Chocolate Addiction

Walking home from work generally took me 10-15 minutes, but on this occasion I was in no particular hurry, and ambled my way along the lake through the park, nibbled on a piece of chocolate, and I guess, ‘taking time to smell the roses’. Finding a bench facing the lake, I sat down to watch the sunset behind the tree line. Finishing up the piece of chocolate, I pulled out a light cardigan and put it on; the early evening air was still chilly in the spring time.

Out of the fading light, a dark skinned man appeared, walking along the paved walkway, coming towards where I was sitting. I took a glance in his directly briefly, he smiled as our gaze locked, his white teeth gleamed brightly. I smiled back, sighed and leaned back on the bench, unwinding after a stressful day.

He came to sit on the same bench, and that should have been the first sign something not quite right was about to happen to me. Only I was too relaxed to really notice (or care). I closed my eyes briefly, and in that instance, felt two hands grabbed my shoulder and waist, then hot lips roughly kissed my mouth, tongue darted inside to massage my tongue. My eyes opened wide as I struggled to get out of the arms encircled me in a vice-like grip, my hands pushed at the hard chest pressing on my breasts. It was the chocolate-skinned man that came to sit on the bench. The hand at my shoulder moved to tangled in my long black hair and firmly held my head unmoving. Our eyes met and he instantly gentled his deep kiss, his tongue delved and search in my mouth, glided between my sensitive under-lips.

I ceased my struggle, and relaxed my body, my mind surrendered to the sensation of being expertly kissed, my body to the seduction of his presence. Our eyes still locked as he prolonged the kiss, my hands clutched his crisp shirt tightly for a few seconds. As my eyes closed with pleasure, I moved my hand to the nape of his neck and stroked his closely cropped hair. I sighed into his mouth.

He let go of my waist and his hand snaked under my cardigan to cup my breasts, his thumb caressed my hardened nipple through my blouse and bra. I panted my breathing heavy and laboured in my enjoyment. I pressed my body closer to his. His mouth moved to my ear and said softly if my juicy pussy was ready to have his hard black cock in the park. I could only nod my answer, knowing full well my pussy was well lubricated.

He stood up from the bench and held out his hand to pull me up. He led the way, away from the lake and the now well-lit walkway, and into the shrub behind the bench. Here, the shrubs were thick with thigh-high ferns, the tall canopy of trees blocked out the lights from the lamps, so that both of us were secluded from public eyes, in a manner of speaking. Once we were in a big enough clearing, he turned and began to undress me. I reached out my hand to undress him, but he brushed my hand aside, and told me to be still. Once I was naked in front of him, he began to grope my throbbing clit, running his finger to my vagina and rubbed his open palm over my clit.

I panted, my knees were weak and I was about to melt down into a heap on the ferns, when he pulled his hand away and divested his clothes. In seconds he stood proud and naked, his dark cock reared up straight from his groin. I was itching to get my hand and mouth on his cock.

He took my hand in his, placed it on his cock, and nodded his head to his cock. I understood, and knelt down in the lush ferns, my hand moved, pumping his cock. My mouth inches from his thick tip, I lapped at the tip, and then slowly I began licking his stiff rod like a block of dark chocolate I had been craving for a long time. His large black cock moved in and out of my mouth, my tongue rolled around the shaft. He was so thick I could not take him all the way inside my throat. My head bopped back and forth, sucked and ate his rock-hard penis with gusto. His hands held my head gently, only slightly guiding the tempo of my rhythm.

My free hand grasped his buttock, and stroked his leg up and down, feeling the smooth skin. I felt like a cat, I wanted to rubbed my body on his legs and purr my pleasure. I loved the taste of his slicked shaft on my tongue, the pre-cum seeped from the tip of his penis inside my mouth, the saltiness urged me on even more as I sucked and lick his throbbing dick. My mouth sucked harder, and made a vacuumed of his cock in my mouth, and he tensed his ass cheeks, holding on to his self-control.

He chuckled uneasily as he pulled out of my sucking mouth, I moaned softly in protest, and looked up at him in the gloom. He squat down, and told me to lie back on the cushiony ferns. I made to lie back, but before we could continue, we heard rustling nearby and we both froze, he covered my body with his, his arm supported my back as we remain still. A dog barked noisily, dangerously close, but his owner shushed him, and pulled him away from where we were hidden, unbeknownst to the clever dog’s owner.

We both sighed, and then laughed to release tension. And then we were both suddenly aware that he was on top of my naked body, one of his legs between my thighs, and rested against my wet pussy; my breasts pressed against his chest. I whimpered, and then we kissed hungrily, our hands roamed freely on each other skins. He panted as he pulled away, and then told me to lie back down again. I did as he told me, and he turned around, and his cock was only inches from my mouth, my pussy was also inches away from his.

Then I grabbed my shoulder bag, long-forgotten on the ground, rummaged through it and brought out a bar of chocolate. I slowly inserted the inch-thick, 6-inch long bar into my wet hole as his eyes opened wide, watching, staring, as the bar of chocolate disappeared into my vagina. I angled my hips upwards to his face, the chocolate bar rapidly melted, and dripped from my pussy, mixed with my pussy liquid.

Then we both began to suck and eat each other. He thrust his hips as deep as I could take him, but he never went to deep as to choke me. His mouth on my tightened bud made my tunnel gush chocolate and my liquid out; his experienced tongue worked faster on my pussy and clitoris. His tongue rolled and tapped, sucked and blew, engorging my bud, until my whole body quivered with rapture. I spread my legs wide as his fingers probed my pussy tunnel, scooped the chocolate and juices and teased my anus with his fingers.

He moaned as he returned his finger to my chocolate-drenched pussy, he slowly pulled out the diminished chocolate bar, my aroma wafted in the air in front of his nose mixed with the smell of melted chocolate. He savoured the bar with this tongue, his finger twirled inside my pussy, mixing the melted chocolate in my pussy like a milkshake with my fluid. Once he had consumed the bar, he latched his lips back at my slit, his tongue and mouth sucked and slipped the chocolate out.

He dipped his finger back into my pussy, and then teased my puckered hole with his lubricated digit. I squirmed, and willed his fingers to push inside my ass. He resisted my body’s response, instead, returned his attention to roll his tongue on my clit and pussy some more. I moaned softly. My tongue lapped at his cock, but now my pussy had my undivided attention, the sensation of his mouth as it suck my button was radiating outward, my fingers began to tingle as my orgasm neared the climax.

My breath came faster and faster, and I tensed my ass, getting ready for my beautiful orgasm. It never came.

He pulled away from my screaming pussy, and turned to face me. He then asked again if my pussy was ready for his cock. I gasped out an affirmative answer, and he grabbed my thighs and pushed his thick cock inside my waiting tunnel. We both moaned as my tight pussy hugged his length, his broad black cock stretched my pussy taut. His hands rested next to my head, and supported his upper body as he thrust roughly into my well-juiced tunnel. I hooked my thighs at his waist and locked my ankles behind his tight arse.

I reached up to pulled my nipples into stiff peaks, as he kept his thrusting hips moving in and out, his black cock slid and glided from my slit. He lowered his head and began sucking my nipples, his tongue licked and lapped at the areolas. He sucked the nipples into his mouth and began to bite down hard with his teeth, and rapidly rolled his tongue on the engorged nipple. I arched my back off the ground, as pleasures shot down from my nipple to my pussy, translating into contractions after contractions, my pussy started to milk his shaft

His penis piston-like movement, shoved harder and faster into my vagina, went deeper until he was buried to the hilt. Then he rested, and moved out joined bodies in a circular motion, stimulating my cervix where his cock head nudged. I was gasping for air, and my pussy loved his big black cock nudging my cervix.

I was close to cuming, and I told him in no uncertain terms that I was about to climax, and that I wanted his cock to fuck my pussy harder and faster now. He obliged and pumped his hips and thrust his groin harder again my pelvis. At last, my orgasm burst from my vagina. He grabbed my legs and hooked them over his arms and his cock amazingly went deeper inside my spasming pussy.

I moaned loudly, no longer cared if there were people walking by in the park. My clit popped from my orgasm and I rubbed my clit harder against his groin. He grunted as he felt my slit hugged and tightened around his pounding rod. Slowly, my climax ebbed away.

As my body relaxed, he moved his still-rock hard dick out from my vagina, and ordered me to get on all fours. I obeyed and presented my bottom to him.

He reached out and spread my arse cheeks wide apart, exposing my hidden crease. He ran an inquisitive finger at the sphincter, and firmly pushed his middle finger in. A gasp escaped my throat, my arms gave way and my head rested on the flattened ferns on the ground. He bent down and licked my ass hole with relish, twirled his tongue around the puckered hole, lubricating his invading finger as it slid in and out, loosening the fold.

Once he deemed my hole was ready for his cock, he pulled away his finger, and shoved it inside my mouth. I licked his finger, coated in my dank juice. He then grabbed my arse cheeks, and spread them wide again, and thrust his rearing penis into my ass brutally all the way until only his balls slapped my pussy. I moaned, as pain mixed with pleasure, my hands pulled at the fragile ferns tightly. He grunted as he felt my rectum tightened around his cock, his hands gripped my hips tighter.

My ass felt every inch of his stiff rod as it rubbed against my rectum walls. My hand reached down to twiddle my clit, as I urged his thrust with my hips. I squeezed my buttocks tightly; he groaned and launched into fast and deep thrust from my sphincter. He would pull all the way out, then stared intently into my gaping hole in the encroaching darkness, run his finger around the edge then shoved his hungry cock back in roughly, all the way to the root of his shaft. I whined softly with pleasure, and pushed my derriere higher into the air.

My hand continued to play and roll my clitty, my juice coated my hand and fingers. He grabbed this hand and pulled it so he could suck my juices off of it. His hips thrust and shoved his dick continuously in and out of my ass in long and fast strokes, never resting nor pausing in the onslaught. My ass loved every second. He then grabbed for my other hand and pulled it behind my back and held my wrists together in one hand. He reached down with his free hand, cupped my breasts, and twisted my areola with his fingers. I writhe with ecstasy, the darts of pleasure shot down to my clit which I was unable to alleviate.

I panted and pushed my hips against his groin, and told him that I was cuming. He grunted, and finally leased his self-control, and fucked my ass with all his might, his thrusting hips pushed me forward with every movement. He let go of my wrists, and I was able to support my body once more. He grabbed my hips and pushed with faster and shorter strokes, his climax only seconds away.

And at long last, his ass tensed as his pumping shaft let a load of his semen eject from his cock, his cum smothered my rectum with the gooey juice. He groaned with pure bliss, still plunging his cock in and out of my bottom. I whimpered as my orgasm burst out from my ass and throbbing clit in time with his climax, I nursed my orgasm with my hand playing with my pleasure button.

Our breath came out in gasp as we slowly came down from our mutual orgasms. He slowly leaned down and rested his hot sweaty body on my back as I lie flat on my stomach on the crushed ferns. He turned sideways, and spooned me as he took me with him; his hand then reached up to cup my twin orbs in turn and pinched the nipples into stiff peaks. I sighed, and pushed my buttocks into his groin and nestled his semi-hard penis between my derriere, the chocolate residue sticky between our bodies.
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1 year ago
Wow, that was intense, got me hard right of the bat.
Would love to try this with you,you sound like you love the intense Heavy orgasms as i do.
2 years ago
2 years ago
you might put honey and whip cream on the back shelf once women find out that men love licking chocolate out of their pussy da shit!!!!
2 years ago
would love to be the guy in this story
2 years ago
great story
2 years ago
oh my god.... superb and so erotic story

somptuous addiction !!
2 years ago
mmh, you like dark chocolade ^‿^
2 years ago
Hope u like milky bars
2 years ago
thought you weren't into chocolate?
Makes for a pretty good easter...
2 years ago
2 years ago
love the sexy story babe XXX