Gangbang for my Cuckold Milf Pussy in a Pool Hall

I've always had a slutty nature, I just repressed it when I was young. Thankfully I hooked up with a well-hung stud who helped me discover just how much I adore sex and everything to do with it.

Over the course of our 12 year marriage my husband and I have experimented in a heap of different ways, and now we're living in Mexico we've come up with another new way to explore my sluttiness and get literally covered in cum.

In the poorer parts of the local neighbourhood they have pool halls where you can bring your own drinks and simply have to pay for the use of the pool table. It works out to about $2 an hour to play, so it's a cheap way to spend some time.

Walking around the neighbourhood I often attract comments, wolf-whistles and more, and so we decided to head to the pool hall with me wearing just my little black dress that is completely sleeveless and very short. Wearing no panties or bra it's easy access for anyone who wants to get some, and that's the whole point!

Strolling the streets to the pool hall we got a lot of stares and some under-the-breath comments from the Mexican guys we walked past. Probably a little mellower since my hubby was with me, the attraction was still there and they couldn't seem to stop from saying or doing something at least. This boded well for the upcoming adventure in the pool hall!

When we arrived there were about a dozen guys hanging around, some playing pool, some simply drinking beer, but all of them looking hot and bothered from the weather, but somewhat bored as well. Walking in drew practically every single eye our way, maybe it was the colour of our skin, or maybe it was this buxom redhead strolling in looking like she needed to get fucked, and fucked real hard. My sluttiness really comes across when I'm totally aroused and hoping for a hot time.

We settled up with the guy who ran the place and paid for a table for an hour. Putting our drinks down we grabbed some cues and things began to happen.

I'm not a good pool player, but I do enjoy playing, particularly when I'm wearing a short dress that shows off all my best assets. Dan let me take the first shot to break the balls up, and to give me a chance to bend over with my ass pointing in the direction of the majority of the guys. The shortness of my dress made it pretty damn obvious to anyone who happened to glance my way that i wasn't wearing any underwear - my ass peeked out from underneath, the curves soft and giving a sweet glimpse of my already wet pussy.

I heard some low muttering behind me of appreciation and grinned at Dan. "It's your shot!" I said, handing him the cue.

Standing to the side I purveyed the room while Dan potted a couple of balls (he is MUCH better at this game than I am!). He missed the third one though and it was once again my turn. As I moved toward the table I caught sight of some movement to the side of me as the guys all seemed to pause what they were doing and stop and stare as I moved back to the pool table.

My dress is such that I am often popping out of the top of it, revealing a breast or two, and somehow that seemed to happen on this next shot. As I bent down something snagged my top (my fingers!) and it came down revealing my tattooed breast, the nipple hard and succulent and obviously totally aroused.

I wiggled my butt a little to get the dress to shift up my ass a little more giving an even greater display of my pantiless crotch. The muttering got a little louder and I heard one guy whistle, he simply couldn't stop himself. I winked at Dan and then took my shot, actually managing to pot the ball! I shouted 'woohoo!' and the guys on the other side of the room took the opportunity to whistle at me, knowing they were goign to get another shot of my ass and tit immediately!

The game went on like this, my dress rose a little higher with each shot and the other boob flopped out so that I was practically already naked as I continued playing the game. Dan ultimately won and we took a break to have a drink and give me another chance to peruse the talent in the room.

The guys seemed to be grouped, two groups of four and one group of three, and there were a couple of guys there alone. Most of them were about my height, being Mexican, though some were a little taller. They all looked at me with lust shining in their eyes and that made my pussy drip even more, I was already so aroused i was amazed my juices weren't dripping down my legs!

"Want another game?" I asked Dan.

"Sure, one more and then I better get back so I can take care of that stuff." Before we arrived at the pool hall we'd already decided that Dan would be there at the start and then take off for a couple of hours after I'd gained some interest from the locals so that they could then gangbang me without any fear or concerns that my big hubby was going to 'get them' for it!

We finished our drinks and went back to the table, all eyes upon us once more, this time they weren't trying so hard to be discrete and were blatantly staring as my tits wobbled and jiggled with every step. Maybe they weren't sure what to do since I was a gringo, but I'd certainly be changing that around pretty damn soon.

When I potted my first ball Dan came around and slapped my ass saying "Good work" which made me laugh out loud, and also showed the crowd that I wasn't some uptight bitch and was actually a lot of fun. Shot after shot came and went and my ass and pussy were practically totally on display by the end of that second match. We cracked open another beer and had a drink after Dan won the 2nd round and after a few minutes he stood, kissed me and said 'regrisir en dos horas' (I'll be back in 2 hours). He chose to say it in Mexican so that the locals would be aware that I was going to be on my own for that whole two hours, then they would feel secure knowing they could do whatever they wanted without fear of reprisal.

I kissed Dan deeply, my tongue dancing with his before he squeezed my ass and gave it another quick slap and then left. I sat there alone for only a couple of minutes before one of the groups of four guys wandered over to my table. They started speaking to me in a flurry of Spanish, and since mine is not that great I asked them to speak a little slower.

There really was no need though since they then chose to accompany their words with some groping of my already on display tits. One of the guys spoke a little English and told me I had nice tits. I said "Chapato?" and looked at the group of four expectantly. Their eyes widened and they said 'que?' probably not sure if they'd heard me right. So I reached out and put my hand over the first guys crotch, feeling his already hardening dick under my fingers through his jeans and giving him a light squeeze. "mmmmm" I said, a universal way to say I like that!

Once they knew that I wasn't just all show things moved pretty damn quick. I looked over at the owner, knowing he was watching every move and wondering if he'd be into me having a hot gangbang right there in his pool hall. I winked at him and then pulled down the zipper on the guys pants whose cock I was feeling. He hurriedly helped me and pretty soon his pants were down around his ankles, his dick standing erect and hard at 6 inches thrusting right in my face. Sitting on the chair was the perfect height for his dick so I leaned forward and circled the head with my tongue before engulfing the entire length of his cock down my throat. He moaned loudly and with this action alone everything completely changed.

The owner stood up and went to the door, closing it and locking it so no-one could come in while the fun was going on. They all knew I was alone for 2 hours and by now they could see what a slut i was and they all knew there were going to be in for an incredibly hot fuck time!

As I worked the one cock with my mouth the rest of that group of four pulled down their pants and started working their meat. I grabbed a hold of two of them with my free hands while my lips and tongue worked the first. The fourth one kept thrusting his cock towards my face so every now and then I'd switch from the one to the other, giving licks to the cocks in my hand as well.

I stood up so that I could get in a better position so that someone could slide a dick in my pussy. I bent over, my ass in the sky, my mouth stuffed with cock and the other two still being pumped by my hands. The fourth guy took the signal and slid his way around back of me, rubbing his fingers up and down my sopping wet slit and making a loud noise of surprise before pulling out his fingers and showing the rest of the guys how totally wet my hot pussy was.

They said a bunch of things appreciatively in Spanish that I didn't understand, but I knew they were admiring my sluttiness and that made me even hotter and wetter. Oh the things I would be telling Dan when he came to pick me up!

All told there were 14 guys there and the owner, and every single one of them had his dick pulled out of his pants, pumping with their hands as they watched the action, wondering if they were going to get a turn.

My limited Spanish helped me let them all know they'd get some by saying "Yo quieres todos" which is roughly translated as I want it all!

The group actually cheered together and then they all moved closer so that they formed a rather large circle around me. I was now completely at the center of attention, one cock in my mouth, two in my hands and one that was now plunging deep into my pussy and slamming hard and fast inside. I grunted and moaned as cock after cock filled my mouth and pussy. They kept rotating around so that everyone got a piece of the action, and when they came they shot their loads all over my ass, and some all over my face. My dress was getting covered in cum and I knew I wanted to feel that hot sauce on my skin instead so I peeled it all the way off, now standing buck naked in the middle of this horny group of guys.

They cheered again, getting naked was an excellent choice since now they were running their hands over my body, squeezing my tits, feeling my ass, rubbing my back and still filling me with that juicy cock. Most of the guys were average sized but the owner himself was sporting a massive 8 inch erection that also looked thick. I eyed that prize and knew I wanted to get some of that as soon as possible!

As cock after cock pounded my pussy and mouth I totally lost track of time, simply immersing myself in my pure sluttiness, knowing how hot this was going to make my husband when I told him all about it later, and when he met me and saw the huge droplets of cum clinging to my hot body. I already had about 7 loads of cum on me, my ass my face and my tits were dripping the sweet sticky goo and there was plenty more where that came from!

My legs were getting a little tired from being bent over for so long so they actually lifted me up and placed me on one of the pool tables, laying me in the middle of the green felt spreadeagled and easily accessible to anyone. The owner was now standing right beside the table, his big 8 inch cock pulsing in my direction and catching my eye as I lay there on my back being pounded with a cock in my soaking pussy and one pumping in and out of my already well-fucked mouth.


The crowd moved with the rest of the guys and pretty soon they were all standing around that pool table, cocks achingly within reach but without enough holes to satisfy them all at the same time. I caught the eye of the owner and winked at him again, trying to get him to come over to me but unable to speak with a dick shoved down my throat pumping hard and deep and making long sticky threads of saliva. He didn't move, just kept pumping and watching, so I decided to take the matter into my own hands and swapped from being on my back to getting on my knees instead. Still easier on my legs, but now able to actually get to where I wanted to be, I was in a much better position to get fucked even harder.

One great thing about flipping onto my knees is that it opened up my ass for everyone to see and use. My ass is something that I've always been complimented on, guys seem to dig it VERY much and love to touch it, slap it and even stick their heads between my cheeks and give me a delicious rimjob. I very rarely have anal sex, but I was in full slut mode now, already covered in cum, already totally orgasmically charged and definitely eager to stretch the limits so that my retelling to Dan would be even more intense!

With my ass now on display I could feel the fingers lingering around my hole from the guys who weren't getting any just yet, but still wanted to be a part of the action. Someone spat in my hole making it slick and much more viable for some hardcore penetration, and then I felt it, a couple of fingers pushing against my opening, trying to get inside to feel the heat inside my tight ass. I pushed my butt out a little more for easier access and tried to relax my sphincter muscles to allow those fingers entry. My pussy was aching for more cock so I grabbed the cock of the guy who was trying to finger my ass and rammed it deep into my pussy. "Fuck me!" I cried out, hoping he would understand me well enough to know exactly what I wanted.

Those fingers slid a little deeper with each powerful thrust into my sopping wet pussy. Every pump made me squelch, my juices were overflowing I was so incredibly turned on! My current lover slid his fingers around my hole as he fucked me, getting some of my juices to add to the spit lube he'd already given my ass. I was getting more and more excited as I felt those fingers slide on in to my ass while my pussy was still getting fucked, and my throat was definitely being well used by all the lovely pulsing dick in the room.

He finger fucked my ass while he rammed my pussy and eventually he shot his thick load deep inside my already dripping cunt. His dick plopped out and he hopped down to be replaced by a guy with a slightly bigger dick and most assuredly larger fingers!

My ass was stretched a little and showing a slight gape already so that this new lover couldn't resist plunging his fat fingers deep inside my butt hole from the get-go. I reached behind me and spread my ass cheeks even wider apart, hinting for him to try something other than his fingers. I wanted to feel that cock in my ass, pumping me hard before feeling another dick slamming into my pussy at the same time.

Letting go of my ass cheeks I reached further back and grabbed his cock, squeezing it gently before positioning it over my cock-hungry ass. I pushed back a little and then let go of the cock in my mouth to look back at him, smiling for him to try to go all the way. He caught my eye and then grinned, knowing it was okay to proceed, and with that he spat on my ass again and started to slowly feed his 6 inch fairly average cock into that ever so tight space.

The first push is always the hardest, stretching that ass out from being so incredibly tight stings a fair amount, but with all the endorphins flowing through my multi-orgasmic body I didn't have as hard a time as I imagined I would. He had half his cock buried in my ass and I was feeling every single inch of it as he kept pushing a little more and going a little deeper with every thrust.

My pussy started to complain, throbbing an ache to me, lusting after the feeling of some juicy cock pounding into me. To the left of me was a reasonably hung guy, probably 6.5 inches and a little thicker than average. I motioned to him to join me on the pool table, to lay beneath me so I could slide my dripping pussy onto his meaty stick and ride him while that other cock pumped my ass and another one pounded my throat.

I was still eyeing up the owner with his long 8 inch thick cock, and though he'd moved a little he was still within reach. He was my next target, and with the addition of the other guy underneath me, it was my perfect opportunity to reposition myself so that his big pulsing shaft was right in my face.

Off my knees and now sitting on a hot throbbing cock I reached behind me and spread my ass wide again, showing the guy who'd been fucking me just how stretched out I already was. I worked my internal muscles to give him an ass wink and that was about all it needed for him to plunge that horny cock right back into my tight butthole and fuck me even harder than before!

Right now I was double stuffed and loving every minute of it, PLUS I was about to taste that big 8 incher that kept tantalizing and teasing the cock slut in me with its alluring presence.

Grunting and moaning loudly as both cocks pumped my pussy and ass, I reached out to grab that 8 incher and pulled it towards my mouth, licking my lips in anticipation of how great that cock was going to feel sliding across my tongue and all the way down my throat.

The guy fucking my ass suddenly let out a huge cry and started to shake and quiver as he pumped load after load of hot sticky cum straight into my ass. His dick plopped out. taking a trail of slick cum with it and I squeezed my ass muscles tight, trying to hold as much of that sauce inside me as I could! I didn't have to worry, he was swiftly replaced by another guy, and so the double penetration continued as I felt full to overflowing, one guy pumping my pussy and the other slamming hard into my now loosened but still tight ass.

After the cocks changed out I refocused on that big 8 incher in front of my face and pulled it once again to my lips. I kissed the end of it and then slid my tongue around the head. He was uncircumcised, which I always prefer, so I darted my tongue liberally applying saliva at the top of his cock while one hand wrapped around the base of his shaft, holding it reasonably tight while I pulled his foreskin back with my tongue.

I love to suck cock and one thing I've learned from working my hubby's delicious big rod is that the area directly beneath the foreskin is perhaps one of the most sensitive areas on an uncircumcized guy, period! I love to lick underneath that foreskin, sending shivers of ecstasy through my lovers body as I free that cock head into a warm cosy place that feels absolutely divine; my mouth!

I worked that cock with a passion, all the while my pussy and ass were being pounded, and each suck I made was accompanied with a grunt and moan as I came over and over again. The guy fucking my pussy filled me up with sticky goo and then slid out to let someone else get a piece of the action. This went on for quite a while, my focus on that big cock in my mouth while the rest of the guys fought over who would go next in my juicy pussy and stretched-out ass.

Without even realizing it we'd been at it for 2 hours already, because all of a sudden there was a knock on the door. "Mi esposo" I said, pulling my mouth off the cock in my mouth and hoping someone would go answer the door. One of the guys on the edge of the crowd who'd already cum on my ass went to the door and opened it a crack. There was Dan looking bright eyed and bushy-tailed and probably having heard me as he came to the door. I wondered how long he'd stood outside before knocking, simply listening to the grunts and groans coming from inside here. I must admit I had been getting pretty damn loud.


The guy at the door let him in, recognizing him as the guy who'd been with me earlier and not wanting to have any problems or scenes. Dan came through the door to be greeted by this scene of his slutty wife with a cock in her pussy, one stuffed in her ass and another large one rubbing across her lips. I could see from the big bulge in his shorts that he was thrilled to see me.

"No Entrada para ti. Vamos! Una mas hora" I called out to Dan, knowing that it would be driving him crazy to be sent away from this sight, knowing I would be fucking even harder and more intensely after he was gone.

After Dan left the door was once again closed and locked and the guy who'd opened the door joined the rest of them, pumping his cock while he watched me getting filled in every single hole and obviously loving every single minute of it!

I had cum on me and in me from every single guy in the room, but that didn't mean the fun was over, in fact it felt like it had just begun, even though we'd been at it for more than 2 hours! My pussy and ass were feeling well fucked and nicely stretched out, and I had cum dripping all over my hot body.

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4 months ago naughty little slut....that was so very hot - thanks for sharing!
1 year ago
Pretty hot story ! normally I don't like it from the womans point of view , but shes a good slut and knows her place ;-)
2 years ago
I have lived this type of gang bang. God it feels so fucking good.
2 years ago
wow we both got so hot. thank you
2 years ago
You are such a fucking slut. My kind of lady. Would love to be balls deep in your well fucked sloppy cum filled ass or pussy. I would lick you clean then feed you all that sweet cum.
2 years ago
great story got me off good. thnx
2 years ago
one of the hottest stories i have ever read.. fuck me!!!!!!!
3 years ago
That is 1 hot fucking story ...what a cock hungry slut you are.I fucking love it
3 years ago
Throbbingly hot story...damn.
3 years ago
That was really hot have you done that again and if you do I think your husband should take pics and video
3 years ago
id love to get you all sticky
3 years ago
very good