Fucking The Light Fantastic!

The music was thumping as I entered the nightclub; the bar was crowded and the dancefloor had several couples and groups of chicks bumping and grinding to the reggae dance beat. I’d been here dancing several times before, but tonight was my first solo trip, with a particular goal in mind; some big juicy black cock.

I’d enjoyed several dance partners on my previous visits, but they always got scared by the sight of my husband, no matter how much I reassured them he was cool (and turned on) by the action.

So tonight I was here on my own in the hopes of finally capturing some big black cock between my wet pussy lips as I danced real close grinding my hips back and forth. Caribbean style dancing is very sexual and I totally dig the style. But first to the bar to check out the talent. My husband usually ordered drinks from the bar downstairs, but tonight I decided to head up to the second floor, partly for the all-encompassing view, and partly to give a good old-fashioned pussy/ass flash with each step I climbed (I was wearing a very short white tied at the side crochet skirt and a purple tank top over it, guaranteed flash from the left hand side and behind).

The bar was darker upstairs but with the ultraviolet lights, coupled with clubbers oft-white clothing, it was easy to see where the people were at. I slid up to the bar and leaning over the bar so he could hear me and promptly flashing everyone standing behind me, I asked the bartender for a coconut rum and orange (they look at me strangely when I order it for some reason). A large ebony rastafarian wandered over and stood behind me dancing to the music that was pumping all around us, pumping so hard it even made the barstool vibrate where I was perched waiting for my drink. I swiveled the stool and slightly spread my legs watching his moves from behind. He had a nice looking ass-shake going on and my mind was already picturing how well he must be swinging at the front. His long dreadlocks swung against his behind and I watched the movement til the bartender handed me my drink.

Grabbing a mouthful of the ice-filled drink to wet my lips I slid off the stool (no mean feat at my height ) and cup in hand, started to grind my hips to the beat and rhythm of the music, occasionally banging my ass against the rasta’s until he eventually turned towards me and started dancing more intensely. Carefully so as not to spill my drink, I leaned up towards his ear and asked him if he wanted to dance. He didn’t understand me at first so I asked him louder (the music was pulsing all around us with an intense bass beat) and he nodded, taking my free hand and pulling me in front of him.. no dance floor required for this number.

Swinging my hips from side to side in rhythm with the music I grazed my ass lightly across his crotch feeling for his size beneath the fairly thin fabric of his shorts. His bulge was quite pronounced and a sly smile crept to my face, turning into a wicked grin as my imagination took off after feeling that cock size behind me. I thrust back a little harder, shaking my ass cheeks and grinding my ass up and down what felt like a very thick shaft. My pussy was already wet, partly from what I was feeling against me and fantasizing about fucking and sucking, and also partly from the pure energy of the reggae beat as it pounded through my body.

The music switched to a slightly slower but still hypnotic beat and I swung my ass from side to side grinding deeper as I reached behind and pulled his hands to my breasts with my own and squeezed his hands on my tits showing him what I wanted him to do while I mashed his bulge into a more solid pole with my ass. The feeling of making a cock grow as I grind against it is overwhelmingly hot and always makes my pussy drip more juice. Of course, wearing no underwear sure helps make the action even more satisfying because it opens up a wealth of opportunities to fuck pretty much anywhere you want. My pussy was pulsing in time with the music and my dance partner was definitely into the action as he squeezed my tits and steadily thrust his hardening cock against the folds of my ass. We kept being bumped as people went past us to get to the bartender so I leaned back and spoke right into his ear asking if he wanted to move back towards one of the darker corners of the bar. His pearly white grin and solid nod of the head made my pussy even wetter knowing I would hopefully very soon be fucking what I’d felt growing against my ass.

There was a darker than usual spot towards the corner and so we headed there swaying to the music along the way. He spun me around on my arm and pulled me back towards him with my ass against his crotch wrapping his arms around my chest and humping solidly against me. I bent forward gyrating to the music and slid my skirt up from the sides so that my ass cheeks were directly against his shorts and then shook my ass for all it was worth against the very solid thickness bulging between his thighs. He laughed behind me and letting go of my chest reached down to squeeze my ass flesh between his large hands, jiggling the cheeks together as I pumped back towards him.

I hopped forward a step and reached into the top part of my tank pulling a wrapped condom from between the folds of my tits before turning around to face this nameless black goliath sliding up to him with my hips swaying and a very naughty grin on my face. Leaning forward I spoke directly into his ear “Wanna fuck?” then leaned back and pushed the condom into his left hand. He looked at me for a minute with a confused look on his face but then I guess he got what I meant and grinned those pearly white teeth at me before grabbing my hips and pulling my pelvis close against his own, leaning down to suck and lick my exposed shoulders as we ground to the music. I turned around so my ass was against his now pulsing crotch as he ripped the corner of the condom package with his teeth. A little shifting behind me for a moment and then I felt his long fingers slide between my legs and slowly stroke over the wetness of my pussy, feeling around my swollen clit and hovering over my throbbing hole before sliding one, then two fingers inside. His fingers glided in and out easily given how super wet my pussy was already, and we hadn’t even fucked yet. I could feel him slightly pumping his cock behind me in rhythm with his fingers inside me, after a very short while he plunged the other two fingers in along with the others and I was almost on the verge of cumming, my pussy dripping more and more juices down the insides of my thighs with each pump of his hand.

Just as I was getting used to the rhythm of his fingers, he pulled them all out at once making my pussy explode with the first orgasm, my own cum juice spraying on the floor beneath me and then I was full again as his huge erection slid slowly into my pulsing hole. My husband has a large thick cock, so I’m used to getting properly fucked, but this rasta’s cock must have been at least 10 inches long and more thickness than I was used to, but that didn’t stop my pussy from sluttily accepting all it was being offered and squeezing as much inside as possible, enjoying the hardness along with the heat and rhythm of where I was. My moans were lost amongst the pounding music as our bodies moved to the thumping beat, back and forth and in and out, each thrust of his cock felt so powerful inside my pussy as the floor beneath me vibrated from our actions and the all-encompassing bass. The sensation was intensity itself and made me cum several times while his big black cock pounded in and out of my totally dripping pussy. My legs were getting weak from the pussy pounding I was experiencing but that didn’t stop me from leaning back and taking that cock for an incredibly hot and hard ride.

He slid out of me with a big schlop of pussy cum and rubbed his cock across my pussy lips, gliding back and forth across my already pounding clit sending shivers of electric pleasure all through my body. His cock was huge and felt so good in and on my pussy, and his hands felt great massaging my breasts while we fucked in rhythm to the reggae beat. The music got harder, the beat turned faster and each pulse was met with powerful thrusting that hit my G spot over and over til I couldn’t hold onto my cum anymore and with a cry that was swallowed by the music I came even harder than before, squirting my fresh pussy juice all over his pounding cock and spraying the floor even more while my pussy muscles contracted and pulsed all around his cock squeezing it tightly as he fucked me, working that big thick black cock til I could feel the shooting push and heat of his large load through the latex of his condom inside me. Spent, he pulled me back against his chest, squeezing my tits with his hands as he breathed heavily into my ear. “Baby that was hot” he crooned.. I nodded my head “Mmmmm yeah” as he slid his condom covered cock out of my incredibly wet pussy.

My hole felt empty without his cock in there, but man was I wet. I love feeling how wet I get, and I dipped my fingers down to scoop some of the fresh juice onto my fingers and then licked them clean, turning to face my partner and sliding my cum covered tongue between his lips, letting him taste what his cock and fingers had done to me.
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3 years ago
Fantastic story now youneed some one like me to clean out your pussy let do that for you
3 years ago
wow gr8 story