Zoe & Cyndi - Chapter 1

- Chapter 1 -

Rustling noise occurred inside the warmth of one of the two sl33ping bags, as body and arms outstretched, a yawn could be heard loudly. Encountering cold early morning air, the arms quickly went back inside the sl33ping bag and snuggled down with a sigh. Eyes drowsily slit open to look at the other occupant of the spacious tent, still fast asl33p, only the top of the head topped with short blonde hair could be seen.

Her long luxurious brown hair messy from sl33p, Zoe rubbed her eye as she woke up gradually, and stretched again in the toasty sl33pinig bag. Zoe unzip her sl33ping bag quietly, and slipped out of it, immediately goose pimples appear on her skin from the cold. She stood up fully (the tent being of high-domed kind and wide it could easily fit four adults) and soundlessly took off her long sleeve black turtle neck top off, her 16C cup tits bounced free from the material, her pink nipples puckered stiffly from the cold. She also slipped off her long fleecy pants and panties, and shoved her clothes inside her sl33ping bag, stomped her legs from the cold.

Now nude, except for her unsexy woollen socks on her dainty feet, she made her way in the dim tent, the sun not yet up, and stepped over the slumbering form to the opening side of the second sl33ping bag. Slowly unzipped it from top to bottom, she slipped her naked body inside, her cold skin met with hot skin of the occupant , and awkwardly zipped it back up, it was a slightly tight fit once the zip was done up completely.

Zoe turned and suddenly encountered two wide opened twinkling green eyes and jumped, almost squealing in fright but soft warm hungry lips covered her mouth before she could make a noise.

‘Mmmmmm,’ she moaned, her breath entered the lips stifling her initial fright.
Her heart pumped erratically with excitement, her pussy moistened with her juice as hot hands stroked up and down Zoe’s back. It went further down to her buttocks, and fingers insinuated between her ass cheeks as both hands pulled her pussy closer, until soft mounds of cleanly waxed pussies touched. Both clits rubbed against in each other as their groins gyrated.

‘God, Cyndi,’ Zoe whispered, her right arm went around the other girl; her hand went down to grip Cyndi’s ass.

‘Yes?’ Cyndi enquired, as she pressed her hips forward a bit more.

‘I want to eat you, but it’s too damn cold!’ she answered softly.

‘We can fix that. Just open up both bags, and use one as a blanket,’ Cyndi suggested.

‘Mmmmmm,’ Zoe licked her lips, and leaned forward to kiss Cyndi again, her tongue tasted her sweet saliva.

Both reluctantly got out of Cyndi’s warm sl33ping bag, quickly unzipped both bags and used one as a blanket. Cyndi pulled off her flannelette pyjamas and panties just before they got back under the newly-adopted blanket, both girls giggled softly, and they fell back into each other’s arms, their chests mashed and their nipples hard from the near-freezing temperature. Each girl had their hands on each other’s asses, and pressed their vulvas closer, legs tangled and thighs pressed between each other’s hot slits.

Their breath mingled, and quickened erratically. Their mouths hungrily sucked, licked and tasted each other, sounds of slurping sound in the large tent. Their hands explored, caressed up and down each other’s backs. Cyndi raked her nails lightly down Zoe’s back, she moaned into her mouth in bliss, and pressed her thigh harder against the wet slit resting on her thigh.

Cyndi pulled away from Zoe’s lips, shimmied her way down her body, with her tongue licked and tasted sweet skin. She reached the brunette’s chest and sucked hard all over the twin globes, until twin hickeys appear on the underside of each tits, marked her as hers, but totally ignored the areolas. Cyndi’s left hand reached the apex of Zoe’s legs, and teased her labia apart, reached to dip her middle finger inside the furnace of her being.

‘Oooohhhh,’ Zoe breathed, and opened her legs wider. Her honey pot bubbled with her juice it soon covered Cyndi’s hand.

Cyndi at last took each areola into her mouth, sucked until both nipples stiffened with each pass of her tongue. Zoe’s hands grasped her short blonde hair and pressed her mouth harder on to her tit, as she pressed her hard bud deeper inside the hot mouth.

‘Bite me,’ she demanded. ‘Bite me, nibble me, I want to feel your teeth!’

The other girl willingly complied, and bit down hard on the rigid buds one by one. As she bit down, her tongue would flick over the sensitive tips rapidly as it got more sensitive from the bite. Zoe’s legs went around her body to clench her waist tight, her cunt gripped tightly to the finger still lodged inside and contracted as her orgasm approached.

‘Bite me harder, baby,’ she demanded.

Her teeth bit down on her stiff buds harder in turn. Cyndi pumped her finger in and out of the girl underneath her, her finger grazed over the front wall of the vagina again and again. She positioned her thumb to rub over Zoe’s clit as her hand moved in and out of the succulent cunt.

‘AAAAHHHHH,’ Zoe whimpered quietly, not wanting to wake up the other tents.

‘Cyndi, baby, I’m about to cum! I’m coming.’

‘Come,’ Cyndi urged, let go of her nipple with a pop.

‘Come over my hand, Zoe,’ her hand moved in and out faster, pressed harder against the G-spot.

Zoe panted, as her orgasm slammed inside her nubile body, her tits jiggled as she pushed her shoulders down on the downy sl33ping bag and arched her back, as her pussy gripped to Cyndi’s digit tight. Her whole body shuddered in protest, she wanted so bad to scream her ecstasy for the world to hear, but using her tightly clenched fist, she stopped herself.

Without saying a word, Cyndi knew Zoe’s orgasm had come and back her mouth went to her nipples to bite each side hard, knowing this action will nurse the orgasm that racked her body just that little bit longer.

‘OH FUCK!’ she exhaled, her legs fell off the blonde’s waist and her toes curled as electricity shot down from her bitten nubs down to her clit, her orgasm popped from her vulva again as her body convulsed uncontrollably.

Cyndi finally relinquished the well-spent pussy and lay back down beside the hot heaving body.

‘Now that’s how you wake up at a camp,’ she whispered to Zoe.

Zoe could only nod her head, her hands came up to cup her own tits and pinched the now-pliant nipples. ‘That was so nice,’ she turned to Cyndi and hugged her body close once again.

Zoe kissed Cyndi lovingly. Her hands massaged her back, moved down to cup her firm buttocks and her nails dug in to the flesh, leaving half-moon impression in the white skin. Her tongue stole inside the other girl’s luscious mouth, slithered and snaked all round her mouth. Cyndi gasped into the brunette’s mouth, her hands tangled in her hair to pull her mouth closer. Zoe sucked Cyndi’s bottom lips inside, licked the tender inside with her tongue and ran her tongue along her teeth, played with her soft tongue.

She kissed her way down the Cyndi’s neck, her tongue trailed saliva as she tasted her skin, made her way down to the twin light-pink areolas, begging to be sucked. It was Zoe’s turn to reciprocate the pleasure she received. Her mouth sucked harder on the puckered buds, alternating between left and right, gently nibbled on them as her tongue lapped and stirred.

‘Oooooh,’ Cyndi moaned softly, her hands caressed the brunette’s back.

Zoe moved further down her body, her lips kissed the flushed creamy skin, Cyndi kept a hold of the ‘blanket’ as Zoe moved down. Her tongue played with the pierced belly-button, tugged playfully with her lips at the thin chain ladybug jewellery, then moved down and down until she reached the apex of her spread opened slim thighs. The air still cold, Zoe tucked her legs underneath her body, and pulled the top sl33ping bag over to cover her cold exposed ass, her whole body was shrouded in darkness.

But her tongue searched expertly for the folds of the girl’s labia, felt the soft waxed mound. Her hands reached to open up the flaps, exposed the hidden bud, and finally sucked the little nub into her waiting mouth. Zoe sucked hard, and bl00d soon swelled inside the bud. Cyndi thrashed wildly at the sensation, her delicate bud being twirled rapidly and sucked relentlessly. Zoe’s tongue massaged and pressed the quivering clit mercilessly.

‘AAAAHHHHHHH,’ Cyndi moaned, and pressed her vulva into the other girl’s mouth. Her juice oozed out and stained Zoe’s chin.

Zoe gulped down her hot liquid. She loved the sweet honeyed taste of Cyndi, especially when it’s her that’s bringing it out of the never-ending spring. Zoe inserted two fingers of her right hand into the tight cunt, and in union with her mouth, fucked Cyndi’s pussy with fingers plunging in and out of her. Sweat beaded on her skin, dampening the sl33ping bag, her free hand kneaded one of Cyndi’s tits, and pinched the nipples roughly.

Cyndi was burning up from the heat under the blanket, and threw off the hot sl33ping bag. Their hot sweaty skin cooled down and goose-pimpled immediately from the cold air. Ragged breathing as both girls tried to keep the noise down.
‘Turn over, Cyndi,’ Zoe ordered her.

‘I want you on all fours,’ as she pulled away from the red still-throbbing gash of her slit, Zoe rubbed her open palm over her cunt, and brought her palm up to lick Cyndi’s juice with relish.

As Cyndi got into her doggy position, Zoe looked at her ass with lust-filled eyes. She thanked her camp councillor silently for assigning Cyndi as her tent mate. She had been having lesbian fantasy since laying eyes on Cyndi when she transferred from another school to their all-girl school when her parents relocated from another state a few months back in the term.

- To be continued -

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2 years ago
Loved it babe. Going straight to chapter 2. X
2 years ago
looking forward to reading the rest :)
2 years ago
well-written and hugely erotic...loved it :)
2 years ago
Thoroughly enjoying reading about these two sexy young things.
Have you had a look at mine yet? x
2 years ago
Excellent erotic descriptions of two sexy women in beautiful lust for each other.
2 years ago
you surely know how to raise one's appetite (at least mine)
2 years ago
Good start...