another excellent story...even better than the first.
2 years ago
Damn.... you are good. And bad.
2 years ago
thank you for your comment xx
2 years ago
you are a queen :D