My Afternoon - An Ode to My Cuckold Husband

Earlier today I was at the BDF base and fucking a bunch of the soldiers one at a time. It would have been so much hotter if my husband my husband would have been able to be there to watch me sucking and fucking these military cocks. They took me to the bathroom and proceeded to fuck my mouth and pussy one at a time and one after another, the line seemed endless as cock after cock was thrust into my mouth and I worked it hard with my tongue and lips. It would have been so much hotter if my husband had been there to watch me sucking on those big juicy cocks and sliding them down my throat and over my lips into my hungry experienced mouth. The smoldering heat of fucking while being watched by my husband is intense, and we recently had that experience when a black guy came by our place and fucked me on the couch reverse cowgirl style while I sucked on my husbands big thick cock, moaning and groaning onto him while I was being pounded in and out of my pussy ultra hard.

Having my husband with me when I fuck other guys is the ultimate turn-on, knowing he's watching me be a total slut and is totally turned on by those images, it makes me hot and horny and hungry for more and more cock to satisfy my voracious appetite for sex and my exhibitionist tendencies. It's even hotter when he's fucking my pussy while I'm sucking off another guy, I know it makes him erect to watch me sucking and to feel my wet pussy tightening around his pulsing throbbing cock while I'm working a hot hard shaft with my tongue and lips at the same time. Fully immersing myself in the love of cock and sex that I have is so much more fun and exciting when my husband is there to watch or join in. I love how hard he gets watching me fuck, and how hot his cock feels deep in my mouth and pussy while I'm getting banged hard by other cock.

Every single time I wish my husband could be with me while I'm fucking hard with other guys. One time that would have been made so much more intense with his presence was a different time at the BDF base when I had a 9 man gangbang and ended up covered in cum. My mouth and pussy were repeatedly filled with cock and there was even spare ones to fill my hands while I worked the others. It was an intense night and I know it would have been even more intense if my husband could have been tied up watching me fuck and suck like there's no tomorrow. If he'd been there I would have had him tied up on a chair so he could watch but not touch himself, and I know this would have made his cock throb and pulse and dance while he watched, and that would make me hotter and hornier knowing I was driving him totally crazy with my slutty antics. The heat from my pussy and the overwhelming wetness would have been thrust in my husband's face in between fucks, and when I'd made some of the guys cum all over my face or in my mouth and over my tits I would have gone over to him and teased him with the cum and slid that sticky white cream into his welcoming mouth with my tongue. That would have been so totally hot and made the whole experience so much more intense and orgasmic. I love making my husband hard and horny and especially love to fuck others while he's watching and unable to pleasure himself. The denial makes everything so much more intense so that when he eventually cums he shoots hard enough to hit himself in the eye! I love a great cumshot, especially one that shoots hard and long.

No matter who I've fucked I've always wanted my husband to be there either fucking me too or watching me get banged super hard and super loudly so that I'm cumming with an intensity that speaks volumes. Grunting, groaning and almost screaming out in pleasure as each cock thrusts inside my mouth and pussy always leaves me dripping wet and hungry for more, thankfully my husband's cock is always available for me to fuck and suck, and when I get to fuck and suck him at the same time as another cock is pounding my pussy then I'm in pleasure heaven!
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4 months ago
Great story!!
2 years ago
We love it!
2 years ago
It is a nice story,OK, seems to me like a short military report.. Maybe u can develope the story..
3 years ago
While hearing about it is hot, experiencing it has always proved FAR hotter to us...loved the story!
3 years ago
I still want to suck your creamiepie thanks
3 years ago
eres tremenda!
3 years ago
3 years ago
Very hot indeed. I'm sure he loves hearing the details while fucking you..
3 years ago