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Standard talks in internet

Many guys start talking a very predictable way. And wait same standard replies

- Hi
- Hi
- How r u?
- Im fine, thx. U?
- Good to hear that. Me too nice. Whats ur name? Im Zimbuahamuni George Mustafaddine
- Im Alice-Hungry-For-Penis
- Ok. What do you like to do when u don`t work?
- Oh, i dream about webcam sex with any stallion like u.
- Ok. My skype is Dimwitted_Bimbo_With_Cam.

I don`t think that is good idea to take part in such convo.

Posted by Mind_Your_Business 2 years ago
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1 year ago
LOL! I mean, err... perhaps I wasn't supposed to laugh, but that made me laugh!
1 year ago
I have written on my page about these idiots, Ksenia. They show no respect for women and spoil the site.
1 year ago
Так общается повсюду одна категория людей под названием "помешанные спермотоксикозники". И с ними никаких разговоров быть не может в принципе, благо тупы до невозможности.
1 year ago
если кто-то так общается на этом сайте, то вроде бы всё ок, для того он и был сделан)
1 year ago
If u r the one of those web-headed guys with `asl`, we have nothing to talk.
1 year ago
have you ever heard of good manners and being polite no maybe to young to understand
2 years ago
What.s so good about fucking.......if i own a girl i can fuck her when ever i want......getting her to give her boby and mind is the real task
2 years ago
Can always be shorter:
Man: "Hi"
Woman: "Hi!"
Man: "Nice shoes!"
Woman: "Thanks!"
Man: "Wanna fuck?"
Woman: "..."
2 years ago
standard comment: " :) "