Mom Pays Up (part 1)

(This is my first attempt at a story and my writing is pretty bad so please be kind.)
(Please comment with any ideas on how to improve, thank you)

(My name is Trevor but everyone that knows me just calls me T,
Mostly because they can't be bothered to say my whole name.
I am 21 and I live with my mom and my dad, and i don't have a job
But I have made a large amount of money from gambling and never had
a problem until recently....)

"Bye mom" I shouted as I closed the door behind me.
As I got in my car and started out of our driveway I couldn't
help but feel like I do the same thing everyday. I arrived at his
home just like everyday and knocked on his door.
The door slowly opened and I was greeted by the same familiar face.
"Hi Ray" I said as he looked at me.
"Ahh just the person I wanted to see, come on in" he said as he stepped
aside and held the door open for me.

(Ray is known in our small town by many people for good reasons
or bad, but mostly he is known because he owns and runs the town
general store. He is a very tall and muscular built man even though he
is in his sixties he is built like someone in there thirties. We became good friends
over the years and he was like a father to me, and he was the one who got me
started gambling, and then introduced me into his big gambling ring that involved many
shady people and huge amounts of money.)

I walked in and sat down on his couch beside his son Jason as ray took a seat in
his big expensive recliner in front of us. He stared at me in a way that wasn't like he always did,
It wasn't his regular friendly fatherly way and I knew why, I knew I deserved the look I was getting.
"Ray I came to talk about what happened last night" I said as he stared at me, I waited for a reply
Until his son Jason butted in and said "you fucked up bad this time b*o" and smirked.

(Let me tell you about Jason. Jason is my age and we used to go to school together and
Were pretty decent friends until he turned into a complete asshole, he is the rude type
he takes what he wants even if it screws his friends over. I hate him but always put up with
him when I was visiting Ray.)

After awkward silence for what seemed like hours Ray finally spoke to me but he didn't say what
I wanted to hear "I can't believe what you did, do you even realize how much money you owe me?"
I dropped my head as I said "yes sir I do.... $150,000..."

(Saying it out loud even made me angry at myself. Last night I lost all my money and when the chance
came and they all put out big amounts of cash I didn't think, well I did think, I thought I could use Rays
money and win all mine back and some extra to make him happy... But what happened is I secretly borrowed
$150,000 and got cocky and bet it all... And lost... So now I'm a thief and I owe Ray more money than I've ever
had in my life.)

He just stared angrily at me. I jumped in saying "Ray I'm so sorry, I'll find a way to get your money back for you I swear".
He dropped his arms at his sides and said. "No!! No more gambling for you, your going to find another way to pay me back"
He stood up and said "So from now on I want you in my store first thing every morning working your debt off"
"Yes sir" I said as I stood up to shake his hand, but he just ignored me and walked off, so I just headed home for the day..

The next day I woke up early and headed to the store and met Ray. He was working the register, it wasn't a busy day and
only a few people had been in shopping. He had me go in the back and restock some very heavy boxes, as I was working
I heard the ding of the door so I knew someone had just come in. I quickly finished and went back to Ray at the register
and asked "What do you need me to do now sir?". He ignored me and pointed and said "look at that nice view".
I turned to see what he was pointing at, it was a woman he was pointing at, she was facing away from us and was stooped
down digging through the bottom of a shelf of canned foods, her shoulder length dirty blonde her was all we could see from behind,
well that and her tight thin white dress she was wearing was pulled up tightly against her ass and it was an amazingly nice big round ass
you could just faintly see the color and outline of her panties covering her ass. It was a great site. Ray then said in a quite voice "I know how your going to pay me back". I was confused until the woman stood up and turned around and all I could say was "mom? What are you doing here?"
I couldn't believe the woman Ray had me drooling over was my own mother. I explained to her how I was helping Ray out a little
and I left out the real reasons why. We said our goodbyes and she headed off to get more stuff before checking out. After she had left the store Ray called me over
he had a smile on his face as he handed me a small but very expensive looking digital camera and as he did he asked "Well are you ready to start paying your debt?". I took the camera in my hands and said "Sure Ray. So you want me to take some pictures of the store or our products or what?". He just started laughing a deep hearty laugh that confused me even further. He smiled then said "Nope.. Your going to take some pictures of your mom for me". I quickly replied "What? No way". His smiled turned into a frown and he said "ok that's fine, I'll just call the police and let them know about my stolen money".. I stopped him and started begging "No please don't Ray, I'll do what you want just please don't turn me in". I paused and then asked "ok so you want me to take a few pictures of my mom for you right? That should be easy to..". He cut me off "No first thing I want is some pictures of her in a bikini.". That won't be too hard I thought to myself, we have a pool and my mom uses it quite often, but I didn't understand why Ray wanted pictures of my mom until he said. "And make sure you get clear shots and make sure you get some close ups of her crotch and her top." He smiled as he said it and I was shocked to hear it but I guess I don't have a choice so I just nodded my head. I mean it's just a few pictures of her in her bathing suit, it's not that big of a deal and if it keeps Ray happy and me out of trouble I have no choice.
Ray told me to go home and only come back when I had the pictures for him so I headed home.

(I can understand why Ray would be attracted to my mom, most of my dads friends are always flirty with her when he isn't around and for good reason.
My mom's name is Kathy and she is 45 and as I said before she has shoulder length dirty blonde hair. As for her body she isn't one of these gym junkies that are thin and muscular, but she has a very nice full figure womanly body topped with a nice perfectly round pair of natural 40D breasts that always grab attention from men when she wears low cut shirts and dresses.)

I waited a day or two until I heard my mom shout to me "I'm going to go lay in the sun for a while."... "Ok mom I shouted back.". I watched out of my window as she strolled up to the pool and climbed on top of her float and began sun bathing as she lay there floating around the pool. I treys to get a good picture from my window but I knew it wouldn't be enough to make Ray happy, so I waited a while and then walked to the edge of the pool with the camera on and hidden in my pocket ready to go. She was floating on her back wearing her white two piece bikini with a rag across her eyes and didn't notice I was there. So I began snapping picture after picture and I began to enjoy the excitement of it. I took pictures of her breasts from the sides and the top and bottom getting a nice view of a lot of cleavage with only the small white top covering her nipples and a small amount of her breasts. Then I moved to taking pictures of her bottoms not much was visible but as I almost gave up she let out a yawn and stretched and parted her legs a little more. I zoomed the camera in between her legs and you could barely see the outline of her crevice and just above that you could see her dark patch of pubes through the thin white bikini bottom, I took as many pictures as I could. I quickly put the camera in my pocket as I noticed her uncovering her face. She asked "Oh did you need something?". I quickly thought and replied "Yeah I was just going to tell you I'm going to run to the store and get something and wanted to know if you needed anything?". She smiled and got off her float and got back on it on her stomach as you was saying "no thanks I don't need anything". She was facing away from me as she reached back and untied her top so she doesn't get lines on her back. I was snapping away pictures as she did this and then I focused on her ass and got multiple pictures, then I quickly put the camera away without her knowing I took them and I left and headed to Rays house........TO BE CONTINUED

Please comment and let me know if you like it and what you think of it.
I know it's a boring start but things will start happening I promise.
Please if you want me to continue let me know.

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1 month ago
Thank you, I thought my story didn't post so I haven't been back on the site. I will try to start a part 2 soon. I'm open to any ideas if you want to private message me.
6 months ago
Continue baby, I am waiting.
7 months ago
Nice start
7 months ago
Good story man... Not t bad writing... I kind of like the explanatory you a backstpry to the people without pulling away from the story. Can't wait to hear the next part