Late Night Chocolate Ride

Getting home at midnight one weeknight, I figured Lance would be asl33p in our bedroom, dead to the world. I had grabbed some dinner at a restaurant prior to heading home, thinking Lance would not have the energy to wait up, and I had called to tell him to head off to bed ahead of me, and I was going to be home late. I dropped my things in the hall way, took off my white overcoat and hung it on the coat stand before walking quietly to our bedroom. I opened the door slowly, and sneaked a look to our bed. Lance was lost among the heavy quilt on our bed, and his dark chocolate skin mere shadow on the creamy-coloured cotton sheets. I smiled at the picture of his slumbering form on the big king-size bed.

I went back out in the hall way, and headed to the secondary bathroom, I didn’t want to disturb Lance in the en suite in the master bedroom, took a long hot shower and walked back to our bedroom naked saved for a towel covered turban-style on top of my head. I towelled my hair until it was only slightly damp, crawled into bed on the side away from the door, lay on my side, and gave Lance a soft kiss on his lips, one of my thighs slid on to his.

‘Sweet dreams, honey,’ I whispered as I hugged his arm.

‘Mmmmm,’ he moaned softly.

‘Sshhhh, sorry, go back to sl**p,’ I whispered.

‘Too late,’ Lance croaked, and turned to face me.

He smile, and his pearly whites gleamed in the dark room. Lance leaned forward slightly to kiss me on my lips, one his arm crept up to my naked back to pull me close, my breasts pressed to his thick chest as I kissed him back, our tongues probed and play, danced and tangled hungrily, the slurping sound loud in the night. Lance turned to his back, pulled me with him so that I lay with my torso on top of his, my legs all tangled with his. I could feel his hardness just at my abdomen, throbbed and waited to be paid some attention.

‘Someone’s fully awake,’ I teased.

‘He sure is,’ was Lance’s repartee. ‘Waiting for a good night kiss,’ he joked.

I grinned, but my pussy was fully wet and not in a joking mood, instead of crawling down his body to suck him, I wanted his 9 inch cock inside of my vagina. I sat astride his hips, and slowly raised my body up as Lance used his hands to steady me as I took a hold of him firmly to guide him to my tight pussy.

‘Ohhhhh,’ I moaned as I felt his penis inched inside, I went down on him very slowly, relished the feeling of his cock spreading my vagina on his 9 inch phallus.

My name is Cianne (that’s See-anne, not Kee-anne). My Asian background can be a slight hindrance when it comes to sex. I found this to be more than apt when I first had sex with Lance after months of dating him. Compared to Lance’s height of 6’2” (188cm) my diminutive 5’1” (150cm) frame made me feel like Thumbelina. After being with Lance for a while, I overlook our height difference, as Lance put it: where there’s a will, there’s a way. And oh yes, there were ways.

One night, after going out with a group of friends to a play in the city, the group split up after a late dinner and headed off in separate directions for home. Lance and I walked to the train station to catch the midnight ride to his place which was only 30 minutes away. We ran to the carriage just as the doors were about to close and panted as we found a seat on the literally empty carriage. Being in the middle of winter and bitterly cold, we sat as further away from the doors as possible.

With his right arm wrapped around my shoulders, I was shivering from the draft as the train moved along towards our destination. I snuggled into his chest, my right arm went inside his black cashmere overcoat for warmth, I moaned with satisfaction. Lance hugged me tighter his left hand grabbed my knees and pulled them up over his lap. Now I was sitting sideways on the seat, but he did not stop there. He moved my legs until I sat in his lap.

‘Stop it,’ I admonished, and slapped playfully at his chest.

He did not reply, but nuzzled his nose at my jawline, and licked my skin. His hot breath sent shivers down my spine no longer from the cold, and I u*********sly pressed my bottom onto his lap. His right arm had worked its way under my heavy jacket and his hand found bare skin. His left hand worked its way under my long woollen knitted grey skirt, over my thighs and found my hot wanton centre. Lance rubbed his thumb gently on my pussy through my panties. I moaned into his neck, and spread my legs as far as my narrow skirt allowed.

His fingers pushed aside my soaked gusset, and felt how hot and wet my pussy was, he groaned deep in his throat and plunged two fingers into my slit gently. My vagina spasm as the tip of his fingers rubbed my delicate walls, and brushed passed my G-spot again and again. I bit my lips from screaming out, forgetting that were the only people inside the carriage, I ground my pussy to take his fingers deeper inside.

Lance’s cock strained against my buttocks, hungry to be taken care of. I lifted my bum off his lap and hiked my skirt up to my waist, my flushed skin cooled from the contact with cold air, and moved my legs off the seat, planted my feet on the floor with my back to him. As I made this manoeuvre, Lance got busy with his trousers and belt buckle to pull out his magnificent black monster. I was still busy with my position and jacket when I felt something nudged and prodded my slit through my panties.

‘Sit back on me,’ Lance grunted, and pulled me not ungently down, as my hands pulled aside my gusset. ‘Mmmmmm, oh yeah,’ he said as he felt my hot core glide down on his cock.

I panted as I felt him stretched and become one with my vagina. With our destination ever closer every minute on the train, I squeezed my pussy around Lance’s penis, I wanted to cum on train for the first time in my life. As I moved up along his pole, my pussy milked him and released his cock as I moved down.

‘Oh shit, baby,’ he groaned. ‘That’s so fucking GOOD!’

I was not paying much attention, but concentrated wholly on milking his straining shaft, as it throbbed and filled me. My hand held on to the backrest in front of me as my ass moved up and down on him like a piston of a car, increased my speed as his cock head rubbed and massaged my wall. My juice slicked and coated his thick fuzzy pubic hair, his hands had long before now had worked their way under my bra to cupped my 16C cup tits, pinched and rolled my nipples, massaged and kneaded both or my twin orbs.

All of a sudden a mischievous thought entered my head.
‘Lance, honey, I think there’s someone walking down this way,’ I panted as I ground my pussy up and down harder on him. I was about to come, and I have always been enormously turned on at the thought of either being watched or getting caught.

Lance jerked forward as he couldn’t see past my back; his right hand moved down to my stretched pussy and played with my clit as he worked harder to bring our orgasms to a mutual satisfaction. His left hand gripped my left hip as he bucked his ass off the seat, drove his cock deeper into my convulsing pussy.

‘OOOOOhhh, yes,’ I moaned as I felt his mouth at the nape of my neck, his lips sucked my skin. ‘I’m COMIIIING,’ I screamed, as my pussy contracted around his cock.

Lance grunted, and stood up from the seat, which propelled me forward over the seat in front of us, my hands found purchase on the seat as my stomach rested on the back rest, my feet floated slightly off the floor at the strange doggy position. Bl00d pumped throughout my body as my orgasm rushed and exploded from my vagina, my pussy shuddered release as Lance fucked me harder and finally released the jet of semen that spew forth into my waiting cavern.

‘Oh yeah, take it, baby,’ Lance shouted. ‘Like that, sweetheart?’ he asked, but I knew it was a rhetorical question, and no answer was necessary, as he shoved and shoved his rock hard rod into me. I squeezed my pussy around him tightly, milked his cock of the last drop of cum. Lance shivered at the sensation and gently rocked his semi-erect penis in and out of me, nursed my last contraction from my cunt. He grabbed my body and sat back down gently on the seat, his penis still buried inside my warmth.

‘So, where’s this person that was coming this way?’ Lance asked, as he regained his breath.

‘Oh, I don’t know,’ I replied. ‘Must’ve been my imagination,’ I finished, as I giggled naughtily.

‘Ahhh, so it’s going to be like that, is it?’ As he finished the question, he pushed his cock up.

‘Mmmm, so nice, Lance,’ I moaned as I closed my eyes at the sensation, but in a flash, I reopened them, and squealed. ‘This is our stop!’

We both quickly got decent again, and rushed to the open door to get off the train. As we stood on the blustery platform, we both laughed and he gave me a long kiss, his tongue searched inside my mouth, as our tongues did the tango, as his cum seeped down my leg.

It was a few months ago and we never found an opportunity to catch the train in a while, to have a repeat of that performance. But a new theatre production is happening in the city again, so we might catch a train to that, and maybe, just maybe there will be a receptive audience next time.

But back to the present, where was I? Right, I had just gotten back home and was now riding Lance’s 9 inch cock hard and fast, and unforgiving. My pussy slammed down on his cock, our bodies slapped and squelch, my juice pooled and coated his monster well. I pulled all the way up, and he came free from my gripping pussy.

‘What..?’ Lance said, and blindly grabbed my hips to push me back down on his cock.

‘Mmmm, no, I want to have you in my ass,’ I told said breathlessly.

My hand grabbed his rearing cock and softly glided it along my slit, using my juice to prepare his cock, lubed him with my honeyed liquid, rubbed the tip of his penis against my clit. I panted at the sensation. I wanted to keep teasing Lance, but it probably would be unfair. I pushed him into my pussy once more, squeezed his bl00d-engorged cock twice with my muscle and I felt him shuddered at the sensation.

I pulled off him once more, and position his cock at my tight brown ring as I squat on the mattress.

‘Are you sure?’ Lance grounded out the question, as this would have been our second attempt at anal.

‘Yes,’ I reassured him, as I wriggled my buttocks and slowly felt his head worked and stretched my sphincter.

I breathed in and relaxed my tightened muscle and inch by inch, lowered my ass onto his cock. Fire started to burn at my tight ring as it resisted the invasion of his ginormous cock, his cock head popped through the first barrier and I slowly pushed further down onto him. Lance’s hands rested by his side after I brushed them off my clit and tits, I needed to concentrate on getting his throbbing shaft inside my ass first before I can put my mind on other parts of my body.

Then he was through the second barrier. We both sighed simultaneously as my anus took him all the way in, this second time round. I pushed further down on his pole and seconds later, he was completely buried inside me. My pussy felt empty now, but Lance does not planned on leaving my pussy empty for long, but for now, he enjoyed the sensation of being within a tight backdoor of my ass. I changed my position now that I got used to Lance’s size, and scooted forward to rest my knees on the bed, and I found to my surprise, he went in even deeper than when I squatting.

‘OOOOOOOHHHH,’ I moaned in bliss, the burning sensation replaced with something infinitely more pleasurable.

‘Fuck, Cianne,’ Lance grunted, one of his hands reached forward and cupped one of my tits, and his other hand reached down to play with my vagina, and inserted two thick fingers into my vacated pussy, his thumb rubbed my engorged clit. He bucked his hips off the mattress, his cock propelled further inside my tight ass.

‘Oh fuck, Lance!’ I cried out. ‘MMMMMMMM, yeah, yeah!’ My hips gyrated up and down faster on his stiff man meat.

My hands rested on his thick chest, as my tits swung like twin pendulums. My tight brown ring squeezed his rock hard shaft as my ass sucked his cock into my rectum, the juice from my pussy pooled at his groin, the gooey mess all around his pubic hair, lubed his throbbing shaft as I rode him like never before. The sensation of having my backdoor stretched tight by a black cock amazed me no end, I ground my brown rose harder, squeezed my buttocks and muscles around him.

Lance groaned at the sensation, lifted his hips up and down from the mattress as a bucking bull might in the rodeo ring and I held on for dear life. I was about to come from being anally fucked by a big black cock. His pulsating cock massaged my dank walls as his fingers still massaged my pussy walls, through the thin membrane separating the two holes, he pressed his fingers and felt his cock in my ass.

‘I’m commmiiiing!’ I screamed and pounded my ass harder as my sensitive skin between my anus and vagina stimulated by his cock and fingers.

‘Ahhhhhhhhhh,’ I moaned as I felt my orgasm building and pressurised inside my body, bl00d rushed and engorged my clit.

‘Yeah, baby,’ Lance urged, his other hand not at my pussy pinched and pulled both my nipples before moving to my mouth where I sucked two fingers inside, my tongue played with his fingers as I slurped my saliva.

My lips let go of his fingers and I leaned down to kiss him, our tongues danced and tangoed, in and out of each other’s mouths. Nibbled his lips and sucked his bottom lips into my mouth, as his tongue licked my lips, before I sat back up and rotated my ass in a circular motion as I moved up and down.

‘Oooohhhh, FUCK yeah,’ Lance mumbled as he felt his cock head stirred my rectum walls.

‘Lance, I’m coming,’ I loudly announced as my orgasm finally released from my ass.

‘Fuck me, FUCK ME! Mmmmmmm,’ I wailed in bliss, my eyes closed as my head hung backwards.

My pussy shuddered and spasm, my ass contracted as I orgasm. Lance nursed my orgasm from my clit and pussy, he pressed hard on my G-spot with his two fingers.

‘Uuuuuuurrrgggg!’ I shrieked, and humped his thick cock harder as my orgasm ebbed and flowed with each rise and fall of my buttocks.

I could feel his cock hardened inside me as Lance was about to shoot his hot semen into my burning ass. Lance expelled a loud yell, and both his hands grabbed my hips as he fucked my cunt roughly, shoved his hard penis deeper into my ass. Finally, his heavy balls released its load and his white hot liquid gold coated my rectum, my sphincter tightened imperceptibly and milked his cock.

At last, I collapsed onto his chest, panted from the strenuous exercise of anal fucking and riding a bucking black cock, my clit rubbed on his groin against his pubic hair. We both sighed with ecstasy, his arms hugged around my waist. My ass did not relinquish his semi-erect cock, since my brown ring was still tight, but when he was fully soft, he slipped out and we both fell asl33p.

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2 years ago
Fuck no, NO ONE is fucking that ass till I get my turn......really hott!!!!!!!!!!!!
2 years ago
so hot kept - kept me so hard:-)
2 years ago
2 years ago
Good one. Very erotic.
2 years ago
Wow! I am so blow away that I was the inspiration for this fantastic story. MinxGirl, I am so flattered. :-) I love the passion and the way the story flows! I just wish I could thank you in person. :-)
2 years ago
Very good!... Very inspired!
2 years ago
2 years ago
thank you for reading me :)
2 years ago
loved it
2 years ago
Hot chocolate :)
2 years ago
Naughty girl,,i like xspank
2 years ago
Great Story x
2 years ago
writing it like you want it to be...nice.
2 years ago
the sexy slow start untill the great crescendo!
2 years ago
2 years ago
god damn! that is one orgy of hot sex!
love it ;)